Greetings, my fellow guild members!
I am here to ask you all a favor.
You may have seen me around, in which case you know who I am.
I am Gaia's own residential Hatter, and I am on a mission!
The Empire Of Gaia (guildy) is having a contest.
The winner of said contest is given 2,000,000 gold, and 1000 cash worth of Items!
My mission? To get 2000 Gaians to vote for me!
So, click the link bellow to vote for me, tell your friends to vote for me, make threads to vote for me!

If I win this gold, I will open up my own Charity thread!
I will give gold to those Gaian's who truly need it.
I will also give Gaia help to those in need as well in this thread.

So please, vote for your favorite Hatter. It'll be good for Gaian's in need.