Both pictures are my character, ^^one below and one above.vv

Name: [Matt in Real] Master could name me
Age: [15 in rl] Just turned 15 (<- for rp)
Race: Neko (can turn into a cat)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay maybe bi
Seme, Uke, or Seke: Uke
Acts like: Quiet and shy and submissive at first
Bio: Captured and Brought repeatedly to numerous slave/adoption facilities

If a girl is to choose me: would be very submissive, nice, take care of her, listen to her, and love her. A little hesitant about the master being a girl though because of his orientation. But still would love her and wouldnt mind kissing her and loving her.
If master were to be a boy: A relationship might grow; would be different as if it was to be a girl. Would still be submissive. Might be more interesting roleplay.
Me In Cage: vvv[/img]]klll
Me in Cage^^
If interested (and read everything) start by RPing approaching my cage