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Swashbuckling Bunny

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:57 am
Name: Starbuck
Gender: Male, normal
Type: Pegasus
Body: Almost white ██? (#FBFBF5)
Eyes: Violet ██? (#9E63A3)
Hair: Teal, lime stripe (one in forelock; one in main section (optional)), adjacent plum brown stripes (one in forelock; two in main section (optional), on either side of lime stripe). Tail CC; should be medium-long. Roguish style; forelock covers one eye.
Primary: ██? (#25AA1A) Secondary: ████? (#CAE022, #4E373B)
Cutie Mark 8D: Something starry and awesome. (Blame Jun)
Brief Character Description: Starbuck fancies himself the lovable rogue. He's clever, witty, suave, and charming. He's also proud to the point of arrogance (though he's seldom condescending), and has a tendency to overestimate himself. His desire to prove himself is strong though, and he's both determined and intrepid. When he's not engaged in a game of wits or sharing pleasant company, he's adventuring the skies, trying to do exactly that.
+ Ref pics where possible: [ x ]

/should have posted this ages ago~ If I need to solidify the cutie mark, I can, but I have considerably more faith in your design skills than in mine.

omg thanks :'D
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:51 pm
Name: Lunar Eclipse
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body: ██ 'petite', thin
Eyes: ██ twinkle-eye
(#EDF3F3-ish; a very pale, dusty blue)
Hair: ████████████ one primary color, four accent colors; one stripe of each (one blue and one cream should be side-by-side in mane, as pictured). meduim-long and a little wild.
(#CBD5D8 primary; #A7BEC6, #E2EAEA, #F3F0E7, #DBD7D1)
Cutie Mark 8D: a stylized, swirly cloud (see: Mulan) partially obscuring a moon. note: cloud inner is lighter than mane's lightest cream, but other mark colors match the rest of the palette. a "jewel" moon, ala g1/3 toys (or FiM's Cadence) would be pretty nifty.
Brief Character Description: Starbuck's 'little sister'. Eclipse is every bit as adventurous, intrepid, and clever as her bother… and a fair bit less amicable and charming. Instead, she is sharp, sassy, and resourceful. Can be both stubborn and studious, but generally prefers exploring, hooves-on learning, and odd jobs to tedious tasks like keeping records. (Special talent: manipulating clouds/small-scale weather?)
+ Ref pics where possible: [ x ]
Non-normative, aweigh! D:

Also, would appreciate some sort of active magic use, even if only as a pale gold or blue horn glow. A few necklaces would also be nice, but are unimportant.

thanks again!~ <3

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Swashbuckling Bunny


Swashbuckling Bunny

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:51 pm
Name: Rift / Riff?
Gender: Male
Type: (Bat!/Lunar) Peg
Body: ██
Eyes: ██
Hair: ██
Cutie Mark 8D:
Brief Character Description:
+ Ref pics where possible:

(Another non-normative boy, I know. Last for a good long while, I promise!... Might be my last quest period, actually.)  
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