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Nergui Horde

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:51 am
.: Approved :.

: razz ride Application Form::

Pack/Pride Name: Nergui
Current IC Owner(s): Kaelyndra
Current OOC Owner(s): Kimaria, Mimsey, Kaelyndra
Default ranks: Ressra (cub-adol) > Emkurcar (adult female & male)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Image || Name || Rank || Owner
X || Rapha || Xakaav Oma || Kaelyndra
X || Mchawi || || Kaar Oma || Kimaria
X || Godlum || Worrurd || Mimsey
X || Muunokhoi || Worrurd || Kimaria
X || Gable || Muvukol || Hopefolly
X || Mahiri || Braak || Andranis
X || Mawasii || Braak || Kimaria
X || Mir || Braak || DragonsRage24
X || Mkhai || Braak || Excited Apathy
X || Mokaraak || Braak || wooga Paes
X || Ngoma'mwale || Braak || Andranis
X || Nuri || Braak || Andranis
X || Nyarl || Braak || Mimsey
X || Ovu || Braak || ~Masamune~
X || Styx || Braak || Yin-Bug
X || Zizima || Braak || ~Masamune~
X || Ardant || Shuko || Zingling
X || Drogon || Shuko || wooga Paes
X || Gever || Shuko || Hopefolly
X || Malaku'l-maut || Shuko || Meepfur
X || Mkipni || Shuko || KasaiLoki
X || Tömörbaatar || Shuko || Kimaria
X || Tzora || Shuko ||
X || Awiti'asha || Kaar || Puhterodactyl
X || Basha || Kaar || Hopefolly
X || Dia || Kaar || MoonRazor
X || Gawdat || Kaar || Thalion
X || Kafele || Kaar || Kimaria
X || Kefir || Kaar || Kimaria
X || Tuhka || Kaar || fuKurohane
X || Kibuluu || Emkurcar || wooga Paes
X || Msiba || Emkurcar || MoonRazor
X || Oxotl || Emkurcar || Kaelyndra
X || Ramla || Emkurcar || Andranis
X || Sarangerel || Emkurcar || Kimaria
X || Shana || Emkurcar || Tanakako
X || Umfana || Emkurcar || [Eskimo]
X || Adanna || Dhlurr || Ecavi
X || Adeyemi || Dhlurr || Ecavi
X || Alamea || Dhlurr || Andranis
X || Byu || Dhlurr || Shia bean
X || Ilizi || Dhlurr || Kimaria
X || Nebo || Dhlurr || Andranis
X || Pele || Dhlurr || Andranis
X || Nyekundu'kupita || Ressra || Puhterodactyl
X || Asuen Kipeys || Nohoi || fuKurohane
X || Furchtlos || Nohoi || SilverLutz
X || Hiana || Nohoi || ~Masamune~
X || Schlange || Nohoi || Light Atago
X || Teckel || Nohoi || Puhterodactyl

Links to at least five current RPs:
1 - Member RP
2 - Leader RP
3 - Member RP
4 - Member RP
5 - Member RP
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Nergui could be described as a savage, merciless people with a strange and foreign air about them. A people who are feared, despised but – for the most part – greatly misunderstood. The ‘Nergui’ are but a small part of a whole; the extending arm of a much greater force that remains in situ in an unknown location. Their goal? To restore balance by returning strength to the divine power Tra Ord Omak so that he might ‘awaken’ from his sleep and grant all worthy life with his blessings. Restoring that balance, however, is no easy feat and involves a great many tasks: some known and some not. But one thing is clear, they will let no one get in their way and those who attempt to stop them will suffer the consequences of their wrath.
Cert Background Large Image: Background Image
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: N/A
Pride/Pack History:
Pride Synopsis:
Nergui could be described as a savage, merciless people with a strange and foreign air about them. A people who are feared, despised but – for the most part – greatly misunderstood.

The ‘Nergui’ are but a small part of a whole; the extending arm of a much greater force that remains in situ in an unknown location. The Nergui have been known to refer to their true ‘pride’ as the Crovrems Rurda or ‘The Horde’. This travelling group have no official name though, over time, they have adopted names given to them by their opponents. Their most recent name of ‘Nergui’ [meaning ‘no name’] was adopted from a group of Hongshan captives. Since then, this name has begun to spread into the southern prides [Firekin / Ithambo’hlabathi / Kitwana’antara].

The pride work as a unit to carry out the will of their supreme ruler Graos Oma who they revere as a vessel for the power of Tra Ord Omak: a being that they believe as the one true divine power.

The Nergui’s ultimate goal is to restore balance and return power to Tra Ord Omak so that he might ‘awaken’ from his sleep and grant all worthy life with strength. Restoring that balance, however, is no easy feat and involves a great many tasks: some known and some not.

Current Situation:
The Nergui have gathered at their encampment to the north-west of the Firekin's desert. Small groups acting as 'ambassadors' have been dispatched to scout out lands as the will of Graos Oma. They are clearly interested in the Firekin and as of yet, seem to be trying to prevent an all out war.

Nergui’s Moral Stance:
Perhaps this might better be worded as: are the Nergui evil?
The answer depends on your point of view, just as most things. The Nergui are not so 'black and white' as all that.

Nergui are notoriously merciless and unforgiving with a savageness about them that could be perceived as evil. These traits do, on occasion, attract ‘evil’ lions into their group. The difference is that these individuals might take pleasure in cruel acts whereas a true Nergui would take pleasure in knowing that the act had gained strength for their leader, Graos Oma.

Predominantly, however, the Nergui are a strong-willed, stubborn and prideful people. They have the steadfast belief that their way is the right way and those who do not agree or fight against it only weaken the divine power of Tra Ord Omak. Those who stand in the way of the word of Graos Oma do not often fair well and many a pride has fallen to the dominating strength of the Nergui. The Hongshan, perhaps, suffered worse than most because its people refused to surrender - fighting on regardless of the odds. It is more common for smaller prides to surrender and be absorbed into the ranks as converts.
Ultimately, the Nergui are looking to increase their forces to achieve a greater 'unity' across the lands. Unfortunately, not everyone is as willing to turn traitor to their own beliefs and accept the way of life that the Nergui offer them. These lions, more often than not, are dealt with mercilessly.

Towards one another, Nergui can be both fiercely loyal and competitive. Competition for ranks and glory [especially between males] is high and grudges and jealousy is commonplace. And those who fall in battle are left to die whilst those who bring shame or turn traitor are killed without a moment's hesitation.

Ultimately, acts of 'cruelty' do occur within the Nergui but these are not done without motive.

[ For more info see plot thread here.]
PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:42 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Pakiti Ya'jua
Current IC Owner(s): Saint Sergio || Nerpin
Current OOC Owner(s): Saint Sergio || Nerpin
Default ranks: Youth (cub, juve) > Apprentice (adol) > Hunter/Huntress (adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
xxxx♦ Izipho | Winterwind | Saint Sergio | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Sobaka | Hound | Nerpin | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |

xxxx♦ Caunedhiel | Frostpaw | Saint Sergio | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Avarija | Victim | Nerpin | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Ida | Witness | Vistada | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Pendeza | Shadow Wind | Andranis | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxQueen‘s Knights
xxxx♦ Chingu | Mountain Bark | Andranis | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Cithal | Dark Ambition | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Eha Calaeda | Duskshatter | Vistada | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Harmeet | Swiftpaw | Saint Sergio | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Kikisa | Thinks Twice | Nerpin | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Lugia | Soft Song | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Mosi'boi | Newmoon | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Pili'boi | Harvestmoon | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Raka | Starry Eyes | Scaramouche Fandango | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Rikard | Strong Stone | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |

xxxx♦ Kamili | Silver Wing | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |

xxxx♦ Dali-dali | Bright Eyes | fuKurohane | Uncert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Kaliska | Two Tone | Thalion | Uncert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Kiasi'mtunza | Littleshield | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Nereida | Phoenix Soul | Ririka | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Stavros | Cross | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |

xxxx♦ Arod | Muddled | Thalion | Uncert | Cert| ♂ |
xxxx♦ Dimbwi | Turtle | Saint Sergio | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Kanoro | Spirit Fang | Ririka | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Rikki | Red Reflection | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Taa'hatua | Lightstep | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Aeton | Feather Face | Andranis | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Fayruz | Topaz | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Grimshaw | Silent Paw | Ririka | --- |Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Mwezi'mbu | Moonbug | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Kitwana | Wave Crest | Saint Sergio |Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Ohoki | Wardance | Nerpin | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Sindar | Blue Ruin | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Natavara | Snow Flower | Saint Sergio | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Okchaliiya | Sweetlife | tuesdaycat | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |

xxxx♦ Cinaza | Silence | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Giauzar | Ash | Thalion | Uncert | Cert| ♂ |
xxxx♦ Kabegami | Horizon | Nerpin | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Parisa | Honey Eyes | Andranis | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Adetokunbo | Pure Water | Thalion | Uncert | Cert | ♂ |
xxxx♦ Sollòkchi | Soulsinger | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |

xxxx♦ Aja | Warmpaws | Talencia | Uncert | ♀
xxxx♦ Akilina | Sweetpaw | tuesdayscat | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Prema Cytherian | Loveblind | Vistada | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
xxxx♦ Seda | Frozenlight | ~Kiana_Nala~ | Uncert | Cert | ♀ |
Links to at least five current RPs:
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: When the Peke'Na disbanded, a group of old members gathered together not to far away, wanting to start a new pack with a new way of thinking.
Cert Background Large Image: Background
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: There's going to be names similiar to the Peke'Na for each member. So they'll have their given name and a second name.
Pride/Pack History: There is no history yet. It's a fresh, new pack of old Peke'Na members and some new faces. Together, they'll write their own history.


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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 11:49 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Dvergr
Current IC Owner(s): NovaCracker (Thorin), Das Tor (Aanga)
Current OOC Owner(s): NovaCracker, Das Tor
Default ranks: Cub/Juve: Youth; Adol/Adult: Warrior; Leopard (any age): Hobbit
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
King - Thorin - Novacracker
Queen - Aanga - Das Tor

Clan Ulf

Clan Schatzi

Clan Dracen
    Patriarch - Yorath - Kathryn Dragonna
    Warrior - Shuu Mei - NovaCracker
    Warrior - Nayeli - Avid_RPer18
    Storyteller - Babushka - F a y t h - x

Clan Haldis

Clan Gisli

Clan Sigourney


Links to at least five current RPs:

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Deep within the mountains, by the valleys lies an old pride. Stout, small, and strong, the Dvergr are a pride of proud warriors and excited partiers. They live to the fullest, and for a life of battle and n**; stocky, powerful lions whom have taken custody of the leopards as their friends and allies, whose ancient chants ring through the caves and valley. While they travel and even can be friendly and social, even welcoming, the dwarves remain proud and mindful of those they do not understand.

Cert Background Large Image: Made for us by Blu Chalk!
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol by NovaCracker
Any Extra Information:
There are 6 clans for non-ruling members:
Ulf, Schatzi, Dracen, Haldis, Gisli, and Sigourney. Founding members are divided in listing by clan.
Pride/Pack History:

Brief Background
The Dvergr is a small pride, old and proud hailing from the Aberdere Range on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. This pride is often separated from the affairs of outsiders, though rogues do at times find them.

An old people, the pride knows little strife, and many a glory. Legend has they were born of the very stone of the mountains, and that they have occupied the dens since, forever seeking the range for treasures and adventure.

A fire in the time of King Thrain has wrent the pride nearly extinct, and upon succeeding his father, Thorin, the new King Under The Mountain, stepped into the roguelands, leaving the battered remains of the old pride in care of his brother Oin to seek rogueblood to rekindle them. His search was successful, as he returned with a wife, and a small party that followed him to their fates, deep in the mountains, and to their homes in and around Dvergrheim...

PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:55 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Schnee la Neige'milima
Current IC Owner(s): [ Lady Kiya ]
Current OOC Owner(s): Caitlyn Hellstorm
Default ranks: Cub/juves: Snowpuff > Adoles: Icicles > Adults: Snowman
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Urza | Yeti King | [ Lady Kiya ]
Natintrapa | Yeti Queen | [ Lady Kiya ]
Akoko | Ice Princess | Sailormoon72491
Amana | Ice Princess | Sailormoon72491
Okelani | Ice Princess | Caitlyn Hellstorm

Lyrium | Ice Council | Caitlyn Hellstorm
Sachin | Ice Council | samus x
Baridi | Ice Council | Shariea
Leli'Takata | Ice Council | | Companion: Tulizo'pisha | Lollipop x L u x u r y

Usiku Angania | Ice Guard | samus x
Gunju | Ice Guard | [ Lady Kiya ]
Korini | Ice Guard | Companion(s): Bisra/Kirala | Hopefolly

Khirya | Snow Angel | Caitlyn Hellstorm
Azura | Snow Angel | samus x
Shankhamala | Snow Angel | Tara de Draiocht
Bari | Snowman | Companion: Cari | Znaruto
Ashkii | Snowman | Sailormoon72491
Rajeev | Snowman | Sailormoon72491
Anku | Snowman | Sailormoon72491
Kolba | Snowman | Companion: Mwaloni | iStoleYurVamps
Rashida | Snowman | [ Lady Kiya ]
Rae'lilongass'ame | Snowman | [ Lady Kiya ]
Endzela | Snowman | ChaosTheories

Mufasa | Snow Flake | Companion: Jana | Seaki

Lisimba | Snowpuff | Companion: Riikano | [ Lady Kiya ]
Akiiki | Snowpuff | Companion: ??? | Moomoolatecha
Chisisi | Snowpuff | Companion: ??? | Bloo Star
Rabiah | Snowpuff | Caitlyn Hellstorm
Teremun | Snow Puff > Icicle > Snowman | Saint Sergio

Links to at least five current RPs:
[Leader RP] - Replaced
[x] - replaced
[x] - replaced
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: After given blessings by the Goddess of Winter, Urza and Natintrapa established a community at the bottom of a small mountain that's covered completely in snow. After an almost tragic event, Urza came to realize that they needed help within the pride and decided to co-exist peacefully with the hares in the area. Soon, the pride came together to where lions that left the pride must have a hare companion in case of past events happened again. Hares keep pride members safe, and for that Lions keep hares safe from outside members.
Cert Background Large Image: [x]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [the snowflake]
I'd like it kinda like this, if not, that's okay too! [an example]
Any Extra Information: Not needed
Pride/Pack History: [ Link to Schneee I/T for History ]

Rps were updated with more current ones.

I Lady Kiya I

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Kwa Kikombe Lands

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:38 am
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Kwa Kikombe Lands
Current IC Owner(s): Blu Chalk & SilverLutz
Current OOC Owner(s): Blu Chalk & SilverLutz
Default ranks: Squirt > Squirt > Junior > Spectator
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Game Overseer
Howahkan : Cheetah : Adult : Blu Chalk : [x]

Player Overseer
Taji : Lion : Adult : SilverLutz: [x]

Rowehn : Wild Dog : Adult : Depawsit [x]

Ayawamat : Wild Dog : Adult : SilverLutz : [x]
Valo : Cheeton : Adult : Znaruto : [x]
Kalakonji : Leopard : Adult : Cajanic [x]

Lupo : Wild Dog : Adult : Znaruto : [x]

Mika : Wild Dog : Adult : Blu Chalk : [x]

Ammon : Lion : Adult : ~Kiana_Nala~ [x]

[Zenon : Vulture : Adult : ~Kiana_Nala~ [x]

Sayen : Lion : Adult: Blu Chalk : [x]
Baridi : Lion : Adult: SilverLutz : [x]

Shetani : Leopon : Cub: Blu Chalk : [x]
Soksi : Leopon : Cub: SilverLutz : [x]
Aka'ula : Cheeton : Cub: CaliWolfe : [x]
Kosvi : Cheeton : Cub: musicaloner7 : [x]
Barawai : Cheeton : Cub: bullterrierlove : [x]
Nyma : Cheeton : Cub: Revel1984 : [x]
Zolaqli'mavi : Cheeton : Cub: Sapphire-Cyanid : [x]
Ajia'ndege : Leopard : Cub : Lollipop x L u x u r y [x]
Kheri : Leopard : Cub : bullterrierlove [x]
Aina : Leopard : Cub : Cajanic [x]
Kejirya : Leopard : Cub : Midnightangel2473 [x]
Kidogo'kanu : Leopard : Cub : Mogami [x]
Siniq : Leopard : Cub : Depawsit [x]
Tatenda : Wild Dog : Pup : Safaia [x]
Silima : Wild Dog : Pup : Depawsit [x]
Kidogo Moja : Wild Dog : Pup : Darkmoon Dancer [x]
Eiya : Wild Dog : Pup : Lollipop x L u x u r y [x]
Somahlo : Wild Dog : Pup : The Captain Britain [x]
Hades : Wild Dog : Pup : Kathryn Dragonna [x]
Seamróige : Wild Dog : Pup : SilverLutz [x]

Links to at least five current RPs:1 2 3 4 5

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: In the middle of a plentiful land, a rowdy pride that enjoys playing structured games and building strong relationships through teamwork and sportsmanship can be found. All types of animals are welcome here, as it takes many different types to create a well-balanced team. Strength, wits, stamina, agility, and passion are the tools needed to play. Do you have what it takes to win the Cup?
Cert Background Large Image: [x]
Pride Symbol for Cert: Shell
Any Extra Information: None
Pride/Pack History: Many dry seasons have passed since the pride came into foundation. It all started with a rogue lion by the name of Shauku who enjoyed living life on the edge. He would constantly press his luck by sneaking around herds of elephants and other large animals, tugging on their tails or scaring them just to get a laugh. Shauku had a love for adrenaline and games, and being chased by a herd of angry elephants certainly was the best game of chase he could think of playing.

One day, a particularly infuriated patriarch of a herd kicked an empty tortoise shell as she ran. It hit Shauku square in the hindquarters, giving him quite the scare himself. He later found the shell nestled between two trees, almost as if the elephant had tried to get it to land there. What fun, he thought to himself! He batted the shell around for a while after that, finding it both fun and difficult to recreate the results the elephant had accidentally achieved. Finally Shauku got the shell back in the little hole, and the satisfaction he gained was so great that he wanted others to try and see if they could achieve the same success as he could.

And thus the game was born. Using the same tortoise shell, Shauku began creating rules and regulations. Other animals enjoyed watching Shauku and the other lions playing and asked to join in. Soon enough, there were teams and some serious rivalries going on. Rather than pit the hyenas against the cheetahs and the leopards against the wild dogs, Shauku realized that each animal had its own special talent. Each team could allow whomever they pleased on the field. There would be no discrimination: if you loved the game, then you were a part of their growing family.

Shauku realized, seasons later, that the animals that had come to play had never left. He talked with a few of the captains and decided to keep the game a central part of this new band of animals. The Kwa Kikombe was born.
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:37 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Tangambili Pack
Current IC Owner(s): Maziwa'Kono (Seaki)
Current OOC Owner(s): Seaki

Default ranks: Pup -> Student -> Apprentice -> Hunter
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
+ Maziwa’Kono - Alpha, Seaki
+ Leini - Regent, Seaki
+ Ghenna - Whisperer, hibi-tea
+ Naiyah, Whisperer - Alpaca Chobi
+ Somhairle, General - Seaki
+ Sangria, Lead Hunter - Painted Moose
+ Umnlaba`Uhmtwana, Patron - Green Ever After
+ Tandabui, Hunter - Seaki
+ Mmamohlake, Gatherer - hibi-tea
+ Damu`Johari, Gatherer - Seaki
+ Kirefu`ruku, Gatherer - Lt Gnatty-Bug
+ Drei'mak , Gatherer - ingloriousD
+ Sienna, Gatherer - Schicksalswende
+ Gong Yi Cha, Healer - Alpaca Chobi
+ Muzik'lembut, Healer - ingloriousD
+ Ermelinda, Healer - Green Ever After
+ Chumani, Sentry - Alpaca Chobi
+ Adanya, Artisan - Keantha
+Maleleji, Pup - Seaki
+ Keil, Pup - Green Ever After

Links to at least five current RPs:
+ It`s a Beautiful Day (With Leader Character)
+ Leading the Blind
+ Everything Will Be Alright (With Leader Character)
+ To Build With Bare Paw (With Leader Character)
+To See the Face of God

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Tangambili is a pack of journeys, a pack that once followed the wind. They settled in the mountains, where the wind constantly swirled around them - a home they could belong to. Here they strengthened their bonds and settled down, though they still follow the winds in their hearts and sing to have their thoughts and prayers carried along it.

Cert Background Large Image: Background
Pride Symbol for Cert: here
Any Extra Information: N/A

Pride/Pack History: The Tangambili started off small, like any other pack. They were a small collection of dogs from a few different packs that had fallen apart in the changing world. The Eldest dog claimed them to be brought together by the winds, and spoke it wisely. She spoke of her travels, of the wind that carried her to her destinations, and they all began to believe her tales as much as she did. They traveled up the mountains where they could hear the wind singing to them, hoping to hear what was leading them - the gods and goddesses that brought them all together.

As time moved on, the dogs fell into their roles, leading or hunting. Some would gather or craft things to make their journey easier, and their system began to solidify as they moved up and up, higher into the mountains. Curiously, special dogs began to hear whispers of the Gods - these special dogs are highly regarded, raised up and praised as being able to hear the Gods talking, small whispers against the wind of past, present - and even future - events. They first started as small hums, getting louder as they traveled higher - or so said the dogs they now dubbed Whisperers.

The pack settled into a high peak where the wind would whistle through the rocks, and on nights where the Gods could see them best - the night of the full moon - their would sing songs and praises into the heaven, hoping for the wind to carry their voices to the gods.

The mountain became their home, a place of hope and a place of change.


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:26 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Tengoku no kurēdoru ("Heaven's cradle" wink
Current IC Owner(s): Thalion & Dark Fire Angel
Current OOC Owner(s): Alpaca Chobi
Default ranks:
xx• (Kingdom name)-Roh (All default members cub-adult. Ex. Kaze-Roh)
xx• Shusei - (If unaligned)
xx• Hanjyuu (If Hybrid)
xx• Taiho (If seer/god baby)
xx• Youma (If a familar)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Mizu (Water) - Owned by DFA

xxx► Saiho
(“Mizu-Ren”) Mungu akipenda | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |

xxx► Mizu-Ou
Jelani | Thalion | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Sennin
Tsi Hilu | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |

xxx► Shirei
Ehn | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |
Reshiram | Thalion | Imate | ♂ |

xxx► Chousai

xxx► Daishiba
Sukari | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |

xxx► Daishiko

xxx► Mizu-Roh
Chrnobog | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |
??? | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |
Farore | Thalion | Image | ♀ |
Ntombi | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |
Kip | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |
Rushil | Thalion | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Hanjyuu

xxx► Taika

xxx► Kaikyaku

xxx► Fumin

xxx► Youma

Kaze (Wind) - Owned by Thalion

xxx► Saiho
Kennard (“Kaze-Ki”) | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |

xxx► Kaze-Ou
Sion Astal | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |

xxx► Sennin
Maa-nefer | Tahja Estes | Uncert | ♀ |

xxx► Shirei
Paol | Thalion | Image |
Pitoo | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Chousai
Zaphnath-paaneah | Thalion | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Daishiba
Vilhelm | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |

xxx► Daishiko
Baran | Thalion | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Kaze-Roh
Akhom | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |
Ashur | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |
Rashad | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |
Uovu | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |
Imani | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |
Samandiriel | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |
Kefira | Thalion | Uncert | ♀ |
Gaddith | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |
Mahilaa Asita'agni | Tahja Estes | Uncert | ♀ |

xxx► Hanjyuu
Baird | Thalion | Uncert | ♂ |
Bahati | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♀ |
Kafil | Thalion | Image | ♂ |
xxx► Taika

xxx► Kaikyaku

xxx► Fumin

xxx► Youma
Asali | Tahja Estes | Uncert | ♂ |

Kōri (Ice) - Owned by Chobi

xxx► Saiho
Bastian (“Kōri-Ki”) | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Kōri-Ou
Zerrin | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Sennin

xxx► Shirei
Pit | Thalion | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Chousai

xxx► Daishiba
Mii'Zer | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Daishiko

xxx► Kōri-Roh
Rhoshan | Thalion | Image | ♀ |
Nukapana | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |
Sa-ji | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♀ |
Duguda | Thalion | Image | ♀ |
Kassuq | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♀ |

xxx► Hanjyuu

xxx► Taika

xxx► Kaikyaku

xxx► Fumin

xxx► Youma

Kasai (Fire) - Central Idea

xxx► Shinsen
Samsara | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |
Li Wei | Thalion | Image | ♂ |
Mauaji | Dark Fire Angel | Image | ♂ |

xxx► Taiho
Meztli | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♀ |
Rhonwen | Thalion | Image | ♀ |

xxx► Nyosen
Sigune | Thalion | Image | ♀ |
Mei | Alpaca Chobi | Image | ♀ |

Unaligned (--) - No Homeland

xxx► Shusei

Links to at least five current RPs:
[ 1 ] - Complete
[ 2 ] - Complete
[ 3 ] - Complete
[ 4 ] - Complete
[ 5 ] - Complete
[ 6 ] ** Leader RP ** - Complete

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
A triad of gods grew tired of the violent, destructive ways of the mortals. Together they founded a new kingdom and divided the land. The gods seek out their mortal children and those born with the seer ability to serve as their voice among their new kingdom. The seers live for the day in which they ascend to the rank of Saiho and are given the task to seek out a new ruler. The Saiho travel both within the kingdom and without, blind to species and gender, and select a ruler based on the quality of their hearts. All species find welcome in this land founded and ruled by the gods.

Cert Background Large Image: (Cert colors are now ultimately up to the cert maker)
User Image

Pride Symbol for Cert:
User Image

Any Extra Information:
xxx◘ There will be (currently) five factions, each with their own symbol. Please arrange this like the Tia pride and the separate houses.
Mizu (Symbol), Kaze (Symbol), Kōri (Symbol), Kasai (Symbol), and Unaligned (Symbol)
** IF the pride expands, we may have more factions. The current rulers are the pride owners.**

Pride/Pack History:
”Our story begins with two gods in a land far away by the great sea.

A large, powerful god swept over the land, surveying all below him as a king would his kingdom. To him, all the world was created for his own glory. His wings were large, his body strong, and his proud ebony fur shone like the finest obsidian in the sunlight. During his flight one morning, he spotted one of his kin, a small god, basking by the waters of the sea.

The god was small, wingless, and kind. The larger god questioned the god’s domain, humoring the young one. The small god responded “I am the god of Peace”, to which the larger god simply laughed, “That would explain your small stature.” The small god, confused by the larger god’s words, questioned why he was making light of his stature.

You see, so far from mortals have the gods become that they have forgotten that it is the praise of the mortals that sustains them as the flesh of an antelope sustains us. The larger god knew that and informed the small god that he was large, powerful, and respected because the mortals knew him. They praised him and held his domain close to their hearts. Peace, however, was becoming rare, so peace was small and weak, unable to tolerate even the sight and smell of blood.

This troubled peace well beyond the departure of the larger god, and for many nights he laid by the sea, his heart heavy. He took refuge within a pride and soon conflict erupted from within. Mortals spat on his name and blasphemed his existence. Feeling ill at spirit, the small god departed to seek answers. With him came his protector, his mate, and his future executioner.

They two sought the council of an older and wiser god, one who held dominion over the domain of Karma. This god understood the balance, fragile as it was, that maintained peace and gave away so easily to chaos. For days they listened, learning from his own experiences and past lives. As he concluded, the gods entered into a discussion.

Mortals lived such short lives. The stories of the truly noble were few and far between. The most virtuous of lions would still eventually pass away and those that replaced them weren't always as noble. Eventually, like everything else, morals and values would decay and rot. Chaos was much stronger than peace and far more seductive to the hearts of the mortals. If peace was to last- the gods themselves would have to bring it about.

The three gods sought out three seers- a triad of siblings fathered by innocence himself . These seers were the first Taiho. They were tasked with bridging the world of the mortals and the gods, and of using their powers to seek out rulers who could serve the gods as well as the mortals they served. The seers agreed to this and the three spread out into the world.

The first sought out a golden lion who had shown him kindness after he had fallen from exhaustion. The second sought out a lion who had known only hardship but sought to rise above it and better the lives of those around him, regardless of their origin. The third sought out a lion who, by all means, was the embodiment of evil deeds. He knew too well the temptation of the darkness and while he resisted, the third Taiho decided that she could, and would, reform him so a king could stand as proof that evil could be defeated within one's self.

Their tasks complete, the three Taiho returned to the gods and presented their rulers. Karma made it so the Taiho were unable to bow to any mortals but those they named kings and gave them the name "Saiho". The land was divided into four- three kingdoms for the first three kings and a fourth kingdom where the gods and the Taiho of the future would reside and oversee the land. ”
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Pack/Pride Name: Nil'nocere
Current IC Owner(s): Seaki
Current OOC Owner(s): Seaki
Default ranks: Youth (Cub) -> Apprentice (Juve-Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Kilua`Ausi - Matron; Seaki > Leader

Asha - Head Guard; Seaki

Anju - Seeker; AstoriaFallen
Gwarredd - Guard; Green Ever After
Safuraa Kijani Ruhusa - Artisan; Seaki
Haytham - Gardener; Seaki

Kordula a kijani - Youth; Schicksalswende
Viherminttu - Youth; AstoriaFallen
Nanaa`ini Ua Roho - Youth; Seaki
Tamu`Barafu - Youth; Green Ever After
Kailash - Youth; Dizzy_Kat
Links to at least five current RPs:
1. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24232697
2. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24231109
3. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24231125 (w/ Leader)
4. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24240029
5. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24240173
6. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24238647
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Nil'Nocere is a coalition of healers whose life mission is to help those in need of it. While most of the members in the coalition are healers, they have immersed guards and gardeners (among others) along side them.
Cert Background Large Image: Background
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: Any ranks besides the default must have approval by pride owner linked. All familiars are acceptable, as well as any species.
Pride/Pack History: Nil'nocere started out as a small pride that lived near a hotspring - well, technically. The first founding members of the pride were born in the hotsprings. A leopardess by the name of Asha and a Leopon by the name of Kilua. Asha left first, of course, wanting to learn to hunt and fight, but she could not do that around healers, really. Kilua left after, searching for her own adventure.

The two met up, traveling together for a time and collecting members as they wandered. The finally settled into a new home in a river-valley near the ocean where they started a new home with new members.


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Pack/Pride Name: Zizimisha'Mwili
Current IC Owner(s): Lithia_Brandon, Queen Elsa
Current OOC Owner(s): --
Default ranks:
Commoner- Default rank of the pride for adols and adults.
Youth- Default rank for cubs in the pride
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
• Frozen Queen- Rank held by the Queen of the Pride
--- Elsa, Lithiasaur
• Fisherman- Rank held by those that fish the lake surrounding the pride island.
--- Abidemi, ShinosBee
--- Xensa, Saint Sergio
• Ice Carver- Rank held by those who aid the fisherman, and use their claws to dig holes in the ice.
--- Carles, magnadearel
--- Hizaya'Rahdi, Strawberry Gumi Bunny
• Hunter- Rank held by those who hunt and gather food from the rogue lands.
--- Roshan Delshad, Talencia
--- Letobe, tani duh!
• Forager- Rank held by those who gather supplies from the rogue lands.
--- Tikahn, SilverLutz
--- Thwayya, Alpaca Chobi
• Transporter- Rank held by those who aid the hunters and foragers, and carrying back goods from the rogue lands.
--- Farai, magnadearel
--- Fimbo, Lithiasaur
--- Sven, Cajanic
• Envoy- Rank held by those who explore the rogue lands and bring new blood back to the pride.
--- Hans, Sherlolly
--- Astari'choro, Talencia
• Soldier- Rank held by those who defend the royalty, and protect the pride.
--- Jalidi, Skye Starrfyre
--- Omba, Lithiasaur
--- Viburnum, Znaruto
--- Ezenziwe'Iqhwa, SilverLutz
• Healer- Rank held by those who upkeep the health of the pride, and tend to the injured or ill.
--- Chini, Lithiasaur
--- Cepheus, Phae-et
--- Hiamovi, Hunry_kunz
--- Nakuota, ChaosTheories
• Minder- Rank held by those who take care of the cubs of the pride, while their parents are fulfilling their duties.
--- Tona, Lithiasaur
• Digger- Rank held by those who create caves and tunnels, as well as igloos, for others to live in.
--- Pambana, Lithiasaur
• Frozen- Rank held by Seers of the pride, viewed as cursed by some, but treated as fortune tellers or mystics.
--- Vikali, Lithiasaur
--- Islyn, Quaji
--- Ruhiu, ChezaRain

Links to at least five current RPs:
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Frozen Isle is home to a pride of creatures that live in the snow and ice of the high mountains. Their home is cursed with heavy snows in the winter months, but that only strengthens the resolve of those that call it home. Those with blue or snowy pelts are looked upon as sources of the curse, though the Queen opens the pride to any who wish to help restore it to its former condition.
Familiar Rules: All welcome. No special requirements.
Cert Background Large Image:
Pride Symbol for Cert:
Any Extra Information: I have already made a PSD version of the cert because. You know. I had the certs.
User Image
Pride/Pack History:
The pride has always been cold, snowy, but the lake around the island was not always frozen over for most of the year. The ruling family of lions had a litter of cubs, and among them appeared a lioness cub with fur as blue as a snow storm, and the markings of snow dancing over her fur. She looked nothing like her family, and yet she was chosen as heir to the throne. No one questioned her appearance, literally or figuratively, at least not out loud. When the King and Queen were killed in an avalanche in a mountain pass, on their way to visit another pride, the right to rule was passed to the young, snow touched lioness. Queen Elsa came to power just as winter was turning, and the storms that befell the Kingdom while it mourned the loss of their rulers were the worst they had ever seen. It was enough to freeze the lake, sealing away the fish beneath, and subjecting the pride to famine and freezing conditions. They survived, though they were few as spring appeared. Those that still remain with the pride are struggling to rebuild, to find new blood and to bring warmth back to the frozen lands, while the Queen carries the blame for the snow that still blankest the land.
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Pack/Pride Name: Elimisha'sombea
Current IC Owner(s): Hu - Velveteen Angel
Current OOC Owner(s): Velveteen Angel
Default ranks: Youth (Cub) - Apprentice (Adol) - Hunter/ess (Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

1) Hu| Velveteen Angel | Council (Scholar)
2) Scheherazade| Painted Moose | Council (Scholar - Star Gazer)
3) Zuberi'amiri | Lollipop x L u x u r y | Council (Defense)
4) Kyllikki | AstoriaFallen | Council (Defense)
Kōhī / Saint Sergio / Medic
Maua | Seaki | Medic
Ardhira’i | Velveteen Angel | Potion-Maker
Ua | Velveteen Angel | Medic
Kianga | Velveteen Angel | Mind-Reader
Xavier | Andranis | Bone Hunter
Manar | Cajanic | Story-Teller
Mchezaji | Painted Moose | Tutor
Arcus | Velveteen Angel | Captain
Nadif | Painted Moose | Hunter
Ngamasanii | Seaki | Artisan
Artashir | AstoriaFallen | Council (Bound to Kyllikki)
Eyad | Velveteen Angel | Council (Bound to Hu)
Vunde | Andranis | Scout (Bound to Xavier)
Yutu | Andranis | Assistant (Bound to Xavier)
Mingmei| Painted Moose | Council (Bound to Scheherazade)
Viorica | Velveteen Angel | Assistant (Bound to Kianga)

Links to at least five current RPs:
RP Number One ** Ruler RP
RP Number Two
RP Number Three
RP Number Four
RP Number Five

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: A peaceful pride dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and safety, the Tree Dwellers are colonised by leopards and their familiars. The leopards claim the treetops of the thick jungle as their home, while Familiars roam the forest ground. Leopards may use the ground for travel, but the ‘dens’ and homes for the leopards are in the trees.
Dedicated to safety, the Tree Dwellers do have a defense force, but it is intended for defense, not offense. Sentry (Guards) and Warrior (Soldiers) forces are maintained to protect the colony from danger. Many in the pride's defense forces believe that knowledge can be found through fighting and strength, not only through the collection of knowledge.
The largest segment of the pride is made up of Scholars. Scholars pursue knowledge in a variety of forms, and take ranks to reflect their dedication to learning and understanding the world.

Familiar Rules: Accepted Familiars (Avians, Snakes, Hares, Servals, Genets, Ratels, Waterbucks and Klipspringers)
note; no canine familiars (i.e. jackals, maned wolves, ect.)

Cert Background Large Image: [image]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [Symbol]

Any Extra Information:
- Extra Cert Detail:
"Sector" (Will have 3 available sectors; Scholar, Defence, Common)

Pride/Pack History:
There have always been, for as long as people could remember, leopards inhabiting the forest. The first scholar had no name, but encouraged those around him to seek answers, to question everything, and soon a small group had been formed. The members’ numbers would grow and shrink, depending on the season and those who had left for greater journeys. The colony was considered a safe haven for those with inquisitive minds.

The defence force came much later, when the forest came under attack of jealous rogues. The species of these rogues was never handed down in the stories, perhaps to prevent prejudice in the colony or perhaps because those who were present simply didn’t think to mention it. The defence force was made up of only the strongest members and it too grew it numbers as the inquisitive became curious to see just how far their bodies could be pushed in battle.

Years and years passed; the present council took their place as the powerful voices amongst the leopards. Everything was peaceful, until one of the Council’s daughters was injured and the colony was thrown into turmoil.

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Pack/Pride Name: Saba'Nyumba
Current IC Owner(s): Pack is split seven ways, with each houses being led by a leader:

Velveteen Angel

Current OOC Owner(s): Zosie
Default ranks: Hunter/Huntress
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Metal House
Leader- Yara Owner: Polette
Shield - ParvatiKumolipo Owner: Seaki
Water House
Leader - Zdenko Owner: CaliWolfe
Artisan -Po'ele Owner: Seaki
Fire House
Leader- Yejide Owner: SilverLutz
Warrior- Eira Owner: Polette
Wood House
Leader - Tavarikha Owner: Talencia
Air House
Leader- Ena Owner: Zosie
Performer - Danza
Spirit House
Leader - Dusana Owner: Kimaria
Shaman - Ne'oni Owner: Seaki
Earth House
Leader= Kancane Owner: Velveteen Angel
Herbalist = Parvati Owner: Polette

Links to at least five current RPs:
Dancing through the land
Small but growing
Different natures
Tell me more
Stranger like me
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
A pack that is interested in herblore and spirituality, the Saba'Nyumba celebrates the diversity of different creatures and their passions. With seven houses and seven professions, they work in harmony to ensure the pack works well together. Situated in a clearing with is flanked by thick forest, they have access to a cliff face to the east, and a river in the lower part of the clearing. They are a mainly peaceful pack that allow others safe passage and are accepting of wild dog rogues no matter their pelt colouring or background.
Familiar Rules: Yes, any, but they are the sole responsibility of the WD that owns them. Rogue familiars are accepted but are not guaranteed saftey!
Cert Background Large Image: Click!
Pride Symbol for Cert: Click!
Any Extra Information: Would need a "House" Section on cert or underneath, for Water/Wood house etc, please.
Pride/Pack History:
Reared by their mother in a rather distant fashion, the seven siblings that lived in the clearing began to find their own lives and passions. When they grew they celebrated their differences but longed to find others like them. They each set out on a pilgrimage to find other wild dogs with the same passions as themselves. Some were more successful than others, but they all worked together to ensure the pack was a safe and ultimately happy place to be.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:01 pm
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Pack/Pride Name: Væringjar
Current IC Owner(s): Seaki (Liana), Schicksalswende (Ghanasayama)
Current OOC Owner(s): Seaki, Schicksalswende
Default ranks: Lapsi -> Jordbukare (Adol/Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Ghanasyama | Jarl | Mate: Liana | Schicksalswende
Liana | Jarlkona | Mate: Ghanasyama | Played By: Seaki
Moyo`Nyuzi | Ráðgjafi | Mate: none | Played By: Seaki
Qualin | Ráðgjafi | Mate: none | Played By: Zheraph
Diahadh`Dvov | Ráðgjafi | Mate: none | Played by: Conrad the Mighty
Unndis | Völva | Mate: none | Played By: Schicksalswende
Taranis* | Völva | Mate: none | Played By: Green Ever After
Lok`ikan`ya | Völva | Mate | Played by: -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Varg`herre & Ihana | Ulvmagte | Mate: none | Played by: Mia Sharra
Ae`Sook | Jordbrukare | Mate: none | Played By: Schicksalswende
Verktygs | Jordbrukare | Mate: none | Played by: Seaki
Hartense | Jordbrukare | Mate: none | Played by: nessiaing
Yamilet | Næringsdrivende | Mate | Played by: nessiaing
Poifirio* | Jaktur | Mate: none | Played By: Schicksalswende
Imrahil | Jaktur | Mate: none | Played By: AstoriaFallen
Imarika | Jaktur | Mate: none | Played By: Velveteen Angel
Mignon | Fisker | Mate | Played By: Schicksalswende
Maiasaura | Fisker | Mate | Played by: nessiaing
`Anolani* | Smed | Mate | Played By: Schicksalswende
Mekh`kaet | Leysingi | Mate | Played by: -_Wish of Tevarae_-

Links to at least five current RPs:
My Husband, the Jarl (Leader RP)
What the Future Holds
What Are Friends For?
What the Earth Can Give
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Væringjar is an old pride, going back through generations of lions. However, due to a leader from the recent past, the pride was plunged into despair. With a new Jarl and his wife, they hope to bring prosperity back to their lands through any means necessary. Whatever time may bring, this pride is ready to fight for their home and for their future.
Familiar Rules: Jackals, Maned Wolves, Servals, and Raven Avians are welcome. Others would have to be explained and approved by the pride owners.
Cert Background Large Image: Background
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: n/a - no extra cert stuff or anything
Pride/Pack History:
At the very beginning…
They were nomads. A small group of eclectic lions and lionesses that learned from one another and their travels. They shared everything together, their grief and happiness and fears. They learned from each other, sharing ideas and religion.

It took time - generations, and many hardships before they began to settle. The land they settled in had water and prey aplenty, and they made the choice to take the land for themselves. With the new water filled land, the lions began to learn new skills - fishing the water. More surprisingly, they learned how to keep the herds near them. Combined with the abundance of water and new found knowledge of controlling the more docile of hers, they thrived.

With each new leader came ups and downs, some worse than others.

In the more recent past…
Jarl Hemskt was one a great Jarl, but a violent lord with a hunger to take over more lands, but never doing the work himself. He grew old, and even lazier - sending all those that remained loyal to him to their deaths in attempts to expand his powers.

The pride’s numbers diminished greatly, many simply leaving in attempt to keep away from the harsh Jarl, or finding their deaths with the Jarl’s orders.

But one Jordbukare thought enough was enough. He challenged the Jarl to combat, taking on the lazy Jarl. While the battle was expected to be simple, Hemskt had a lot of life left in him. They fought hard against one another, though eventually a new Jarl emerged as the victor.

The new Jarl and his wife are regathering the pride. While it’s still small, they hope it will flourish in the future.



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Pack/Pride Name: Kukusanya
Current IC Owner(s): Vorona (Velveteen Angel)
Current OOC Owner(s): Velveteen Angel
Default ranks: Seeker (Pup + Adolescent) -> Scavenger (Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Vorona ♀ - Velveteen Angel

1| Aleu ♀ - Velveteen Angel
2| Fivin ♂ - Avid_RPer18
3| Kyla ♀ - Tanakako

1| Lorcan ♂ - nessiaing
2| Aimatiri'Matia ♀ -_Wish of Tevarae_-

1| Ruffus ♂ - magnadearel

1| Pan'eira ♀ - Velveteen Angel
2| Joephi ♀ - Avid_RPer18
3| Lakemist ♀ -_Wish of Tevarae_-

1| Katiti'dafina ♂ - Velveteen Angel
2| Shari ♀ - Kaliforneum
3| Nesunkus ♀- Seaki

1| Kaneika ♀ - Velveteen Angel

1| Bustani ♀ - Velveteen Angel
2| Dimma ♂ - Seaki
3| Wyst'eria ♀ - Painted Moose

Links to at least five current RPs:
Four **Leader RP
Five ** Leader RP

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: This band of Wild Dogs are scavengers through and through. Resourceful, and determined to survive, they have taken up residence in a free patch of land. Unfortunately, it is mostly deserted land at the base of a rocky mountain. The mountain itself is strictly off limits except for specific expeditions blessed by the Queen. The pack's home is the base of this mountain. Not for the faint of heart, these wild dogs do it hard. While they may not all be physically strong, they are all mentally prepared to work hard for their survival. Physical strength is not a requirement of a pack member, but it helps. Religiously and strategically a very neutral pack. The pack lands are essentially rogue lands, in that many may pass through unbothered by the wild dogs here; but all strangers will be treated with cautious and watched from a safe distance as they pass through.
Familiar Rules: All familiars allowed.

Cert Background Large Image: User Image
Pride Symbol for Cert: User Image
Any Extra Information: None.

Pride/Pack History:
A recently formed pack, there is little history behind this collective of wild dogs. The 'Queen' was found unconscious, injured and disorientated at the base of the mountain; a slim, pale creature, she relied on those who had found her in order to survive.

Being unable to travel far, she would send them on missions to bring back resources to the scarce environment. Once she was well enough, the pack had a small following and the Queen was determined to stay in the environment, with or without her pack-mates. Some followers may have left at this point, thinking her crazy but she was determined to stay with the Mountain.

Currently: The Pack is expanding its borders, moving beyond the landscape they call home in order to find more resources and increase their numbers.
PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:30 am
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Pack/Pride Name: Coileání Draíochta
Current IC Owner(s): Das Tor, Kitsune Mistress Nyoko, -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Current OOC Owner(s): Das Tor, Kitsune Mistress Nyoko, -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Default ranks: Innocent (Cub), Apprentice (Adolescent), Hunter (Male Adult), Gatherer (Female Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Halisi-amili - Crone (Das Tor)
Cyrille Kibou - Wise One (Redbud-Tree)
Múscail - Mother (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Tama'sindikiza - Father (Das Tor)
Aischur - Maiden (Das Tor)
Aoimoku - Suitor (-_Wish of Tevarae_-)
Scàth - Priestess (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Fasihi'nafsi - Priestess (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Thaba-lebue - Priest (Das Tor)
Taibreamh Siúlóir - Priestess (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Mery-apet - Priest (Das Tor)
Amitab - Priestess (Redbud-Tree)
Benerkharu - Gatherer (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Saileach - Hunter (Das Tor)
Làch-shairi - Gatherer (Truth.Be.Told)
Baako - Hunter (Truth.Be.Told)
Sakura - Gatherer (NovaCracker)
Hai-ceo - Gatherer (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Uziwa-nurisha - Hunter (Das Tor)
Viwimbi - Hunter (Das Tor)
Almasi-tifu - Hunter (Das Tor)
Theluji-lesani - Guardian (Das Tor)
Làch-ngoma - Guardian (Das Tor)
Kilalanungu - Guardian (Das Tor)
Baba Croix - Guardian (Truth.Be.Told)
Dagda - Guardian (Truth.Be.Told)
Hiiro - Guardian (NovaCracker)
Glaise Kibou - Guardian (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Ia'eh - Guardian (Kitsune Mistress Nyoko)
Codail - Auntie (Das Tor)
Kuimba'mwanga - Uncle (-_Wish of Tevarae_-)
Haruka - Auntie (NovaCracker)
Usafo - Uncle (NovaCracker)
Jukwa'Lililokuwa - Healer (-_Wish of Tevarae_-)
Kai - Healer (Das Tor)
Ciara - Healer (-_Wish of Tevarae_-)
Links to at least five current RPs: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Nestled in the area of the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania, around the Sanje Falls specifically, where the mists rise in the morning and evening, lies a pride slowly beginning once more. A pride that celebrates the natural world around them. A pride that believes there is magick in everything around them, and that with a strong enough will and a little work, anything is possible...so long as it doesn't go against natural laws. An it harm none, do what ye will.
Cert Background Large Image: [x]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [x]
Any Extra Information: n/a
Pride/Pack History: Once, the Coileání Draíochta thrived. They were an old pride, full of old traditions and rituals. They were full of kindness, never turning away those who needed them. One day, a pair of twin sisters joined their ranks: Múscail and Codail, daughters of the goddess of Truth and seers. The pair eventually ended up among the leadership, Múscail as the Maiden and Codail as the Mother.

But tragedy struck. A flood took out a good chunk of the pride. And then...disease came, taking out more. Though the sisters and a few scattered others managed to escape, the pride...died. The sisters and one other former member managed to make lives for themselves elsewhere, creating a strong bloodline full of love and trust.

And then...two cubs were born. The first, a female born into the Spirit Talkers, found herself in the Dawnwalkers among her mother's family, with her grandmother Codail. The second, born to a daughter of Múscail and the God of Fathers, was a seer. Visions of an old pride revived and the tragedy that befell it in the past occupied her dreams from the time they began, her second-cousin by her side. She finally talked with her second-cousin...and together, they began to ask questions of their grandmothers.

They were to leave when the cub was an adolescent...but things changed. The pride the cub was born to started to dwindle and die. And at last...the two gathered their family and and any that would follow them and made the long journey, with the help of directions from their grandmothers, to where their new home lay. They would revive the old pride. When they finally reached their new home, they found their numbers grown, for they'd gained others during their journey...and three lions were already there, three lions that they welcomed into their midst happily.

The once-dead pride began anew, and the cycle of death and rebirth began again.

Coileani Draiochta

Das Tor

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Pack/Pride Name: Aegnor'hini (fka Aikanaro'hini)
Current IC Owner(s): Das Tor, -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Current OOC Owner(s): Das Tor, -_Wish of Tevarae_-, NovaCracker
Default ranks: Laito (cub), Raukoelle (adolescent), Far (adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each: Spoiler'd for length.
Eska'Shelerana: Moricorm - Coactum-Astus - Das Tor
Eska'Sheleran: Nyota'Angavu - Aurumoculus - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko
Ettelen'Shelerana: Hakuna'jina - Letum - Das Tor
Ettelen'Sheleran: Kusimamia'Utulivu - Vassago - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Shalori: Kohrisu - NovaCracker
Chil: Noh'Vah - Soprano - NovaCracker
Chil: Klaas - Cresil - Saint Sergio
Chil: Filou - Forneous - Redbud-Tree
Himy'ainur: Kyouko - Infusco - Das Tor
Himy'ainur: Anayejua - Aosoth - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Himy'ainur: Trialle'daerim - Crepusculum - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko
Cor'osta: Umarth - Fors-itis - Das Tor
Cor'osta: Siochana - Karawan - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Cor'osta: Tsukasa - Abatu - Saint Sergio
Cor'osta: Neculai'oua - Ornias - Velveteen Angel
Ran'ar'ma: Ilfirin'runya - Occasus - Das Tor
Ran'ar'ma: Narakera - Ringare - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Ran'ar'ma: Epyon - Ala - NovaCracker
Ran'ar'ma: Ringwe'naur - Frigus - Truth.Be.Told
Ran'ar'ma: Shetani - Crowley - SilverLutz
Dina'gurtha: Carad Gurtha - Nebulosus - Das Tor
Dina'gurtha: Kuendesha'Akili - Caacrinolaas - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Dina'gurtha: Khizakel - Samael - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Dina'gurtha: Dorielle - Lucror - Truth.Be.Told
Dina'gurtha: Antesaneli'Mahvan - Astaroth - Redbud-Tree
Kiirar: Cionaodh - Paluster - Das Tor
Kiirar: Chayyah - Penemue - Schicksalswende
Seasa: Algol - Castor-Pollux - NovaCracker
Seasa: Rwalaere - Brevisletum - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko
Seasa: Epykah - Gremory - Redbud-Tree
Meiv'seere: Houyoku - Pondera - Das Tor
Meiv'seere: Domefae - Paymon - Das Tor
Meiv'seere: Anameleth - Belias - Truth.Be.Told
Meiv'seere: Nécarámar - Baritone - Redbud-Tree
Kurwaer: Daelote - Cruento - Das Tor
Kurwaer: Na'ilah-Hessa - Ardat Lili - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Kurwaer: Rekki - Caligula - NovaCracker
Nwalm: Verejanu - Kahene - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Nwalm: Kuchanganyikiwa - Byrdi - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Nwalm: Circe - Echidna - NovaCracker
Nwalm: Heltyr - Veros - Redbud-Tree
Mori'osta: Set - Apep - Das Tor
Mori'osta: Hakuna'ajiza - Onmoraki - Das Tor
Mori'osta: Tavar'urya - Lashi - Das Tor
Mori'osta: Wanwa'hnwma - Ara - Das Tor
Mori'osta: Mojana - Hiranyakashipu-Hiranyakasha - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Mori'osta: Kaelin - Carpathia - NovaCracker
Mori'osta: Augen - Feuer - NovaCracker
Mori'osta: Nullpunkt - Omega - NovaCracker
Mori'osta: Meenah - Condesce - NovaCracker
Mori'osta: Kaiu - Imber - Truth.Be.Told
Tir'hini: Aisling - Mar - Das Tor
Tir'hini: Sainika - Teos - -_Wish of Tevarae_-
Tir'hini: Teshi le'Croix - Loki - NovaCracker
Tir'hini: Yakuti'kigae - Ruber - NovaCracker
Tir'hini: Kabi - Amicus - NovaCracker
Far: Taswira - Speculum - Das Tor
Far: Plutus - Ubertas - Das Tor
Far: Nebelfleck - Stellarum - NovaCracker
Far: Kankri - Sufferer - NovaCracker
Sador: Zungu - Das Tor
Sador: Taka - NovaCracker
Sador: Veretu - Das Tor
Sador: Matata - Das Tor [Familiar]
Sador: Ithil - Das Tor [Familiar]
Sador: Nak - Das Tor [Familiar]
Sador: Vergogne le'Croix - Das Tor
Sador: Mara - NovaCracker [Familiar]
Sador: Kucha - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko
Sador: Oiratuar - Kitsune Mistress Nyoko
Sador: Nova Kalisetsi - NovaCracker
Sador: Ulogila'asgi Adagaue - Das Tor
Nat: Lillith - NovaCracker
Nat: Jezebeth - Das Tor

Links to at least ten current RPs: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Once the Aikanaro'hini, scattered to the winds by time and humans, the Aegnor'hini has risen from the ashes to reclaim their homeland and restart their pride. The demons lurk in the darkness once more, changed by their experiences and stronger for it.
Familiar Rules: Familiars are allowed, as individuals or bonded members, but can only be Sador or Nat. Klipspringers, waterbucks, and hares are not allowed, as they can easily be mistaken for prey.
Cert Background Large Image: [x]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [x]
Any Extra Information: There should be a spot for Demon Name.
Pride/Pack History: Once upon a time, there was a pride full of lions who believed they housed the souls of demons. They were a strong pride, united by common beliefs despite having two opposing factions of how to execute those beliefs. They were tempered and strengthened by fire, combat, and time. But time is also an enemy. And sometimes, time brings destruction and more enemies. With few births in the pride after a point, and members leaving or out of the pride for one reason or another, their numbers were low, and their allies few and far off.

The two-legs came through with their thundersticks and spears and stingers. To survive, the pride of fighters had to scatter to the winds, leaving behind the volcano lands they had once called home. Seasons passed, and the two-legs left...

But one lioness and a goddess have not forgotten the ways of the pride. They are bringing together others to rebuild the pride, and take back the land they had once called 'home'. And this time, they will try to keep it whole, and hale, and do right by their demonic souls, instead of letting things fall into disarray once more.
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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