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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:11 pm
Last updated 08-21-10 by Mila Farrell; Created
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User ImageBahari'mtoto (Epine de Rose, Andranis) - The Pride is bringing it's self back together after the Tsunami. Neith is now the ruler which is a touchy subject for some in the pride. With her new leadership comes new rules which some aren't liking as much as others. The pride is in turmoil and only time will tell whether or not the new queen can bring the pride back together.

User ImageEla'wadiyi (Safaia, Ecavi) - The gods have smiled on the small Ela'wadiyi pride, and their numbers have doubled since the migration and the plague that took a strong hit to their numbers. Though most of the pride is currently living as one clan, a few of the clans are beginning to grow as some of the children lost in the migration find their way home. Tawa'di has stepped up as a temporary leader to help keep things together, and though it is known that he is old, it is unknown how much longer he will live.

User ImageKizingo'zaa (Thalion) - Stories tell of a Haven where lamb lays with lion. Where the lack of rules is the only rule. The inhabitants of the Kizingo'zaa were once blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with insanity, and while most of the goddess' influence has fled, the pride is still more than strange. Songs, dance, tricks and chaos are daily occurrences and while everything might seem a bit off, one thing is certain, boredom is not a possibility. Now that they must actively protect themselves, the Kizingo have become more wary, and more deceptive. While this 'paradise' is open to all, those seeking refuge should enter at their own risk.

User ImageMotoujamii-Simo (Mimsey) - Deep in the heart of the desert dwell the Motoujamii-Simo; Firekin and rogues who rebelled against traditions for change. Slavery abolished, royalty forgotten and Finar-Si’s name banished, these lions rely on their strength and intelligence rather than the blind faith of their counterparts. However, whilst many traditions have died, some have remained. The Motoujamii-Simo remain an elitist race and rogues attempting to join will face hard tasks to prove themselves worthy. Not only will they have to be the traditional colours of; red, black and white, they will have to be strong of body and mind. The Motoujamii-Simo, led by regents, Kidondo and No, are an army of fiery giants in constant civil war with their divided brethren the Motoujamii-Safi.

User ImageMyrsky Syntynyt (Princess_Feylin) - Having recently changed leadership in a cunning coup d'etat, the Stormborn are going through a settling-in period under their new Warlord, who is working both to preserve the status quo while instituting changes to increase the range of his Reavers' vikings. The new Warlord is looking to expand the borders of his pride by occupying the lands abandoned by those seeking to evade the fierce Stormborn Reavers, and if necessary press on into new territory by sending his Reavers viking to hold the land and people, rather than simply plunder its wealth. The pride hopes for greater glory and better comforts in this world and the next.

User ImagePridelands (Safaia) - Having recently lost the much loved king and queen of the lands, the Pridelands is going through a time of subtle revisions and settling. The new queen Kamilika took much after her father Mufasa, using many of his ideas and basic ideals while also trying to add a little but of her own touch to the pride. Recently, however, she and her daughter, Sarakiva, were kidnapped by humans. Her son Simi has become King, and a council of advisers has been formed, consisting of his siblings Akida and Safuma and two non-royals, the lionesses Mosi and Shomoro. Despite being the largest of the prides the Pridelands still rings with the diversity, closeness, and life that makes a comfortable and safe home for all members. With favorable environment, pleasant and welcoming members, and a body count of well over 100 members the Pridelands makes a perfect home for families and individuals looking for peace and tranquility underneath the African sun.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:13 pm
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User Image Aegnor'hini (Das Tor, -_Wish of Tevarae_-, NovaCracker) - Once the Aikanaro'hini, scattered to the winds by time and humans, the Aegnor'hini has risen from the ashes to reclaim their homeland and restart their pride. The demons lurk in the darkness once more, changed by their experiences and stronger for it.

User ImageAka'mleli (Safaia, Sherlolly) - Located in a series of valleys that are part of Africa's Great Rift Valley, the Aka'mleli ('Non-Feathered') pride has been in existence for three generations. The current king's grandfather was the founder, after he rescued a magnificent martial eagle from the cruel claws of one of the pridal kings of the area at the time. Hestia, goddess of birds, was furious at the brutality to her then-mate, and helped the rescuer overthrow the existing pride and establish his own. She went even further, granting the pride a boon: each pride member would be paired to a member of the avian species, who would render them mutual assistance and companionship throughout their lifetimes. This pairing would usually only be between the lions and birds of prey, particularly raptors. If raptor or lion dies before the other does, they will be paired to another, normally a relative of the deceased bird or lion. The Aka'mleli is the only lion pride, in living memory, that Hestia has assisted. The pride does not worship the bird goddess, but they greatly respect her; the birds they are bonded to, however, revere her.

User Image Coileání Draíochta (Das Tor, Kitsune Mistress Nyoko, -_Wish of Tevarae_-) - Nestled in the area of the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania, around the Sanje Falls specifically, where the mists rise in the morning and evening, lies a pride slowly beginning once more. A pride that celebrates the natural world around them. A pride that believes there is magick in everything around them, and that with a strong enough will and a little work, anything is possible...so long as it doesn't go against natural laws. An it harm none, do what ye will.

User Image Einaliai Thalassai (Reeshie Hack) - Founded upon an island as a safe-haven for lionesses, the Einaliai structure their beliefs on the right for a lioness to choose what she wants to do with her life. The way the pride is built allows for lionesses to have a singular chosen profession that they choose, rather than needing to be huntress, mother, and caretaker of a family. Lions are allowed into the pride as consorts, so that a lioness may go to a favored male when she chooses to have cubs rather than going to the mainland in search of a fling. Sisters are raised by the nannies of the pride while male cubs are given to their father or left in other prides to be taken care of.

User Image Iknimaya (Split Personality, Izzy Makani, AstoriaFallen) A very secluded and traditional pride based around nature and one major deity (Eywa). In the middle of their grove is a large 'Home Tree' in which the entire pride lives in. Everyone is treated as family here. The basis for coat color however is very strict, being only on the cool colors primarily, though those of unacceptable colors are accepted but only into a single rank. The pride was once attacked and dismantled and is now in the process of becoming one with each other and nature again.

User ImageIthambo’hlabathi - (Quaji, Meepfur) - In English, Ithambo’hlabathi means land of the bone. It is called this as the heavy droughts during some years often leave animal carcasses strewn throughout the pride lands. The Ithambo’hlabathi pride used to be a migratory pride of a few related females, following herds across the plains lands. In recent decades, however, weather in their current location has stabilized to a point that they were allowed to stay. A group of four male rogues traded protection for certain rights, and the pride grew much stronger with more diverse genetics and opinions. The pride has sense gone through four generations of offspring and one other, single leader. It remains a waypoint for traveling rogue females and lions with strong family ties on the journey of life. Because it is a maternal oriented society (based on who a lion’s mother is), it is unlikely that the pride itself will “die out”, though it may split into factions and migrate in years to come.

User ImageJahy Sarlarin - (Meepfur) - Two prides call the north-central Namib Desert home: the Qyrhyeshti and the Burkuteshti. Each claim to have lived in the area the longest, and that the others are intruders, thieves seeking to steal the land. The truth, long lost to decades of hate, is that they were once one pride, which split in two when a pair of brothers fought over who should inherit control after the death of their father. Many generations later, the brothers' lines still hold the power, and all refuse to reconcile their differences (which, in truth, are very few). The Qyrhyeshti and Burkuteshti are in a constant state of war, and the balance of power is always changing.

User ImageJini-msemi (Meepfur) - Fate finally seems to be favoring the Spirit-talkers, thanks to the belated return of some of the pride's youth from their naming quests, as well as an influx of rogues and a new generation of cubs. The 'swampies,' who revere the spirits and worship the Goddess of Swamps, are deeply spiritual and superstitious. They are currently ruled by the seer Asali'jua, who reestablished the pride after its near-destruction in a flood.

User ImageKitwana'atara - (Uta, mouselet) - This pride is a diseased lion pride. Yes, that's right, diseased. Many of its members are either affected by or carriers of a particular plague. It is carried through their saliva or blood and, should the pride members scatter and roam, there's a chance of infecting others. The current rulers, not wanting to blemish the pride's name and rumors associated with it any further, rule with a firm paw that lions born within or those that become members are disallowed to roam. They keep themselves self-quarantined, if you will, and only certain members are free to come and go as they choose. Despite the strict rules, bonds are tight within the pride and they DO welcome strangers and visitors. In fact, they rather relish the idea because it's another way to gain information on happenings outside their pride. Though visitors are welcome, there are rules about where a visitor can roam without becoming a member. Safety first, of course...

User ImageKusini'Mwezi (KasaiLoki, Lethrossen) - The heart of the Kusini pride is surrounded by hills to the north, a dark forest to the south, and two rivers from the east and west. The forest, known as Kilango'ta, is said to host the spirits who were not worthy to pass onto the stars in the afterlife. They haunt the woods, hoping to lead the unworthy astray from the pride. The hills, know as Gote'Cha, are treacherous and only those courageous enough to venture up the steep grassy slopes may see what awaits them on the other side. Madeta'eo and Dya'Comi, the river boundaries, are deep enough that even the best swimmers find them hard to cross. Madeta’eo is a treacherous river filled with rocky rapids that can only be passed at certain places via stepping stones. Dya'Comi's river is calmer water filled with many fish, but also other dangerous predators because of this. Though they are currently safe from outsiders, the pride undergoes turmoil from within as the aging Queen tries to secure the throne with the next generation.

User Image Likno Tis Zois (Velveteen Angel, Seaki) - The Likno tis Zois is a pride that values family over everything. These families take the form of a harem, lead by the head of the family. The Likno prides itself on equalities of sexes, allowing any members looking to start a family to have a chance at one. It promotes culture and growth within itself, allowing members to feel comfortable within their home and family. With a special defense force, the pride is protected both inside and out to keep the pride safe from any injustices.

User ImageMaestros del Mar - (Buffy_the_Bloody) - A pirate-themed pride, and the rivals of the Myrsky pride, they pillage, they plunder, they rifle and loot, then they go home to their cove to 'drink up' on fermented fruits their wenchy females prepare for them! Life focuses on stealing treasures and adventure, though they NEVER want to be confused for a viking!

User ImageMwezi'Johari (Ecavi) - After conflict with another pride over territory, their numbers have dwindled and despite their victory they have been forced to relocate due to the loss of a traditional and irreplaceable resource. Working together, spreading out and with the help of a new member, the pride finally found a new place to stay where they had everything they need, from important flora to a clear view of the sky. The moon is the single most important part of their religion, believing it to be the eye of a deity known only as the "Great Lion" and it is his watchful (or blind) eye that is the base for pride life. They are a very tradition bound and class oriented group of lions who welcome new members who are open to their ways.

User ImageNchi'mahadhi (Yin-Bug, Greenie NA) - The dark times have left the Nchi'mahadhi pride as but a memory. Any members who survived the Ukuhlwa'inkathi are nowhere to be found, leaving it up to Nsundu, Kazi, and Isithunzi to recreate the pride from scratch. After returning to her mother's homeland with what members she could find, Nsundu spends most of her time learning her history and recreating the drum circle. It is a pride in the early stages of development, and has only just begun to stand alone on shaky feet.

User Image Nergui (Kimaria, Mimsey, Kaelyndra) - Nergui could be described as a savage, merciless people with a strange and foreign air about them. A people who are feared, despised but – for the most part – greatly misunderstood. The ‘Nergui’ are but a small part of a whole; the extending arm of a much greater force that remains in situ in an unknown location. Their goal? To restore balance by returning strength to the divine power Tra Ord Omak so that he might ‘awaken’ from his sleep and grant all worthy life with his blessings. Restoring that balance, however, is no easy feat and involves a great many tasks: some known and some not. But one thing is clear, they will let no one get in their way and those who attempt to stop them will suffer the consequences of their wrath.

User ImageSchnee la Neige'milima ([ Lady Kiya ], Caitlyn Hellstorm) - After given blessings by the Goddess of Winter, Urza and Natintrapa established a community at the bottom of a small mountain that's covered completely in snow. After an almost tragic event, Urza came to realize that they needed help within the pride and decided to co-exist peacefully with the hares in the area. Soon, the pride came together to where lions that left the pride must have a hare companion in case of past events happened again. Hares keep pride members safe, and for that Lions keep hares safe from outside members.

User ImageSeòrsa-fala (~Kiana_Nala~, Day dreamer427) - Seòrsa-fala is a pride of vampires that sleep during the day and are awake and active during the night in tribute of the goddess Bast in which they worship (though she knows nothing of the pride/their worship of her). While they are 'vampires' they do not actually drink blood. Instead they save the blood from their kills and use it in special ceremonies. They are a very peaceful and open pride that believes in equality and unity above most everything else. There are no restrictions on what color a member should be or what type of species they need to be in order to join.

User ImageSikukuu (Talencia, Annchen) - Sikukuu lives to celebrate life! Also called the Party Pride, they find reasons to conduct monthly and quarterly festivals. Any species, regardless of color or heritage, is welcome to join the pride, and their parties are open for everyone in the savannah to attend! With two Queens and two Kings, their simple ranking system ensures stability and a chance for members of all ages to participate in planning, throwing, and enjoying the celebrations.

User Image Suka'fumo - (Cajanic) - Generations ago, a brave and wise lion named Suka’Fumo founded a pride on a mountainside nestled within a deep forest. The clearing at the base of the mountain provided much room for the pride to flourish under his intellectual leadership. The pride thrived around entertaining- all forms of art highly encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed. Such a carefree way of ruling brought in maybe creatures, more than just lions, and many ways of life. Years later the king's ideals prosper, and the pride is divided into two coexisting parts--the nobles upon the mountain, and the more wild 'groundlings' in the forest below.

User ImageTengoku no Kurēdoru (Alpaca Chobi, Dark Fire Angel, Thalion) - A triad of gods grew tired of the violent, destructive ways of the mortals. Together they founded a new kingdom and divided the land. The gods seek out their mortal children and those born with the seer ability to serve as their voice among their new kingdom. The seers live for the day in which they ascend to the rank of Saiho and are given the task to seek out a new ruler. The Saiho travel both within the kingdom and without, blind to species and gender, and select a ruler based on the quality of their hearts. All species find welcome in this land founded and ruled by the gods.
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User ImageTianxia (Safaia) - Located in the rugged but beautiful Ethiopian Highlands, Tianxia is the domain of Emperor Wei Gang, commonly known as Ahali'bagawa, and Empress Tzu Hsi, more commonly known as Afu. The pride contains four houses: North, South, East, and West, each with it's own ruling Lord and Lady, who oversee a portion of the pridal lands: Moto'vianzio and Mwana rule the North, Yua'Lopoka and Tui'lian in the East, Zagaa'ymanio in the South, and Mio and Zahi'jyotsna in the West. Currently, the pride is settling into their new territory, seeking alliances and forming the political laws that will guide their culture in the years to come.
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User ImageTokakinji (Lithiasaur) - The Tokakinji are loosely based on an Arthurian style of rule. There is civil unrest between the two members of the pride, the dominate Toka and the Druids, whose lands were taken over. The pridal lands are huge, and divided into distinct Provinces, led by Governors under the name of one King. Lions of all kinds are welcomed to the lands and may find a home that fits within the many different Provinces. There is a large jail for criminals against the Monarch and the lions of the pride, located in a deep ravine.

User ImageUkungu Mfumaji (Thalion, Reeshie Hack) - It began with a handful of dispersed Mistweavers returning to their homeland... a vision brought the remnants of the once proud Neled Orod to the lands. For the sake of survival the two broken came together to pick up the pieces of their broken lives, broken prides, and broken spirits. Hidden within the mists of the lands and strengthened by their faith, the Mistwalkers are a mysterious lot. Their ways are their own, to everyone else they’re no more than ghosts.

User ImageUlili-Mlindaji (Safaia) - With a small surge of membership, the development of the shrines to the gods is in full swing. Carvers inscribe the stones for specific gods or ancestors, Shifters move the stones to their designated areas. Keepers are keeping the shrines clean and organized, and Guides are leading visitors to the shrines to pay their respects. Salma, as Leader, oversees this, and hopes that it continues to go smoothly.

User Image Væringjar (Seaki, Schicksalswende) - Væringjar is an old pride, going back through generations of lions. However, due to a leader from the recent past, the pride was plunged into despair. With a new Jarl and his wife, they hope to bring prosperity back to their lands through any means necessary. Whatever time may bring, this pride is ready to fight for their home and for their future.

User Image Zizimisha'Mwili (Lithiasaur) - The pride has always been cold, snowy, but the lake around the island was not always frozen over for most of the year. The ruling family of lions had a litter of cubs, and among them appeared a lioness cub with fur as blue as a snow storm, and the markings of snow dancing over her fur. She looked nothing like her family, and yet she was chosen as heir to the throne. No one questioned her appearance, literally or figuratively, at least not out loud. When the King and Queen were killed in an avalanche in a mountain pass, on their way to visit another pride, the right to rule was passed to the young, snow touched lioness. Queen Elsa came to power just as winter was turning, and the storms that befell the Kingdom while it mourned the loss of their rulers were the worst they had ever seen. It was enough to freeze the lake, sealing away the fish beneath, and subjecting the pride to famine and freezing conditions. They survived, though they were few as spring appeared. Those that still remain with the pride are struggling to rebuild, to find new blood and to bring warmth back to the frozen lands, while the Queen carries the blame for the snow that still blankest the land.

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Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:55 pm
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User ImageBhanu'Ecchumati ([ Lady Kiya ]) - This pride is a newly-found one. It was made because of one leopard who was in so need of power, he decided to start a small pack, which soon led into a pride of bullies. Having met a few others who had the same ideas as he, he thought it was best to have a few of them stick together, making a very organized huge group of bullies. Of course not all of them are bullies, as long as they accept the leopard as their leader; then anyone is accepted, almost. Their lands are somewhat coastal; most of it is inland.

User Image Elimisha'sombea (Velveteen Angel) - A peaceful pride dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and safety, the Tree Dwellers are colonised by leopards and their familiars. The leopards claim the treetops of the thick jungle as their home, while Familiars roam the forest ground. Leopards may use the ground for travel, but the ‘dens’ and homes for the leopards are in the trees.
Dedicated to safety, the Tree Dwellers do have a defense force, but it is intended for defense, not offense. Sentry (Guards) and Warrior (Soldiers) forces are maintained to protect the colony from danger. Many in the pride's defense forces believe that knowledge can be found through fighting and strength, not only through the collection of knowledge.
The largest segment of the pride is made up of Scholars. Scholars pursue knowledge in a variety of forms, and take ranks to reflect their dedication to learning and understanding the world.

User Image Koti Kaikille (Schicksalswende, Seaki) - After a massive flood that wiped out a good majority of the pride that also took their leader, the Koti find themselves regrouping and growing again under new leadership. By using mostly word-of-mouth, they were able to find other hybrids that were interested in joining their ranks. Now they are mostly focused on strengthening their pride again, and bringing both new life and new blood into the pride.

User Image Kukusanya (Velveteen Angel) - This band of Wild Dogs are scavengers through and through. Resourceful, and determined to survive, they have taken up residence in a free patch of land. Unfortunately, it is mostly deserted land at the base of a rocky mountain. The mountain itself is strictly off limits except for specific expeditions blessed by the Queen. The pack's home is the base of this mountain. Not for the faint of heart, these wild dogs do it hard. While they may not all be physically strong, they are all mentally prepared to work hard for their survival. Physical strength is not a requirement of a pack member, but it helps. Religiously and strategically a very neutral pack. The pack lands are essentially rogue lands, in that many may pass through unbothered by the wild dogs here; but all strangers will be treated with cautious and watched from a safe distance as they pass through.

User ImageKuroi'Nera - (Chi Sohma) - The Kuroi'nera is a Mafia based pride that mostly lives off of trades between prides, or with rogues, although it is self sufficient when needed. They trade skills and company for the necessary tools of life. Nyoka, the Boss Lady of the pride is the calculating mind behind the pride. Her trade system has earned many 'connections' throughout the lands, by trading slaves, bodyguards and other services that the pride creates. Simply, the pride is here to raise, train, refine mercenaries, entertainers and other necessary traits that can be 'bought' and 'traded' amongst other prides to gain any necessary requirements. The pride is dominated by cheetahs and leopards, and looks down upon lions.

User Image Kwa Kikombe (Blu Chalk, SilverLutz) - In the middle of a plentiful land, a rowdy pride that enjoys playing structured games and building strong relationships through teamwork and sportsmanship can be found. All types of animals are welcome here, as it takes many different types to create a well-balanced team. Strength, wits, stamina, agility, and passion are the tools needed to play. Do you have what it takes to win the Cup?

User ImageMava'Bunda (Safaia) - The Mava'Bunda are based off of the Elephant Graveyard hyenas from the film. They are a vicious sort who detest lions. Many in their ranks hold a deep hatred against the Prideland lions, and scuffles along the border between the two lands breaks out often. Any hyena is welcome to join, but beware others that wander too close - they will also snatch rogues and enslave them.

User ImageMazunguko (R4gn0r0k IV, Innocent_Hybrid) - The Mazunguko is an underground pride consisting of multiple mazes. It is a giant underground labyrinth where the warriors of Mazunguko can call home, a haven for outcasts where they are not judged by the colour of their fur or their species. The pride is dominated by males. Females are free to join, however they are judged by the council upon entering. The pride is ruled by a king and his word is considered the law.

User Image Mlima Tuokoa (Quaji) - Forced from their forest home by an invading lion pride, a colony of leopards were saved by their goddess, Shan Furen, by journeying up a nearby mountain. Shortly thereafter, they renamed themselves the Mlima Tuokoa - the mountains saves us. Now they live in this snowy, rocky terrain and under the rule of the line of king Riho, there they survived and thrived for generations.

User ImageNil'nocere (Seaki) - Nil'nocere started out as a small pride that lived near a hotspring - well, technically. The first founding members of the pride were born in the hotsprings. A leopardess by the name of Asha and a Leopon by the name of Kilua. Asha left first, of course, wanting to learn to hunt and fight, but she could not do that around healers, really. Kilua left after, searching for her own adventure.

The two met up, traveling together for a time and collecting members as they wandered. The finally settled into a new home in a river-valley near the ocean where they started a new home with new members.

User ImageNyota-Wasomaji (Quaji, Mia Sharra) - The Nyota-Wasomaji is a relatively old pack of wild dogs that revere the night and worship the moon above them. They are known for their extensive knowledge of the paths the stars take and for their ability to map them using constellations they form. They hold no prejudice against coat colors, though only wild dogs, maned wolves and jackals are welcome within their ranks.

User ImagePakiti Ya'jua (Saint Sergio, Nerpin) - When the Peke'Na disbanded, a group of old members gathered together not to far away, wanting to start a new pack with a new way of thinking.

User ImageSaba'Nyumba (Zosie, Saba'Nyumba) - Reared by their mother in a rather distant fashion, the seven siblings that lived in the clearing began to find their own lives and passions. When they grew they celebrated their differences but longed to find others like them. They each set out on a pilgrimage to find other wild dogs with the same passions as themselves. Some were more successful than others, but they all worked together to ensure the pack was a safe and ultimately happy place to be.

User ImageTangambili (Seaki) - Tangambili is a pack of journeys, a pack that once followed the wind. They settled in the mountains, where the wind constantly swirled around them - a home they could belong to. Here they strengthened their bonds and settled down, though they still follow the winds in their hearts and sing to have their thoughts and prayers carried along it.

User ImageUsafi'tukufu (Andranis, StrawberryGumiBunny) - After a recent earthquake, a long-dormant disease whiped out close to half the colony. Those who survived, many have fled, fearing the disease lingering. What remains seek out old and new blood for the colony. Travelers are warned to be wary when entering Usafi lands, though, as the leopards here are very territorial and do not take kindly cheetahs or lions.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:57 pm
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Not all prides allow all familiars to become members, even bonded to a regular pridemember. Now that familiars may be certed as members of a pride themselves, which familiars are allowed in each pride is very important information and is compiled here. If the species of familiar you are trying to get a pride cert for is not listed here as welcome in that pride, your cert request will be rejected!

Note 1: In cases where prides gave general statements (e.g. Non-prey only) followed by a specific list of acceptable familiars, the list supersedes the general statement (e.g. If a 'non-prey only' pride gives a list that does not include jackals, jackals are not considered allowed despite being predators).

Note 2: Familiars do not count towards official member counts as far as lineart qualification goes, though some prides may have official ranks available for them.

Certing information can be found HERE.

If you are the owner of a pride with 'unknown' familiar regulations.. or if something has changed, please PM Mkodi with your pride's rules regarding familiars! Make sure all owners agree before you do.

User ImageUnique Lined Prides & Packs
  • Bahari'mtoto - All familiars welcome!
  • Ela'wadiyi - All familiars welcome!
  • Jini-msemi - Snakes and Avians only.
  • Kizingo'zaa - All familiars welcome!
  • Motoujamii-Simo - Non-prey familiars only (Avians, Jackals, Maned Wolves, Ratels, Servals, Snakes).
  • Myrsky Syntynyt - All familiars welcome as thralls, must be bonded to a regular member.
  • Pridelands - All familiars welcome!

User ImageLion-Dominated Prides & Packs
  • Aegnor'hini - Non-prey familiars only.
  • Aka'mleli - Avians only.
  • Coileání Draíochta - All familiars welcome!
  • Einaliai Thalassai - Avians only.
  • Iknimaya - Unknown
  • Ithambo'hlabathi - Primarily Vultures, other Avians welcome.
  • Jahy Sarlarin - Falcons (Qyrhyeshti) & Eagles (Burkuteshti) only.
  • Kitwana'antara - All familiars welcome!
  • Kusini'Mwezi - All familiars welcome!
  • Likno Tis Zois - All familiars welcome, must be bonded.
  • Maestros del Mar - All familiars welcome!
  • Mwezi'Johari - All familiars welcome!
  • Nchi'mahadhi - Non-prey familiars only.
  • Nergui - Non-prey familiars only (Avians, Jackals, Maned Wolves, Servals, Snakes).
  • Schnee la Neige'milima - Hares only.
  • Seorsa-fala - All familiars welcome!
  • Sikukuu - All familiars welcome!
  • Suka'fumo - All familiars welcome!
  • Tengoku no Kuredoru - All familiars welcome!
  • Tianxia - All familiars welcome!
  • Tokakinji - Unknown
  • Ukungu Mfumaji - All familiars welcome!
  • Ulili-Mlindaji - All familiars welcome!
  • Væringjar - Jackals, Maned Wolves, Servals, and Ravens. Others need IC permission.
  • Zizimisha'Mwili - All familiars welcome!

User ImageNon-Lion Packs & Coalitions
  • Bhanu'Ecchumati - None permitted.
  • Elimisha'sombea - No canine familiars (i.e. jackals, maned wolves, ect.)
  • Koti Kaikille - Non-prey familiars only.
  • Kukusanya - All familiars welcome!
  • Kuroi'Nera - All familiars welcome, must be bonded to a regular member.
  • Kwa Kikombe - All familiars welcome, may take any rank except Player.
  • Mava'Bunda - Non-prey familiars only.
  • Mazunguko - All familiars welcome!
  • Mlima Tuokoa - All familiars welcome!
  • Nil'nocere - All familiars welcome!
  • Nyota-Wasomaji - All familiars welcome!
  • Pakiti Ya'jua - Unknown
  • Saba'Nyumba - All familiars welcome, encouraged to be bonded.
  • Tangambili - All familiars welcome!
  • Usafi'tukufu - Avians, Genets, Hares & Snakes only.

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Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:20 pm
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The lands occupied by the creatures of Shadows of Africa are within the region known as the Great Rift Valley, a unique area nestled between two great rifts and their corresponding mountain ranges. Formed by the splitting of the Africa Plate into the Somali and Nubian Plates, this region shows a great deal of past and current tectonic activity. Many 'mountains' are actually dormant volcanoes, and there are several active volcanoes as well. The lakes within the rift valley are extremely deep, and many of them are actually saltwater lakes instead of freshwater. The largest of these lakes, to the north, is so vast that were it not a freshwater lake it could easily be mistaken for an ocean in its own right - it is not possible to see the distant shore from land.

Within the protective bounds of the mountains and valleys, the lands are relatively lush. The dry season is still dry and life-threatening, of course, but it is not nearly so deadly as the deserts that lie beyond the mountains.

A lion would be able to travel between 35-40 miles in one day, if he/she did not stop to hunt or rest. This sort of dedicated travel is unusual, of course, as most lions or prides will move slowly over a span of time (at a rate of 10-25 miles per day). Gods can cover far more ground in a far shorter time, thanks to their ability to fly. Most prides occupy a territory no larger than 100 square miles (10 miles across) with a large buffer space of rogue lands between them, but larger prides will require more space.

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The above is an map of the general area SoA takes place in. Though not currently ongoing, at one point prides were asked for their locations for the map. The map is used to give a general idea as to the area where the SoA-realm takes place.

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.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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