The Forever Changing Dragon

By: Darian Funk

Chapter 1:
The Dragon

This story begins when a 30 year old man named Peter Johnson who is on vacation. One day he heard a loud roar in a park, but there were no animals in any parks. So he went and investigated. He came to a cave and did not hear the loud roar. “I guess it was nothing.” Peter said. He started to walk back and then heard a Roar louder than the last and turned and he knew it was coming from the cave, now and it was deep in the cave but still loud and he knew it was no human, so he went into the cave to go see what it was.

He came to the end of the cave and there were torches lit on both sides of the cave. Every 8 inches there was a torch. Then he saw what the loud roar was. It was a dragon that no one ever knew it was there. And Peter heard the dragon roar but some how afterward he heard someone say “ouch” but no one fallowed him and he heard it again then he knew the dragon was hurt the dragon had a rock stuck in its foot.

So Peter came and asked “Do you need help there?” The dragon said “Yes. Please help me.” Peter saw the rock and pulled it out of the dragon’s foot. The dragon gave his thanks with a great sigh as he changed into human form. And Peter said “You are a transforming dragon aren’t you!” And the human formed Dragon shook his head and said “I have seen the beginning of time but never died. I have took many forms but never stuck in my original form. I am eternally grateful” said the dragon. Peter then asked “So you lived forever right?” The dragon shook yes. “My name is Slither Dragon” said the dragon. “My name is Peter Johnson but people call me Peter” said Peter. “Well thank you Peter” said Slither. Slither then changed into a suite case and they walked away out of the cave and went to Peter’s apartment and the apartment was so small that Slither could not sleep very well. The next morning Slither told Peter “I can not sleep very well here.” So Peter decided to make a house at the park next to the cave where he first saw Slither. Then peter asked “What type o f dragons are you are you an English type dragon?” And Slither answered “I am no kind of dragon u know of but others are similar to me.”

* * *

20 years have passed and Peter was married to a woman named Sara. She did not know about Slither until the honeymoon was over and Slither was ecstatic but when Sara saw Slither in his dragon form she looked at Peter like he was joking or something and then Slither went to human form and Sara fainted.

Chapter 2:

Sara awoke from what she thought was a strange dream. To see that it was not a dream. And she said “Peter who is this?” He then said “This is Slither a dragon that I took a rock out of his foot and now we are friends, he said that he saw the beginning of time but never died.” “Well peter it is either me or the dragon that you will live with” said Sara.

* * *

Those three years were as quiet as mouse at midnight. “Well sorry that three years ago you decided me instead of her” said Slither. “It is ok Slither I knew you longer than you knew her. And she was a pain in my neck.”

Chapter 3:
The Funereal

The years have gone by and Slither saw Peter ageing and told Peter “Peter you are dieing.” “At least I hade a child with Sara 33years ago.” said Peter. “His name is… is… is. . .” when Peter took his dieing breath he said “Joseph” Peter then died. Slither was all alone unless he went and looked for Sara and her son Joseph to let them know that Peter has died. When he found them she told Slither to go away and never come back. She later let Slither in for a cup of water.

He then told her the sad news and she fell to her knees crying till a half hour later. “When is the funeral?” asked Sara. “He told me to let you decide Sara.” said Slither “and for you to decide where it is going to be held at.” “The next person in line to be my friend or master is your son Joseph” said Slither. “And how do know that I have a son or daughter” asked Sara. “Peter told me that you had a son named Joseph” said Slither. “Well I do have a son named Joseph” said Sara. She then called Joseph down and he was not like what Slither thought Joseph looked like. Slither was thinking he would look like Peter but he was the complete opposite of what he thought. Joseph was a short man with zits all over his face and piercings in his nose and ears and lower lip. When Sara told him the sad news he first tried to remember a photo of him and then fell to his knees and cried like a little baby and hit the floor like an elephant was walked through the room. You will have to excuse us for a wile Slither we will let you know the set date of the funeral. “Okay Sara. If possible can you tell him who I am and what I am?” asked Slither.

Chapter 4:
The Day of the Funeral
(December 21, 2012)

Sara set the date for 12/21/2012 at Newcomer funeral home. She called all Peters friends and family to the funeral and they all cried when they heard the bad news, and that was the saddest funeral in the history of funerals for them. They all were so sad they never acted the same afterward.

At the funeral Slither did what he thought was right and tried to tell Peters family that he was not what they thought he was so he said “I am not what you think I am, I am a…” Sara interrupted him and whispered in his ear “Do not tell them that you are a changing dragon. Do you think that they were too surprised and scared when they heard that Peter was dead?” Slither tried to say his answer when Sara said to the family “Slither here is an amazing accountant.” In a low tone Sara told Slither “tell them at the Johnson Family Reunion.” So slither told every one that he has the best deals and that he is the number one accountant out of all of the others at his work station.

Chapter 5:
The Family Reunion
(January 21, 2013)

“Well I am glad that the Johnson family invited us to the family reunion even you Slither” said Sara. “Can I tell them now Sara? Can I tell them that I am a Dragon now?” asked Slither. “Wait till they say some announcements Slither” said Sara. So wile they were waiting for the announcements from Peter’s father named Bob Johnson. “We would like to welcome three people here today. Please give a hand for Sara Michel, Joseph Michel, and Slither Dragon” said Bob. And the whole Johnson family gave a loud roar of claps at once and made the three jump. And he asked if they want too give an announcement and Sara said that she would give hers and her son’s speech and then it was Slither’s turn and he did not give a speech but he showed the Johnson family what he was and they neither ran or screamed they did not even flinch and Sara, Joseph, and Slither asked them all “aren’t you people scared?” They all said “no we are not scared.” And Slither then went into human form wile asking “why aren’t you all scared that I am a dragon?” Bob then said that “we are not scared because we all already knew that you were a dragon Slither. Peter the day that he found you called me and told me that he found you. Don’t you remember when Peter took that picture of you in Dragon form? Too prove that he was not lying he mailed the picture too me. Didn’t he tell you that he told us about you Slither?” “No, he did not tell me that you people knew about me. In fact we are in the same park he found me he built a house next too my cave which reminds me. Sara and Joseph Peter told me to tell you that if you want his house you can have it if not it will go to Bob and Susann” Slither said. “We will tell you later Slither” said Sara.