I ended up going to the hospital late last night. Apparently with my mother, having convulsions is the split between weak ******** and need to get me treated. I have 8 stones — EIGHT — 2 in the left, 6 in the right, possibly the big one in my bladder, but it was a vague image at the edge of the CT. Got two scans; one with dye showing that I have leaked out all over. Fibrous scars in my right kidney too. All stones are passable size without ridiculousness — under 3.5mm — but I would have preferred live in a country where they discharged me when the things were confirmed moving. They said it was too risky to go in and remove them with lithotripsy or laser as the area is too lacerated and swollen. This morning started with vomiting green and black goo and spending most of the day in writhing pain.

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