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[Reverie Rose]Let me tell your future[QC QUESTION!]

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Reverie Rose

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:22 pm
Name: Wish Caster
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body Brown
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black and curly, with a long braid in the back and tied with a blue ribbon. She also wears a matching colored hairtie in her hair.
Cutie Mark 8D: Tarot cards
Brief Character Description: Wish Caster is a gypsy pony. She tells your fortune through hoof readings, tarot cards, or by creating images of your future in her crystal ball. Sometimes what she says is true, sometimes it’s not. She can see the future through her crystal ball, but it’s not always reliable and she is best at telling love fortunes. But keep your eyes out! If you are not careful her ferret Orion might sneak into your saddle back, and you may find you are going home with a lighter load.
+ Ref pics where possible: A concept image, you are able to change some things up if you think it will make her look better though =)
also, incase it's hard to tell her necklace pendant is a sun and a moon =)
User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her accessories. You didn't specify that the Phony version should have clothes, so I'm not sure whether she should? smile If so, then it would be laddered auctions/RLC or where stated.

If need be she can go without her clothing, though I do like it and I did imagine her with it at first =X so...maybe? Depending on which auction/customs becomes available first?

Fireflight: That's a good way to go about it, haha. lol Let's leave it at that!  
PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:30 am
Name: Glory
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body: White with a lavender hue
Eyes: blue
Hair: Purple with blue streaks
Cutie Mark 8D: A shooting star
Brief Character Description: Glory was one of the first ponies ever created, and part of the first two unicorns along with twilight. She inspired rarity's design in friendship is magic, and is just the cutest thing! I haven't fully thought out her personality, but I see her being energetic and loving celebrations.
+ Ref pics where possible: Here we go! I threw this together the other night on a template I made for a lineart auction(I hope the shop gets made soonish ;- wink but I love the lines so I sort of just used it to reference the 'look' for Glory 8D cutie ain't she? ^^ You can play with the tail curl if you want, but I do like the curl of her tail, this hair and tail style is how I style my glory figure at home 8D (yes I still style pony toys, LIVE WITH IT! THIS IS A MLP SHOP AFTER ALL!)

User Image

Fireflight: What an adorable pic of Glory! We're really sorry we didn't put this in the rules, we'll have to amend them - we're not allowing characters from the core franchise, especially those who had a significant role, to be quested for because we may use them in future events. sad Apologies for that!

well darn D8 okay then =(  

Reverie Rose

Reverie Rose

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:53 pm
Name: Spartia
Gender: Female
Type: Pegasus
Body: Brown with pink pinto spots
Eyes: blue
Hair: Long and Pink
Cutie Mark 8D: A paint pallet with a paintbrush and pencil
Brief Character Description: This is my pony persona 8D she is very talkative and intelligent, but an airhead at the same time. She loves animals and can be soft spoken but if you upset her or try to push her into a victim position, she will step up and get defensive.
+ Ref pics where possible: A picture I drew for her ^^
User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her extra markings and flower accessory.

Since Spartia is a name and not a word, please change her name to a more pony-suitable one. smile Her personality also seems to be quite contradictory [eg. intelligent but airheaded, softspoken but strong], it would be best if you settle on less aspects and not include too many opposing traits.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:56 pm
Name: Purity
Gender: Female
Type: Altacorn
Body: White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White and long with gentle curls, same with her tail
Cutie Mark 8D: None *sniff*
Brief Character Description: Despite being an adult pony, Purity never got her cutie mark. Because of this, she is very self conscious and shy. She was teased mercilessly as a young filly because of this. I am hoping that through rp, she might find what she is talented at and potentially get it in time. Gives me more incentive to rp her 8D
+ Ref pics where possible: None yet, I will add one in later though!

Fireflight: Her concept and design is far too exclusively 'special' for our shop. Apologies!

Reverie Rose

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