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The Outlands - Planes of Gaia (CLOSED)

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Faunt Ix

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:16 pm
Hello and welcome to Faunts RP Topic. I have some rules and info so please read through it all before make your first post.
This is going to be a serious RP thread so these rules will be held to each and every poster.
>>Rule 1. This RP is by application only. You must apply to join.
>>Rule 2. No pranking or random interruptions.
>>Rule 3. There is no Rating for this RP, but keep it somewhat professional. (No cussing for the sake of it)
>>Rule 4. ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING. If anyone is caught god-modding you will be banned from posting here.
>>Rule 5. No Flaming other RP'ers posts. If you are a Para-RPer great, If you are a single-line RPer super. We all have our own styles, It doesn't mean someone sucks or rocks. Got it?
>>Rule 6. Do not bring other thread topics into this one. If something happened in MW it stays there or in PM. We don't want to see it here.
>>Rule 7. I reserve the right to change any and all rules as I deem fit.
>>Rule 8. You are allowed to change your powers, but you must PM me with the change/add/delete and why you are doing it.
The World:
This world is a vast world. It is called "The Outlands" it hold Gates to other Planes. You are welcome to travel to any of them. Please remember where you are and how you got there. Also if you are in one plane you do not have any knowledge of happenings anywhere else. You must travel back to The Gate-Town which you came from and go to a different Gate-Town to Get to a different Plane. And please remember that Alignments matter, if you are evil you can't get to a Good plane without a fight. Here is more info The Outlands
The Spire - Inactive
Outland Realms - Inactive
The Gate-Towns - Active
The Outer Planes - All 16 Planes Active
The Application (Send to me in a PM):

Your Name:

Your Characters Name:


Alignment (Find your alignment here):


Profile(height, size, etc):

Powers, if any:

Bios(appearance, background, so forth):

Equipment List:

Picture(Not required):

There will be some announcement for the world. I will place them here, so please make sure you check back often. Have fun.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:17 pm
Your Name: Faunt Ix
Your Characters Name: Faunt, Ferryman of River Styx of Stygia and Cania, the Ninth
Race: Demi-Angel
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Unknown
Profile(height, size, etc): 6 foot, Medium build, Silver long hair, Light Icy blue eyes, Fair skin and can resemble Ice sometimes.
Powers, if any: My body is freezing cold, so I can drop the temperature in I am in a room and instead of getting heated when mad I get colder. If it is cold enough a can form the moisture in the air into a frost weapon.
Bios(appearance, background, so forth): Tomorrow
Equipment List: Charons Boat, a Frost spirit that follows me everywhere, and Crys a Soul Keeper Spirit.
Picture(Not required): Avi --->


Faunt Ix

Faunt Ix

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:18 pm
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:32 pm
*The block of ice containing Crys starts to glow brighter as it rests in Icy arms. Faunt still sitting next to them with his eyes shut. The ices glow starts to die down. Crys opens her eyes and disappears from within the Block of ice. The block grows dark. A small misty orb appears in front of Icy in her mind. Icy looks up at the misty orb in question.* Who are you?* A form emerges from the mist. Crys appears in front of her smiling.* Hello Icy. I heard you helped Faunt find me when I got trapped in the house. I am sorry for that, me and Neve where playing chase.* Crys looks down at her hands. A mint leaf glistens in her hand.* Here Faunt would like for you to have this. I am not sure why though. I felt his thoughts and it told me to do this. * hands her the Ice Mint. Icy looks down at it and wonders the meaning behind it.* Well I have to go now. I will see you soon I hope.* She waves good-bye to Icy and starts to disappears. Icy stands up and walks towards Crys.* Wait I don't understand... please don't leave me alone again.* Crys disappears completly and appears on Faunts lap as the block of ice disappears from Icys arms. Icy falls her knees and starts to cry again clinching the leaf in her hands.* I just dont know.* Faunt opens his eyes to see Crys sitting on his lap looking up at him smiling.* Hey Faunt sorry I scared you. I was just playing with Neve. *Faunt grabs the little creature and hugs it tightly.* Please don't ever do that again. Hey where is the leaf I gave you. I gave it to Icy, I figured you would want me to give to Icy so I did. Wait you saw Icy? Yes I was in her mind when I gave it to her. Was that not ok? I don't know Crys. I don't know.* Icy opened her hands and looks at the leaf and feels the coolness of it. She remembers all the chills Faunt gave her within that short time of knowing him and how much he had became apart of her life.* Faunt... Why can't you be here. I need you. I am so confused... I... I am so a lone now.* A tear falls from her face and lands onto the leaf freezing when it touches it. I wonder...* Icy lifts the leaf up to her face and smells it. She inhales a wonderful chilling mint sent. and delicious too. She begins to open her mouth and moves the leaf to it. The tip of her tongue connects to the edge of the leaf. The chill run throughout her body. Raela, sitting in the distance watching Icy notices the chills running through Icys body as it ran through hers as well.* What was that?* She moves towards Icy. * What are you doing?! *As the leaf enters her mouth, she remembered what Faunt said "Anyone who eats this will be frozen to death.* Goodbye Raela Please go back to the tribe, your job is done now. *Raela lunges at Icy trying to stop her as Icy bites down on the leaf.* Goodb.... *Unable to finish speaking the Ice Mint freezes her body in thick block of ice. Raela starts to bang on the outside screaming. Icy looks at her and smiles and closes her eyes. Icys real body becomes encased in a thick block of ice. Faunt and Crys stand up looking in awe at this sight.* No... she didn't. Crys, the leaf! She ate the leaf in her mind. *Faunt grabs his staff and hold the orb over her body knowing her soul will soon appear. A misty spirit flow out of the block and into the orb. It starts to glow bright.* Quickly to the tree. we must hurry. *He runs out of the bar not paying any attention to the other people in it and places his hand on the tree. It opens up and he runs in pushing his bed aside.* Tree can you take us to my home? *The heart of the tree pulsates and grows in size. He steps inside the heart and is transported to Mount Celestia. A big tree stands before him and speaks.* Hello Faunt. I have brought you to Mount Celetia for my other part of me is frozen in a glacier. Is this ok. *Faunt is stunned for it has been forever since he has been here.* Yes it is fine. Thank you so much.* Faunt waves bye as he, Crys, and Neve runs off.*  

Faunt Ix

Faunt Ix

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:01 pm
As he departs from the tree, he is immediately on guard for anything or anyone who might pick up on his negative aura from his time down in Stygia and Cania. He continues down a beaten path along side a cliff. A cool breeze greets him. Quickly he turns around and scans the surrounding area. Nothing. Faunt proceeds cautiously. Eying the orb on his staff he lets out a sigh.
"Not worry Icy, We are going to go see a long lost friend. I hope he can help."
Unsure if she can hear him, he stops talking. Just as he does Faunt hears a noise from his left. A patrol of Paladins make their way towards him. They don't spot him. He takes the Orb from his staff and warps his cloak around it as he jumps into the brushes. Crys and Neve, hide in under the cloak as well. The patrol gets to where he was and stops. Faunt holds his breath. The lead Paladin begins to look around with intent in his eyes. Faunt can tell he is the lead because of his large gold wings on the sides of his helm. His second in command steps up to him and tries to speak. He has slightly smaller wings and they are silver.
"Sir? We must con..."
The Golden Paladin stops the silver one in mid speech.
"Hush! There is something amiss here. I can smell it"
The Silver Paladin and the others start to smell the air. Faunt sniffs his under arms.
"That b*****d! I do not smell." Faunt says in his head. The Golden Paladin undoes the strap that holds his sword in the sheath. As he does this the others immediately draw their swords. The noise of their swords echo off the sides of the cliff. A few birds flee from above and a small critter runs out of the bush scared. A novice Paladin, if you can grant such a scrawny person a prestigious title, drops the blade down on the small critter.
"Got it!" he yells.
The lead Paladin shakes his head in disgrace and leans over to his second in command and mutters.
"I swear that kid is going to get us all killed one day. If he wasn't a son of one of the Lords councilmen, I would have killed him myself."
The Silver Paladin snickers at the comment as the Golden one motions for the rest to follow.
"Come men! There is nothing here to concern ourselves with. On ward to Empyrea!"  
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:35 pm
Faunt watches the patrol march out of sight before he make a move. Slowly he steps out of the brush and puts his cloak back on. Not one second after he places his cloak on, Faunt is trampled from behind.
"Oh! I am so sorry!"
Faunt winces at the impact he made on the ground. Squinting his eyes, Faunt sits up and tries to open them. His face was covered in dirt and dust from the road.
"Kind sir, please let me help y..."
Faunt interrupts the high pitch sound. "You helped enough don't you think?"
He tries to wipe his face clean. Suddenly a splash of water hits his face, as all the dirt is washes away. Faunt groans as he knows the wet dirt would stain his clothes. Almost immediately a cloth starts to dry his face and works its way down lightly beating off the dirt from his cloths. Face clear, he opens his eyes and see what looks like a handmaiden, but is carrying what to be cleaning equipment for weapons and armor. She smiles at him and bows.
"I am Yikyo, Swordmaiden to the Paladin Legionnaire, First Flight, and you are?"
"None of your concern"
Faunt stands up and finish brushing him self off. After he straightens up he lightly stamps the ground with his staff. Not looking up, Yikyo sees the bottom of the staff. She closes her eyes and bows again without opening them.
"Excuse me Sir Magus. I am sorry for questioning who you are. May I be of assistance to make up for what I did?
Faunt thinks for a moment and come up with a plan to find his friend.
"Yes, yes I have a question. Don't look up, but point in the direction of the city that Raziel, the Firestar, is?"
Yikyo gasps at hearing that name "The Firestar." No one but Lord Raziels closest subjects call him by name. A normal person wouldn't dare speak his full name in the privicy of their own home, for fear he would find out and punish them. Without moving her body, Yikyo points to the direction the patrol was going.
"We are heading there to speak with him. At least the High Paladin, Gystan is."
"Thank you dear child, now run, you got a ways to catch up."
The girls eyes widen, fear that Gystan would punish her for not staying with the group. Without a word she turns and takes of to catch them.
"Goodbye!" Yikyo yells, not turning to look at Faunt.

"Such a weird child."
Faunt looks at the Orb once more and smiles.
"We are on our way. Hold tight dear, I will save you."
He continues to walk in the direction the girl pointed making sure he doesn't catch up to them before he can reach the City.  

Faunt Ix

Faunt Ix

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:29 am
((*does a little god modding since no one saw it 50+ pages ago in the MW*))
A small Ice package appears in front of Faunt as he walks down the path.
"Whats this"
He looks at the tag. "To: Faunt, From: Faunt" Curious what he sent him self, he opens the box up. Inside is all off his belongings and a torn up satchel. Faunt closes the box and sits on it placing each item on the ground. Then picking up his satchel, he starts to look for a small pocket.
"Ah he it is my Ice thread."
He take the end of the thread and freezes it to a sharp point. Then he begins to sew up the satchel. After about 15 minutes later he finishes. The Ice thread melts and becomes seamless, as if nothing happened to the bag.
"There good as new."
He picks up his items and places it back into the bag. Delighted to see the bag Neve, the Ice Spirit, flies into it before Faunt can close the flap.
"Oh sorry Neve."
He leaves a small opening in the front for Neve to get in and out. He continues on his way.  
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