Name: Bluegrass
Gender: Boy - Feathered
Type: Earth
Body Light Green
Eyes: Gold + Content (not super happy, just a general smile)
Hair: Deep Sky Blue with a few Dark Sea Green Highlights (aka streaks)
██ | ██
Medium Length, looking disheveled
Cutie Mark 8D: Bundle of Blue Grass-Wheat [x]
Grass should be dodger blue ██
Wheat Stalks (one or two) should be spring green ██
Binding should be thistle ██
Brief Character Description: Bluegrass would be the epitomy of a country bum. He is happy with how things are and is content to live his life day-to-day. Only the simple things are needed. He is not lazy, and will work hard for what he needs but will not over-extend himself if it's not required. Need a barn? He'll help you build it... but if you want a mansion you better look somewhere else.
+ Golden Wheat Stalk in his mouth
+ If POSSIBLE (if not, I understand - not the end of the world if he cannot have one) could he please please please please have a cowboy hat? (I looked it up on google... they have them?)
+ Ref pics where possible: In where they apply.

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Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due the extra mouth and hat accessories. The hat is fine, it's just considered an accessory. 8D

If WITHOUT the hat and wheat stalk, how would approval be for that?

Fireflight: Then it would be normative approval. smile They're not very complex accessories though, so don't worry about the difference between normative and conditional for him too much! If you end up getting him through a method that allows conditional, then we'll throw his accessories in - otherwise, we'll just do him without if you prefer. smile