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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:27 am
List your characters here.
Please fill in this profile template

[b]Name:[/b] (your entire name and put your nickname or codename in ""
[b]Age: [/b] (Insert an age and if you don't know a age then put an age that the character looks like then
[b]Gender: [/b] ( What sex do your character have ? )
[b]Race:[/b]( Are you a human,half demon or a demon or anything else to this story ?
[b](Picture:)[/b] (please insert a photo of your character so people can get a picture of the person better )
[b]Appearance: [/b] ( Describe the person and it's cloth )
[b]Personality:[/b] ( How is your character ?)
[b]Biography: [/b]( Here you put a story of your character)
[b]Location: [/b](Were your character lives )
[b]Weapon: [/b]( Name of weapon and a picture if you want

[b]Skills:[/b] (Here you put your attack with name and description.

[i]Skill name[/i] - Description

[b]Job: [/b] (what do you work as ? )
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:39 pm
Name: Lady Vivian Devoir ”Lady Death”
Age: 19 ?
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Appearance: Vivian has long pale blond hair that reaches down to her back.
She has a pale skin after her time inside her house and she can’t get sun burned. Her eyes are crimson red but she uses contact lances to hide it. She weight 136 lb and she was 5’5 long.
She wears a headband with a small black hat on it and with a banded rose. She wears a black corset and a black dress. She has a necklace shaped as a collar and she have her mysterious black armband. She always carries her beloved pocket watch.
Personality: Vivian is a silent girl that doesn’t talk much about her and sometimes talks in ways that makes no sense to people. She loves her dresses and she also loves roses. She is often mistaken for a weak person but she is more dangerous then she looks. She likes to meet people and often is a bit dark. She never talks about much about her family’s death and always talks to her brother that she hasn’t seen since the death of her family. She never shows expressions and has no mercy when it comes to murder and kill a person. After all she had already been thought of it
Biography: Vivian is from a rich family and always had everything she wanted when she was a child. Her only favour was to be a lady and she was always dressed as one. When she became eight years old she started to read a lot of books that her father had in his work room. She spent most of her time in her room reading the books that fascinated her. She had an older brother that she loved so much and they spent much time together and they were like best friends. The family of her was always in rumours and they knew that they never believed in some kind of god and they were the only family on the town who didn’t go to the church and it spread rumours that they were demons. Her mother didn’t like the rumours so she tried to force Vivian to church and she didn’t want to. When she became 14, she had a great party at her house but nobody came to her birthday and it made her sad. Her older brother wanted to revenge for her ant gave her a map that he had created to a treasure hunt. They both went on it and came to a cave that wasn’t on the map but her brother wanted to check.
When they enter they notice some scripts were it said. “Dare to enter on your own sacrifice.
They both entered and after 10 hours she returns back with a scythe. Her parents yell at her and they went to look after her brother and they went down to the police. After that they both died on a mysterious way.
After 5 years she has taken the place over and she have filled it with books about artefacts and demonic creatures. She tries to read enough so she could some day find it and fulfil of what she did in the cave. Until then she will kill people that the time of their is over. She likes to hear the rumours about the lady death with her red eyes.....
Location: She lives in her family’s mansion outside the town
Weapon: Afternoon Tea
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Marked by Rose – You receive a rose in your hand or stabbed in your chest that will mark that you’re the next target of Lady Death
Twirling cut – She attacks with a spinning scythe and she spins with her body.
Day/night – She cuts you in two parts
Good night – You get cut in two pieces horizontal
Twin stars – You get a cross attack
Blood rain – You get a body part away to lose a lot of blood
Job: Artefacts collector / Serial killer

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:31 pm
Name: Hananji
Age: Appears to be 28
Gender: male
Race:Half Demon
(Picture smile User Image
Appearance: 6-1, long gray hair
Personality: Very introverted, rarely speaks
Biography: Once a general during the war between his home country and the Church He and his hole country were destroyed. His people were pagans and there most prized relic was a demon katana witch he was holding at his time of death. He had been slashed from his left shoulder down to his waist piercing his lungs. The priests new it was a fatal wound, but before he slipped into oblivion the fallen angel in his sword made a deal with him. He fed it a constant supply of souls and found the artifacts for him and he would be immortal. He excepted the deal and had half his soul ripped from his body and then merged with his sword. He arose from deaths embrace and commenced to slay the thousands of soldiers before him. A mere shadow of his old self he walked through the river of blood before him and began his dark journey.
Location: Wanderer
Weapon: Sword of the Wraith
User Image
Skills: Inhuman strength and endurance, Immortal except to other demons and holy objects, does not sleep or eat, Can partially posses a person
Attacks:Eternal Vengeance-Channels demonic aura into his blade and goes berserk with pent up rage
Black Mist- turns into a dark mist allowing him to dodge normal attacks, sneak by enemies, and makes it easier to posses a person.
Fires of Hell- Dantalion summons forth black flames which forms a deadly barrier around him and his blade which damages the persons body and soul making them lose the will to live(only while in Dantalion's second form)

Job: artifact collector, Mass murder

Demon's name and forms:
Human Form
User Image

True Form
User Image  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:04 pm
Name: Lillian "Lilli" Faye Stone
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Holy Warrior

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


When at her day job....
Lilli wears layers of flowing cloth of white/silver and golden/bronze colored silk. A veil, crowned with bronze/gold and feathers, conceals most of her long dark brown hair. She also sports a small amount of armor such as bracers, boots covered in scale like pattern with metal feathers, and breast plate-each which is made of a combination of leather and metals. Also, while wearing this outfit she wears her sword at her side (concealed somewhat by her gown) with a decorative belt. Such outfit gives her a more powerful-commanding presence at the cathedral.

When working her 'other' job.....
Lilli wears much less clothing and armor for more flexibility. About the only armor she wears are her bracers. She exchanges for strapped sandals and layers for silky, light, form fitting slit gown. She also wears her hair in a loose braid and moves her sword to her back to leave room on her belt for other weapons.

Other details.....
Emerald Green Eyes
Height: 5' 8"
Black Outlines of Angel Wing Tattoos on the length of her back

Personality: Although fierce by appearance and in a fight, Lilli is actually a kind and nurturing being. Quite motherly in fact. She hates killing, but if the sins she places upon herself when she kills saves innocent lives then so be it.

Biography: Lilli had a difficult childhood. At age 11 her mother was killed in a car accident and her once loving father turned to alcohol to find relief. For 5 years Lilli watched her father slowly fall apart. He expanded to drugs and even once and a while sought out female company. When she was 16 a social worker came to her some after someone had notified Social Services. She was placed into a foster home, but later ran away. For 7 months after that she lived on the streets and one night was attacked by what she later learned to be a half-demon. The heaven's must have been watching over her because to her lucky stars someone....a 'holy warrior'.....came to her rescue. Although the half-demon did escape. After wards her rescuer, Micheal Patterson, brought her to the Heavenly Cathedral where's she's been ever since. She trained under Micheal, who became a father figure to her, and learned to fight as well as some special abilities. When he passed away of a heart attack suddenly, Lilli grieved deeply but vowed to carry on his duties. His sword, Angel's Tears, was passed down to her.

She rarely leaves the cathedral unless it's to work at her other 'job' and if she does she wears more casual looking clothes-concealing her whip under a loose fitting shirt like a belt....just in case.

Other things about Lilli....she enjoys gardening, reading, singing, dancing, and laughing.
Location: Heavenly Cathedral

Angel's Tears-A sword said to be blessed by the tears of blood by the arch-angels themselves. The blade holds carved inscriptions. One ability is known for it to have, but perhaps there are more to be unlocked.

Inscription: Give voice to the fallen. Allow their mourning song to be sung.

Morning Sun-A steel chakram with gold inlaid inscriptions.

Inscription: Light thy way, blazing dawn, through the shadows of the night.

Lilli also carries a whip.

Skills: Agile, quick (for a human), flexible, and hand to hand combat.

Mirror- A defensive skill that reflects "magical" type attacks back at an opponent. However it's useless against physical attacks.

Blazing Dawn- When the inscriptions upon the chakram are said the weapon becomes a blaze with divine flames which are only harmful to demonic type beings.

Mourning Song- (Special Ability of Lilli's sword) When the blade strikes that of another weapon the air resonates and echoes with the past cries of the innocent if the inscription is said. The cries are meant to bring agony to the opponent's soul by making their painful memories resurface from evil past deeds. This is used to distract the enemy so that the wielder has a chance to strike a killing blow.

Blessed Drop- A healing ability in which water is purified and imbued with healing properties.

Job: Librarian at the cathedral......Holy Warrior-24/7......  



PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:36 am
Name: Vincent "Vez" Ezra Marnez
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human/ Holy warrior
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Appearance: He have a long black purple coat and a light and purple shirt and he have dark purple trousers. He have one cross earring and a necklace of the holy cross. His eyes are grey with a touch of purple.
He is 5'8 tall and thin
Personality: Vincent is a shy person that always looks like he is day-dreaming.
He is sometimes clumsy. He is a carrying person and always help people in need. He hates to fail and is always scared to fail. But he is good at fighting and have for that way a strong will and faith that made him enter the guild with the holy warriors.
Biography: Vincent came from a rich family and was a spoiled child. He had working parents and they gave him everything. After an incident of demons that was hunting for something they attacked his parents and he managed to hide from them. He gets orphan and finds his way to the cathedral were he at an age of 12 became a believer of god. He had been saved by him and he assisted a messenger named Eli, he assisted him and soon took over his place after Eli had been promoted and then past away. He have been sending messages and letter to the people of the town and to the holy warriors and he was soon member of it after some of the priest saw that Vincent wanted to join so he became one of the newest member of the clan.
Location: Heavenly Cathedral
Weapon: Glow of Reconciliation
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Skills: He can move faster and avoid some attack easy

Holy reflect- Put his cross on the air and blinds the target

Mark of the bless - Throws his cross so it will burn on the targets skin. It's effective against demon and half-demons get stunned

Message of light - Do strikes with the cross on the Rapier

Strength of forgiveness- Heals and can heal other of the holy warriors by holding the cross on both hands and prey for the allies and for himself  
PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:39 am
Name: Raksha Yoshiko
Age: appears 17
Gender: female
Race: demon
(Picture smile User Image (human form)
Appearance: 5-9, jet black hair/ fur in any form
Personality: violent, short tempered, loves to kill. hates angels and will kill them at any cost, but if she does manage to make friends she is loyal to them
Biography: she doesnt remember her past very much, but she is loyal to Satan and will fight for him
Location: rogue
Weapon: two katanas, daggers

Skills: shape shifter, pyrokenetic, strength

Wolf rain: turning into a wolf and attacking with speed enough to tear a limb off, making it spray blood

heart of flames: making flames spiral around a person, starting to constrict them, and then becoming a torado of flame, incinerating them

A falcon's screech: every time her falcon form screeches fire erupts from beneath their feet.

jet fuel: fire blasting hard enogh to punch through a wall with its force, also incinerating anything in its path

(theres an attack for every formidable form she has)

Job: paid assassin

xXTears of the WolfXx

3,300 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Team Jacob 100
  • Signature Look 250


PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:09 pm
Name: Natasha Abraham Van Helsing (commonly known as Natasha Helsing. Reacts violently to being called 'Tash')
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human 'exorcist' - works with holy warriors
(Picture smile User Image
Appearance: Natasha is a pretty woman with waist length dead straight black hair and pale skin. She is easily recognisable by the way that - no matter what the situation - she always dresses in the finest of clothes, often with a gothic or oriental flavor, and almost always in dresses. She is tall when she wears the high heels she rarely takes off. genrally she is seen swishing around in ballgowns, which can provide quite a contrast with her occasionally unladylike behaviour.
Personality: Natasha is a woman of two parts; on the one hand she is an extremly skilled exorcist having descended from a famous family of exorcists that are countless generations long and rumoured to ahve once had encounters with satan Himself. On the other hand the demonic job has been slow during her years growing up, and as her family dwindled and the family's substantial weath dribbled away natasha found different ways of entertaining herself. She can be extremly lazy when she wants to be, and is often very flakey in matters of common sense outside of the paranormal. She is a skilled doll craftswoman, adores fashion and belives very much in the value of outward appearances. While she is ladylike on the outside, she can be a little more unconventional on the inside with a sparkling sense of humor and sharp intelligence.
However her skills for exorcism cannot be scoffed at. she is in possesion of many holy and cursed weapons from her family's years of experience, and knows hwer way around a magic book. her natural intuition makes up for gaps in her knowledge.
Biography: Natasha was raised in a family of exorcists and so has been exposed todemosn her entire life. However her family were dwindling in money and power when she was a child and decades of quiet on the exorcism front practically killed off their livelihood. She had been made relatively rich by her inheritances, but cannot afford to hire servants - instead putting all her money into the upkeep of her family’s mansion & estate and her hobbies. She travels around the world performing exorcisms and spells and killing off wayward demons. Now her employment has picked up and she was indoctrinated into the Holy Warriors to aid the current problems.
Location: (currently) heavenly cathedral. she was born in England.
User Image - 'Micheal' -natasha's crossbow. fully automatic
User Image - angelic sword - rumored to have once been owned by the angel Ezikiel, this has been in her family for generations
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
'Richard' - handgun for silver bullets she always keeps on a garter on her thigh.
User Image
Helsing family journal - holds all her family's tips and secrets

Exorcism - Magical attacked mixed with physical encabntations. natasha's greatest skill - t exorcise a demon from a body and trap it within a cursed item.
Searing song - When her angelic sword comes into contact with a creature containing a demon, it utters a pealing screech which shakes the demon spirit's core and momentarily distracts it, often allowing teh possesed human to attempt to take control.
Holy circle - a magical spell. Natasha can draw a circle imbued with symbols around and object or person to protect it from outside magical interferance. only lasts for 6 hours.
Seeking Circlet - magic spell used to seek out demons or lost souls.
Frozen in the void - powerful magic attack which enables Natasha to stop a dying person at the point of death and protect them until a cure can be found. drains away at her energy.

Genrally kick a** in her fighting, but she is only human and not especially physically strong.

Job: exrcist - currently freelance for the holy warriors  
Roleplay:The Demon Assassin

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