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The Internet Championship is a special title that is run in the Rebellion and the FWD shows.

It is a legit EWA title however it is not to be defended on the main shows, (unless there's a special occasion) and is the equivalent of a lower card title. (And is thus not needed for grand slam)

The Internet Championship is openly defended for seven days a week (except on holidays)
However there are a few details you should note:

-You are only allowed to challenge the champion ONCE a day; Per Character. You however may NOT interfere in challenges that the champion is involved in where he is defending the title.

-If the champion is already in defending his championship then you must wait until the current defense is over.

The Internet championship is 2 day auto hit, 3 day auto win championship.
Traditionally EWA doesn't allow re-matches for champions, however the Internet Championship allows re-matches.

Anyone who currently owns any EWA Championship cannot qualify for the EWA Internet Championship

If the champion loses his title to a challenger and is unable to win back the title, then the former champion cannot contest for that title until either the challenger has lost the title or until new champion has made at least one successful title defense.

All Internet Championship Matches last a total of 14 days (2 weeks)
After the 2 week period (if there's no winner, the match will be locked and a winner will be announced)

(Is officially active August 7th 2011)