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I forgot to put the hairtie on above image; corrected image here!: <33333!

Name: Glowball
Gender: F
Type: Unicorn [Speshul: Horn is stumpy and has a second point sticking out]
Body (See ref) Solid medium grey.
Eyes: (Asian-looking eyes) Ponyhazel. A brown-to-green gradient (brown at top, green at bottom.) Also, wears lab glasses (does not need to match above depiction, feel free to design whatever lab glasses you like. ovo )
Hair: (See ref) Huge poofy frizzy hair that gradients from off-black to blue-green. (Just like my IRL hair. It's dyed! xD) IN A PONYTAILLLLL.
Cutie Mark 8D: (See ref, but the POWER OF IMAGINATION must be used to add a cartoonish green-blue glow around it! ) A PLANET. It doesn't need to be the earth specifically with the continents recognizable-like but it's gotta be earth-like. You know, dark blue circle, green blotches on it.
Brief Character Description: A bioengineering scientistpony. She can come off as a parasprite, making fun of everything with all the empathy of stone, but she's got a molten core (hurr)- I mean, she's open-hearted to the point of letting her feelings get trampled on for the sake of others, and if anypony asked why she'd say it's because it's the logical thing to do since she is impossibly resilient and others might not recover as easily. To everypony's surprise, due to a passion about nearly everything, Glowball is actually a jack-of-all-trades, though her strength in each category is much less than those who specialize. She's also weak to hot temperatures; When she overheats, she calls it "Glowball warming". *dodges bricks* rofl

A creature that enters her lab might emerge a different creature. She's well-intentioned, but not everyone likes her methods. XD

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a techno-organic genetic-manipulation facility specialising in humanoid-anthropormorphic animals

She probably uses this facility all the time for personal research instead of work. xD

+ Ref pics where possible: You've got one! <33

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Fireflight: Thanks for the quick reply - now that's all settled, APPROVAL! The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to edited horn, dual-gradient eyes and lab glasses accessory. We will keep the squish in mind. smile


Eyes: (See ref- also Glico's asian-looking eyes) Hazel, so brown with olive green edges. *points to ref and eeeeye Also, wears lab glasses (does not need to match above depiction, feel free to design whatever lab glasses you like. ovo )

+ Ref pics where possible: You've got one! <33

-----SIMPLIFICATION? vvvv What would this effect?

Type: Unicorn [Horn is normal]
Eyes: If the eyes must be a single color, a lightish, yellow/green-tinted brown is good.

Fireflight: Oh my god your ponies are so cute help me aaaaaa

Things that need editing!
- I love your pun! The Earth symbol is currently too general - could you add just a little something to it? We're thinking maybe just a sun-like spikey glow? wink
- Thanks for the eye-colouring consideration, I think we'll go inbetween and suggest a [top-down] gradient from green to brown/brown to green if that sounds good to you? Just let us know which way you'd like it better.
- This is just for us to know; your pony is wonderfully cute and squishy; is she supposed to be a little squishier, say, in relation to our usual ponies, or is your pony style just squishier than ours? 8D;;

Things just to note!
- The horn is a minor edit and can be manufactured - not as a defect though, as an awesome custom part! We have good QC. wink
- the 'genetic-manipulation facility' is actually a reference to our other b/c but really, a 'qualified' phony would be welcome to come by since it's the same people running it [i.e. Maxx and Jun lol ]

So once you've decided on the changes, just edit the title to QC Needed again and I'll come by and stamp it.

*puts you on one of the ponies to trot you around* I AM HELPINGGG XD

Lawl, I'm glad you do! <33 Sure, a blue-green (like the dyed hair) glow around it would work out perfectlyyyyy. As for the eyes, you're welcome and thanks for teh advice! OvO A brown-to-green gradient would be perfect! x3 Aaaand squishiness! XD I think my style just squishifies everypony but I'm glad you noticed, 'cause I tried giving Glowball a build more like a Canadian horse rather than an arabian horse, if you get what I mean. But that's totally up to your choice if it comes down to it and regardless of squishiness it'd be great! 8'DD

For the horn, what a pleasant surprise! I thought for sure it wouldn't be possible. This makes me super happy as the somewhat different horn has symbolism in reference to Glowball's quirks. OvO *happy dance* Thank you! And omg, I thought that those humanoidponies looked familiar somehow. xDD Hybric Technicaaaaa (But now that I go check the shop's pets again, the style seems different from how I remembered it. Doop. ovo)

Thanks Maxx! x3