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New RN's. How bout it?
I desire to serve the Mistress and her ladies unconditionally
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I just want a drink
 35%  [ 16 ]
Say What?
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Oh gawd. How am I going to walk in those heels?
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:39 pm
GGG Most WANTED and Notorious Fugitives
Welcome to the Most Wanted

To all Residents:
This is to inform you that I shall be relocating. Do not worry, I have not forsaken or forgotten you. I have built you all large accommodations if you so desire. For now, start packing as I will slowly be closing and packing my things as well. I will send a private message addressed to you personally with all the details.

To all Patrons:
Thank you for your support and visiting with us. The ladies and I do love company. Sadly, we will be moving our establishment. As they say, on to bigger and better things.

For now, we are open, but will be packing.More information to come.
Most humbly,Mistress Psyzapp

Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the GGG Most Wanted Bar…home of the infamous MW Ladies. The ladies here run this show and therefore the MW caters to their whims and indulgences. Wanted in every sense of the word, the MW Ladies are not to be taken lightly. Although these sultry beauties may look harmless enough, they are both seductive and deliciously wicked. These temptresses demand respect. Treat them well and you shall benefit. Treat them poorly and you shall pay the price. The MW Ladies

The Main Bar: Fully stocked extensive bar…if you need a drink, we have it. When our bartenders are not on duty, this place is a help yourself establishment. We have every kind of alcohol known and even carry some exotic concoctions for "other" non-human patrons. We have a vast supply of Elven Wine and we are a favorite hot spot for some of the local dark elves. The bar has many tables, some booths and even some chaise lounges. On the far wall is a set of shackles. ninja

Psyzapp's Office & Lair: Psyzapp has an office off the Main Bar and within that office is a high security secret entrance to her underground lair. Through this entrance is a long stone corridor which has 6 doors on each side. 4 of the doors on the right are being occupied by the MW ladies and a Vampire. The doors to the left have her "recreation room" filled with devises of torture, 3 high security vaults/rooms, a wine cellar/storage room and an occupied living quarters. At the end of the corridor is Psyzapp's private chambers behind some very large blood red double doors adorned with golden accents.

Pandoras Box Luxe Spa: Upscale luxury full-service spa for all of your indulgences and pampering. Stop at the reception counter, ring the bell and our virtual host (and Psyzapp's personal assistant) "Kyle" will check you in. Let Kyle know what type of service you would like and he will get you squared away with the Masseuse of your choice (Male or Female). Kyle will escort you to your destination depending upon the services you choose. Our Full Service Salon offers a wide variety of services, including manicure, pedicure, waxing, makeovers, and full range of hair styling.

Massage: You will have a private room for massage, complete with massage table, aroma therapy candles, mood lighting, relaxing music or nature sounds of your choice…so you can just relax and let the stress melt away. Upon entering your room, Kyle will provide you with a luxurious robe and slippers for you to change into before your massage begins.
Manicure & Pedicure: Professional stations set up in a room specifically designed for the optimal experience. With each nail service you will get a hand or foot massage and wax treatment to help moisturize and condition the skin. All sorts of acrylic tips are available and you can choose from an assortment of nail polish colors, artwork or just clear…whatever your preference.
Mud Bath, Seaweed Wrap & Facials: Skin conditioning treatments designed for relaxation and to make your skin glow. Reduces signs of aging and makes you feel ultimately pampered.

Exclusive VIP Area
You will be escorted to the exclusive "Red Room" for your service. The Red Room is our most luxurious and spacious room reserved for all VIP members. You will have top notch service and receive the "ultimate" pampering experience by a team of indulgence experts…your wish is their command. VIP members also have access to a Private Area downstairs to Workout, enjoy a Sauna, Steam Room, or Whirlpool. There is also a private lounge to just kick back and relax if you are in need of some solitude.

The Jade Dragon: Asian cuisine, Sushi and Teppanyaki Hibachi table side culinary performance. Upon entrance to this upscale restaurant, there is a mahogany podium to check in for seating by the matridee, he or she will direct you to the coat check counter if you need to check one and you will notice a very luxurious waiting area with black upolstered leather chairs and sofa's, jade colored walls, mahogany end tables with ornately carved legs in asian design, Asian inspired accents such as vases and sculptures are situated with care, red Asian lanterns hang from the ceiling throughout the entire place. Restroom lounges can be found near the lobby.

The Main Restaurant also has jade walls and red lanterns throughout. Each table has a white tablecloth with another shorter red tablecloth neatly arranged and a small lantern with a candle at every table. In the center is a large wooden platform of mahogany surrounded by water containing large Coi and various rock formations reminiscent of a soothing stream. There is a larger rock formation on 2 corners that cascades water into the stream. Ornate Asian bridges on all four sides give access to the seating on the center platform. There are large ornate trees in pots which canape the tables and provide some privacy for the tables. If you prefer something a little more intimate, 3 sides of the restaurant has large black leather upholstered booths. Each is enclosed in mahogany along 3 sides and has an orchid and a candle lit lantern on the table.

The Sushi Bar to the right, Black marble counter, and behind the chef's is a large sculpture of a dragon adorned with jade scales. All entrances and exits to the kitchen are on either side of the Sushi Bar. In the very far corner is a Teppanyaki Hibachi Table featuring an impressive table side display culinary expertise and mastery. Watch out for flying knives and flames. Seats up to 10 guests.

Exclusive VIP Area
The row of booths on the left wall opposite the sushi bar is VIP seating. These booths are larger and have red fabric draping down from the ceiling pulled back with a large black tassel. The largest booth in the center of the VIP section is a raised booth exclusively for the MW Ladies and any guests they choose to dine with them. Each VIP is greeted and seated promptly…no waiting in the lobby for our VIPs. As you are seated your drink order will be taken and brought out to you immediately along with an assortment of appetizers. You order will be prepared immediately and brought to your table. Our staff is at your beckon call…just ask.

Below The Jade Dragon is another corridor with 12 doors (6 on either side) just as it is through Psyzapp's Office. Access to this corridor is found in the back of the MW Bar and it runs through to the lobby of The Jade Dragon. Each entrance has palm and retina security scanners inside the hidden foyer entrance.

Other Areas of Interest: Psyzapp has a second residence in Upper GGG…a vast estate referred to as The Big House. That and other adventures related to MW but take place off of MW property are located here. MW Estates & Excursions

ROLE PLAY is involved with this thread!

If you would like to participate in the RP of the MW, please keep in mind that RP means "Role Play." If you choose to have your character portray some RL issues or hardships that you may actually be faced with, other people may not have any idea you are meaning RL (because this IS a thread that uses RP) and you will get reactions from people BASED UPON THE REACTIONS THEIR RESPECTIVE CHARACTER WOULD POSSIBLY DO OR SAY and NOT how they would necessarily behave or react IRL. So…If you want to say things, do things or show emotion icons to express some RL thing, however big or small it is, then please remember to include double parenthesis and use OOC: so that the rest of us are up to speed.  
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:59 pm

#1 No cheerleading
#2 Clean up your own mess
#3 If you break it, you buy it
#4 No sleeping overnight in public areas

Sleeping in Public Areas: MW runs in real-time. If you enter the establishment, you must make sure you exit. It's that simple. If you do not choose to exit your character, your presence may be noticed as "sleeping" if you are offline but your character remains in the establishment. First time offenders get a warning. After that, if you are caught sleeping in any public area's of MW or breaking any of the other HOUSE RULES, you will be fair game and the person who caught you will get to choose to either have the offender BOUNCED or named as a VOLUNTEER for our "Pin the Tail" game.

BOUNCE OUT OPTION: Roll ONE 10 sided dice to see what method to bounce the offending bum out of here.
1 - Alert MW security and have offender kicked to the curb.
2 - Alert MW security and have offender put on ice…placed into the freezer of the Jade Dragon.
3 - Alert MW security and have them tie the offender to a tree out front.
4 - Put meat in the offenders pockets, shove them out the door and release Psyzapp's dobermans, Atilla and Hun, to go after them.
5 - Security blind folds offender and them placed in the middle of Bonnie's Adoption and Racing Center's (BARC's) new wild life preserve.
6 - Tie rocks to offender and have them thrown in the lake behind Chatty Kathy's.
7 - Alert MW security and instruct them to lose offender in the woods.
8 - Call a cab and send them on their way.
9 - Call the cops to come pick offender up for loitering and have MW security escort them out of the building.
10 - Make up some outlandish story to get him in trouble with Psy's brothers and then kick the bum out.

VOLUNTEERS: You've been chosen as a volunteer for our "Pin The Tail" Game! Your time of service is for 2 hours starting at the time you are caught. (Please note: If you are doing this as an RN, you must specify when your two hours begins by making an announcement as such with your character such as: PIN THE TAIL GAME BEGINS NOW or WITH FIRST PATRON TOMORROW etc. You can wait for players in the morning if you like, but why be a masochist? Go ahead and start those two hours when no one is around if you are already alone wink .) After the volunteer has served their two hours, they are escorted out back by security and tossed into the dumpster in the alley. talk2hand
PLAYERS: To post for this game within the 2 hour time limit: Post the words "Pin The Tail on (insert name of volunteer here)" and roll ONE 100 sided die.

1-5 roll = BULLS EYE: You are one hell of a marksman and your volunteer gets a bucket of ice water dumped on them; a jolt of electricity; and you get 1 NOTORIOUS POINT. 12 Notorious points earns you a place on our WALL OF FAME where you will receive fame and glory. (Note: If you are already notorious, pass that point on to someone whose post you’ve been wanting to tips for days now! )
6-10 roll = VERY CLOSE but no cigar: Not too bad, but you should really check your aim. Your volunteer gets a bucket of ice water dumped on them and a jolt of electricity.
11-15 roll = MODERATELY CLOSE: You do know where that tail is suppose to go, right? Your volunteer gets a bucket of ice water dumped on them.
90-100 roll = WTH?: Are you even paying attention? You just broke a window and need to pay Psyzapp 100 gold to cover the repairs.

ALL GOLD FINES: Pay by trade to Psyzapp
All fines will be used as reward money and/or other prizes so Psyzapp can add more fun, games and ways to win.  

Icy Reign

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Partying Conventioneer

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:09 pm

This is the party that started it all! Come out tonight to celebrate all things chocolate!

Most Wanted's 3rd Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Date: February 11, 2012

Theme: Chocolate...and all things "anti-cupid" wink


Hors d'oeuvres: Chocolate covered grapes, Mini "pizzas" topped with almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, peanut butter chips and marshmallows, drizzled with chocolate sauce, Toasted baguette topped with chocolate and chorizo (pizza dough is vegetarian-friendly)

Salads: Strawberry salad with Chocolate Balsamic dressing, Green Salad With Cacao Nibs, Dried Cranberries, and Goat Cheese, Spinach Salad with Mangos, Dried Cranberries and Chocolate Vinaigrette

Main Dishes & Sides: Braised short ribs with chocolate sauce, Chicken mole with rice & black beans, Beef Stew with Chocolate, White chocolate mashed potatoes, White Chocolate Polenta,

Desserts: Molten chocolate cakes with espresso whipped cream, Chocolate Tart with Salted Caramel and Spiced Chantilly Cream, Molten Spiced Chocolate Cabernet Cakes, Cocoa Chile Truffles, Sugared Chocolate Beignets, Chocolate Candied Almonds, Brownie Ice Cream Mini-wiches

Special Drinks:Chocolate Martinis, Cafe' Mochas, Mochaccinos, Hot Chocolate (spiked or regular), Dulce de Leche. (other drinks available as well)

Decorations: The usual....All Black and Red, with cupids hanging from the ceiling (in nooses wink ).  
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:57 pm

YATZEE style dice game. 5 dice, 6 sides, roll 5 dice at once. 5 of a kind (5 of the same number) gets you a choice of your very own custom WANTED Poster or VIP Pass to hang with pride in your signature. I'll also throw in 1 NOTORIOUS POINT for achieving the impossible. I'm not responsible if you start getting tailed by the cops or get the cuffs slapped on you. So don't come crying to me! (Note: If you are already notorious, pass that point on to someone whose post you’ve been wanting to tips for days now! )

User Image

VIP Pass: Being an MWVIP does have its benefits! Post your VIP Pass in your signature to receive the rewards. The following list of services are for our most illustrious clientele.
Main Bar: Drinks served to you personally by one of the MW Ladies if one happens to be present. You will get extra special recognition and attention from any MW Lady if you happen to flash this card around.
Pandoras Box: Bumped to the head of the line if waiting for any type of service. You will get the special "Red Room" for your chosen service and the masseur of your choosing. You also have access to a special area downstairs for VIPs can enjoy a full-service health club or relax in a private lounge.
The Jade Dragon: The MW Ladies have a special table reserved for only them and honored guests. Preferential seating (VIP section) in the restaurant and immediate service. Your order will be done to perfection and served to you efficiently along with any bottle of Sake or drink of your choosing.

User Image  

Icy Reign

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:21 am

WORD OF THE WEEK: You better watch your mouth! Each Monday we pick and announce a "hush word" you need to avoid like the plague. If you get caught with the "hush word" in your post ANYWHERE, you'll have to RN a penalty and do the required action or task. This includes EVERYONE! Yes…I AM talking to you! *Points* User Image (Fine Print: The Monday Announcement of the new hush word is the only post granted immunity and is the OFFICIAL cut-off point ringing in the brand new word. xd )

WARNING: This game includes each and every post within this thread, even the "Out of Character" statements. NOBODY is immune. If you don't like or want your character to be in bad situations, then either use a different character you don't care about or don't post. There are a multitude of ways to accomplish your task if you happen to get caught and you can be as elaborate as you want or don't want. You may, but are not required to, RP your predicament out. When in doubt, PM someone. OR you could always just pay the bribe and not even go there. If you post, you take the risk…the choice is solely yours. Habitual whining about it will only get you in hot water…Capisce? talk2hand

"Hush Word" ninja WHY (5/6 - 5/12)
"Hush Word" ninja MORE (5/13 - 5/19)

"Hush Word" ninja PLEASE (5/20 - 5/26)
"Hush Word" ninja THANKS (5/27 - 6/2)
"Hush Word" ninja NO (6/3 - 6/9)
"Hush Word" ninja SECRET (6/10 - 6/16)
"Hush Word" ninja BIKINI (6/17 - 6/23)
"Hush Word" ninja VACATION (6/24 - 6/30)
"Hush Word" ninja BAR (7/1 - 7/7)
"Hush Word" ninja COUNTER (7/8- 7/14)
"Hush Word" ninja EXIT (7/15 - 7/21)
"Hush Word" ninja ENTER (7/22 - 7/28}

Oh boy…you must have really done it this time. Random number 1 to 20 in your post to find out how to get out of the mess you are in. May the MW Ladies have mercy on your soul.

1Unity, love & RED: You start speaking to Psyzapp about her love for Officer Dougherty and she gets so lost up in "lala love land" that she requires all the MW ladies to wear RED till the end of that day (12am). Ladies in RED User Image
2Duality, the devil & ORANGE: A lewd comment slips out of your mouth greatly upsetting Ayami who leaves crying which in turn gives Lady Leko a headache and great wrath. She has placed you under a curse to need to be dressed in an orange theme for a 24 hour period.
3Trinity elements & YELLOW: The top three MW ladies (Psyzapp; Katana; Icy) all find you to be in their favor. They toss 100 gold your way to have some drinks on the house.
4Unlucky GREEN: Somehow while playing Franco Pavani in cards you always hold the four of clubs and you always lose the hand. Time to pay to the house. emotion_dealwithit Send Psyzapp 100 gold.
5Perfect balance & SKY BLUE: You get caught ogling Dames Legs. Either you wear blue stockings and blue heels for a day to compete with those stems OR you buy her a set of any color that you think would look fabulous on her.
6Perfect number & DEEP BLUE: Katana suddenly has eyes for you and now she wants you to notice her. She asks the MW ladies to dress in DEEP BLUE while she dresses in RED for the whole day. With a no fail plan like that, she's sure you'll pay attention. wink
7Seven layers of Hell & VIOLET: Now you’ve done it!! Somehow, some way, you’ve gotten on each and every one of the ladies bad side. You need to wait tables now and serve each lady at least one drink to make up for it while wearing the "official MW bartenders uniform" (Bustier or corset, wench skirt, thong type underwear, stockings, heels, serving tray and lighter to light your supervisor’s cloves pirate . Accent your uniform with something VIOLET. Skirt used for daytime, no skirt at night.)
8Unhappiness, imperfection & PINK: You suddenly feel a bit out of your element so you try to play a song on the Jukebox to ease your mood. Post a song that either has the word PINK in the title or relates to the color in some way.
9Completion, death & WHITE: You’ve come full circle, pale in the face, woozy… what happened??! You’re passed out on the floor! You have just violated a HOUSE RULE and you know what that means! You have just volunteered to be the latest "victim" of Pin the Tail. (See HOUSE RULES for directions.)
10Weight of LAW: Apparently, you’re in the right place because the cops just arrested you. Bribe Psyzapp with 50 gold for her to persuade Officer Dougherty to let you off the hook this time.
11Master Number & Portal New DIMENSION: You’ve been asked to watch the clothes hamper when out of nowhere Razz jumps out and stuffs you in a panty sack. You fly through a portal and end up outside the bar with a pair of undies or a bra from Leko.
12Followers and JURY: I think the alcohol fumes are getting to you! You start expressing to the ladies how much you lust for them with pure poetry. One rhyme for each lady: Psyzapp, Katana, Icy Reign, Lady Leko, Dame & Liada. The ladies then give their opinion of your ode.
13Myserious BLACK: What could be more uncertain than entering a black hole? Try falling into a merged portal! Leko and Lia pop out of the same space at the same time, their portals merge and as you come to help inspect you fall in head first… Now you are in that moldy box from EDIT ME and you must post once in that thread before you can get out of that box. How mysterious!
14Spirit X difference: You attempt to speak Drow only to butcher the language and say something terribly offensive. Ryzan Vixtul is so appalled, he enchants you into your choice “I am” item for a 24 hour period.
15DIVINE Reign: Have you seen her? The elusive grace of the Ice Queen?? No one can keep up or compare to her Icy wears but you sure want to try. You and all the MW ladies dress in formal wears for the nearest evening to come (5pm – midnight PST) don’t forget to equip at least one item of Ice to show homage to your mentor. This just may catch on!
16Alchemical POWER: You decide to help Lia in her lab. She asks you to study a new approach utilizing the 16 figures of Geomancy. You get over zealous with the sand tossing and get dirt everywhere causing an explosion with a potion! Once the smoke clears you find yourself in an altered state User Image OMG do you have ears!? Equip at least one of the following: animal ears, animal tail, altered skin color or any fox items for 24 hours.
17NOTHING completely neutral: OMG… Everyone is staring at you!! You get 1 NOTORIOUS POINT because you are just that good! (Note: If you are already notorious, pass that point on to someone whose post you’ve been wanting to tips for days now! )
18BLESSING: Lady Ayami has given you her blessing! Ummm…are you saved in grace through faith OR was that more like the kiss of death?!! You receive a hair barrette from her shortly after? What? - avoid the weird seraph, she ain’t right.
19JUDGMENT: You've just disrespected and insulted Franco by telling him he "has no balls." You can't do that to an Italian!! IT'S ILLEGAL and you'll pay dearly for opening your big mouth. Pay Psyzapp 500 gold and profess your most heartfelt apologies to Franco by any means necessary to convince him you are sincere. cool
20EXPECTANCY: You make fun of Katana’s southern accent – NOT COOL!! You had better find 3 unique ways to kiss up to her before she starts tossing daggers!

All community service tasks must be posted in MW and completed in 2 WEEKS from when you were caught. If you are unable to complete your RN service within the time frame, you will be put onto our WALL OF SHAME and subjected to ridicule or humiliation. If you would prefer the "EASY WAY OUT" of your service, you could always bribe Psyzapp with 10,000 gold to get out of your predicament. User Image  
lady ayami chan rolled 5 6-sided dice: 4, 5, 5, 4, 2 Total: 20 (5-30)
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:55 am
MW Hit List

If you find yourself here it is because you have an outstanding RN to complete and we are waiting on you to complete the task at hand. stare Time is running out…you don't want to be on the WALL OF SHAME!!! User Image

1. No RecordRN#N/A (DATE):

If you find yourself here it is because you have an outstanding tab to cough up and we are waiting on you to show Psyzapp-d the money. stare Time is running out, and rumor has it that it is bad for your health to owe a member of the mafia money… may even land you on the WALL OF SHAME!!! User Image

1. No RecordRN#N/A (DATE):

If you find yourself here it is because you have an outstanding RN to complete and are being a poor sport or you are just too darn slow. stare You messed up BIG TIME to get here!! User Image If you don’t want your reputation soiled, just do your deed and you will be absolved of your sin against the MW ladies. User Image You are lucky there is a divine healer here for you. wink

1. thaskarin (aka: Ashby) (11-18-12) RN14 - "I AM" item…equip it for a day on your Avi and you're good.
2. thaskarin (aka: Ashby) (11-22-12) RN9 - Volunteer for Pin the Tail Game. See rules on Page 1 if you need.


Your General Miscellaneous Experimental Ideas Section

Event updates coming soon -

Support Our Resident Dark Elf
The Alchemist Project

User Image User Image User Image

lady ayami chan

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Icy Reign

Unsealed Exhibitionist

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:31 am

Listed below are the people holding the coveted ranking of NOTORIOUS. A high MW honor, these people receive respect, recognition and notoriety. Be careful of the Paparazzi. wink You want to be on this list too? 12 NOTORIOUS POINTS will get you the FAME you desire. (Note: If you are already notorious, pass that point on to someone whose post you’ve been wanting to tips for days now! )

1. Psyzapp
2. Katana68
3. Icy Reign
4. Lady Leko-chan
5. Damecharlie
6. Liada Trovaras

NOT QUITE …but working at it.
1. Quiet Storm XII (3 points)
2. Filia_Nox_Noctis (3 points)
3. Plugabugz (1 point)
4. Hauk Ulfr (1 point)
5. Rei Inaba (1 point)
6. Zephit (1 point)
7. MiroIsBored (3 point)
8. ThisEmptySoul (3 points)
9. Xantara the Eternal (1 point)
10. Kits Rose (1 point)  
lady ayami chan rolled 5 6-sided dice: 4, 6, 3, 6, 4 Total: 23 (5-30)
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:48 am

Who doesn't appreciate Art?
User ImageThe MW Ladies certainly do…especially if it is of them or relates to MW and its patrons somehow.User Image

So break out those art supplies and get that creative left brain going. Submit your work to the MW by posting an image or link to an image for all of us to view by the end of each month. The MW ladies will vote on their favorite one at the beginning of the next month. The #1 choice will then be featured in Starving Artists Corner along with your name or anything else you'd like us to brag about. PLUS…we will reward you with gold or something fairly decent.

Fine Print: We need a minimum of 3 works of art to do a decent job. In the event there are LESS that three, we will carry the judging over to the next month until we get 3 submissions. However an early submission will get the rewards of Advertising and all of us bragging about them.

Under the Table Deals:
It's possible any of the Ladies or other Characters who frequent here may be so moved by your artistic expression of them, they may want to give you an extra bump for immortalizing them.
After all, what highly charismatic, self-centered person doesn't like to look at themselves? wink

User Image
Image Courtesy of Psyzapp-d:

User Image Current Month Entries User Image

Up for Current Month Judging
*** to enter you must quote Psyzapp-d and indicate that you are entering the piece you are posting.

*Please click on the thumbnail to view the art.

- no record -

User ImageFeatured Artist & Monthly WinnersUser Image

January Featured Artist: Kits Rose User Image: User Image
December Featured Artist: Syirus-KunUser Image: User ImageUser Image  

lady ayami chan

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:51 am

User ImageUser Image

Big THANK YOU to Liada Trovaras for the fine job on these maps. heart
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