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A school of magic, based on J.K. Rowling's books. In need of Professors and Students! Join Now for the August - October year! 

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Dungeon Storage B Level 2

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Sir Spazalots

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:13 pm
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Located at the far end of the lower dungeon corridor, the second storage room on the second floor is filled to the brim with dusted jars and vials of potion ingredients easily accesible for students and professors to acquire for their lessons.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:42 pm
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яεġrετηστнιηġ ғεαяησ σηε ταkε prιdε ιηεvεяyτнιηġ
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Following the overwhelming impulse, Colton slipped inside one of the storage rooms off the main corridor, shutting and locking the door absent-mindedly behind him. His darkened eyes needn't even look around inside the small space—the voice called again, as clear as day, from a large cabinet in the back corner of the room. Without hesitation, his feet pulled him eagerly forward, and he reached out for the double-doors of the cabinet in his nearly zombie-like state.

Suddenly, the whispering that had led him all the way here from the Gryffindor common room grew into a roar, and an ornate black box shook ferociously on one of the upper shelves. He had found the source.

Without a second thought—or even a first, for that matter—Colton stretched up onto his tip toes, his body moving only slightly slower than before. With his rough, calloused hands, he brought down the heavy box, setting it carefully in on the floor in the center of the room.

His mind grasped viciously for the power to think, the power to even slow down his body for just a moment and be allowed to think about what he was doing. Unfortunately, the potion had done its damage. It had lowered the walls of his mind, overpowering it with a heavy sense of instability and rendering him—for the time being—victim of his body's impulses.

Colton's hands didn't pause. Instead, they scavenged over the box's surface, taking in the feel of power before coming to a stop with his fingers pressed against the latch at the box's front. His face swam with an uncontrolled smile for a short moment before he flipped the long latch and was suddenly overcome by a whirl of charcoal-colored smoke. His eyes slipped closed for a short moment while he inhaled the substance without even noticing before snapping back open with life. Glancing around himself hysterically as he jumped to his feet and backed away, his mind was suddenly working even faster than normal, taking in the box, the remnants of the dark smoke, and—most of all—the sudden absence of the empty pit that had occupied his stomach for the last week. With the realization that it was gone, Colt tilted his head to the side in surprise, taking a timid step forward, half expecting it to come back.

When he didn't drop back into an unexplained depression, his eyes lit up, suddenly noticing where he was. Well...he didn't really know where he was, but he was surrounded by shelves of jars full of ingredients and random items, and suddenly convinced himself that he must have been looking for something...something for one of his classes maybe? Nevertheless, with the overwhelming feeling that he had already found it, he shrugged past the black box on the floor—which he had all but forgotten—and slipped back out into the corridor with no set destination in mind.

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Porcelaine Ivory


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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:46 pm
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αɢє 11 | αםvєитυяєя | sℓчтнєяιи ғιяsт чєαя

☆º°”˜`”°º☆ ★º°”˜`”°º★

                                                                ﻬஐ Caty had tried to hold strong for as long as she could, he was still grieving she kept reminding herself. Plus he had been closer to their father than she and Kenny; sure she had her own times spent with him but he was the one he first connected with. And she knew he had taken the divorce horridly, she had been there of course, but that didn't mean she had to be the one he took it out on! She had been hurt too! She had been abandoned too! After his storm off she had sat at the Ravenclaw table for about a minute or so just staring at her breakfast and not feeling as hungry as she had moments before. The colors and sights blurred and the sounds of people chattering and whispering around her turned into an annoying buzz, like a fly was just outside her ear and wouldn't leave her alone. Finally she couldn't take it any longer and she too abruptly stood from the table and made a hasty retreat. She didn't want to give people, namely her brother, the satisfaction of her tears so she held them at bay for as long as she could as she ran through the hallways, ignoring shouts and cries from older students and possibly a professor until she found a random storage room in the dungeons too upset to worry about locking the door as she slammed it shut behind her.

                                                                Only among the decrepit and unusual potion ingredients did she feel safe enough to let her tears slide down her face but still held in the scream that was raging within her chest. Didn't Rhys ever think that maybe she wanted to disappear as well? But she the horrible part was that she didn't. She was too selfish to want to disappear or want others to leave her; she wanted to hold on to everyone in her life and make it so they could never leave her again. But everyone was. They were getting older and moving out and having girlfriends or boyfriends or husbands and then they would have babies and then she'd just be forgotten. Someone they send a Yule card to on reminder or maybe even a floo on every other birthday. In those thoughts she felt the urge she had been holding off the past few weeks return with a vengeance. It was hard trying to catch a quaffle with pinpricks all over your fingers she found, plus people started questioning the stickies that would sometimes cover her deeper wounds so she had forced herself to stop for only extreme cases. This definitely counted in the latter.

                                                                Caty dug into her book bag looking for the sewing pins she had pilfered from her aintin before leaving for school (she had given the woman a lovely new sewing chest in secret apology for it this past winter) and took a short breath before she poked her pinky finger with it. When it bled she expected to feel her normal sense of euphoria but nothing happened. She frowned and tried again on another finger and yet still nothing. Beginning to become even more frustrated than she already was, the Slytherin girl pricked and poked all her hands at various depths and all she had was the stinging from the different wounds but not what she was looking for. "Why isn't this working anymore?!" she hissed finally throwing the pin away and curling her reddened fingers into fists. Her tears were coming back and streaming down her face and dripping down into her wounds stinging them but this wasn't the pain she was looking for. It wasn't supposed to happen but she had quickly become addicted to the way the pain eased away her troubles with just a few pokes and blood.

                                                                Soon the anger she had kept deep inside released within and in a need to get it out she looked around grabbing the first bottle she could grasp and threw it at the wall. While the resounding crash felt satisfying it wasn't enough so she grabbed another and another until the floor around her was littered with glass shards of different sizes. Her breaths were haggard and stuttered as if she had just run laps around the Quidditch pitch and yet still she didn't feel satisfied. Caty slid down against one of the few walls that wasn't covered in sludge or intestines or whatever had been in those jars and tried to stop her tear flow to no avail. "Screw you Rhys, you weren't even there." she told the empty room as she continued crying staring down at her legs outstretched in front of her. She wiped a few off of her face with her arm as to not get any blood on her face or eyes though she was sure the few prods that had been bleeding had stopped by now.

                                                                A glint from a large piece of glass caught her eye and as she stared at it memories and words floated through her mind's eye like watching a movie on her grandmother's old telly that still had an antennae attached. The past few months having to deal with Rhys, hearing her Da crying just down the hall even when he tried to muffle it, the look of resignation and sometimes anger that flashed on her elder brother's face whenever Aedan was brought up. And just from the name more memories arrived: Aedan coming to the orphanage to take them home, Aedan teaching her to fly on her kiddie broom, Aedan not showing up on her seventh birthday due to a "business meeting," him showing up days later smelling of sweet perfume when she knew that the man only wore a heady cologne, him just not showing up for Halloween, Yule, birthdays, or anniversaries, and then him just not showing up at all. Before she relized what had happened the glass shard was in her hand and slicing through the top part of her thigh. The sharp and resounding pain from such a deep cut, deeper than she had ever done before, brought her out of her mind with a soft gasp. This was much much different than her early pokes. So much...better.ஐﻬ

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:22 pm
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                                                This is a black, black ski mask song
                                                So put all of your anger on
                                                In the truly gruesome do we trust
                                                I will always land on you like a sucker punch

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                                                Leon was slowly getting accustomed to the idea of magic school. Slowly. Like a sloth. Sometimes he could imagine that snails lapped him in terms with coming to grips with his weirdness. Which was why he wasn't so grumpy every time he sat down at the table and ate anymore. After all, he wasn't suicidal, and had discovered the kitchens and the house elves that lived there and had actually gotten to talk to some of them a bit before finding out that the 'magic food' wasn't really magic, they just used magic to make it. Or well, prepare it. Since then, he'd just started eating up at his house table while deciding to not talk to anyone at all. So far, it was well into the new year and while Leon didn't have a single friend in school, he could at least tolerate them to some extent.

                                                It was while he was going to the Great Hall for breakfast that he heard yelling, and then subsequently saw a white-haired student storm out of the hall to go off somewhere else. It wasn't long before another person came rushing out, and given that she seemed distraught, it was likely that she was the recipient of the other kid's anger issues. It almost made his and Wallis's arguments seem tame, since while there were times that yes, he yelled at Wallis, it was never to the point that he made the other boy run from the room. Usually made Wallis pout in annoyance and then get revenge for anything he did later. This was not one of those arguments, as it seemed like his housemate, and yes he recognized her as such, certainly didn't look like she was going to do anything but bawl.

                                                He followed behind her, not saying anything, taking note of where she was heading before he lost her on one of the stairs. However, it didn't take long to find her again, as he heard someone speaking in a storage room. He leaned up against the wall in the corridor, giving lagging students glares if they came across him in this particular part of the dungeons while they themselves went to the Great Hall. Finally, he figured that he'd given her enough time and walked in, already spotting her amongst some broken jars and if he didn't know any better, could have sworn he saw a cut along her leg that wasn't there before. He bit his tongue, however. It wasn't his business, and yet, he could argue that he'd have more reason to hurt himself than she probably did considering that his life literally was upended not even six months ago.

                                                That, however, was neither here nor there, and he just walked in, closing the door behind him and wishing he knew a locking spell before shrugging. He then pulled out a pack of cigarettes he'd swiped before leaving back to school (really, people in King's Cross weren't as observant about their things as they should have been) and pulled out two cigarettes. He crossed the room and decided to be nice, lighting one of them with a lighter he had and holding out the other to the girl.
                                                "'Ere, i' 'elps wiff stress. I'd ask wot th' barney is, bu' I fink I go' a good idea from th' gi' tha' stormed ou' b'fore ya. Go' a ligh' fer th' f** if ya need one." He was being a lot more considerate than he usually would be, but if anyone understood family issues, it was him. He just had to have the motherlode in that regard.


                                                Location: Storage Room
                                                Thinking: Jus' why am I bein' nice, again?

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                                                I’m just a problem that doesn’t want to be solved
                                                So could you please hold your applause
                                                Take this sideshow and all its freaks
                                                And turn it into the silver screen dream


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