Hello there customer! if u are one 3nodding

Welcome 2 this thread

ok the stuff im selling in my store are :

*Scarlet Mist - 300,000g
*Autumn Glory - 37,000g
*Lumiere Noire - 215,000g
*Dreamer's Dust - 85,500g
*Gothic Butterfly - 102,000g
*Stitched Shadow Jacket - 9,000g
*Music Notes Kimono Dress - 70,000g
*Heart Eye Patch - 9,000g
*Dutiful Butler's Red Vest and Shirt - 9,000g
*Secret Butterflies - 8,000g
* Scarlet Rose - 155,000g
*Autumn Glory - 37,000g
if u buy thank you !! blaugh