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Original Heckler

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:49 pm
Back to the Rp!
PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:01 pm
"All at once, everything looks different, now that I see you."

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Young Raiponce

*Nervously twiddles thumbs*
My name is...... Raiponce Birchart
But you can call me... Rai by both of her families, Princess in the royal kingdom, Lilly by the witch (after the flower she got her hair color from)
I am obviously a... Female
And I was born 19 years ago.
This is who I am... Rapunzel
I can be pretty.. Raiponce is, for the most part, a bubbly and energetic young woman, more of a tomboy then a lady who is always more then ready to fight her own battles. Spirited and determined, when Raiponce wants to do something she'll go after her ideals to the full extent of her abilities, even if that means deviating away from the rest of the social pack. Naturally inquisitive, Raiponce's living circumstances have lead her to be rather naiive in a childlike sense, so not only does she have a different outlook on life then most people but she's somewhat gullible and easilly pushed astray if there isn't someone looking out for her; mostly this is due to her firmly beleiving in the benefit of the doubt, the idea of innocent until proven guilty. Passionate and generally friendly, it isn't hard to get along with Raiponce no matter what your age is; the only problem is when Raiponce comes to understand you've done her wrong, and decides to exact some sort of revenge. She's not above playing dirty if she has to.
Hitting Rewind...Most of Raiponce's life story is already well known throughout the kingdom, including how she came to have her miraculous golden hair and became adopted into the royal family. But it's what happened after that which nobody really knows. When Raiponce was still very small her older brother, the Prince, took her out on her very first hunting trip; balanced safely in his lap, when the Prince took off into the wooks in search of game Raiponce was ordered not to leave the horse, so nothing would happen to her. But Raiponce was still very small, and therefore it didn't take much for the witch to capture her. Looking young and pretty, the Witch offered to show Raiponce some beautiful butterflies farther into the woods; she seemed kindly so Raiponce took to her very quickly, so much so that when it was time for her to go back, for she could hear her brother calling out for her, the witch asked if Raiponce wanted to live with her. Raiponce said yes, and so the witch took her to a tower deep in the woods, so far that nobody would think to look there. In that tower, Raiponce grew up into a young lady, forgetting of her royal status, thinking the witch to be her mother keeping her safe from the evils of outside. Sure, it was depressing that she could never go outside, and all her hair became a hassle, but eventually Raiponce grew used to her circumstances.

Still, things can happen even when you're stuck up in a tower; one afternoon when her mother had gone out, Raiponce had tentetively been planning an escape of her own for some adventure when who should jump through her window but a good for nothing theif. He'd been looking for her, the girl with the magical hair; Raiponce wouldn't allow it. She actually tied the man up with her golden locks before striking him a deal; if he would take her to the royal city then he could cut off as much of her hair as he wanted; she wasn't about to tell him though, that once cut there would no longer be any power. Just because she's been stuck in a tower, doesn't mean she's stupid.

I really enjoy... Raiponce thoroughly enjoys drawing and reading, even if she's only got a few books, and likes to stargaze from her window. Brushing her hair isn't really a hobby, but it takes about two to three hours to get it done.
Love it! Animals, bright colors, warm, friendly people and intelligent conversation. Raiponce loves anything to do with art and could spend all day with a set of paints, not to mention she soaks up new information like a sponge and enjoys learning. Raiponce has a major sweet tooth, and is always up for some fantastic new adventure.
Eew, Nasty! Raiponce despises being treated like a child, and hates that she can't go outside. Men who find themselves to be more amazing then they actually are bother Raiponce quite a bit, almost as much as having to cross her legs and be a lady does. Seeing others unhappy really tugs at her heartstrings, and she deplores violence.
Turn it up!
When will my life begin (Reprise) // Tangled
Hey Princess // Allstar Weekend
Healing Incantation // Tangled

Sssh, don't tell! When Raiponce's hair is cut it turns black and powerless.
Wired in... Will eventually be the thief
Am I forgetting something...? Raiponce doesn't own any shoes, so she goes everywhere barefoot. She also owns a weasel by the name of Chilk.
My lord, god and master is Yoko_Matsubishi  


Original Heckler


Original Heckler

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:55 pm
"As my father once told me, 'if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger sword!' "
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"Eyes forward, soldier! Back to work!"
My name is...... Benevolence Irene Morgenson
But you can call me... Ben, to those she's familiar with, Capatin, to her underlings
I am obviously a... Female
And I was born Twenty years ago.
This is who I am... Captain of the Royal Guard
I can be pretty... Ben is a rather serious woman; she's not one for tom-foolery, and when someone says they are going to do something, she expects it to get done. She works her men hard, but is fair in her judgement. Some may say she is too stern, and needs to loosen up a little, but she sees things differently. After all, someone has to take their job seriously, don't they? She's a loyal soul, and will follow any order given to her to the letter, even if she disagrees. Rarely has she ever taken action on her own, completely disregarding an order. Her sense of humor is somewhat lacking at most times, but if one is lucky, they may see her crack a smile, or even a light joke. However, she's not above humiliating her men; it keeps their egos in check and reminds them of just who is in charge around here! Her presence demands respect as she walks with her head high and eyes forward. She is aware that not everyone agrees with a woman being the Captain, so she does her best to earn her title. Her skills are nothing to laugh at, though she never strikes unless provoked or directly ordered to. And, despite her steely exterior, she has quite the soft side. Ben truely is a kind, gentle woman, who is understanding and loving in her own way. Though she doesn't always express it, she cares for those under her command, and even more so for those with whom she is close.
Hitting Rewind...Ben was born as a noblewoman, and it was planned that she be raised as one. Her father, a guard, and her mother, a noblewoman and friend of the Queen's, were so very proud of their daughter. She was beautiful, they said, and would make such a lovely lady when she grew older. However, despite her mother's best atempt, it was always her father's sotries of battles and swords and fighting that excited her, and not her mother's idle gossip. And try as she might to change this, her mother simply could not get those stories out of her daughter's head. When she grew older, a cute little child she was, her mother often dressed her in the cutest, most girly dresses she could find. That would break her! But it didn't. Ben simply put up with them as she ran around and climbed the trees and played in the dirt and mud with the other little boys and girls (or at least, the ones brave enough to do so).

Eventually, her parents gave up. She was not suited to be a noblewoman; she was adventurous, feisty, and strong willed. So, her father enlisted her in the royal guard. He began teaching her what she needed to know, how to fight with and without a sowrd, how to survive in the woods, ect. She drank the information up like a starving man would devour his food. Eventually, she she was every bit the soldier her father was. It was around that time, too, that she met Rai. At first, the other girl was just that; another girl. But she assigned to keep an eye on her, and as such it gave them the opportunity to become friends. Best friends, even. There was no else Ben trusted more than Rai.

Which makes it understandable how she reacted when she went missing. Many a glass item was broken that day in her fit. And after her intial outburst of anger came the sorrow. Her only true friend, gone. She was one of the first to offer to go search for her, but her offer was denied. At the time, Ben was something of a prodigy, a great royal guard in the making. The castle could not afford to lose her in some rescue mission.

After Rai had gone, Ben became more reserved. She was more serious about things, and her fun nature soon dwindled. She wasn't as adventurous, nore as fiesty as she'd once been. She's risen through her ranks, and now holds the coveted title as Captain of the Royal Guard, a title she is proud to have. But when the chance arises once again to search for her friend, she quickly jumps at it. Ben would do anything to see Rai's smiling face again.

I really enjoy... Sword Fighting, Training, Riding Horse, Conversing with her father about battle tactics
Love it! Weapons, Fighting, Rai, Small Animals, Berries
Eew, Nasty! Fancy Clothing (though she wears it sometimes, just to appease her mother), Being Unprepared, Hooligans, Mushrooms, Whoever the hell took Rai
Turn it up! Hands Held High - Linkin Park
Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Sssh, don't tell! Ben is actually quite fearful of high places. She hopes whoever took Rai this time hasn't locked her up in another tower; that would certainly complicate things on her end...
Wired in... The Prince...
Am I forgetting something...? Ben uses the sword her father gave her on her eighteenth birthday. It's her most prized possession.
My lord, god and master is Reku1495  
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