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[border] Stoned (Fon Youn & Zsuzsanna)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:32 am
Despite how dry it was, the fog added so much moisture in the air that it made her fur sticky. Zsuzsanna was watching the ground, mostly because she was one of those felines who believed that if you stepped on a crack you'd break your mother's back. Now, she didn't know her mother, but that didn't mean that she wanted to harm her. So, it was a game with her. She would hop on three paws and dodge the cracks with a hum on her lips. Just because she believed it didn't mean she couldn't have fun because of it.

Golden fur gleamed because of the fog, and the green markings were even darker because of it, too. Shifting from side to side, bouncing and hopping, she resembled something of a cub.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts," she sang softly. Suzie wasn't the best singer in the world, but it helped fight off the feeling of being alone. In her travels so far, she'd only seen prides, which she didn't go near. Prides of lions scared her. The individuals? She didn't see any and it made her wonder if she was the last one without a pride.

Fon Youn was stoned, to put it bluntly. He'd celebrated his coming-of-age by breaking into the Feys' stores of herbs and potions and then proceeding to imbibe with a few impressionable friends until the wee hours of the morning, at which point they all stumbled home to their respective dens. Fon Youn had intended to do the same, but he got turned around and found himself watching the sunrise on the borders of the pride. It was amazing.

And then something was moving and there was music, like the sun itself was singing its joy at the new day. Except the sun didn't sing very well. Probably it was the person who was moving. Long legs and lean body. Kind of like the skittish gatherer Fon Youn sometimes teased and flirted with, but completely different colors. He wondered if they were related.

"You're moving funny," he announced from his undignified sprawl. "Did you come to my party?"
PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:50 am
A voice caused her to jump and step on lots of cracks. Squeaking, the golden female whined and looked up to a... well, a young lion who looked really tired. She didn't know what high things looked like. Heck, she only knew he was a lion from his mane! But he was an odd looking boy with bones sticking out everywhere. How did they work? Inwardly, Suzie winced but swallowed and blinked. Party? What party? Did he just become an adult? She though celebrating being an adult was such a good idea! But then she looked down at her paws again and realized she was still on the cracks. Carefully, the long legged female spread her legs to get off the cracks and just looked up at him.

"Uhm... I didn't know you had a party?" She said. "You made me break mom's back! I stepped on cracks!"

"Ancestors are very important," Fon Youn said, striving for a sage tone and not quite managing it. "You're supposed to respect them and not break their backs. I'm sorry I didn't invite you to my party. I didn't know you. You can come to my next one."

He thought about that for a second. "Actually, you probably shouldn't. Lots of my friends don't really like spending time with cheetahs. Not that I mind them. I have a friend who's a cheetah. She's very shy but we're really good friends."

He considered getting to his feet, but that would really be entirely too much effort and it could be embarrassing if he didn't manage it and instead fell on his bum. Better to stay where he was. Though he did make an attempt to sit in a less undignified position.


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Powerful Lightbringer

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:58 am
What was wrong with this boy's head? Sure, she wasn't that much older than him, but she knew not to invite random strangers to random parties. Laughing to herself, she shook her head and made her way over to him, avoiding the cracks again. "So... Why don't your friends like cheetahs? I think we're OK. I mean, we're not strong like lions, I don't think, but.. I know I run really fast and I can hunt by myself." She was curious now. Not to the female he was friends with, but to why some lions didn't like her. They didn't know her!

She didn't really pay attention to how he was laying. In fact, she moved to lay in front of him on an area big enough for her not to be on any cracks. Her long tail wrapped around herself and rested on her front paws as she looked at the boy interestedly.

"Oh, I'm Suzie. You can call me Sue or Suzie, either is OK! Who are you? You look tired."

"Cheetahs are servants, and so we're not supposed to spend time socializing with them. You wouldn't socialize with servants would you?"

Fon Youn hadn't noticed that the drawl he usually affected had abandoned him in his lack of sobriety. It would have distressed him to learn that, and so it was probably for the best that he hadn't. He was very proud of his affected accent, and usually he could do it effortlessly, but it was not the way anyone else around him spoke most of the time.

"Suzie is a good name," Fon Youn observed. "I'm Fon Youn. I was named with the hope I would turn out to be somber and serious like my mother wasn't, but I showed them all and I am recklessly irresponsible. I wear my mother's bones in this pouch."

He touched one paw to the pouch in question. "To remind me."
PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:16 am
She was enjoying the conversation, even if she would be considered a servant and then grunted a little. Ewwww! "Your mom's bones? That's so gross!" Suzie couldn't understand wanting to wear bones. After a while, bones just weren't tasty anymore, so why keep them around? Especially if they belonged to family members.

"You're supposed to bury them to honor a dead person, not keep them with you...." She wrinkled her nose a little bit and wriggled in her spot, trying to get even more comfortable. "...... So... .... I would talk to my servants. I wouldn't mind being their friends. It might make them be more motivated to do what was asked."

"It's not gross!" Fon Youn argued. "It's respectful. I remember her and carry her with me everywhere. And besides, they're just paw bones. The rest of her's buried in the Hounfor."

The fact that she wouldn't know what a Hounfor was, and would probably not be much reassured did not occur to him. It wasn't uncommon for lions in his pride to carry their ancestors' bones around, or even wear them. The bones he wore were decorative for the most part, and they did not come from his ancestors because that would have involved digging them up and treating them specially and a great deal of work. These were just some bones of no special significance.

"You don't know very much about servants. Or people. I am very well-treated, but I am still an irrepressible flirt and hopelessly lazy. It adds to my charm." He grinned charmingly. "I am also very charming. Ask anyone."


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Powerful Lightbringer

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:42 am
Charming? He was very honest, yes, and had very different beliefs than Suzie, but charming? Well.... he was easy on the eyes. As for flirting, she hadn't seen it at all. He hadn't flirted with her, which just made her think he didn't like cheetahs. That was fine. Not all of the lions accepted other races, she realized this. It's like, despite not having met one yet, she didn't like hyenas. Or wild dogs, but mainly because they were canines.

".....Right, charming. Anyway..." Her voice trailed off as she wrinkled her nose. Something smelled odd about this male. He smelled like a pride, yes, but there was something.... odd. "Well... Happy adulthood, anyway. Are you enjoying it?" Her tail flicked as she fished for something else to talk about. She really didn't want to go just yet.

"So far...yes. It's great fun to be an adult." A particularly vicious beam of sunlight caught his eye, momentarily blinding him and he winced, not so much because of the discomfort it caused, but because he recognized the discomfort as a sign that his buzz was wearing off and he'd be suffering soon.

"You're welcome the next time I have a party. I'll tell everyone to be nice to you because you're my friend." He smiled at her and then lurched to his feet with rather less grace than he usually exhibited in his movements.

"In the mean time I think I ought to go find myself somewhere shady for when my buzz wears off, which will be soon, I think. You can come with me if you want, and if anyone asks you can say you found me passed out along the border and brought me somewhere safe within the pride." He shook his head. "No. We'll still get in trouble. But you are invited to my next party."
PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:51 am
She wanted to accepted the invintation, but before she could, Fon said it wouldn't be alright anymore. Sighing a little more, Suzie nodded and got to her own paws gracefully. Of course, now the cheetah was curious as to what he meant by his buzz wearing off. Drugs, in their varioius shapes and forms, were something she'd never heard of or encountered. It was only natural she would want to ask many questions.

"... I might stick around. Not too close, but maybe we can meet again soon, hm?" She stretched out again and flicked her tail to stretch it out. "It was fun talking to you! And congratulations again."

"I'd like to meet you again," Fon Youn said. "You have very pretty ears. They're sort of like a piece of sky on a clear day."

The two thoughts weren't really related, but he wasn't so good at dividing things up when he was in a state like his present one. Coming down from a high was probably his least lucid state, excepting perhaps when he was all the way down and a bit hungover. He did his best to avoid getting into that state, but it was a fine balance and he'd been in no mood for moderation the night before. Who ever heard of being moderate at a party?


Powerful Lightbringer

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