I just thought it would be best to clarify a few things, so that as Christians you don't confuse the other believers/non-believers.

A-,An-, Greek: a prefix meaning: no, absence of, without, lack of, not
Theo - Greek: God
Theist: a believer in a god(s)
Atheist: One who is without a belief in god(s)
Gnosis - Greek: Knowledge
Agnostic - 1)One who is without knowledge of a religion or god(s), or who does not know what they believe
Deist - One who believes that a god(s) created the universe, yet does not interject in human affairs (eg believing in god, yet believing prayer is pointless)
Pantheist - one who believes that the universe and god(s) are one and the same, and that the universe is conscious
Panentheist - (means literally "all in god" wink , a belief that the universe is part of god, but that god extends beyond the physical realm
Anti - against
Antitheist - One who is against religious ideology, and who readily opposes the existence of god.
Militant atheist - one who believes with absolute certainty that there isn't a god.
Dystheist - one who believes in a god(s), yet who readily opposes them.
Misotheist - misotheism literally means "Hatred of god". Misotheists can be militant atheists as well, and truly despise the concept of god.

These are the different types of non-theists and other theists that exist out there besides sheerly religious. Me personally, I am an atheist. I provided these definitions to increase your understanding so that you do not simply attack me for choosing not to believe in what you believe. However, I do find theism and mythology fascinating (which is why I came here).