Name: ShimJang [Translates to Heart Attack]
Gender: Male, feathered
Type: Unicorn
Body: White
Eyes: Black, possibly snarky looking.
Hair: This style roughly with this color. Artist may change is as they please.
Cutie Mark 8D: Here's one. Look below for more references~ Not meant to be on his eye, that's just where the mark is on the idol. <--- Can be simplified, or can use This as well. The detail isn't needed, just basic 'bleeding' apple.
Brief Character Description: Heart Breaker is based off of a kpop song, same title. He's cocky and blunt, not afraid to speak his mind no matter who it might affect. He often gets himself into trouble, but somehow, he always managed to get himself out of it..whether it be to talk his way out of it, or possibly just cuddle up to the one he's in trouble by, and seduce his way out~ He's definitely not afraid to toy with some feelings on his way out, so beware of him.
+ Ref pics where possible: Sorry it moves D: Cutie mark, not meant for his eye. Another reference to the cutie mark, sorry it's on the eye again.

NOTE: Artist has free range on whatever they'd like. I'm not picky. If you think one color would be better than another, awesome. Or if you'd like to change the hair or something, that'd be great~ I'm not picky, I just like this basic concept.

Fireflight: Hey thar! A few points:
- unfortunately we're reserving the name Heart Breaker in the case that we do a Pat Benatar event, so I'm afraid you'll have to change that, sorry!
- We do not do CC - body type will always default to Earth. If you feel strongly otherwise, please specify! smile
- I'm not sure all that detail would fit on a Phony as a cutiemark when drawn. There're two options - one is that you provide us with a large, clear illustration of the cutiemark to digitally put in when the Phony is coloured, the other [also in the case that you can't manage the image] is that the cutiemark is much simplified - i.e. less/bigger squares cut out from the heart. lol
- A reference picture for the eyeliner would be great, too.

Just edit the title and ask for QC again once you've made the changes, thank you!

I added the different details and whatnot, removed the eyeliner[I donno what to put for it xD] and gave a choice with the cutie mark. I dont know what to name him, so hopefully it's okay if I ponder that for a bit? If not I'll force out a name. xD

Fireflight: Aha, thanks for the cutie-mark choice and the clarification! Basically when I do QC I have to approve the name as well, so unfortunately I can't approve the quest until that pops in. Of course I don't mind you taking your time, but if you're looking to enter it into the summer customs contest then you might want to decide on it quickly. wink

I added a name~ But it's in a different language, since he's technically based off of a Korean song. If this isn't okay, I'll use the translated words, possibly? Thank you for your patience~

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Fireflight: 'Heart Attack' translated please, then he's good to go!