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Puppet master:sweetiepea123
Name: Alexander Fedoseev( his mother called him Sasha so a lot of people do),Ewa Kwiatkowski(Alexander calls her little flower from her last name)
Age:He looks like he's in his early 20s but his true age is unknown,She looks like she's in her late teens but she’s truly 231
Race:he is not sure but his family called them Тот, кто не может умереть (One that cannot die),Fae (Alexander’s family called her Зло фея[Evil Fairy])
Sexual orientation:Both are straight
Theme song/favorite song:the highwayman~Loreena McKennitt, one world~Celtic women
Bond:Alexander has grown to love Ewa, although he will not show more than care in public.Ewa has loved Alexander for a long time, she is very protective of him and watches everyone she does not trust around her love.
Personality:Alexander is kind but he knows the world and is not fast to trust anyone unless Ewa trusts them. He is very sneaky and sarcastic; he is also flirty but does not act like it often. He often relies on Ewa for support and decisions. Ewa is sly and exceedingly smart, she is quick to choose friends and enemies. She is known to read souls trough eyes so do not freak out if she has a stare down with you. She is flirty and loving to one person, Alexander.
Bio:Alexander was born in Russia about 300 years ago. His birth date was lost but he was born in May around the 18th.They had no name for his mothers race so they names it themselves Тот, который не может умереть His father was a general in the war and was the son of a wealthy inventor. His family was wealthy so they owned slaves.
His family moved to America after his family was threatened to be killed. They took along their Ewa when they moved, the only slave that they brought with. When Alexander’s dad died his mother moved back to Russia and Alexander stayed.
Ewa was born into a group of Fae; she was the kings’ daughter the most beautiful of the women. She was given all the freedom she wanted and one day she traveled too far and was trapped by a man who had been watching her. He sold her before she could do anything. She was glad that her first and only master was the young Alexander, shes’ been with him from then on.
Powers:Alexander cannot die and he doesnt age.Ewa can fly,she knows dark spells,she calls people in,and she does not age
What type of master are you?: Alexander is kind,but knows that slaves must do what they are told
Status:Looking for slaves
Slaves:none,Ewa but she doesnt count
A word from the puppet master:
Hei!Please they seem fun so Lit or semi-lit smile thanks!