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Reply Kumogakure ((Hidden Village of Clouds)) [Lightning Country]
Kumokagure's Power! [&& Advanced Kekkei-Genkai | Clans]

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Ezio - Angelo Di Cielo

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:36 pm

The Purpose of this Thread

Well many people come here wondering why the villages have this thread. Well people, yes, while there is indeed a 'Master Clan and Bloodline' thread in the Game System area, they don't want the neat little details, such as the in-depth history and the styles that help make the clan so distinct.


Clan Index:

Page 1:

Keepers of the Fourth State


The Template:

So if you have your Clan/Bloodline approved, fill out my template, give us the awesome detail! (:

Clan Name: You can attach a "village title" next to it too.
Description: Briefly describe your limit and Jutsu style.
Complete Clan Information: Put the url to your clan in the Master Bloodlimits Listing here.
Historical Context to Kumokagure: Not asking for your clan history and how your clan/limit developed. Rather, the point is to show the connection of your clan to the village.
Stature: How is your clan defined? There are subcategories such as Sentry / Security or Police, which falls under Military orders. Smithing / Medical Order are also two other well-known divisions. Most clans are generally shinobi-civilian status. General categories also include the Nobility / Military / Shinobi-Civilian / Nomadic families.
Financial/Political: What does your clan do for a living? Are they part of the Council of Elders? Are they perhaps one of the military families? Do they perhaps grow and sell herbs? Make weapons?
Where Do They Live? They all should be living in the residency area. New Kumo doesn't have really much options. If you really need it, PM Ezio Al-Saladin
Dress Code: Self-explanatory. Does your clan have a formal dress code? For example, families like Hyuuga wear clothing very close to formal yukatas/kimonos. Senju prefers yukata clothing, though they certainly don't wear armor anymore.
Speech Patterns and Etiquette: How do they speak? Do they use highly refined language and honorifics? If so, keep in mind, your clan's speech patterns should reflect their pedigree (stature). What about etiquette? How do they welcome visitors to their compounds (for the wealthier clans) or to their homes in general? Do they have certain habits before eating and etc. (like perhaps the head of family blessing the food, or a prayer of thanksgiving before meals)?
Language(s): Is Japanese their only language? Are they bilingual or perhaps even trilingual? If so, what are the other languages?
Special: Any other stuff you might want to say about your clan.

(Note: Adapted from Konoha's template!)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:04 pm
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Clan Name: Keepers of the Fourth State

Description: The Keepers display the ability to ionize any substance. They are able to create and eventually control plasma. Before their way of life was threatened, they did not use their ability for violence. However as the First Shinobi War came to an end almost a millennium ago, they were forced to use this as defense. By forcing a substance to turn to plasma too fast, an explosion occurs.

Complete Clan Information: Here!Towards the Bottom of the page!

Historical Context to Kumokagure: By the end of the First Shinobi war, the Keepers were almost non-existent. The survivors of the clan's genocide fled to various parts of the word. As time moved on, they were forgotten. In history, a few would show up all over the world every few generations. For Kumo's relevance, the Juugodaime Raikage is of this bloodline, showing the utmost proficiency in the clan's gift. The reason Kumo also claims this clan is because the original Keepers were known to have lived very close to Kumo before the infamous genocide.

Stature: Nobility

Financial/Political: The only member known, as said before, is the Raikage. In the past, they weren't very active in politics, but rather focused on scientific research...

Where Do They Live? They all should be living in the residency area. New Kumo doesn't have really much options.

Dress Code: N/A, however, in history they wore kimonos and dressed very formally.

Speech Patterns and Etiquette: The clan was very formal, and due to their high amounts of knowledge, generally used very eloquent speech. They respected culture and enjoyed a time of diversity in their estate.

Language(s): When the clansmen were in abundance, they spoke a very pretty language they devised. (Arabic) The writing could be mistaken for art.


- The name came from scholars, whom realized their true name was lost.
- There is a man who was able to turn himself to Plasma, effectively immortalizing himself. It is thought that he was the one that commited the genocide.
- The clan's children were taught at a very young age to use logic over emotion. It is thought that this is because, when angered, thier Kekkei Genkai could case serious collateral damage.
- Juugodaime Raikage was told that there is one other beside him that is proficient in Kesshouton.
- The method the Raikage used to learn all these techniques has been lost, only he can teach them.
- The users were known for thier teal eyes, which would glow when they were using their blood-line.

Ezio - Angelo Di Cielo


PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:21 pm
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Clan Name: Raiken

Description: The ability to control the flow of electricity around them and warp electromagnetic fields. They have an amazing ability with Lightning jutsu, but it is their only affinity. Raiken can have no other affinity than Lightning.

Complete Clan Information: Raiken Clan in Clans and Master Bloodlines List

Historical Context to Kumogakure: The Raiken clan has always been a nobility of Kumogakure, and was one of the clans to give Kumogakure its name, but they have never been truly acknowledged by the village for being a co-founder. They have been acknowledged as nobility, but they are not really realized as a co-founder of Kumogakure. Instead, their case is similar to that of the Uchiha to the Senju of Konoha.

Their clan compound is always the highest point in the village, due to their fixation with the Lightning that gave them their amazing abilities.

Stature: Nobility, co-founder of Kumogakure

Financial/Political: The Raiken are mainly a shinobi family, bred purely to become to future ninja to protect Kumogakure. They do maintain a seat on the Council of Elders, but often go unheard, either being ignored by the rest of the Council, or simply not speaking during the meetings.

Where Do They Live: The Raiken compound has long been destroyed, and has yet to be rebuilt. However, a stone monument has been recovered from the rubble and has been moved to one of the highest points in the village, to be worshiped solely by the Raiken

Dress Code: There is no dress pattern for the main population, however, the nobles usually wear a Kenseikan to show their superiority. The elders and clan leaders have been known to wear a black hakama, and knotted rope around their waist, and a black rope with a yellow could design (looks like the Orinkage Cape).

Speech Patterns and Etiquette: The Raiken seem to worship the Lightning that gave their clan their amazing abilities. For example, where one would say “for God’s sake” or “God damn it”, the Raiken would say “for Raiton’s sake” or “Raiton damn them”. They Raiken also go to their clan’s monument during thunderstorms, if they are available for prayer.

Language: Japanese is the only language that the Raiken speak


- The Raiken are bred to be shinobi, specializing in Lightning jutsu. To preserve the purity of the main branch and the amazing abilities that come with being completely purebred, the main clan has sometimes come to inbreeding between cousins, and on rare occasions, even brothers and sisters. In these instances, the children were separated at birth, so as not to know their true identities
- Whether by accident or on purpose, most noble children were struck by lightning as an infant or young child, to gain the electro-sensory vision, which was considered to be one of the highest honors one could gain in the Raiken clan. Sometimes lightning strikes were arranged for those whose protein count was too low to ensure a surefire lightning strike. In these cases, the child was brought to the Raiken monument, the single highest point in all of Kumogakure, during a thunderstorm. The child was then raised into the air by another with the electro-sensory eyes. This would ensure that the protein count was high enough for a sure-fire lightning strike. The lightning would always strike the child’s head and exit through the feet. To avoid damage, the person holding the child would grasp them by the feet, ensuring safe passage through the body.
- If the child’s protein count was high enough to ensure a lightning strike, they would be sent to the monument to pray, until lightning struck them.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:00 pm
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Clan Name: Makaze “Evil Wind” 悪風

Description: Ranton Limit allows those who posses it to use Storm Release.

Complete Clan Information: Coming Soon

Historical Context to Kumokagure: Those with the Ranton Kekkei Genkai have always stood by the Raikage's side. As the name suggests the clan has not always been viewed in a positive light by the residents of Kumo. Having been hated and loved the Makaze mostly feared.

Financial/Political: After the Destruction of Kumo the clan is living in poverty but they have experienced great wealth in the past. Those with the kekkei Genkai fight as shinobi and those wihtout are often politicians of either the village or in some cases the state.

Dress Code: No Code

Speech Patterns and Etiquette: Depends on standing within the clan. Politicians are formal while the shinobi are casual or business like depending on the situation.

Language(s): The native language of Kumogakure

Special: Only one remains in the new Kumogakure.  

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:06 pm

Name: Nara

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Description: Power to control shadows. Use this power to strangle them with inhuman strength or stop anyone from moving. Also, the shadows can be twisted and moved into any direction. The downfall of this bloodline is that the shadow moves slow at longer distances.

Complete Clan Information: Nara Clan History

Historical Context to Kumokagure: Many Naras had immigrated to Kumogakure from Konohagakure because of the upset in shinobis. Feeling threatened, parts of the Nara Clan spread out and created bases in Kumogakure, effectively splitting the clan. Through the course of a few generations, even after the upset that had prompted them to leave in the first place was gone, many Nara enjoyed the scenery and village of Kumogakure, so they stayed. After the avalanche, only a few were found to be alive, any others most likely moved to another village or perhaps in the snow, dead.

Stature: How is your clan defined? The clan is divided between the medical order and shinobi-civilian status. Whichever they belong to, all Nara's go into the shinobi academy to train in their own specialty.

Financial/Political: The Nara head holds a seat in the council of elders, while the rest of the clan has devoted themselves to either shinobi training or medicinal researches. The occasional Nara, like in any clan of course, does do research in other parts, such as history, other villages, ninja strategies, etc.

Where Do They Live? Taking a part of the residency compound in the mountain for themselves, they have set up a temporary base until they can formally request a compound for themselves.

Dress Code: Usually informal, most wear shirts, pants, and a jacket or cloak over. If the situation demands it, they can easily dress up in formal dress.

Speech Patterns and Etiquette: They are normally quiet and lazy people, they have a tendency to say that a particular thing is "bothersome" or "boring" or "worthless", otherwise they have normal tendencies in speaking.

Language(s): Japanese, while all have the capacity to learn multiple languages because they're all smart.


The Nara clan (奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku) or Nara family (奈良家, Nara-ke) is known for their manipulation of shadows and tending of deer, which graze in a large area of Nara clan forest. They have kept a book with medicine preparations and effects for generations which imply they are skilled in the area of medicine. Among the medicine described in this book are the secret pills used by the Akimichi clan.

Despite being considered geniuses, the men from this family are prone to being lazy and hard to motivate. Ironically, they tend to be attracted to stern, overbearing women. However, there appear to be other factors as well. The Nara men seem to hold women in high esteem, and as a result, willingly defer to their female partners.

The Nara clan seems to have a special relationship with the Akimichi clan and Yamanaka clan.

In the anime, the Nara clan has a research laboratory, that has an abundance of medicine stored in it. It is located in the mountains, and thus has little security. Mizuki raided this laboratory for ingredients for his Animal Cursed Seal.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:40 pm
Clan Name: Soma Clan
Description: Twins who can combine and split as they see fit in order to turn the tables of battle. They can combine to heal, or even combine with the enemy to infect them with a deadly disease.
Complete Clan Information: Soma No Ko (Attack of the evil spirit pair)
Historical Context to Kumogakure: When the shinobi wars happened a small part of the Soma clan spread to the outlying countries around the sound to escape the insanity. When they settled they became permanent residents of the Land of Fire, and in time they drifted into the shinobi realm.
Stature: Nomadic family of taijutsu specialist and doctors divided into a greater noble house and a lesser house much like the Hyuga clan.
Financial/Political: While Soma clan members have been known to choose their own destiny's, they always have had a nack for diagnosing ant treating infections, diseases, and poisons, and thus they often become doctors.
Where Do They Live?
Dress Code: None, but the lesser house only wears second hand items.
Speech Patterns and Etiquette: None
Language(s): Japanese and Japanese sign language
Special: Any other stuff you might want to say about your clan.

Clan symbol:
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Kumogakure ((Hidden Village of Clouds)) [Lightning Country]

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