Rule 1: Follow the gaia TOS this one is a given break this rule will result in an automatic ban from the guild

Rule 2: no flaming, or harassing other member in the guild. This is ment to be a friendly guild for all the enjoy. You will be given a warning on the first offense. second time will result in a temporary ban, and a third time will be a permanent ban as if you made it this far it means you can not follow the rules of the guild

Rule 3: This being a very important rule their will be no begging what so ever. We also don't need to hear your sob story of how you got hacked or how your poor and can't afford anything. Just hang out have fun and you'll have a better chance at getting gifts. On another note no sending pms to gifters begging for items and such. If someone does pm you begging for stuff please report them. This rule will follow the 3 strikes and your out basis. so please don't do it

Rule 4: Please try to avoid going overboard with "bumps" or emoticons. I mean it's okay if you are participating in a bumping contest, then by all means, bump away. But I'm talking about the million-bumps-in-one-post kinda thing, where there is literally a block of text with the same word over and over again; or the emoticon posts that have all 45 different emotes crammed into a single post with no real purpose. Please avoid such antics.

Rule 5: please refrain from page stretching and also quoting the first post in say an contest and such. It is annoying and not needed.

Rule 6: Be responsible I and the crew members can't be on all the time, so if you see someone breaking the rule report it in the appropriate thread and also please refrain from breaking the rules yourself

Rule 7: Advertise, advertise, advertise. The bigger the guild get the better it will be and the more gift that shall be given out and more contests to have running.

Rule 8: Keep this guild alive. this is easier said then done since many people do have school and work and such that will keep them busy. But if you could at least post every once in a while, maybe do a little gifting or participate in the contests and you'll do fine. But be reminded if you are going to be inactive for a while please post in the inactivity thread. If you don't after a few weeks or so you will be removed from the guild.

Rule 9: last but not least have fun mrgreen