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slaves and masters fantasy 

Tags: slaves, masters, fantasy, Romance, Role Playing 

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Pure T0rture

Colorful Fairy

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:11 pm
༺༔༓༔༶༔Taken ༔༶༔༓༔༻

User Image
Name: Krystina
Gender: female
Age: is 17
Sexuality: straight
Species: vampire(newly turned)
Eye Color: bright blue
Height: 5’ 4”
Body Build: skinny, curved, tall,
Hair Color/Length/Style: long and blonde with a blue streak running down one side
Other Appearances (Tail/Ears/Tattoos): has a tiger tattoo on her right hip
Personality: kind and gentle, she doesn't really get mad about most things.
Bio: sickly from birth, Krystina has always had to depend on others. When she told her parents she was going to move out, they requested that she at the very least buy a slave to help her settle in. Seeing it as the only way out of her parents stopping her, Krystina bought herself a slave. Not realizing he was a vampire; she was bit and turned. After turning she was bed ridden, sick with a fever, and she was unable to stop the vampire slave from leaving. She is now looking for a new slave, hopefully one that can not only help her with her illness, but also help her cope with being a newly turned vampire.
Other: She has a very weak immune system and is unable to protect herself from most diseases. She is often bed ridden with a fever. While she is ill, she tends to spend her time playing music on her acoustic guitar, it’s mainly country but she does have an electric, someplace in her house… she just can’t find the right box that it’s in….
Slave: shadowheart, sheik, maso, lucius, hades

User Image
User Image
Luka Gomez
6' 3"
Eye color:
ocean blue
Hair color:
Lives with his little sister, his parents having died in a car accident. doesn't really say that much now, almost only speaks to Gabby, his younger sister.
quiet and seemingly cold, can be kind depending on the person.
Has Slaves:

Preferred Collars:
doesn't really care but maybe something different
Preferred Charms:
doesn't really care but maybe something different

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Name: Lynx
Gender: female
Age: supposedly 21 but she’s much older.
Sexuality: not sure
Species: Witch
Eye Color: black to dark teal
Height: 5’ 4”
Body Build: skinny, curved, tall,
Hair Color/Length/Style: long, black, typically kept back with one of her hairclips.
Other Appearances (Tail/Ears/Tattoos): has this tattoo on her back.
Personality: upbeat and happy, she tries her best to keep things exciting and doesn’t want others to think things are boring but if you piss her off watch out ‘cause this little witch has a habit of biting back.
Bio: not much to say other than she was born into a simple family of humans and when she started to show magical potential they freaked and sent her away to a place where her powers could be used for good. When she was old enough to venture out on her own she got a house of her own. Since most of her magic is based on the healing arts, she’s looking for a slave that can teach her to fight.
Other: she likes playing violin, cello, and piano and also has a secret that she keeps with her at all times…. >.>
Slave: Kochava
PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:27 pm
༺༔༓༔༶༔ Available ༔༶༔༓༔༻

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Name: Ryxin Darkblade
Gender: male
Age: is 256 looks 21
Sexuality: bi but prefers boys
Species: vampire
Eye Color: bright green
Height: 5’ 9”
Body Build: tall, lean, muscular
Hair Color/Length/Style: long white hair that’s kind of wavy and tends to fall in his face
Other Appearances (Tail/Ears/Tattoos): none
Personality: quiet and calm for the most part, but has a rather mean temper that shows itself on occasion
Bio: formerly a slave, he escaped from his last and final mistress by turning her when she was sick. He ensured that she was in good care before he left and then went off with some money he’d taken from a master {not her} and used it to start a successful business and is now living happily in the lap of luxury. He is now growing bored and wants some company. And as such is looking for a slave.
Other: he sometimes wonders if he should’ve stayed with the woman he’d turned, just to see how things were.

User Image
User Image
Name: Iris Christakos
Gender: female
Apparent Age: 19
Actual Age: unknown
Sexuality: bi
Species: half succubus/ half elemental
Eye Color: sapphire
Height: 5’ 6”
Body Build: skinny, curved, muscular {although, it isn’t obvious}
Hair Color/Length/Style: long black waves curls that flow down to her rear
ther Appearances (Tail/Ears/Tattoos): none
Personality: cold, dark and demanding at times, she can also be kind and caring at other times
Bio: not much is known about her by the guards, although she often speeks of things that happened long ago as if she was there, so perhaps there is more to her then people can tell. One thing the guards do know, is that she occasionally acts different and seeks out attention; the people who she brings home, are never seen again.
Slave: none

User Image
User Image
Name: hope
Species: angel
Height: 5'7''
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Personality: kind and polite; she’s the nicest of her sisters.

User Image
Name: Faith
Species: angel
Height: 5'5''
Eye color: brown
Hair color: blonde
Personality: quiet and cam; she keeps to herself and is eerily dark for an angel.

User Image
Name: Joy
Species: angel
Height: 5'6''
Eye color: purple
Hair color: black
Personality: mean and cranky; she doesn’t like talking to others and likes causing others pain.

User Image
Name: Grace
Species: Angel
Height: 5'4''
Eye color: pale blue
Hair color: brown
Personality: peaceful and kind

Bio for all: Gabriel’s lover and daughters, they are the cousins of the DeSatans. Former slaves, these angels were freed by a mysterious man and given enough money to start up on their own. They each have a talent with a weapon. And they’re often busy with the duties that built up while they were gone. They wish to give people in the same situation they’d been in homes. And find some nice comfort at home away from the pressure of their “job”. Although; they very seldom say what that job is...
Slaves: none yet

User Image
User Image
Name:{as far as we know} Hiretsuna
Gender: male
Apparent Age: early to mid-twenties
Actual Age: unknown
Sexuality: bi
Species: Demon
Eye Color: pale blue
Height: 6’ 5”
Body Build: tall, lean, muscular
Hair Color/Length/Style: spikey black with blue streaks
Other Appearances (Tail/Ears/Tattoos): has a branding across his chest that means soulless
Personality: quiet, cold, and dark; he doesn’t speak much and never speaks about his past. Ask him about it or his brand and he will cut you up.
Bio: all that he will say is that he was branded soulless and cast out of hell. He lives in a mansion in the forest and only knows a few other people. Most of whom are as sadistic –some more so- as he is. He has a habit of cutting things up into little bits and eating them. However, he is not as powerful as he once was, the magic of the brand keeping him from accessing his full powers.
Other: is well aquainted with a hand full of other masters, including Subaku – a playmate-, Shade -another playmate- and Ryxin-formerly his slave-. also had a fairy slave about 17 years ago.... that gave him a child. damn b***h. that's it; no more girl slaves!
Slave: none yet

User Image
User ImageUser Image
Names: Dee BloodyDum Bloody
Height: 5”4’
Age: unknown {they look about thirteen}
Eye color: blueRed
Hair color: Black
Bio: followed the Cheshire cat here to the human world from wonderland, but something went wrong and they were turned into girls. Now the two are looking for a way to turn themselves back and also looking for Alice and Boris.
Slave(s): none yet
Preferred Collars: not sure
Preferred Charms: Note sure

Pure T0rture

Colorful Fairy

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