Name: Sirenia Eve (or Leaf if the prior name is bleh)
Gender: Female
Type: Earth (no deer phony :< )
Body Pale green
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Dark green (shaggy to shoulder, side bangs, two braids to floor)
Cutie Mark 8D: a generic leaf or two. can be green or autumn colored
Brief Character Description: Very fond of nature in general, but has a soft spot for trees and other plant life. She tends a garden and has a very caring nature. She tends to worry a lot, but is willing to stand up for others. She's adventurous, and despite being gentle, loves the thrill of getting into trouble. Like almost being eaten. She thinks it's fun. If she lives, anyways.
+ Ref pics where possible: based loosely on my dryad OC, but a very simplified version of her.
The only complex-ish thing is her hair, but that doesn't have to be leafy or complex, just the braids, layers, and bangs are necessary :O

most recent no need for her clothes, maybe include a maple leaf earring or something.

Fireflight: Her hair is considered complex in Phony terms, haha, because of the layers and braiding. It'd be great if you could give us another ref that shows her hair a little better please, so we can better tell how the layers should look. 8D An extra accessory - the earring - also falls into conditional approval.
I would recommend that you might want to just include a request for antler edits and go for the higher end of conditional approval [the difference being a laddered Gaia gold auction, instead of just auction] since the quest is already under conditional approval.

You guessed right; Sirenia Eve is not possible, but Siren Eve is. If you'd like to go with Leaf though, please add another word to it, it's too general right now. smile

Just request for QC again after you decide and I'll stamp your quest!