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A Pokemon Roleplaying Guild offering a wide variety of features and characters. 

Tags: Gijinka, Snagem, Pokemon, Literate, Roleplay 

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Devoted Sex Symbol

5,325 Points
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:39 am
In this thread, you find a complete listing of each member, their characters and their Pokemon. We ask that all members post any newly captured/evolved Pokemon here to be added to the listings, along with a link to the post/mission where the Pokemon was caught/evolved for the sake of reference. We also ask that you post your current Snag Coin and Snag Emblem count so that it may remain up to date. Furthermore, if you're a new member or otherwise not listed, please post a complete list of your information in the following format:

Snag Coins: -Number of Snag Coins here-
Snag Emblems: -Number of Snag Emblems here-
Character: -Your character's name here-
Pokémon: -List of captured Pokemon here-

(Repeat Character and Pokemon for each character you have, if you have more than one.)

As a reference, permissions can be found on this post (also can be found after the listings).

Note: All new members, as well as new characters, start with a Pokemon at its first evolutionary stage and is able to evolve.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:43 am
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• Snagem Leader

SubonicXP <Snag Coins: 22, Snag Emblems: 3, Emblem Pieces: 2/3>

Character: Sub
Pokemon: Murkrow, Sableye, Sharpedo, Tyranitar, Weavile, Krookodile, Drapion, Bisharp, Mandibuzz, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Spiritomb, Hydreigon, Malamar, Skuntank, Scrafty, Mimikyu, Raticate (Alolan), Eevee, Oddish, Slaking, Registeel

Character: Toren
Pokemon: Steelix, Metagross, Foretress, Escavalier, Durant, Empoleon

Character: Larrimore
Pokemon: Chesnaught, Pineco

• Snagem Co-Leader

Reno Vantas <Snag Coins: 96, Snag Emblems: 4, Emblem Pieces: 1/3>

Character: Reno Vantas
Pokemon: Cloyster (Shadow), Serperior, Haxorus, Kingler, Volcarona (Shadow), Weavile, Poliwag, Kadabra, Elekid, Shelgon, Houndoom, Marowak, Wynaut, Binacle, Wobbuffet

Character: Leslie Serket
Pokemon: Fearow, Combee, Onix, Porygon, Toxicroak, Bulbasaur, Taillow, Mawile, Doublade

Character: Aria Glissando
Pokemon: Noibat, Pangoro, Inkay, Carbink

Character: Dista Majora
Pokemon: Whismur, Chatot, Metagross, Tyrunt

Character: Beauregard Orson LeForrest
Pokemon: Fletchinder, Seedot

• Snagem Administrators

Darksol88 <Snag Coins: 198, Snag Emblems: 13, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Sol
Pokemon: Swampert, Charizard (Shadow), Xatu, Gallade, Quilava, Rattata, Trapinch, Liepard, Cofagrigus, Volcarona, Joltik, Bagon, Durant

Character: Aden
Pokemon: Rhydon, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Nidoking, Raticate, Ampharos (Shadow), Geodude, Scyther (Shadow), Umbreon

Character: Amaranth
Pokemon: Flareon, Butterfree (Purified), Yanma, Lickitung, Togekiss, Kangaskhan, Hawlucha, Carbink, Woobat, Tropius (Shadow), Wurmple (Shadow), Goomy, Farfetch'd, Pidgeot (Purified), Bounsweet, Dodrio, Drifloon, Minior, Pikipek, Fletchling, Pelipper, Litten

Character: Cera
Pokemon: Is one, but has: Lapras (Purified, wut)

Espeon_Commander <Snag Coins: 115, Snag Emblems: 9, Emblem Pieces: 2/3>

Character: Aile Wyndra
Pokemon: Flygon (Shadow), Zoroark, Greninja, Pyroar, Golbat, Excadrill, Nidoking, Regirock (Not Currently in Possesion), Sandygast, Skarmory

Character: Crystal Tanzanaki
Pokemon: Espeon, Charizard, Sigilyph, Misdreavus, Bronzor, Cofagrigus

Character: Raine
Pokémon: Feebas, Mightyena, Chatot

Character: Lithia
Pokémon: Crobat, Mightyena, Chatot

Atlantis_Darts <Snag Coins: 110, Snag Emblems: 4, Emblem Pieces: 2/3>

Character: Darts
Pokemon: Honchkrow, Goomy, Gengar, Dragalge, Empoleon (Shadow), Deino, Lairon  


Devoted Sex Symbol

5,325 Points
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Marathon 300
  • Partygoer 500


Devoted Sex Symbol

5,325 Points
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Marathon 300
  • Partygoer 500
PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:16 pm

Anamineh <Snag Coins: 48, Snag Emblems: 2, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Raimu (Rhyme) Bito
Pokémon: Zubat, Mudkip, Sharpedo, Dedenne, (Shiny) Pumpkaboo, Chimecho, Altaria, Treecko, Shinx, Aron, Tyranitar (Shiny), Jolteon

Character: Rexlena (Rexy) Williams
Pokémon: Houndoom, Mightyena, Ralts, Torchic

Character: Zwei
Pokémon: Eevee, Zorua

Arkelos <Snag Coins: 25, Snag Emblems: 1, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Arkelos Fyrestone
Pokemon: Houndour, Growlithe, Poochyena, Rockruff, Furfrou, Alakazam

Character: Jezebel Pyrewood
Pokemon: Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix

Blizzard120 <Snag Coins: 108, Snag Emblems: 12, Emblem Pieces: 2/3>

Character: Blizz
Pokemon: Zangoose, Weavile, Porygon-Z, Typhlosion, Scizor, Raichu, Rotom, Glaceon, Froslass, Gallade, Gardevoir, Lucario, Golduck, Cubchoo, Sigilyph, Articuno, Torchic, Mudkip, Dartrix, Alolan Vulpix

Character: Freth
Pokemon: Mamoswine, Kadabra, Cloyster, Walrein, Glalie, Cryogonal, Absol (Shadow)

Character: Tristen
Pokemon: Xatu, Castform, Mawile, Zebstrika (Purified), Dragonite, Weavile (Purified), Magmar (Purified), Eevee, Litten, Galvantula

Darktornathore <Snag Coins: 143, Snag Emblems: 1, Emblem Pieces: 1/3>

Character: Kairi Serket
Pokemon: Combusken, Nidorina, Scyther, Bagon, Rhyhorn, Ariados, Murkrow, Houndoom, Krokorok, Ekans

Character: Dante Moretti
Pokémon: Vulpix, Gothita, Shuppet, Pikachu

Character: Lynette Bellerose
Pokémon: Granbull, Ralts, Honedge (Shiny), Noibat, Dewgong, Dratini, Electrike, Litten, Alolan Meowth, Cleffa

Character: Silver Hayes
Pokémon: Noctowl, Cubone, Growlithe, Scraggy

DignityPower <Snag Coins: 6, Snag Emblems: 0, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Veronica Nova
Pokemon: Infernape, Flygon, Luxray, Jellicent, Parasect, Crobat, Lucario, Ekans, Joltik, Mudkip, Drifloon, Absol, Solosis, Ditto, Gothorita, Froslass

Extremelictor <Snag Coins: 48, Snag Emblems: 2, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Kain Devict
Pokémon: Totodile, Ariados, Sandshrew, Cacnea, Lapras, Trevenant (Shiny), Haunter, Honedge (Shiny), Litwick, Pumpkaboo

Character: Clara
Pokémon: Nincada, Tyrantrum, Bergmite, Deino, Clawitzer

Isaac Hawking <Snag Coins: 61, Snag Emblems: 7, Emblem Pieces: 1/3>

Character: Isaac Hawking
Pokemon: Magnemite (Purified), Beldum, Noivern, Aron, Mawile, Porygon, Clawitzer (Shadow), Bulbasaur

Ms Edyn <Snag Coins: 40, Snag Emblems: 1, Emblem Pieces: 1/3>

Character: Aleissa Gauthier, (aka Night)
Pokémon: Charizard, Pidgeotto, Magby, Houndoom, Arbok, Drillbur, Zorua, Chandelure, Floatziel, Koffing, Skitty

Character: Eve
Pokémon: Gallade, Ursaring, Budew, Seedot

Character: Sihlo S. Adonia
Pokémon: Persian, Zangoose

Character: Mirepoix
Pokemon: Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon

RCCaughtem <Snag Coins: 97, Snag Emblems: 0, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: RC
Pokemon: Swampert, Alakazam, Mightyena, Electivire, Mamoswine, Relicanth, Nidoran♀, Magby, Vulpix

Character: Ryan
Pokemon: Abra, Poochyena, Magneton, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Dragonite, Flygon, Sceptile, Swampert, Jolteon, Kingdra, Garchomp, Corsola (Shiny), Lapras, Dewgong, Pinsir, Jellicent, Furret, Swanna, Suicune, Shiny Totodile, Eevee, Solosis (Shiny), Remoraid, Rotom, Croagunk, Feebas, Maractus

Requiem of Whyspers <Snag Coins: 52, Snag Emblems: 10, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Odd
Pokemon: Chatot, Chimecho, Cofagrigus, Dusknoir, Marowak, Drifblim, Froslass, Golurk (Shadow), Klinkklang, Lampent, Liepard (Purified), Shedinja, Doublade (Purified), Banette, Mimikyu, Decidueye, Drowzee, Meloetta

Character: Lykas
Pokemon: Castform, Corsola, Dewgong, Dewott, Gardevoir, Luxray, Gyarados, Mantine, Milotic, Seismitoad, Quilava, Kingdra, Relicanth, Clawitzer, Crabrawler, Dewpider, Lickitung (Shadow)

Character: Kaya Rayvn
Pokemon: Klefki, Leavanny, Marill, Sylveon (Shadow), Togekiss, Ninetales, Dunsparce, Carbink (Shiny), Flabébé, Goomy

Character: Trishella Sparx
Pokemon: Amaura (Shadow), Dedenne, Rotom, Braixen, Swanna, Eevee, Espurr, Farfetch'd

Ryssa Blackblood <Snag Coins: 7, Snag Emblems: 0, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Sheeta Melian
Pokemon: Inkay, Ditto

TerashiLeonGoken <Snag Coins: 62, Snag Emblems: 4, Emblem Pieces: 1/3>

Character: Terashi N. Toumei
Pokemon: Gardevoir, Fletchinder, Ivysaur, Combusken, Hakamo-o, Pikachu, Klefki, Ralts, Turtonator

Character: Keiko Yurino
Pokemon: Xatu, Audino, Heracross, Ribombee, Togetic, Spritzee, Castform, Azurill, Goomy

Tsuki the Lunar Wind <Snag Coins: 6, Snag Emblems: 0, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Allen
Pokémon: Magby, Koffing, Glaceon, Clefairy, Gastly, Glaceon, Zangoose

Character: Spooner
Pokémon: Abra

Youko Kenshi <Snag Coins: 129, Snag Emblems: 2, Emblem Pieces: 0/3>

Character: Dan
Pokemon: Dewott (Shadow), Bibarel, Gardevoir, Rhyperior, Garchomp, Braviary, Pikachu, Pignite, Shelgon, Deino, Axew, Jangmo-o, Dragonair

Character: Alex
Pokemon: Porygon, Lillipup, Magnemite, Skarmory, Ditto

Character: Connor Knight
Pokemon: Blaziken, Meditite, Scrafty, Chimchar, Poliwhirl, Breloom  
PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:30 pm
Member Privileges

Legendary Pokemon: These Pokemon may only be caught should the member have the Administration's approval and they have obtained a Master or Cherish Ball. Only two may be acquired by a given member, with certain restrictions. Additional characters will not increase the limit.

Team Missions: May be made by any member, but requires approval first. However, this will usually be granted if it doesn't explicitly pertain to the guild's story arcs, past or present. If it does, the Administration reserves the right to deny the request.

Missions: May be made by any member as well, with approval. As with Team Missions, this will usually be granted unless it deals with the guild's story arcs, at which point we may still reserve the right to deny it.

(Obtaining Pokemon through any Mission or Team Mission is permitted regardless of its creator, unless otherwise specified.)

Obtaining Pokemon: Unless otherwise specified, new members and characters may only start with a Pokemon at its earliest stage and be capable of evolution without a Mega Stone. After this, they may catch up to a Pokemon's second evolutionary stage if they have an appropriate ball. PC Storage is unlimited, but as in the games themselves, members may have no more than six Pokemon with them at a time.

Evolving Pokemon: Evolution for most Pokemon is handled through Evo Points, though they may not gain any if infected by the Shadow Virus and will instead gain Purification Points until purified. Other evolution methods, as well as Evo Points, are detailed here. Mega Evolution requires a member to obtain a Key Stone first, as well as alchemize a Mega Stone at Ambrosial Alchemy.

Master Missions: These may be started at any time, but are graded very harshly. Failure is not a thing to be tolerated in these, and failing a given Master Mission twice will prevent the character from doing further Master Missions. Each one must be done in order, from the first to the tenth and finally the Grand Master Mission. If a given type's Master Missions don't exist, they may be requested for here.  


Devoted Sex Symbol

5,325 Points
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Marathon 300
  • Partygoer 500
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