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[OOC] Creating and Maintaining Prides/Packs [OOC]

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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:05 pm
Last update 08-09-10 by Felyn; Created
User Image

User ImageBasic Requirements
  • A potential pride or pack must have at least five members and one of these members must be a ruling character (king, queen, magistrate, etc). Once the pride/pack is established, members may come and go and they may drop below the five-member rule. If nobody is left, however, the pride/pack will be disbanded.

  • A potential pride or pack must have at least five RPs that have been completed in the last month. One of these RPs must include the current ruler. (These are to be posted in the rogue lands until the pride gets their subforum.)

  • All new prides need someone to create a unique background for their cert. These have to be unique art, they may not be photos or screen grabs.

  • All prides also need a symbol to place on the cert.

  • Owners must provide the history of the pride in the application form or a link to the plot thread where it is listed. They also need to provide a small blurb about the current status of the pride to go in the Current Pride and Pack thread.

User ImageRelated Information
  • All beginning prides and packs will have non-unique lineart, meaning it will be the default rogue lineart for their species.

  • Prides may have IC or OOC rulers. IC rulers own the actual rulers of the pride while OOC rulers (while required to own a pride member) may not actually own a member with any IC influence at all. All owners have an equal power share regardless of their IC or OOC status.

  • There may be no more than three owners per pride.

  • Individuals may be owners of more than one pride or pack but they must keep up the requirements for all of them.

User Image

User ImageApplication
If you have satisfied all the requirements outlined above, please go to the Application Submission Thread to fill out a form and post it there. It may take us a few weeks to go over your information, create your cert and set up your subforum so please be patient. These requests are handled at our leisure.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:07 pm
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User ImageGeneral Rules
  • The shop no longer requires that joining RPs be done with the leading characters/owners of a pride. They simply need to be done with another member already accepted and certed in the pride. They still need permission from pride owners to join a pride though, and pride owners are free to require joining RPs only be done with leaders if they so wish.

  • Owners of prides are allowed to purge inactive members at their own discretion, but please be realistic. Your restrictions should be no tougher on members than we are on pride owners that have to complete purge RPs. We will not be keeping tabs on this, but we may contact owners if we get any complaints about unfair purges.

  • Any pride without unique lineart that wishes to become eligible for lineart in the future needs to keep an up-to-date member's list. We require these in lineart contests.

  • Owners of prides without unique lineart are no longer required to do purge RPs. However, if any pride/pack/group whose leaders are completely inactive for a period of 8 months will be disbanded (no RP, no updates, absolutely zero signs of life in the subforum from the owners). All threads in the subforum will then be archived, and the subforum reused for another pride. If you want your pride back, all you have to do is resubmit it via the usual pride application with new RPs, etc. ICly, our explanation is that there is/has been another plague going around.

  • If a pride without unique lineart is disbanded, new leaders (IC or OOCly) can attempt to bring the pride back per normal rules.

User ImageRules for Prides with Unique Lineart
  • Joining requests should be answered within one month of being sent in. There are perfectly logical reasons why some SoA may be denied entry into certain prides or packs (eg: purple lions in the firekin) but even denied application should be answered within this time period. If it has been a few months since any applications were accepted, or you are only accepting certain people, you may be reprimanded.

  • Breeding must be active and open in your pride at all times. If there is an IC reason that breeding must be frozen in your pride, you must PM Mkodi with this reason and a date at which the freeze will be over. If you are constantly putting freezes on breeding and restricting people who otherwise meet the pride requirements to breed, you may be reprimanded.

  • Owners of linearted prides are heavily encouraged to have at least one co-owner to help with the stress of management and decision making.

  • Owners of linearted prides are required to do one 'purge' RP every three months. The RP must be started AND finished within this three month period. This RP can be with any member they have in the pride, but may not be a self-RP. When the owner has finished their purge RP for the current purge period, they should post it in their pride post in the Purge RP Thread .

  • Prides with lineart must host one pride-wide plot event once a year. Owners are not required to give away SoA in this event, it must simply be one interactive plot that multiple people (apart from the owners and their friends) may participate in.

  • We understand that RL gets in the way, but if this is happening for over a year and you are ignoring memberships, breeding requests, or only completing the very basic purge requirements you should not be in charge of a pride or pack with unique lineart. We now reserve the right to take away the lines of any pride or pack if we feel the owners are not doing their job.

User ImageRegaining Status for Disbanded Prides or Purged Leaders
  • There is no longer a time limit on rebanding a pride or returning ownership to a purged leader.

  • If you were purged from a pride and would like to regain your status you need to PM Mkodi with the following:
    1. Written permission from the other owners.
    2. Five completed RPs within the pride, started and finished after the owner was purged. If you are purged twice, this number jumps to 7. If you are purged three times, this number jumps to 9.

  • If your pride was disbanded due to all owners being purged or all members abandoning the pride, you may regain your pride status by resubmitting an application. However, you will need ten RPs as opposed to the regular five. These RPs can be from members as well as owners, but they must all be started and completed after the pride was purged. (Please note that if a linearted pride is disbanded, they will not regain their lineart through this process. Once they are disbanded, their lineart is raffled off to another pride.)

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Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:13 pm
User Image

User ImageAfter a Pride is Disbanded
  • Typically, once a pride is disbanded, lined or unlined, all the threads made in the pride subforum are cleared out so another pride may take over that subforum. Information threads are moved to the Archives and RPs are moved to the Rogue Lands. However, sometimes these prides were so big and so active that they have accumulated many, many pages worth of threads. Rather than move hundreds of threads, these subforums are turned into their own archives and an alternate rogue lands, open to all SoA.

  • This is not optional. If your pride was once big enough to fill 10+ pages then it is entirely reasonable that they left behind enduring evidence of their presence that may be of interest to passing rogues. Many of the prides in SoA have very unique settings, it would be a shame to lose them!

  • Many OOC Information threads (including history, rules, traditions and members) will be left as stickies in these abandoned subforums for interest. This information may be used to determine reasonable reputation, rumour, and legend that surrounds the once inhabited lands -- but this will typically be outlined in an announcement post made by Mkodi in that subforum.

  • These subforums can be used by any SoA the same as the generic Rogue Lands, but their setting is limited to the area that was once inhabited by the pride that formerly used that subforum. If you want to visit the Dawnwalker's abandoned temple, there is a subforum for that- but don't post your random grassland RP there. Notable landmarks will be listed in Mkodi's post.

  • If the disbanded pride is reformed in the same area, they may reclaim their subforum and it will again be closed to rogues.

User ImageCurrent Abandoned Lands

User Image
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