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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:02 pm
Chapter 4  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:22 pm
((I'll post it in the next post. It's about 2.5K words....so...long. Also, I thought that was the perfect place to end the chapter with that bit of suspense and Ivarine starting her journey.))

Farle was swimming. Water brushed against his skin and drenched his clothes and hair but he glanced around him. Where was he? This place--it seemed familiar. Ahead trees indicated land and the wind was cold but not harsh. His head plunged back into the water and he felt his breath choking out of him. Gasping for breath, he poked his head out of the water. Trees. Water. He spluttered madly, flailing his limbs as he willed himself towards the land. Water swept over him and a ghostly voice came out of his head.

Ivarine Callias was a good choice for the Queen of Shadows. Her own power of shadows will make her powerful and work with you to distort her memories.

"She is. I sense her growing ease with the dark side."

Farle grimaced, even though he was drowning. He would know that voice anywhere; it was the dark king speaking to whatever voice he spoke to when he was alone.

The Aubergine Staff will be returned to us in time. With its power you can awaken me and we will have power that surpasses even the aos si at the height of the Torweh'ai kingdom.

The dark king hesitated in his response.


"She will turn it over....yes. She must."

The boy will prove useful in that. It is risky and if they meet there will be trouble, but the boy is convinced. His conviction will drive her against him and she will return to you. The prophetic voice was smug almost as it declared this. She cannot fight forever. Soon she will embrace the dark and forget the light completely.

Farle's lungs could take no more and he burst into the waking world, sweat dripping from his brow but nothing else. He stumbled to his feet and lit a fire in his hand just to keep him sane. Then the fire started to burn and he put it out quickly.

"You're awake." Latices speaking then. "I wasn't planning on leaving for another half hour, but we might as well start moving. Cadence is up as well. You...might want to see what's wrong....she won't talk to me."

He pointed and a few paces away, Cadence stood staring over the river, her bow in her hand and her blue eyes watching the still glowing water.

((oooo. Makes sense, I think.
Oh! Was the girl that Ivarine sees in the end supposed to Cadence? They...forget each other? O_O surprised !))  

Consistent Spontaneity

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Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:29 pm
Fanfiction for the collab! biggrin Probably not appropriate for all teenagers. >.< Ivarine and Jarlsing ship >.< Didn't know where else to post it so I just stuck it here.

The Mountains of Shahaile…above that, the North Shrine River empties into the Strait of Alouhaile, which separates the Northern Isles of Shalanhaile from the main continent of Louzinarga. This... Ivarine traced her fingernail on the parchment, figuring a path that they could take. She knew the shortest way to the Isles was the path she had taken so many years ago to leave Shr'eink, a river path which would lead her directly back to her hometown.

Her now- razed hometown. Fury and grief swirled back through Ivarine's mind as she remembered the way the upstart lord had smirked when he said Shr'eink was no more. She had best not take that path. Firstly because only the natives of the small village of Shr'eink knew of that path; it was the light- side peoples' last route of escape when their town was being attacked. But already the village was no more; the real reason was more personal: that path was too close to her memories. As much as she wanted to strangle the dumb dark-side lord that had demolished her hometown, half of her knew she had to wait until after the Staff had been recovered--the half that lived and breathed the shadows, the half that had devoted her life to the forces of the Dark King and his ambition to rule the world under his black hand.

She stared at the dress Iyza had laid out for her evening wear. It was made of green silk, with silver trim and lacy white skirts. Within these folds she had tucked the small stone, which had gone silent after those two phrases. Thinking of Cadence's voice whispering through her mind gave Ivarine chills. What was she supposed to say? Aside from the news on Shr'eink, and that dumb Sha'lan boy, her few days in the dark palace had been almost pleasant. Iyza was kind and although the courtiers were cold, most of the other servants seemed to have adjusted well to having a queen sweeping their halls now. Even Lieutenant Zaire, whom she'd just met, was good company; after spending the morning with her new guard, she had dismissed the eni'ein to take the rest of the day to herself. And the king-- why, even he seemed to care for her well- being. No! I mustn't think these traitorous thoughts! But even as she thought it, Ivarine felt unease-- she didn't feel like a traitor. She felt comfortable. And for the first time since she'd left the Isles to accompany Farle and Cadence, she felt at--

The Queen of Shadows never finished the thought--outside her bathroom and in her bedroom quarters people were arguing. She heard Iyza's voice grow shrill as she commanded someone to leave. "I demand that you wait outside! The Queen is not seeing people currently!"

Footsteps approached regardless and Ivarine scrambled away from the map, grabbing the green dress and fumbling for the stone. The doorknob to the bathroom turned and the door opened the slightest. Ivarine thrust the communication stone into a pocket of her thin undergown before the voice that answered Iyza froze her to the spot. "Oh, I don't care what your Lady Callias is doing and certainly don't take orders from you."

Lord Sha'lan. His beautiful voice carried through the ajar door, his words a song and his tone a melody that persuaded her limbs to simply rest and melt into peace. Ivarine felt her muscles soften and her eyelids droop the slightest. The dress slackened in her hands.

What is this... she thought. The sounds of Iyza's indignant protest faded away and she heard a thump on the ground. "Yes, take a nap. Preferably until evening," he sang, but this time the overwhelming power from his voice was not there. It was still rich and smooth, but it didn't hold the commanding force that it had a moment ago. A spell. Ivarine eyes shot open with shock and horror and reached for the crown sitting just out of her arm's reach. She had seen what Cadence could do to silence people that interfered with them. If Lord Sha'lan was another manipulator of sound, Ivarine was in serious trouble.

"As for you--" He cut short suddenly and Ivarine glanced at the door to see the young man, his eyes roaming her thinly-clad body. She would have blasted with a shard of ice or shadow then and there, but she hadn't thought of it earlier and now she couldn’t think: this was not the same person that had been at the noble conference only that morning. While he had been decked in lavish silks and robes designed specifically to display one's wealth at court , the boy before her was now dressed plainly for a lord, in an gold-trimmed black shirt and black pants. His straight black hair was slightly tousled from its original slicked-back style and his blue-gray eyes glowed with lust as he stared at her subtle curves.

"You-" his voice almost choked and he stepped forwards, the hand curled around his sword relaxing. He closed the gap between them with a single stride and pushed her against the wall, his lips instantly closing around hers.

Ivarine heard the sound of his sword clanging and her evening dress crumpling to the floor and held her hand out to push him away, but he intercepted it without breaking his mouth from hers. He held both her hands with one soft but firm hand, his mouth working furiously against her lips the entire time. She could feel the raw desire in his movements as his free hand cupped her face and grasped a strand of her golden hair. They broke apart for breath, but his mouth was on her skin the next moment, trailing down and around her neck as his hand tugged on her undergown. She opened her mouth to scream, but the sound was muffled when his head shot up and smothered it with another kiss.

He moved again, crushing her body between his and the wall and tugged at the collar of her gown until it tore. Ivarine shut her eyes, begging focus and let loose a black wave of energy around her, blasting the nobleman to the other side of the bathing room that suddenly swam with the energy of the shadows. Glass shattered around them and when the black energy finally settled, Lord Sha’lan collapsed, momentarily unconscious a corner. She stood there, gasping for breath and bunching the torn corner of her gown, stunned and horrified.

At first Ivarine moved to kill him before he moved again, but stayed her hand, remembering that he was the only one who knew where the prized Aubergine Staff was. She shuddered, and knelt to pick up her dress; it was the only thing she could do now. She slipped into the green dress and laced the white ribbons together with increasing speed, anxious to get away. Kicking his sword away, she was about to leave when a groaning sound from his dark corner startled her and she turned. The young lord was crawling to his feet, and a shaft of light hit him; only then did Ivarine noticed the blue marks on his head where she’d struck him. She didn’t know how she knew it, but she reacted instinctively and rushed to his side, snatching a vial of healing potion out of a drawer.

“Don’t move, you’re bleeding,” she ordered, kneeling next to him. Half of her was worried by the sight of what she’d somehow interpreted as blood, while the other half was frantic to preserve the location of the Staff. She spread the thick liquid over the injury, and watched as the gap sealed itself. She repeated this, and only until she was done and the vial was empty did she realize that she had rescued the creep that had destroyed her childhood home. Ivarine drew back, shuddering.

The haughty lord didn’t even bother thanking her. He muttered something about nearly killing him but even murmured his voice was a harmony of irritation and pride that rolled off his tongue like notes off a musical staff. The staff—that was the purpose of her saving him, she reminded herself. The King will have the staff returned. I can deal with this upstart until then. The small protesting voice from earlier that said the black king did not own the Aubergine Staff was silent.

They sat in silence, him nursing a headache, and her the tumulus thoughts, until finally he said, “I knew you fancied me. You didn’t have to blast me apart to show me though.”

“Fancy you?” Her confused features twisted with outrage. “I loathe you!”

Lord Sha’lan raised an eyebrow. “What did I do to deserve such hatred?” he asked, his words tenor notes hanging in the air. They didn’t save him from the tirade that burst forth though.

“Aside from sexually assaulting me, barging into my rooms, knocking my servant out, openly disrespecting me in court and obliterating my hometown and family? Well, your arrogance didn’t help, for starters.”

“I didn’t think you’d feel…assaulted…” he muttered, his eyes trailing down the cut of the dress. He snapped his eyes back to meet hers, smoky blue versus crystalline violet. “And when did I destroy your hometown?”

“Shr—“ she stopped, catching herself before she revealed too much. She looked away. “Nothing. I spoke wrong.”

It didn’t fool him. “You came from Shr’eink.” He was quiet, until Ivarine finally looked and was surprised to find something besides egotism in his unwavering gaze.

Pity, for certain, but something stronger burned there as well, a gentle fire that touched her. Empathy. Loss. “You’ve lost your home before,” she whispered.

The boy nodded, and that simple motion was as beautiful as any of the words he’d ever spoken.


“Milady?” Iyza’s call roused Ivarine from sleep, and she lifted her head up, rubbing an eye.

“Iyza?” She called, but when she moved she felt an arm tighten around her and jerked, a light spark of energy flying off her. She glanced down and saw the still-drowsed expression of a teenage boy, one arm slung around her shoulders. She blinked in confusion and repulsion at the young lord and their curled position in the corner of the tub platform before remembering bits and pieces of the conversation that had followed. Bits and pieces of a conversation that sounded like her entire life story.

“Don’t let her in,” he whispered, pressing her closer to him so that his mouth almost touched her ear.

“Your highness? Do you require any assistance?”

Ivarine imagined how it would look to her servant if she walked in to see her Queen of Shadows locked in an embrace with the lord of the Northern Isles. Yes, I require you to explain how exactly this dolt has come to be here, she wanted to reply, but shook her head for a moment before remembering that Iyza wouldn’t see it. “I’m fine!” she called. “Give me a few minutes; I fell asleep!” With a narcissist that has a soft side; who knew?

“As you wish, milady” Iyza’s voice just outside the door said. “His majesty the king has called on your grace to meet him and Lord Sha’lan for dinner when you are quite ready. I shall inform him you were resting.” Her light footsteps pattered away as she conveyed the message to the messenger boy that had come.

“Lord Sha’lan—“

“Jarlsing,” he interrupted, helping her move to a sitting position. She was still curled with her head against his chest, but their legs untangled for the most part. She didn’t know why she didn’t push him away altogether.

“Jarlsing,” she repeated, stunned for a moment. “Yes, you.” Jarlsing Sha’lan rolled his eyes, the same way he had in court when she first noticed him, but didn’t interrupt. Ivarine paused. “I have to go,” she finally said.

“As do I. Your servant mentioned I was joining you for dinner, did she not?” he asked, his voice quiet and teasing.

“Get off me.”

His arms only curled tighter around her. “You don’t want me to.”

“Get off. Or I’ll blast you again.”

“Only to heal me with tender care and concern. Just admit it, you’re crazy about me Ivarine.”

The way her name seemed to chime when he said it made her hesitate the slightest, but Ivarine shook her head frustratedly and pushed against him. With a sigh he loosened his grip and settled for just her hand, capturing it in his soft, warm touch.

“If the King finds out…about any of this, he’ll have your head, Staff or no,” she warned, stretching out her legs.

The young man shook his head, the mischievous gleam in his eyes again. “I’m too valuable. I could probably persuade him to give you to me and he’d do so willingly.”

“You think too much of yourself,” she shot back, pulling away and slipping off the platform. She smoothed her dress in the mirror and searched for a brush, finally finding an unbroken one in the drawer next to the healing ointments. Jarlsing came up behind her, resting his hand on her shoulder.

“So feminine, fretting over appearances. Do you think he’ll be very upset at you for sleeping with me?”

“I did no such—“ she said, color rising into her cheeks, but his amused expression stopped her and she resumed to running the brush through her hair. She found a green ribbon to tie it up with, but the young lord placed his hand over hers and closed the drawer quietly.

“Don’t tie it tonight.” he murmured, turning her around. He held her hands and leaned in. She thought he was going to kiss her again and almost flinched before she heard his gentle, entrancing voice murmur by her ear, “For me.”

Ivarine stared at a thread on his shirt and sighed, rewinding the ribbon around her wrist. She stepped back and away, her expression annoyed as she glared at him. “Now will you let me go?”

“Beautiful,” he replied, not answering her question and swiftly kissing her cheek before letting go. She marched past him for the door and just as she was about to open it all the way, she heard him call her name softly. “Ivarine— just to set the record straight: I said Shr’eink was razed to the ground…I never said I did it.”  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:24 pm
((Love the imagery biggrin , and we could work this into the story, or part of it at least. Maybe because like Lady Amber, Jarlsing has something against the Dark Lord as well (loosing his home?), both he and Lady Amber try to help Ivarine stay not-fully converted?))

"Cadence?" Farle whispered cautiously, catching the cold glint in his friend's normally soft eyes. The girl turned to glare at him, arctic blue eyes icily scrutinizing her friend's topaz ones. Farle flinched mentally before continuing, "Something wrong?" Cadence's mouth twisted into a grimace and she shook her head defiantly, clearly unwilling to divulge what was bugging her. She would have spilled everything to Ivarine if it weren't for the fact that she could feel her friend slipping away into the shadows, and a cold fury had suddenly built itself up in her chest. Fury at what her friend was becoming, fury at the Dark Lord, fury at the failures of the past, and fury at her own helplessness to do anything at the moment. Her eyes shimmered with a purple-red light before returning back to their blue hues.

"I'm fine, Farle," Cadence reinforced, seeing the worried look that continued to linger on her friend's features. Her voice, however, didn't support that statement and Farle caught the subtle change of tone. He decided not to push Cadence though and agreed to her next words, "Let's go find that seer and get some answers."

Latices arched his eyebrows, "We aren't going to make it on land fast enough, the alternative route will get us there in a couple hours but is nearly four times as dangerous as traveling on foot. What do you want to do?" Farle and Cadence exchanged a glance, "Alternative." Latices narrowed his eyes in thought, "Very well then. We will go by portal. Come on." He indicated a nondescript rock and walked up next to it, Cadence's markings immediately started glowing as they studied the rock.

"Why is it so dangerous to travel this way?"

Lady Amber could feel her charge changing, the small core of light was getting dimmer and dimmer each day as the Crown's dark power drained it. From within the recesses of Ivarine's mind, the first Shadow Queen began to make changes to her original plan. If the light Ivarine could not prevent herself from disappearing, then Amber would have to help Ivarine do so. She clenched her smokey hands into fists, her family was the first to discover how to convert light to dark. The Dark Lord had surrounded himself with such people and then played them all to their deaths and eternal banishment, his mistake was that he had left Amber alive, not physically, but alive spiritually. Quietly, she slipped between what remained of the light Ivarine and the dark whirlpool threatening her, Light and dark don't mix well. The Shadow Queen's voice floated back as an answer.

Ah, I know, Lady Amber and once the Staff is obtained, light will have to go...wait, what? I wanted dark to go...what's going on?  

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:49 pm
((I thought that since Ivarine was changing, Cadence would slip out her mind eventually as a part of the conversion. Oh! And the fanfiction was interesting biggrin there could be a way to mix some of that into the actual story.))  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:27 pm
((I'm glad you both like it smile I portrayed Jarlsing a bit like Cadence with the musical voice and the black hair, blue eyes thing, but I don't know if you wanted to add that bit in as well. Whatever works with the flow of the story smile ))

Latices pulled a small pouch of powder from his bag. He hesitated before dipping his fingers in it and looked up to answer her question.

"Danger..." he said softly, his voice grave.
"In using this portal, our bodies will be separated from our souls for hours. If we are gone too long, the body will forget its connection to our soul and disintegrate. If we are hurt while traveling the portal, our bodies will suffer an amplified damage that we will not know the extent of until we reappear on the other end. If our bodies are discovered and hurt while we are away, we may find no body to return to.
"Second, the portal is not easy to walk through. The road is narrow and at times ceases to exist. The path itself carries no monsters, but if the Dark King should conjure one to send after us if he spots us in his field of power.
"Also, the portal is a maze that may lead places we do not wish it to. It was said that any aos si could navigate the labyrinth of the portal, but it is a hard guess nonetheless.
"Finally, assuming we make it to the desired location alive, this is a portal as old as the Kingdom of Torweh'ai itself. It may crumble behind us and trap us within it for eternity."

Latices looked up again. "The only reason I brought this method of travel up is because the Amaranthine Torch may sense us here as well and lend us strength.
"Do you wish to reconsider?"

Farle was shaken, but he wiped any trace of doubt off his face. "We don't really have the time to go the long route, like you said. If Cadence thinks she can guide us," he turned to his friend, his stern gaze conveying trust, "then I say we we can do this."

((Makes sense, Julie. Just wanted to confirm smile ))  

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:12 pm
(( smile ))

The trio flew in silence for almost an hour before Ivarine turned to Zaire and gestured for the eni-ein to come closer. Yes, My lady? Ivarine blinked in surprise before composing herself again.

"Tell me more about the Dark Lord's empire." she whispered, "I want to know everything that has happened." Ivarine threw a small sphere of ice at Zaire, watching with appreciation at the ease that the eni-ein dodged the pale blue sphere. Zaire hadn't even flinched at the sudden threat, she simply shifted her wings and performed a shallow dive before pulling up level with Ivarine's ride again, "And please do tell me how you were trained at the Southern Sea to achieve such agility." Zaire blinked reptilian eyes at Ivarine before answering.

Yes, my lady. The eni-ein paused, forming her thoughts and continued, The Dark Lord's empire consists of the Southern Seas, the Western Tundras, the Northern Isles and the less known Eastern Plains. There is a mountain range that divides much of the kingdom in half, most of it belongs to the Southern Seas portion of the empire. Much of what is happening these days pertain to politics and the most recent news your Highness is already aware of, there is a long-standing grudge between the Western and Eastern Kingdoms although the cause has long been forgotten. The Eastern Plains are the most tumultuous right now, that is why the noble representing that Kingdom was not present at the court. _________________  
PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:52 pm
The Eastern Plains are the most tumultuous right now, that is why the noble representing that Kingdom was not present at court. His act of disobedience mirrors that of Rogula, the former lord of the Northern Isles.

A few years before, Lord Rogula entered in a conflict with the Lord Atshoka of the Southern Sea. I remember our people being afraid he would be so rash as to attack us. But Lord Atshoka proved his commitment to the Dark King and was rewarded for this. Upset, Lord Rogula withdrew from a few meetings, as if he meant to withdraw from the empire altogether. The Dark Lord finally sent a messenger ordering him to show up or face replacement, but the order contained a bribe as well. Lord Rogula returned to court, but he continued to be a thorn in everyone's side. Lord Sha-lan took advantage of this and approached with the offer to destroy the light-side town of Shr'eink as well as restore stability and good relations with the other territories. Evidently he has made good on this.

Now though, history repeats. Lord Kurshryk has gained the Black Emperor's favor because he is an old and faithful lord, firm but strong. The Western Tundras has never under Lord Kurshryk failed to pay taxes or routine tribute, and their people are always the most fervent and disciplined soldiers. The Eastern Plains is famous for its wyverns and ner'ein though, and Lord Laiw of the Eastern Plains believes that between this aerial advantage and his agricultural prowess he can bully his Majesty into throwing the Plains more coin.

Zaire seemed to sigh, only the entire conversation had been mental.

"Thank you," Ivarine whispered before the eni-ein started again. "You may continue another time." She smiled again and if the lieutenant thought the act of kindness was odd, she accepted it gratefully before sweeping around to scout ahead.

"Finally," came Lord Sha-lan's voice on her other side and Ivarine spun her head back to glare at the arrogant boy. He rolled his eyes and called sarcastically, "What were you doing, gossiping--"

"I would recommend you watch your words," Ivarine replied, her tone warning. "As for now, I recommend you sleep while you can; once we land I will expect you to lead me to the place of the Staff without any unnecessary side trips." She turned back around, scowling to herself, but the arrogant new lord of the Northern Isles did not bother her again that evening.

((Hehe, got lazy, just made up a bunch of fluff to finish that little story.))  

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:01 pm
((I liked the fluff smile It was a nice ending.))

Cadence flung her head up, eyes flashing with an unexpected confidence, "I will lead." Her eyes hardened, "And we will get out of there alive." She ran her fingers along the rough surface of rock before gesturing the two boys to come closer. As she turned, something in her eyes flickered and died, leaving a flat expanse of blue. Then Cadence vanished.

Farle stepped forward in alarm and immediately fell into the portal after his friend. A ghostly near-doppleganger of the sound-wielding girl was waiting at the bottom her eyes and charm casting the infinite blackness with a soft lavender. The purple-eyed Cadence turned once Latices joined them and raced off down the long tunnel of eternal darkness. The two boys followed, trying their best to keep up with the speed their friend was setting. Cadence ghosted straight down the black tunnel before turning sharply with no sign of slowing or waiting for her two friends. "The aoi si recognize no relationships during portal traveling, Farle, we will just have to keep up with her. This isn't Cadence your friend anymore, this is the Cadence that the world may one day fear." Farle snapped his eyes to the boy running next to him, opened his mouth, decided against it and kept on running after the fleet-footed girl.

Zaire hadn't reappeared after she had flown off to scout ahead the next time the trio took off in the night. Ivarine had voiced some of her doubts to Lord Sha-lan but he had assured her that Zaire was among the best of the eni-eins the Southern Seas had to offer. When her lieutenant reappeared, Ivarine was relieved at first, but the first emotion soon became irritation when Zaire thrust her long neck in front of both their dragons, stopping them in mid-air.

"Lt. Zaire! Wha-" Dark shapes detached themselves from the night and the dragons recoiled, Zaire hissed angrily and lashed her serpantine tail warning the creatures away. Ivarine stared at the terrified and furious dragon she was riding, "Zaire! What is?" She didn't get to finish as the eni-ein whipped her tail, clipping the muzzle of Ivarine's dragon, trying to get the dragon to bolt away from the danger. Ivarine, however, forced the dragon to stay still, "Zaire! Why are they terrified? Why are you so worried?"

There are few things dragons fear, my lady, but this is one of the worst, Zaire cut off as a long ripple of green shot her way and she pilouetted out of the way, I don't know what they are, but they kill everything that catches their eye. Legends say they are born of the blackest and oldest magic the world can offer, that is why all children living in the Southern Seas train so young, there is always the chance that by the next morning they would have to fend for themselves. Zaire broke off her explanation and lashed out with her front claws viciously, an amorphous shape that had strayed too close veered off again with an unearthly humane cry I suggest you get away, Queen Ivarine, your powers will have little to no effect on them. The only thing that they seem to fear is the sunlight.  
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:52 pm
((Thank you smile ))

Ivarine hissed in irritation, but did as recommended and turned her mount away, signaling for Lord Sha-lan to lead the way.

She thrust her hand around her before they left the scene of the ambush and a barrier of shadows laced with ice. The bloodthirsty shadows paused to tear it open, but Ivarine created two more with simple waves of her hand. "It will not hold for long," she muttered, more in annoyed realization than warning. With Zaire speeding behind her, she bolted after Lord Sha'lan.

By the time they made it around the shadow beasts' hideouts, dawn had already settled in and they landed to let the dragons rest. Ivarine was furious at their lack of progress, but held her tongue as she watched her companions rest.  

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:29 pm
"How do the aoi si remember all this?" Farle gasped to Latices as the silent purple-eyed girl in front of them took a sharp turn again. He had long lost track of the twists and turns that Cadence had led them through. The Child running beside him shrugged.

"I think the more important question is how long we can hold up to this pace." Farle nodded feeling his legs burn from the swift speed Cadence had set for them. The girl leading them had remained silent the whole time, occasionally glancing over her shoulder at her two companions, scrutinizing them with her lavender colored eyes, unconsciously judging them from the soft purple-tinted light her charm offered. She flashed past a portal opening without hesitating, somersaulted over an opening on the floor of the tunnel and then abruptly stopped. The two boys following her lead nearly crashed into her, drawing up short just in time to avoid face-planting into her back.

"End. Fin. Hætta." Farle blinked at the flat voice his friend used to indicate the exit to the portals, she seemed almost bored. Cadence nocked an arrow into place and shot it into the opening, waited a few moments, and disappeared through the opening back into the world of reality.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:47 pm
The first feeling that told Farle he was alive was a massive ache in his feet and legs. His bones felt like they were on fire, and when he tried to move his right foot he felt a flash of pain run up his nerves.

"Numbed to death," he complained, reaching around him to check that his sword and gear were still with him. Next to him, Latices seemed to have a similar problem, but he dealt with it more quietly.

The only person that seemed unaffected by their trek through the dark portal abyss was Cadence, who was running her fingers through her hair and blinking innocently at the position of the sun. "I-I think it's been about 3 or 4 hours," she murmured.

"Felt like 23 or 24," Farle grumbled, tentatively touching his legs. She glanced around them. "We're in the Northern Isles already. Farle, remember this place?" Her eyes grew excited with every word and she pointed enthusiastically around her.

"We made camp just over here before! You were complaining that there was no way a triangular clearing like this could exist, and that the rocks stuck in the ground made too perfect of an oval." Tears gleamed in her eyes as she reminisced, but they were happy tears. "Who knew it was a portal?"

Suddenly her expression turned sad and a drop of salt water fell. "The next morning we met Ivarine, right across the frozen river."

They sat like that for a moment before Latices murmured quietly, "Do you know any other landmarks? What river is over there?"

Cadence looked up but was quiet for a moment. "That way is the river," she pointed at one side of the triangle. "Beyond that is Shr'eink." She pointed the other way. "____ Which way is Aaotioh?"  

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Consistent Spontaneity

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:11 am
Zaire was in one corner with her wing over her head. The soldier had volunteered to stand guard, but Ivarine had insisted the eni'ein rest, as she had been dutifully scouting and fighting the entire day. That, and the Queen of Shadows didn't exactly need to sleep very much. Her energy renewed to full with the dawn and the dusk, creating an interminable cycle of wakefulness. She created a chair ice in the shade of the mountain to rest on and watched over her companions.

Not needing the sleep didn't mean she couldn't sleep though, and Ivarine soon felt herself relaxing entirely too much for a guard position.

Suddenly the stone in her pocket glowed and Ivarine snatched it up, hiding it from anyone who might see.

On the far side of the ridge,
where blood makes a bridge.
Capture the creature that runs fast
to acquire a piece of the past.

The voice was gone as fast as it had come, leaving Ivarine's mind blank for a moment before a thousand thoughts whirled through it. Who was this that gave her a new quest? What did it mean? Ivarine stood, looking for a ridge or a bridge made of blood, but saw none, even when she cast a charm that enhanced her vision, and finally sat again, trembling.

((Random poem to spruce things up.
haha, I managed to write a post without adding Ivarine x Jarlsing fluff ))  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:53 pm
Cadence looked up but was quiet for a moment. "That way is the river," she pointed at one side of the triangle. "Beyond that is Shr'eink." She pointed the other way. "There is a large body of water about a day's journey east of here I was nearly dragged down to the depths there by...I think they were sirens? Which way is Aaotioh?" Latices stared at Cadence's description, Farle frowned at the way the boy was staring at his friend.

"What? Did she say something strange?" Latices shook his head disbelievingly, still gaping at Cadence, who's face flamed up at the unwanted attention. The Child finally spoke up, his voice betraying his incredulity.

"You found Aaotioh and you didn't know it? Aaotioh isn't a true town, Farle, there is a reason why the Dark Lord can't destroy it, no matter how hard he tries. The water spirits command Aaotioh, Cadence probably strayed too close to the shield and they had to scare her away." Cadence's eyes had grown to the size of plates, Farle was a frozen statue. Both of them stared at Latices, a silence hung in the air before Farle broke it with a tentative whisper.

"How do we get in?"

((I think you mixed up Zaire and Iyza.))  

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