Chapter 1

"Now, once again, monsters do not wear bows!" Yelled Nightstar. They were the only ones in the hallway that were talking loudly. Sunstar looked at her with bright eyes. "Oh, no no no. Don't give me that look. Sunstar! Sunstar!" Its was no use, had once again taken control of Nightstar's mind.
"Now, do monsters wear bows?" Sunstar asked. "Yes, they do. And they ride on maical ponies too." Sunstar laughed. But it wasn't long before Nightstar came to.
"What are you laughing at? Sunstar?" Sunstar stopped laughing and looked down at her feet. Nightstar walked on.
"Nightstar," Sunstar asked, "what do you think the Headmaster wants us for?" Nightstar stopped. "Look, all I know is that he wants to send us on a mission, and he is giving us new weapons."
After hearing this, Sunstar danced joyfully around the Nightstar. "Lalalalalalalalalala!" She sang. "Sunstar. Sunstar stop. Sunstar? Sunstar! SUNSTAR!" Nightstar yelled as loud as she could.
Sunstar stopped singing. Then she started to whimper. "No no no, I'm sorry Sunstar, please, stop it." Sunstar burst into tears.
"Hey, Sunstar, we're here. Come on." The Headmaster greeted them. "Um, Nightstar, I think you-" "Right on it Headmaster." Nightstar closed her eyes and focused. She started to create a small glowing orb. She then stopped, and the orb had grown as big as a gold coin, but more of a sphere.
"Hey, Sunstar, look at the pretty bright light!" Nightstar hung it over Sunstar. Sunstar was back to normal as soon as she touched it.
"Well Headmaster, what is it." The Headmaster looked at the two, and started to adress what had happened.
"Now, you know the princess of Draconia, right? Well, the Dark Lord has taken her, for reasons we know not of. I have sent my trusted advisor for a look. He will report back to me after visiting the other towns to see if anyone is behind the kidnapping. But until then, I am sending you two on a mission. You must bring her back, for she knows and holds all the powers that have ever been discovered, even the ones that have never been discovered. So, save Dragonheart, she will be waiting. Off you go, rep-"
"Hold on. You said youu would give us new weapons." the Headmaster looked at them. "I did? Oh, yes, I did." He pulled out a magic wand and created two staffs. "Sunstar, this, is you Sunstaff. Use it wisely. Nightstar, this, is your Moonstaff. Use it with great force if needed."
"Thank you. We are going now. Good-bye." Nightstar walked away. "Bye Headmaster! I will bring you back a souvenir! Bye! Bye-bye! Bye! Hope yo-" Nightstar pulled Sunstar away. "Good-bye, girls. Be safe." Headmaster said as they disappeared from his sight.