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For anyone interested in Wicca, Paganism, or Witchcraft 

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:09 pm
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Down on your luck? Worried about someone or something? Need help?

The Blessings Tree is a place you can ask for a little bit of magical support from your fellow guild members when you or a friend really needs help.

If things are going fine for you, but you want to help, then please - just during your normal workings, dedicate a little time and energy to help someone on this list. heart

The seed has been planted - let's let the Blessing Tree grow. 3nodding  
PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:12 am
I feel a little bit awkward being the first person to post here, but here it goes.

So this month marks the eight anniversary of my father's suicide. I'm not sure of the exact date, because he went missing and then we found him, but it was somewhere in the September 11-13th range most likely.

Its not so much the suicide itself that has me down, its seeing people with their fathers. My father was not a very good role model before his death. He was bipolar and was prone to manic abusive outbreaks and could become extremely indifferent when depressed. He never hit me (though he did hit my mom and stepmother) but it left me with a lot of emotional scars from verbal assaults. When he killed himself, it was almost a relief. Through middle school I was pretty much fine, and things haven't gotten bad until junior and senior year. I've just been suffering from the most heartsick feeling these past couple of years and I've been desperate for a father figure. I've grown really attached to my favorite teacher and after taking his class last year I signed up for an internship with him this semester. I was hoping to get the chance to open up to him and get to know him better, and hopefully tell him how I feel, but I just haven't found the right time and don't have the guts to. I've also been combating a lot of other mixed feelings for him that have made things a lot more complicated.

On top of that I've been having trouble with a lot of my friends getting into drugs. Its really starting to drive me crazy because people I really admired and considered smart and responsible are just popping random crap they know nothing about. Literally a good friend of mine just took a random ecstasy pill from someone she barely even knew, and she knew nothing about it.

Last night my best friend got tipsy at a football game and I took her home. As I was leaving to go back home and call it a night I was giving her a hug and then she kissed me. That's not too unusual for us but this was serious as opposed to friends kissing each other goodbye, and so now I have to figure out how to deal with that new issue. At the time I just laughed and pulled away because it didn't seem like a good time to talk to her about it (what with her still being a bit out of it).

So yeah. Lots of muddled confused and frustrated feelings and a general depression. I'd be so thankful if anyone could find the time to send something positive my way to help me sort out everything in my life.  

Kyou Nitsune


PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:29 pm
You have my love and my blessings. I know things can be hard at times like this.

I would also like to ask for a blessing, not for me, but for a friend of mine. She's going through a lot of bad stuff because of awful stepsiblings and suffering from some degree of depression. Not to mention her dog, who's been her best friend for almost her whole life has been diagnosed with cancer. So I would like to ask for a little help, not only for my friend Angie, but for her dog Sally as well - she only has a few more months left, and even just a few weeks longer would make it a little easier on poor Angie. heart  
PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:16 pm
I'm having a few issues at the moment. First and probably the most important is that I am having a hard time getting a job. I apply and apply but no luck. Because of my being out of work I am putting a strain on my father because I'm forced to ask him for money (my ex only contributes $600 per month and as everyone knows with the price of gas that money doesnt go that far).

I have issues with depression and anxiety and the job situation hasnt helped much. I am in school with hopes that this new training will help me obtain a new job with higher pay. School helps a little bit, but depression is something that I have lived with for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it gets to that scary point of doing the "ultimate". The MAIN reason why I havent taken that step is that I have an 8 yr old son and I would never put him through that.

Any thoughts, prayers, suggestions, recommendations.... etc. would be welcome.

Thank you all for listening.

Darke Skye

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Louve Blanche

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:44 am
Aww Darke, my thoughts and prayers are with you honey.

You have my blessings, and I will send positive energies your way.

Depression is something that is very hard to deal with, and contrary to what many people think, you can't "just get over it already". It has to do with the balance of certain chemicals your brain produces...

First of, as far as suggestions go... I'll try to do my best to help you.

I don't know if you have been diagnosed with depression or not, and if you are taking any medication for it. Sometimes, when you are stuck with chronic depression, it does help.

If you are not there yet, or want to do without meds, you could try taking daily supplements of vitamins... The "B" complex, more precisely (B1, B2, B... B12 etc.) Because that vitamin complex is a food for the nervous system. It will also help lower/control better the stress/anxiety levels. This should help you a little.

You are taking a class to allow you to get a better job at some point, so that is good. You have to hang in there.

In the meantime, I don't know if you make a monthly budget, that always helps to see what is necessary and what we can do without for a little while.

Maybe revamp your resume could be good too.

And about finding jobs... I always find better to go give your resume in person, rather than mail/email/fax it. That way, they have a face to associate with the document.

Also, although it can be a gamble to make, sometimes you can try to make your resume a little more... original. It has to stand out from the rest. They have to see that you put extra time in it because *you* want the job.
A teacher at univ once told us that in order to get the attention of the boss in a design office he wanted to apply to, a student wrote his resume on a painted/decorated school chair. Ok, that,s a little extreme, but you get my point smile

Hang in there hun, I know you'll get through this.
And if you need to talk, feel free to PM me, on this account or on my main (Evilkitty).

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:21 am
First I think this is a great idea and I hope everyone who has asked for blessings will recieve them. This is a kind and generous community and I'm glad that we all have each other no matter the distance that divides us.

I would also like to make a request for blessings specifically in my quest as a Wiccan and for problems I have with my father because of this decision. Thank you for your thoughts. Blessed Be.


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o sunflower king

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:14 pm
Boys and girls of every age...

My parents are going on a trip to Las Vegas next week.

Everyone, please, bless my parent's traveling. I worry about them when they're gone.

But much more importanly, bless the marriage the had almost twenty years ago. Help them to see why the fell in love, so maybe they'll love each other again like they used to.
I hate seeing my parents fighting and hating. Please.

wouldn't you like to see something strange?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:23 pm
Prayers and blessings to everyone who ever dreamed of one, or needs one. I feel for all of you, and hope that should I ever need one, I will recieve one as needed. (Thanks!!! heart )  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:07 pm
My prayers and blessings are with all of you, may things turn for the better.

I also have a blessings request, three in fact. One is for a friend of mine, at the moment he is working at a job which promises advancement but gives nothing, any way he will be having an interview for a better job (hopefully) and still isn't sure if he should keep the one he currently has. So it would be great if I got some help in supporting him. The second is for my sister, she and a friend of hers have just moved into a place of their own, they both work at the same job and get a decent wage as far as I know, but I still worry about the amount of money they'll have for food, not only for themselves but my sisters dog as well. The last one is for myself, I recently quit my job due to bs and have managed to get one setting up a new store in my town, sadly however my knee injury has been acting up quite a bit and the bs from my previous job has seemed to follow me. Because of all this I've fallen into a slight depression which I really don't want to be in. I really need the money in order to help my mother pay for dog food and bills here at the house, not to mention trying to save for a trip to Japan in about two years. Please help me get through this trying time.

Thank you all for listening.  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:01 am
All that we see or see or seem...

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for some blessings. First for my wonderful partner, William.

He works like a dog every day, in a job he detests, gets bullied and mistreated and comes home exhausted only to have to deal with his mother yelling at him for something he didn't do and was supposed to or something he did do and wasn't supposed to, or did wrong (you get the picture). He'd quit, but if he did, we'd be out on the streets. We'd move but we just don't have the money.

Second, I'd like to ask for blessings for myself. I am currently suffering from the most extreme form of depression I've ever had to deal with and am, as a result, feeling extremely useless. I can't get a job, I can't cope with the pressure of her being on our backs all the time and I'm just generally struggling.

Thank you for your time and I hope I haven't asked too much today.

...is but a dream within a dream


Lonely Phantom

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:39 pm
I'm sorta having a bad time at school at the moment.
I keep getting bullied by my classmates and I find that I keep getting very depressed. I also have a lot of issues with my mother which is making things worse. I can't go on like this or my grades will fall too low and I won't get my GCSEs!
Any help? crying  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:32 pm
Boys and girls of every age...

I have another.
My friend Nate told me there's a chance he has testicular cancer.
Please send your blessings.

wouldn't you like to see something strange?

o sunflower king

gaaras and milk

PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:08 am
I think I could use some blessings as well, and for the rest of you my blessings are with you!

My parents tend to be anti-what ever isn't Christian. I am practicing Wicca secretly, and they keep almost catching me. I'm worried. Shouldn't they support my own beliefs?
Yes, I am enjoying life, as some of the Wiccan 'laws' state, but I feel like I'm sinking into depression. I am not getting joy out of the things I used to do, and I find my friends more annoying then usual. I'm becoming more solitary no matter how hard I try to fight it.
My grandfather has also had his third open heart surgurey and he hasn't taken well to the recovery. Please send blessings!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:41 pm

Any help? crying
Any Help? you have all of our help always. Family i know sucks at times and can make life very difficult but trying myself in my mothers shoes and talking to her easonably always helps, if not i ignore her for a while which may not be the best idea but oh well. Remeber also that anything is possible and people who bully you are just jealous otherwise they wouldnt bother spending time and energy on you. Heres my blessings to you, hope you make the grades and pull through =)  



PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:48 pm
MY Blessings are with each of you, I pray that all goes right and works out for the better.

I have another couple requests.

My mother works at a video rental store, and they're just turning it around for the better by making profits. Any way rhe big boss of this company wants to close this store down, which will put my mother and I in a lerch for money. The entire staff of this store should know as of tomorrow what the final desicion will be, all I'm asking is that some blessings for strength be sent to the district manger of the store who is at this moment fighting to keep the place open for business.

Second request

I lost my job at the store I was setting up, thanks to my knee injury. So now I'm unemployed and as you already know it is causing my mother and I some money problems. At the moment finding a job is getting harder and harder, everywhere I apply has either lost the form or isn't actually hiring, so I'm home everyday with my two dogs. It's getting on my nerves, and I find myself feeling depressed to the point of wishing for death. I keep thinking I'm useless and I hate it. I really need a job now more then ever and I would like to get out of the depression that I find myself getting into so comfortably. Please send prayers and blessings so that they may be heard with my own, that I may get out of this rut and into good fortune.

Thank you very much, and I am sorry for asking so much. Again my prayers and blessings are with you all.  
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