Name: Heartsong (better? biggrin ) Yes!
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body: Same as the Soquili if possible smile
Eyes: Black Sclera, deep purple iris
Hair: Light Brown
Cutie Mark 8D: Like the heart Here.

Brief Character Description: Shes a bit of a witch doctor and frankly doesn't like company. But she is always willing to change her views, if you can spark her interest enough. Due to her sorrow and lonliness she sings to herself and the earth. She is almost a broken soul trying desperately to repair herself. Little does she know, if she welcomes others in she can easily find herself back together in no time. She would need to be heaavily RPd and a breeding plot would hopefully be achieved at the end of it smile (here's hoping!)

+ Ref pics where possible: Ref img
I hope this is better smile

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Fireflight: It'd be awesome if you could make her name just a little more specific. smile
The current cutie mark would be simplified and done in solid colours, hope that'll be fine with you! We would also have to omit the markings on her rump to fit her cutie mark in. The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her extra markings and sclera, but since it's RLC anyway it won't be an issue.

Other than that, can we just clarify a few more things?
1. Is her tail supposed to be light brown like her hair, or gradiented and marked like in the Soq version?
2. Can we confirm that her base body is essentially brown with blue socks? (We are assuming the darker brown around her joints in the Soq pic is shading instead of another colour?)


Cutie mark happy for it to be simplified, Name I'll work on something biggrin

1.If the tail can be gradiented and marked, i'd love that if not brown is fine.

2. The socks go dark brown > Moss green > leaf green. But i'm happy how you gradient them either way :3