I've never like..
submitted anything or talked to anymore on here.
It's like... I'm rudolph left out of the reindeer games. )':
I've always wanted to bring my little bag of goodies with me, but I never really felt like it.. i'm a little lazy. XD
My name is Jessica! Woop! Try finding something that rhymes with my name! ... AFRICA! LOL IT DOES RHYME WOOT.
My last name is none yo beezwax. D:<
Because no one is allowed to google me. </3 I'VE DON IT BEFORE!
It be no fun. P:
I'm also kind of a troll. I really hate how much society is dumbing down generation by generation. My children will be random, perverted, smart, and somethin else that I can't remember BUT THEY'LL BE SMART!!!
Some people call me the random pirate but I'd rather be called a butt pirate. I love big butts and I cannot lie<3
No, I do not have a p***s, I have a period. That'd be weird to have a period out of your p***s... Like..
"Um.. Am I suppsed to go to the hospital?"
No, it's your period. D:<

I hate pre-created smilies
-points to smilies on the side-
I'd rather make up my own...
biggrin D: XD DX 8D D8 and more and more and more and more and more and more and MORE AND OMG MORE YES LIKE THAT OGM YES MORE MORE MORE AND MORE YES OMG CLICK IT HARDER OMFG YES FASTER FASTER FASTER OMG YES MORE MORE MORE1!!!!!1111111oneone1111one11(shift+one)!!!!11111111fsdfadsfasdfjahsdfkjhasldkjfhalivuanlerighaldkjfghaldfkjagf