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Re-Telling the story...
  Yes! Because more is Better!
  Hey, It's Misadventures and it's (slightly) new! I'm good.
  No! The Original Story, now and forever!
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PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 11:35 pm
We all know the Misadventures... the Tale of Twonk and I, who grew to become what you all know and love...

Well, it's been YEARS since I first wrote them down. And I think now is a good enough time for a Revamp. Twonk did a GREAT job looking around, finding all that he could from my original storywork, and I expect him to keep that topic up, as a shrine and reminder of just where it all began.

But that's right. A Brand new, Re-telling of the story, from beginning to end.

What to except from this?
50% More Storyline!
100% More Ramen!
300% More Door-Breaking!

Let my wallet prepare.  
PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 11:54 pm
Back to the Beginning...

?????: Ugh... Wha-? Where am I?
Twonk: Huh? Who's there!?
You can't run... not forever...
Twonk: Not cool! Whoever you are, show yourself!
*Shadowy Figure emerges*
????: You can't escape... who you truly are...
Twonk: What do you think you know about me?
????: Don't recognize me? Not surprising...
Twonk: Stop with the mind-games! Just who... !?
????: Come... come and see...
Twonk: No... It can't be-! Ahhh! gonk

-Towns: Twonk's House-
Twonk: AHhh!! gonk *Gets up* Whoa... wha... a dream? Just a dream...
???????: You ok in there? I'm coming in!
*Woman walks in*
???????: Whoa... you don't look so good... sad
Twonk: It was just a bad dream. That's all.
???????: You sure?
Twonk: I'll be fine sis... Might as well get ready since I'm up...
???????: Ok. Be sure to take care of yourself. *Leaves*
Twonk: Right... *Ugh, that same dream... why? What's it mean anyway?* Well, better get ready to move out...

-Barton Town: Streets-
??????: *Walking* ....
Logan: Bub! Hey bub! You ok there bub?
??????: Ugh... my head... xp
Logan: Talk about lucky! Looks like you got shipwrecked here...
??????: Here? Where's here? And who are you? question
Logan: They call me Logan. And here is Gambino Isle. Looks like you got yourself in some trouble here bub.
??????: Gambino... Isle? Then... I made it... I really made it...
Logan: Huh? You ok Bub? What's your name anyway?
??????: ...Yeah, I'm fine. Just dizzy. *Gets up* Anyway... my name is...
/End Flashback/
??????: ......Has it really only been a few weeks since then? But this place is... so different. Nothing like home.
Mod 1: Hey! Get back here! scream
Mod 2: Stop! Thief!
??????: Huh?
*Collides with another person*
??????: Whoa! gonk
Twonk: Gah! gonk
??????: H-hey! Watch it! mad
Twonk: Sorry... wasn't looking...
Mod 1: There you are! Caught you this time!
Mod 2: You're coming with us! And who are you? His accomplice?
??????: Wait, what!? What are you talking about!? gonk
Twonk: Damn it!
??????: Geez....  



PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:26 am
...leads to a brand new story...

-Barton Town: Streets-
Mod 1: Ugh... xp
Mod 2: Meh... xp
??????: Huh. They weren't that tough.
Twonk: Yeah... Thanks. You're not bad at fighting.
??????: I know my way around, thanks. So why were they after you?
Twonk: Oh you know... this and that... Thanks anyway! blaugh *Runs off*
??????: Huh? Hey! ....Didn't even get his name... Oh well...

/A Few Hours Later.../
-Barton Town: Behr's Bar-
Twonk: And then I tell him, 'So try this on for size!', and let him have it. blaugh
Behr: Always's with the interesting things, huh. *Looks outside* Raining a storm out there.
Twonk: Yeah... This place is kinda empty you know? I'm guessing bar places are going out of style...
Behr: Yeah... who knows, might end up having to close this place down too.
Twonk: Ah, don't say that man! Where else am I suppose to get my ramen fix!
Behr: Thanks for the dedication.
*Door opens*
??????: Raining like hell out there... Anyone here?
Behr: Welcome! Can I get you something?
Twonk: He'll have some ramen.
Behr: And there you go again, ordering for people.
??????: Ramen... anything spicy?
Twonk: Add some hot sauce to it if you want.
??????: Thanks. I guess. So who are you? confused
Twonk: The name is Twonk. *Stands on the barstool* The world's greatest theif ever! blaugh
Behr: Soon to be, anyway. And don't stand on that!
Twonk: Sorry... sweatdrop
??????: Twonk... Oh! Hey, I know you! Your that guy that was being chased by those Mods!
Behr: What did you do this time?
Twonk: Nothing! I swear! gonk
Behr: Aha... Anyway, here's your Ramen...

/1 Hour Later.../

Twonk: So, Snidne, have a proven myself yet?
Snidne: Ok, fine. xp You're good.
Twonk: Of course. So, what brings you here?
Snidne: It's a long story... I'd rather not have to bother you with the details.
Twonk: If you say so. Behr, more Ramen!
Behr: Slow down! That's your eighth serving! gonk
Twonk: Never! blaugh heart
Snidne: This guy really loves Ramen, huh?
Behr: Like you would never believe.
Twonk: Hehehe. 3nodding
Behr: You know, I noticed something... The way the two of you are, you both seem to have some talent.
Snidne: Well, I know how to get info when I need it. I'm not too shabby when it comes to fighting either.
Twonk: Plus, when it comes to stealing stuff, I am the greatest!
Behr: Right. If you combined those talents like that, you might make a great team.
Twonk: You think so? mrgreen
Snidne: Me and him? Hmm... question
Dancer: Twonk! *Glomps*
Twonk: Gah! Wha!? gonk
Dancer: There you are... I knew you'd be here today.
Twonk: Oh hey... um...
Dancer: Come now... I've got everything ready. heart
Twonk: But I don't want to! gonk
Dancer: Nonsense! The chains won't bite! Come on, it's all set up in the bathroom... heart *Drags*
Twonk: No! Stop! gonk Adult! I need an adult!
*Behr and Snidne watch Twonk being dragged away*
Snidne: Pardon my French, but WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!? gonk
Behr: Something that shouldn't happen.
Snidne: Should we help him?
Behr: He'll be fine...
Snidne: ...
Behr: ...I've got a camera.
Snidne: Blackmail! twisted  
PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:55 am
...and a Forgotten Tale, to be told. The Misadventures. Enjoy.

-Barton Town: Streets-
Snidne: Wow. I did not think anyone could bend that much.
Twonk: ... xp
Snidne: Seriously! I think she overkilled it with the leather...
Twonk: No more! gonk I don't want to think about it!
Snidne: Right... sorry. sweatdrop Anyway, about what that Behr guy said...
Twonk: No! I am going to make him burn those pictures if I have to!
Snidne: Not THAT... sweatdrop I meant, what he said about us. Being a good team.
Twonk: Oh... that. Well, I don't know. I mean, would you even be comfortable working with a thief?
Snidne: ...
Twonk: Snidne?
Snidne: Huh? Sorry, just... thinking about something.
Twonk: If you say so... so, see you around then? 3nodding
Snidne: Yeah, I suppose so. Thanks for the Ramen and such.
Twonk: Sure thing! blaugh See you! *Runs off*
Snidne: ...Yeah... *Stands and thinks* ...Master Antros... sad No, no use worrying about that now... *Walks off* Twonk, huh...

-Towns: Twonk's House-
Twonk: Sis! I'm back! Kyashii? You around?
Kyashii: Oh! Twonk, you're home already? How did things go?
Twonk: Not too good actually... sweatdrop I swear, people are way more on their guard then before. This really hinders things.
Kyashii: It's ok. We'll get by, I'm sure.
Twonk: I really wish I didn't have to drag you into this whole mess... what happened was my fault, and- sad
Kyashii: Hey, no thinking about the bad stuff. You are my brother, and I promised to stick by you, you know? We can get through this.
Twonk: I really hope so... Oh, yeah, today I met some guy. Really nice. 3nodding Helped me out of a jam.
Kyashii: Oh? Tell me! blaugh

/The Next Day.../
-Barton Town: Admin HQ, Barton Division-
??: *Watches a T.V.*
Cindy: ...as the rise of theft begins to steadily increase. Authorities have confirmed some suspicions that the attacks are done by locals of Barton Town. It's been advised that-
??????: Must you watch that?
??: *Turns off T.V.* It's good to know the state of things.
??????: Ugh... Thieves... Barton Town is suppose to be a safe-haven! How can it be if these things continue!
??: You worry too much. No one would be stupid enough to seriously consider undermining everything we worked for.
??????: This doesn't bother you?
??: Why should it? The Mods can handle things while we work on other stuff.
??????: Ugh... Whatever. I'm expecting a report from L0cke. Be sure to let him know I'll be in my office.
??: As you wish... *Watches his fellow Admin leave* Huh... you need to relax more, Lanzer... All this worrying isn't good for you, you know...

-Barton Town: Streets-
Twonk: Gah! gonk
Mod: Stop! Get back here!
Twonk: Run run run run run run run runrunrunrunrunRUN! gonk
Mod: I'm getting angry here! mad You litt-
Twonk: So... tired... must... rest... xp Huh?
Mod: ...
Twonk: No... chasing? Wh- you!
Snidne: Yo. You ok? We really need to meet in better circumstances, you know.
Twonk: Oh, thanks for that. I- hey! gonk
Snidne: This way. ninja *Drags*
Twonk: Wait! Hey, stop! gonk Where are we going anyway?
Snidne: Over here. *Enters a building*
Twonk: What the heck is this place? confused
Snidne: An apartment complex. I bought it from some guy.
Twonk: You BOUGHT this place!? eek How?
Snidne: Please. Like you're the only thief in existence. rolleyes I've been thinking about it... and I came to a decision. You're good. But you could be better. You need some direction.
Twonk: Hey. Wait, are you saying-? eek
Snidne: Neither of us can do this alone. wink So, for the time being... *Holds out hand* Partners?
Twonk: *Shakes it* Partners! blaugh  



PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 10:43 am
Misadventures, re-told!

Twonk: Hold it, hold it! scream
Author: What now?
Twonk: You promised us 300% more door-breaking. THERE WASN'T ANY DOOR-BREAKING in those last few Misadventures! scream
Snidne: Stop yelling damnit! scream
Twonk: He promised door-breaking! I see no door-breaking!
Snidne: Will you knock it off! Let the Author do his job!
Twonk: I'm just trying to say-
Author: SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU! scream
Snidne & Twonk: ... eek
Author: I'm working on it! So kindly STOP breaking the fourth wall and get back to the story!
Snidne: Fine, fine...
Twonk: Ok, ok!
Author: Ugh... and what are you looking at? Yes you! Get reading the damn thing!

-Barton Town: Thief HQ-
Snidne: Ok... that's the last of it. *Looks around a furnished office.* Not bad, if I do say so myself. 3nodding
Snidne: exclaim WHAT THE F- gonk
Twonk: Good Morning! blaugh
Snidne: The hell, is... is... MY DOOR! scream WHAT THE HELL!? scream
Twonk: *Looks to the shattered remains of the door* Sorry about that. sweatdrop It was locked...
Snidne: So you could, you know, knock or something! Geez... xp
Twonk: Bah, knocking is for wimps. 3nodding True thieves know how to make an entrence.
Snidne: This is NOT what I needed this early in the morning... xp
Twonk: Anyway, this place looked nice. 3nodding Good job.
Snidne: Thanks... Those robots know how to get stuff done anyway. Have to get a new door now too...
Twonk: So, what next?
Snidne: Next? Next we make use of all this extra space and start stealing things!
Twonk: Right, I'mma steal some ramen! Be right back! *Runs off*
Snidne: H-hey! Don't just...! Ugh. Gone already... can't he settle down just a little bit?

/Few Hours Later.../

Snidne: Ok... door is repaired... got the money safe and sound... huh, where the hell is Twonk? confused I thought he would be here by now...
Twonk: I'm back! blaugh
Snidne: Oh please no, oh please no, oh plea- DAMNIT! scream Again!?
Twonk: Sorry? But I got this though...
Snidne: What the hell IS it? question
Twonk: A Ramen Cart! blaugh
Snidne: Ramen cart? You got a ramen cart!? Seriously?
Twonk: Yup. 3nodding Precious ramen, you are safe now... *Hugs the cart*
Snidne: ... stressed Can't you at least let me know when you're going to be breaking my doors down?
Twonk: I kick them down. 3nodding
Snidne: Kick... I DON'T CARE HOW YOU DO IT! scream JUST STOP DOING IT! scream evil
Twonk: Umm... Opps? sweatdrop

-Towns: Twonk's House-
Twonk: I'm back!
Kyashii: Oh! Hey there. How's it going?
Twonk: Very good. I successfully managed to steal a ramen cart. 3nodding
Kyashii: They still have those? xd
Twonk: Yup! And I got one! Totally worth it.
Kyashii: I'll bet. Come on, tell me about it then. 3nodding
Twonk: Ok. Well, first, we got ourselves some new headquarters...  
PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 10:23 am
Continuing the journey... Misadventures.

-Barton Town: Thief HQ-
Twonk: Ramen... heart
Snidne: You should steal more than ramen... stare
Twonk: Your right... we need CHEESE! surprised *Runs off*
Snidne: Hey! Wait! That's not what I meant... sweatdrop

Snidne: Damn it! scream Twonk, can't you knock like normal people!?
Twonk: Umm... *Looks at the ruined door he came through* I'm going to say... no? confused
Snidne: stressed

Twonk: Watch me pull a Kiki out of my hat!
Snidne: Again?
Twonk: It will work this time! I swear!
Snidne: I'll believe it when I see it...
Twonk: Nothing up my sleeve... *Pulls out a cat* Tada!
Snidne: ...That's Coco.
Twonk: Really? Oh well... It will still sell for alot! blaugh

Snidne: *Looks over papers* Hmm... Wait, this isn't right... We're short like, 150,000 gold, how can that be?
Twonk: Really? That's alot... I don't think I've broken THAT many doors...
Snidne: No, you haven't... But still, that's alot...
Twonk: So... um, I think we need more room for the 150,000 tea cozies I got.
Snidne: ....Of course...

Snidne: Whew... What a week... Tired...
Snidne: It's quiet... finally, some pea-
Snidne: ... stressed Spoke too soon... DAMN IT TWONK, HOW MANY TIMES-!
*Snidne sees a young female in the doorway*
Snidne: Ok... who the hell are you, and WHY THE HELL DID YOU BREAK DOWN MY DOOR!? scream
?????????: I kicked it down.
Snidne: I've heard that one before...
Twonk: Hey Snidne. Who's at the door?
Snidne: Hell if I k-
?????????: TWONK! *Glomps* blaugh
Twonk: Whoa! gonk
*Snidne watches Twonk getted knocked down and hugged.*
Snidne: Ok, explain, now!
Twonk: Um... yeah... Snidne, this is a friend of mine, Celestial. Celestial, this is my new partner in crime.
Celestial: Hi hi. 3nodding
Snidne: No hugging, please.
Twonk: So, um... what are you doing here?
Celestial: Well, I saw you and thought I would drop by to visit! I like visiting my friends. 3nodding
Snidne: Ok... but did you really have to break down my door?
Celestial: It was locked.
Snidne: stressed  


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