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Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:32 pm
"I know of only two ways," Latices said gravely. "The more preferable would be that you steal the water spirits' crown pearl, thereby claiming mastery and control over them."

Farle gritted his teeth and shifted his leg, but found it still numb. "I don't think either of us are really great at thieving things, and this crown pearl sounds pretty well guarded. What's the other option."

Latices frowned with disapproval and hesitated. "Sacrifice. The sirens drink the souls without mercy of any and all those that dare cross them. However, legend says that while the life- waters of a valuable bloodline flow in sacrifice, mortals are guaranteed safe passage through the waters of a spirit-controlled town."

The Child was careful not to meet Cadence's eyes as he whispered, "You need the blood of an aos si."

((Ah, I did sorry! Fixed smile ))  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:31 pm
Cadence's eyes widened until there was a solid ring of white around her pretty blue irises. Farle unconsciously stepped closer to his friend protectively, "Blood? Will it kill her?" Latices shifted uncomfortably, shrugging his shoulders, the trio stood in silence before Farle broke it again.

"I think it's better if we go for the pearl. Cadence is not risking her life for us." Latices nodded agreement, the only one that hadn't expressed any type of opinion was Cadence, but she sighed and chimed in quietly.

"Where do they keep the crown pearl?"  


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Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:00 pm
Latices shrugged again. He tested his weight and stood, using his spear to help him up. "That is a closely guarded secret."

Farle sighed, exasperated. "Then where do we go from here?"

Latices had an answer to that. He picked up his pack and rolled his shoulder as Farle stretched sore limbs. "To Shr'eink. If my sources are correct, certain people in Shr'eink are born with the power of the crown pearl itself, due to actions. If we can find such a person, then they will be able to guide us directly through Aatioh to the crown pearl."

Farle nodded. "That sounds much more preferable."

Cadence was less enthusiastic. "Ivarine was from Shr'eink. Do you think she was one of those born with the power of the siren's pearl?"

"Could she control the waves and turn into water like a water spirit?" Latices asked, but he was evidently put out by the mention of the Callias girl.


"She wasn't then." He said it flatly and coldly, which wasn't very unexpected given his unexplained dislike of the Callias line. He was kinder though, as they started walking and explained, "Usually only very special people are gifted--or cursed, depending on how you look at it--by the pearl."

"Ivarine was very special," she pouted quietly. Silence settled over the trio and they headed out to the small town, unaware of its fate.  
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:16 pm
They had walked in silence for a while when Cadence suddenly halted, her face rearranged itself into a frown. Farle also stopped beside her, scanning his surroundings with confusion in his features, "Something isn't right..." Latices looked over his shoulder at them, narrowing his eyes at the sight of his two companions just standing there.

"Nothing's going to be right if we don't get this solved, besides-" his voice trailed off when he too, noticed something was indeed amiss.

"Where are the lookouts?" Cadence questioned, more to herself than to anyone else, "Surely we would have been challenged by now from the weapons we are carrying. Why is it so quiet?" The trio proceeded forward again in silence, trying to capture the nagging doubt in the back of their minds. Then Latices stopped abruptly, causing Cadence to crash into his back, she steadied herself and swept a horrified gaze across the large expanse of charred ground.

"There is our answer." Farle said grimly, coming to stand next to Latices, "Shr'eink is no longer in existence. What do we do now about the location of the crown pearl?" Latices didn't answer right away, instead he touched three fingers to his lips and held them up to the sky. Cadence, standing next to him, copied the gesture her eyes swimming with tears. Realizing that they were paying tribute to the fallen villagers of the Light-sided village, Farle bowed his head and stabbed his sword into the blackened earth. The trio stayed like this until Latices finally broke the quiet.

"If a human cannot help us, then another creature will have to. There is a disadvantage to that however," Farle turned to stare at the Child, urging him to continue, "the only creatures blessed from birth with knowledge of the whereabouts of the crown pearl are sea serpents."

((I borrowed the three finger salute thing from the Hunger Games smile . One of my favorites XD))  

Illuminate Shadows

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:38 pm
The sun was overhead when the small party started off again, this time with the dragons walking. Zaire had reported that there was a small town nearby, where Ivarine could change out of the heavy and restricting gown into clothes that were better suited for travel. They walked in silence most of the way, with Ivarine pondering the poem that replayed itself in her head over and over again, she had tried to contact Lady Amber, but her adviser had been silent, leaving the Queen of Shadows to solve the puzzle alone. She had been tempted to ask if Lord Sha-lan had heard of bridges of blood around the area, but some sixth sense had warned her not to. Zaire was a second option, but the same sense told Ivarine even if her lieutenant had information, something, perhaps an oath made long ago, would prevent Zaire from actually helping the Queen. So, Ivarine tried to piece together the puzzle pieces in her mind, but found that each route her Light-side memories led her down was always cut off by a black void of nothingness, returning her to square one with no answers and no progress.  
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:02 pm
"We're nearing your territories now; where next?" Ivarine asked the lord as they returned to the dragons. The town was on the beach, and if she squinted, Ivarine could make out the shoreline of the Northern Isles.

"There is a small town near the ruins of Shr'eink where we can leave the dragons. We will then head out on foot; the Staff is hidden underwater."

((Cool! smile
sorry, short post >.< wink )  

Consistent Spontaneity

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Illuminate Shadows

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:48 pm
Ivarine frowned, "Underwater?" There was a vague memory of panic as something or someone was dragged under by an unseen force, she pushed it to the back of her mind though, feeling that such a Light-sided memory would not do her any good. Zaire walked ahead of them, gliding across the uneven forest terrain without making a sound. The eni-ein had hidden her wings to allow her a easier time traveling, Ivarine could see the girl tilt her head one way, then another alert for the natural warnings nature provided. "And another thing, Lord Sha-lan, we need to get Lt. Zaire some combat weapons."

There was a quick flash of color, but this time, Ivarine couldn't grasp any sort of coherence in the memory. She frowned mentally, That is strange...I should have unrestricted access to my memories, even if they are Light-sided ones, so why can't I remember any of this? It might be helpful sometime...  
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:29 pm
"If your grace permits, I will stop by the shop we were at earlier and pick up weapons for myself?" Zaire said, bowing her head respectively.

"Go," Ivarine said, patting her dragon as it rested tired wings. "The dragons can have an extra hour of rest, and Lord Sha-lan and I are more than capable of defending ourselves, should the need arise.

With a low bow, Zaire took off in a looping run for the nearby town and the Lord of the Northern Isles plopped himself on the ground, inspecting his appearance in a shiny rock. Ivarine sat nearby, trying to access the memories that kept eluding her.

"You seem awfully thoughtful for someone on a simple errand," Lord Sha-lan commented, running his hands through his long black hair.

"Simple errand?" She shot back.

"Go to the Northern Isles, pick up a stick, return to the king. Try not to die in the process."

That was the hard part, Ivarine noted sarcastically to herself, staying alive. She was certain there was some danger that loomed ahead that Jarlsing Sha-lan was not mentioning, either because he didn't know, or figured they could take it as it came. Then was the problem of actually claiming the staff. "Good point. If its so simple, why don't you do this 'simple errand'. WIthout my presence, you would have been showered with gold and perhaps promoted again. The Northern Isles would live in the Black Emperor's good graces for decades to come and your family would be hailed."

Jarlsing Sha-lan was quiet until the last point, when he sneered ____

((Been a while since we broke off in the middle of a sentence hehe))  

Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:31 pm
Jarlsing Sha-lan was quiet until the last point, when he sneered, "Don't forget that we must eliminate the foolish Drunesd that hinders the Dark Lord's progress... Plus, the Dark Lord would most likely prefer that you witness the extent of my successes."

Slightly agitated by his arrogance once more Ivarine replied, "I haven't forgotten about the mission. Though, it seems that you're withholding information from me, Lord Sha-lan... Speak now." She takes a glance at Jarlsing's irritated expression and smirks.

Lord Sha-lan turned his attention towards the thick forest, then replied, "Hmph, you really don't have a clue about the landscape or the flow of energy here... Then again, no one in the empire has seen you do anything to strengthen the empire's vast control." He decides to see how Ivarine would react to his attack.

Although, Ivarine felt deeply angry at this incoming insult, she knew that she had to restrain herself from unleashing her dark powers. If she used her magic, most likely, she would be stirring up the lurking spirits hiding in the unstable environment. She opened her mouth to respond to the curt comment, yet sensed ______________

((This is my first time trying to write for a collaboration. The idea seems very fun though I take forever in trying to think of something to write. I'm kind of afraid that I'll somehow ruin the characters or the story... Forgive me in advance. ))  
PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:49 pm
She opened her mouth to respond to the curt comment, yet sensed a stirring within her that warned her against offending this arrogant fool physically, magically, or verbally.

"If you will forgive me, I was apparently in the insanity ward of some asylum for the past few decades. Something about a light-side alliance."

Ivarine said it, and it was true to her. Yet the same speck that had triggered the stirring before protested its truth. "Before then though, must I remind you that it was I who put down the resistance of all four regions."

The lord of the Northern Isles stared at her, bewildered. It was well known that Lady Evansha Callias had almost single-handedly determined the boundaries of the Empire back in the first years of the Black King's Rule. When she had passed, the entire Empire grieved, hoping for another of the Callias line to support them. But the line that had first learned to convert light to dark and dark to light had seemingly vanished.

But now that Jarlsing Sha-lan saw what became of this fabled savior of the Empire, he wondered why the Dark Emperor would need a Callias queen: obviously he already had the power to alter memories and convert people. Why would he put someone with the strength to rival him on the throne?

Jarlsing blinked shook his head before looking back towards the horizon, silent. Let her think he too had his memories altered to match hers. Let the King, who was surely watching somehow, think he was another mindless vassal.

"You avoided my question. What other information do you withhold?"

He shook his head again and smirked, as if his former overconfidence had returned. "I hope your abilities work underwater, milady," he said. "The creatures guarding the crowned Staff feed on souls."

Queen Ivarine looked as though she were about to retort, but whatever it was, the strange creature named Jarlsing was uninterested. He stood, dusting his silk pants off meticulously. "Your lieutenant is fast," he noted, pointing to the figure running towards them. "We best be ready to leave by the time she arrives."

((don't worry! smile smile

And of course, I had to give Amber a name razz . I figured I should relate her to Ivarine to give the black king a reason to choose Ivarine above any other girl. This would also explain why Latices hates the name Callias. smile ))  

Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:28 pm
((Heh, thanks. sweatdrop I need to brainstorm some ideas...

Brilliant!! biggrin I like Amber's real name and how you explained why that King took Ivarine and why Latices illustrates such a dislike for the name. Though, I'm having trouble figuring out where they are all located, yet I feel like they are heading towards the same direction.))

As Cadence, Farle, and Latices left the ruins of Shr'eink, they silently contemplated about their next destination, Aatioh and the future ordeals that await them.

Farle looked up towards the scattered clouds, then asked, "Are we heading towards the sea or to Aatioh?"

No response from the jet-black haired girl. After all, Cadence felt depressed after seeing Ivarine's hometown ripped apart by the evil sphere of influence. Her thoughts wandered towards the fate of her dear best friend and heard a whisper from a fleeting, familiar voice, "Go to Aatioh". With that hint, she nervously vocalized, "We should hurry off to Aatioh and see if the sea serpents live there."

Ah, darn. Sorry for the short post.  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:15 am
((haha, don't worry about it; I just write long posts full of fluff and dramatic plot events because I have a bad habit of dramatizing and controlling everything >.< Hopefully this won't be a very long post; it's already pretty late mad ))

"But what will we do once we arrive?" Latices asked, scowling. "What are we to do but waste time and energy battling the sirens if we have no way to obtain the crown pearl, and there is no aos si to sacrifice--not that I wanted to sacrifice you in the first place, Cadence," he added at Farle's glare.

Farle turned away with a huff, and a mumbled about being out of ideas, but Cadence was quiet. The three walked, a trio of steps across the earthen outskirts of the ruined town.

The boys argued as they walked: Farle reminded them that their mission was to defeat the evil dictator, and that Aatioh was but a detour. Latices replied that they didn't have enough power to face the tyrant now anyways, and that all the side trips might add up to something beneficial. Farle said they didn't even know what was in this mysterious underwater town. Latices insisted that whatever it was must be important if a seer had told an aos si--supposedly the last aos si--about it. Farle accused him of hiding information. Latices noted the suspicious dreams of the black king.

After a while, Cadence tuned them out, concentrating on the sounds beyond their ears. In a way she was scouting, for even with her head down she could "see" with her ears the path they meant to take and any dangers that might lurk awaiting them. She heard the scramble of little critters in the undergrowth and the chitter of birds as they settled into their summer homes. At one point, she closed her eyes and cast her hearing so far out that she could hear the waves of the hidden town of Aatioh, a half-day's journey from Shr'eink. At first it was quiet and soothing, but the moment she tried to extend her senses beyond the surface, the water exploded into a treacherous whirlpool and Cadence retracted her senses before she was drowned forever in that sound.

After that, she concentrated on the nearby, as nothing would interrupt them from where they were to the water spirit's territory. She listened to the beating of her companion's hearts, to the wind that whistled through the links of the amethyst charm, and finally settled for the rhythm of the the group's footsteps. Step step- step. Step step-step. There was always one set of footsteps that was off. Step-step step. Step-step step. A few minutes later she determined it was Latices.

"I don't know what problem you have against Ivarine but she was our friend--."

"I never said I had a problem with her--"

Cadence sighed. Ivarine had always walked in synch with Farle, who had picked up Cadence's light tempo. She couldn't blame Latices though. Something told her that the Son of Drunesd was just doing his part as a Child; that any other Child would have done the same in his position, and had he been in any other position, he would have behaved as they were now.

"Either way, she's the Queen of Shadows now. I suppose that gives you a reason to mistrust her."

"Speak for yourself; you're the one that's completely convinced she's turned sides now."

"At least I stick to what I know for certain, not some long lost prophecy buried in the sea of time-- Cadence? What's wrong?"

With a jolt, Cadence stopped. The prophecy. That was it. "Th-that's it, isn't it?" She stuttered, staring beyond them. Her blue eyes were unfocused for a moment, and she took a weak step forward, but a few seconds later she was striding quickly in Aatioh's direction and she turned her gaze to Latices as he scrambled to catch up with her. "You said the Children's great prophecy called for fire, ice, music and shadow to unite the Minutia, Torch and Staff to defeat the black emperor, right?"

The Child nodded slowly. Cadence ignored his questioning look and turned to Farle. "And your dreams said Ivarine's coming to the Northern Isles to look for some important artifact for the black emperor, right?"

The firecaster nodded. "What are you getting to Cadence?"

"Fire--that's Farle: your sword provided the spark to light the Amaranthine Torch. Music--that's me, I received the last Amethyst Minutia. Ice was Ivarine, and she's shadow now as well. Maybe somehow the dark forces located the Aubergine Staff?"

Farle and Latices stood stunned for so long Cadence was afraid she had spoken too fast--she forgot most people couldn't keep up with words as fluently as she could--and was about to repeat herself when Latices broke the silence.

"If the Lord of Darkness has found the Staff, then we are in major trouble, even with the Torch and Minutia on our side," Latices said gravely. "But for it to be in the Northern Isles"--he shook his head-- "No. The crown pearl of the water spirits is the Northern Isles' most coveted treasure, just as the Torch was the Southern Sea's and the last Minutia was given the Children of the Eastern Plains."

"What about the Western Tundras?" Farle asked. "Maybe that's where the staff is."

Latices frowned. "The Crown of Shadows was always considered the Tundra's most powerful item, as the crown is supposed to be silver and forged from unmelting ice found only in the deepest reaches of the tundra, but you have a point. The aos si and the water spirits had a connection, so I always thought that the Staff would be in the Tundra region, to complete the four regions."

"What about the Eastern Plains?" Cadence frowned. "You said yourself that there was more Minutia. Maybe it's just coincidence that the last one came from the Plains?"

"There is no such thing as coincidence in matters as big as this," Latices said, shaking his head even as he pondered. Here he stopped the speedy pace they had been at since Cadence started talking. Around them, the grass grew to the height of a person and in the distance the last beams of lights danced across the sea beyond the Isles. Just behind the ridge was Aatioh. "East, Minutia; South, Torch; West, Crown or Staff; North, Pearl. It makes sense.

"Pearl or Staff," Farle corrected.

"Or, what if Aatioh's crown pearl and the Aubergine Staff are one and the same?" _____

((Ahahah, I did well keeping it short, didn't I? sweatdrop

I made the bit about Farle's sword providing the spark for the Torch, but I figured that the inscription on Farle's sword HAD to come in somewhere. I also assumed that Latices would have told them about the three things from the aos si times. Whatever works smile We can always cut this section from the final draft of the story.

ALSO, for whoever continues from here: I left the speaker of that final sentence ambiguous in case you wanted Jarlsing or Ivarine to suddenly pop up where they are (the relative schedules of the two lines ARE technically unset). Just a thought ^_^))

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Illuminate Shadows

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:03 pm
"Or, what if Aatioh's crown pearl and the Aubergine Staff are one and the same?" Cadence put in, her mind finally clicking several floating pieces into place, then she made a face, "If the Dark Lord gets his hands on that, we will be in trouble, as well as the rest of the kingdom." Latices and Farle nodded agreement, exchanging troubled looks.

"Let's get moving. Sea serpents are most active around this time." Farle frowned at the Child's statement but didn't slow down from his fast paced walk.

"Sea serpents are known to be sanguinary. How are we going to persuade them to help us instead of killing us? Up ahead, Farle saw Cadence's shoulders rise and fall.

"We'll see once we get there. Maybe the serpents will agree to help you, afterall, the dragons in the forest listened to you didn't they?" Latices grumbled something incoherent under his breath _________________  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:22 pm
"We'll see once we get there. Maybe the serpents will agree to help you, afterall, the dragons in the forest listened to you didn't they?"

Latices grumbled something incoherent under his breath about relying too much on luck, but within his mind he was suspicious. Suddenly, the aos si girl seemed a lot more confident and relaxed about the situation. He watched them for a moment before jogging to keep up.

They crossed the ridge in two hours, using Cadence's extraordinary hearing to guide them in the dark. Two serpents caught sight of them almost immediately once they wandered close to the lake and glided through the water towards them. Farle and Latices hesitated a little, but Cadence continued trudging until she was standing ankle-deep in the water. But a step further and she would have touched the shield of Aatioh. She stood calmly as the two serpents cut towards her, spraying droplets of water into her hair.

The first serpent neared and roared shooting ten feet out of the water and lunging down for a killing strike. Farle screamed for her to move, but Cadence moved almost in slow motion to draw her bow. Instead of shooting a note though, she held it horizontally and knelt, setting it to the ground in an unmistakable gesture of peace. She drew herself back up to her full height and called, eyes glowing the same shade as the minutia in her hair: "____"

((I noticed that they are at Aatioh but the sea serpents should be further out, in the sea; maybe a few just wandered too close to shore? Sorry if I mussed something up!))  

Consistent Spontaneity

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