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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:41 pm
Hehe... sure.

So... I don't know. The entire thing behind Christianity is social change. Jesus was a social revolutionary, too. I think He appreciates people that want to make the world better.  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:23 pm

As for Aquellia, the logic seemed to go, disturbingly, like this- "God is supposed to come in hard times. We have hard times now. Therefore, we should not do anything to fix the hard times so that God will come faster."

If we're supposed to keep the world crappy for God, why not actively make it crappier? I mean, that should really get Him on His way.

Seriously, the logic there was so flawed it's ridiculous.

I guess you are kind of right about fixing things, but rest of it is putting words in her mouth, really... Paul wrote a little bit about that idea in Romans as I recall. He basically called it BS, and I agree.

Your right, ShideKnight. Thanks for defending me! *huggles* What a cool guy!

And that's not what I meant, although I see what you mean. My point is: why fix it? It's temporary. Yes, we should be concerned and do our best to make the world a nice place, but nothing extreme or drastic. A shift of power and wealth that massive would cause the economy to fall apart. If you DO implement that idea then how do you expect to get those who are greedy and/or rich to give up their massive wealth?

I'm just saying that it's a futile attempt. Why bother? Any change that massive would plunge the planet into chaos. If that happens, then your suggesting that we make the planet worse, which would, theoretically, hasten the Lords return.

What did you call that again? Flawed logic? Perhaps you should examine the ramifications of your own plan before criticizing the plans of others. wink

Firstly, the world has been coming to an end for 2000 years. The signs have ALWAYS been present, and people have always been sure it's right around the corner. Just before year 1000, people stopped seriously making architecture and art. They figured it was just going to be destroyed at the turn of the millenium anyway.

So, I say, why not? If the end IS near, fixing problems gives us something to do while we wait. If it's NOT near, then we fix the problems for the future and save the next generations from all this bullshit.

Secondly, how do we take away what the rich have? Well, the good news is that we don't need to actively take anything. The rich have power, but how? Through control of economy, and they do this through money. If the majority of people no longer accept money or currency, the rich hold no control and thus have no power.  


Debate and Discussion

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