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Name: Railroad
Gender: Male
Type: Earth
Body • Railroad's primary coat will be a lovely shade of Claret;
xxxxx • Like most carts, his coat will contain subtle hints of rust and soot, primarily around the feet and face -- like little paint splatters, if you will;
Eyes: Reminiscent of the finishes on an ornate town-cart, his eyes will be Gold;
Hair: Like the huffs and puffs of a smoke stack, his hair will be Gray: █
Cutie Mark 8D: An adorable toy, preferably something akin to this Train!

Brief Character Description: 'I think I can, I think I can' -- If there ever were a Phony who thought he could and did, it's Railroad. His ambition is staggering at times, and he surprises even the most optimistic of Phonys with his confidence. Railroad is his own personal cheer-leading squad; anything you can do, he can do better, and he'll prove it with as many attempts as it takes. Despite his competitive attitude, Railroad never loses his temper. He just likes a little friendly fight, is all! He's a headstrong Phony, but don't think that means he isn't interested in horsing around just as much as the next guy. Railroad's sense of humor is very childish and he loves to spook others with his booming voice. Like a train, he's very loud and it's a real task to get him to shut his snout ~

Accessories: In honor of an aged conductor's fashion, he's rarely seen without a little dark blue kerchief tied around his neck.

+ Ref pics where possible:
xxxxx • If Railroad were a train, he'd be this one! [1]
xxxxx • And here's his desired coat pattern, but it can be omitted if it clashes with the artist's vision. [2]
xxxxx • His mane and tail are quite curly and billow about like smoke. [3]
xxxxx • And his neck kerchief looks a lil' something like this. [4]

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Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to his paint splatter coat and neckerchief [the accessory isn't a big thing, don't worry about that part].