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~Darksoul Demon Mistress~

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 4:31 pm
Here you will post your profiles and biographies for your characters (non-canon) as so! You may only hold up to one class/job, (PM me with a suitable reason if you wish to change, and/or upgrade), and you can only have the skills or magick or weapons that identifies with the jobs and only have a maximum of two elements! PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!

*(Side Note:
Black Magick can only be used in accordance to element--AKA: You cannot use water magick if your element is fire! )

(Alignment means-- Good/Lawful, Good/Chaotic, Evil/Lawful, Evil/Chaotic, or Neutral):


Gaian Name:
Class (Job):
PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:40 pm
Gaian Name:Zach_Barren
Name: Kawazu
Class (Job): Mercenary/gunslinger
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Kitsune
Appearance: A kitsune male with white hair and light skin. His eyes are a deep red, leading some to beleive he may be albino, despite the fact that his skin is not pure white. He wears a cloak over his clothing which hides his guns, and he carries his gunblade on his back
Personality: Kawazu seems somewhat withdrawn and distant. He shows no reaction to any job he is assigned, though it's rumored that he will not do a job that he deems immoral. This suggests that, despite his cold attitude, he is a good person at heart
Element/Alignment: Flame/Neutral
Skills: Chanelling his element into his bullets, foxfire, aura reading
Weapons: Nocturne (gunblade), pistols x2
Biography: Kawazu has been wandering the lands of Gaia for a long time - most of his life in fact. It's unknown exacly when he came across Nocturne, the gunblade in his possesion, or the two pistols that have been the end of many a target. While he is known as a mercenary in many parts, there are no stories of him killing innocents - even under orders. This does not lessen the air of death that surrounds him, however. The stench of blood still follows him closely.  

Zach Barren

Prodigal Demigod

Geisha Princess

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:20 am
Gaian Name: Ninja Jenn
Name: Jenn or Moogle chan
Class (Job): summoner
Age: 32 (rp 17)
Sex: female
Race: sa'bren
Appearance:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Personality: shy,quiet, freindly to those she knows and very smart
Element/Alignment:shadow/ evil-scary
Skills: martial arts
Weapons: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 5:06 pm
Gaian Name: Darkside The Fallen Angel
Name: Dark or Darkside
Class (Job): Seraphian guard the gates of darkness
Age: 253
Race: Seraphian (guardian)
Sex: female
Appearance:wears all black , sliver armor made from all the crystals so that when the darkness tries to break thought the gates she is waiting so that she may send them back to the darkness. Her wings and hair are as dark as the darkness.But she may have been born in the darkness but inside of her lies the power of light.
Personality: quiet it,stern, gentle when she wants to be but brutal when need.She will not hesitate to kill anyone if need.
Element/Alignment biggrin ark,Good-lawful
Skills: Dark Magic, Blue Magic, White Magic
Weapons: Sword, two hand guns, and hand to hand combat
Biography: was born in the darkness but was brought into the light and was chosen to guard the gates of darkness when need.she is emotionless,ruthless in battle. she shows no mercy to those who have been evil and cruel to others.she is also know as "The Child of Darkness, The Devils Child, The True Angel of Darkness".User Image  

Darkside The Fallen Angel

2,400 Points
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Signature Look 250

Reeve The Vagabond

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:23 am
Gaian Name: Reeve The Vagabond
Name: Reeve
Class (Job): Vigilante Rune Knight
Age: 17
Sex: male
Race: human (?)
Appearance: Reeve looks slightly travel worn, having spent years out in the elements. His mid-length brown hair shades his amber eyes, which at certain times seem to glow.
Personality: Sarcastic but caring, Reeve's strong sense of justice and selflessness marks him out as more than your typical vagrant.
Element/Alignment: Water, Neutral/Good
Skills: Blue Magic, Sword Skills (feel free to correct me,I'm not sure)
Weapons: Valiance, a rusted and apparently disused longsword
Biography: Reeve seems to have no official history up to this point, apparently living a quite normal life. Local hearsay is that he learned the skills of a Rune Knight from his uncle, who used to be quite the adventurer. Shortly after that, it is said, Reeve tired of simple life on the farm and left home to seek his fortunes.
He has many years' experience wandering the highways and byways of the world, protectting and aiding who he could. His vague understanding of the political world is made up for by his strong sense of right and wrong, and in accordance to that, he does not think twice about offering his sword to the former and its edge to the latter. The casual observer may not notice, but to those few who know him well, it is obvious that there is more to the boy than meets the eye.  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:12 pm
Gaian Name: NarutoNineTails
Name: Amen-Ra Shi`khen Kui-trema An-ash. ((Axo for short x-3 ))
Class (Job): Assassin and BeastMaster
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Moogle/Sa`bren
Moogle/Normal Form
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Sphinx Transformation
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Axo usualy wears a brilliantly white cloak, as if representing a ghost when in the air. He also has three swords, two at his right side, one on his left.

Personality: Jokes a lot, Care free, but is very serious when it comes to fighting time
Element/Alignment: Slyph(Wind) / Neutral-Lawful
Skills: Petrify, Manipulation, can fly, Summon/Transform: Sphinx, Tornado, Mist, Thunder, Hurricane
These are two large swords(compaired to his body) Axo uses in main combat. The red sword is usualy used for powerful strikes, as the blue is for quick stabbs.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Axo always carries this small sword. He uses it while the handle is placed in his mouth, a third sword in combat.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Biography: Axo had always loved the animals. They were always kind to him, as he was to them. Although he was picked on very much in school, he didn't care one bit. As long as the animals remained his friend, he would always be happy. Until one fatefull day, Axo just got out of school, heading towards the forest where his animal friends were.
But to his astonishment, the birds, bears, foxes, rabbits, all of his friends. . .dead. He looked upwards to see three people in white cloaks, tall humans. One of them spoke, "Leave...leave now you Moogle. We don't want your kind here. We did you the favor of killing your so called 'friends'." He said as the other two laughed, making their escape.
Axo was shocked at this...he merly looked down to his now dead friends. Tears falling from his cheecks. Then he felt his stomache turn, as if something was happening. His eye's flared a ghostly blue color, bright shinning eyes with a glow to it. He let out an ear piercing roar, his body began twitch violantly, Axo began to take on his Hybrid form. Without any knowledge of having it, anger, hatred, and revenge took over his judgement.
His head began to take form of the Ancient Sphinx, his knowledge of his past animal friends fused within him. Their hunting tactics, instincts, language, power, brains, everything. His body was now 'ripped out', increadibley tall, 13 feet. His body was now covered in anceint egyptian text, golden armor, now having two weapons in each hand. The Crook (cane), and in the other hand, The Flail. The Flail symbolized Royalty, but hanging around Axo's neck, was a neckless called the Ankh. (The T with a loop at the top)
Which symbolized Life or Death. This was Axo's "Coat of Arms" so to speak. He let out another ear peircing scream as his form had finished. His eyes filled with anger and hatred, while his heart sank from the death of his friends. With a flash of speed, Axo caught up to the murders. The Assassins were shocked at this 13 foot monster, "W-what do you want..?!" The human asked in slight horror.
"Why did you kill my friends." Axo asked in an angry tone of voice, the assassins had no clue what he was talking about. "W-who are you!?" The Moogle Sa'bren answered with a smirk, "I'm that 'moogle' you ASS HOLES!!!"
Axo brought the head of his Crook upon the Assassin's head with great speeds, resulting in his death. The other two assassins tried to scramble, but Axo was too quick for them. He quickly swipped his Flail across one of the assassin's faces. Killing him instantly. Leaving one left..."Give me another chance!! Just leave me alone!" The assassin pleaded.
"Did you give my friends a 'second chance'..? You sly piece of sh*t..!" Axo grabbed the Ankh and putted it infront of the human's face, it began to glow a yellow ghostly glow before it made a decision for the fate of the assassin. The words "Death" appeared above the assassin's head. A scream could be heard from deep within the forest.
The young moogle blacked out from the unknown transformation. Awakening on a small boat, with the white cloak of one of slayin assassin. A note attatched onto the cloak.
Dear Axo,
I believe you have the skills to be a Beastmaster, and an Assassin. Your love for animals really suprised me, but when I saw the after math of your battle, I had to do something. So I sent you away on this boat, away from the people who would later accuse you of murder to the three humans. Sail to the North, you will find a trainer. Show him this note.
Sincerley, Annonymous.

Axo was very confussed at this point...but later he sailed to a land of the Wind. Later he was trained harshley to become an assassin, also how to communicate with the animals around him. His journey would soon begin.

(Sorry if some of it didn't make sence..! x___X)



PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:35 pm
Gaian Name: ChibiSarafan
Name: Chib
Class (Job): Morpher
Age: Not important, as old as he wants
Sex: male
Race: Demon
Appearance: Has many, but his origional resembles a human, with a dark redish tint, large wings (like a bat's, only larger) of the same color, and long hair going down to his midback that constantly changes color (like once every 1/4 of a secound, not worth mensioning in posts). Being a Morpher though, hes rarely seen in this form.
Personality: Seemingly oblivious, but in reality always aware of the situation, chib doesnt speak often for he doesnt feel the need. Somewhat lost in the world, chib has made it a quest to find his purpose. Sometimes, Chib's mind is easily changed by a suggestion, due to lack of interest. Chib could be compared to the bored child burning ants with his magnifying glass. He could easily crush his foes, but in the end gains nothing, so usually doesnt bother.
Element/Alignment: Fire
Skills: Several inate fire spells useable only in his humanoid forms, but mostly just uses his ability to shapeshift.
Weapons: A dark red staff with black ridges (like piles of ash, only solid) stretching around it.
Biography: Chib has no family. Chib has no friends. Chib has no loyalties. Born a demon, he devoted himself to shapeshifting. After mastering it, he found hmself without a goal. Chib decided to come to earth for challenge, but has yet to find one. He now travels the earth with no way home, and no reason to go home anyways.  
~The Phoenix Saga: Legend of the Chrono Crystals Guild~

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