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A Wandering Esper

Beloved Stargazer

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:32 pm
"Hm, that might not be a bad idea." Zero mused, then shook her head. She understood completely - parts like these weren't cheap, she knew.

"I havn't been working much lately, so money's a little tight, but like I said ill be willing to help out with the bar, or something like that ?"

'That kinds of defeat the point, doesn't it ?' Naked, really. Tek had much to learn. 'The more badass you look, the more people know you mean buisness.' His tail tapped against the floor idly. Red didn't manifest feet, like the other fiends did - no, he looked surprisingly like some sort of naga, coiled and standing upright onto his own snake-like tail. He didn't seem too worried about the discarded parts - as long as they weren't still attached to his guardian, he didn't care.

'And what do you like to do, hmm ?'
PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:26 pm
Cinder shifted her gaze over to Zero, "hm, well that might work out for us all then." They didn't have a whole lot of people signed on to work at the bar...but Cinder had a feeling they'd need at least another here or there, "ever worked in a bar before?"

Rhys finished tweaking the motor and worked with the adjustment within Zero's leg, "it needs a few moments to attune with your biomatrix, is it alright if I get a look at the other one while it does that?" The boy sat back and glanced to Zero's other leg as he spoke.

Tek paused in consideration, If one were to wear nothing, they would be more badass because they would be in nothing and not fear harm despite their uncovered nature. The little shadow moved over closer to where the work was being done and snatched up a discarded piece of machinery. That is a very broad worded question, We do lots of things. We learn things and create... Tek held up the piece of scrap and turned it in his hand. This we could create with this.  


Dapper Dabbler

A Wandering Esper

Beloved Stargazer

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:01 pm
"Not directly, but I've mixed drinks before. You give me a few hours to memorize the cue cards and I should be good to go." The cyborg shrugged. She was definitively sick of being useless, really, and was more than itching to finally do something with herself, even if it technically was pay for services. Better this way, she really couldn't afford the gold hit right now.

Well, well. Red's scaled tail was moving behind him with obvious interest at the younger fiend. 'I will admit you have a point.' Some would find it odd that Tek refered to himself as 'they', but Red barely took notice. He'd certainly seen stranger.

'Create what ? Can you come over here and show me ?'
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