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Ruthless Phantom

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:15 pm
Mates and Permissions Listing


Current Announcements!
- August 02, 2011 - Though this was mentioned in February, I feel the need to remind people once again. Regardless who has rights, when breaking a lifemating EVERY co-owner must also approve the broken lifemating. It is imperative that people follow this rule. Broken lifematings will be skipped over until all appropriate parties post.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION is when a co-owner has gone missing for months on end, in which case the issues is brought to me, Uta, and is dealt with from there. Thanks!

Old News
Nisshou, February 2, 2011
A few friendly reminders- Please link certs not uncerts so I can check ages
All owners and co-owners must post permission before they will be official
When breaking a lifemating other owners must agree or a statement about the inactivity of the other owner(s) must be provided before it will be broken.

Nisshou, December 10, 2010
The lifemates and broken lifematings lists have finally been updated.

Nisshou, October 26, 2010

When posting a mating permission form, please link to both Soquili's certs.

Cajmera, June 19
small june 16 2009 note:
"pls check for permissions that do not have reciprocated agreements, conveniently marked with a *___ has not agreed or something to the right of the initial permission. also, pls check (ctrl+f) your username to see if you have any outdated couplings!

Felmino, February 1st
• Lifemate status now has a positive effect on the odds for a third basket
• The penalty for breaking a Lifemating has been increased to 6 months of no breeding entries for the soquili in the broken pairing.
• Owners with a MIA Lifemate partner can break the Lifemating on their own after three months - they will then have a further 3 month breeding ban before being free to go.

Ameh, July 27th

to here, as the last update was 4/18 and the permissions listing seemed to have gone by without updates since then.

I removed all the couples who have won breedings that were listed as one-time success/slot only, added lifematings, selective permission, removed those requested, added the maxed out soq, and like.. hopefully everything else.

would like to note a few reminders:

All co-owners to a soquili must have their permission posted here as well, /unless/ it states in the co-ownership agreement that they do not have to; in that case, it would be appreciated if you included somewhere while posting a breeding form that they are not required to post permission as well.

Please also check and make sure the names are being spelled correctly when you post a form, even the owners spelling, as colorists do check on the list through the magical ctrl + f (find option available on most browsers!)

if you have any changes, would like to remove a pair on the list, or whatever, please state what should be changed/removed!
(also if something's spelled wrong please tell also XDDDD)

if your pair is not on the list, then it's either an accidental skip, or someone didn't post a second agreement, or whatever. I'm pretty sure I didn't skip anyone, but as there were over 20 pages to add, there might be a small chance D:

ahh post longer than originally intended. thanks for reading <3

PS: REMINDER (even though this was nulled a couple weeks ago) that open permission is now abolished! if you'd like to find your soquili a partner for breeding/a mate, please use Lover's Rock instead!

PPS: haven't added the breedings together/breeding attempts since last time or whatever since that.. would be a lot of numbers to keep track of. >< if the managerial staff would like to see it integrated, then please update~ I won't be doing that.

Cajmera, April 18th
Lists should be current as of now, so if you aren't on, then just give a shout out. As always, my thanks to everyone for using the forms; they make things much simpler, trust me. Also, thanks to all the people quoting

We're also working on correcting the amount of tries couples have made, either total (in the case of the non-bred) or since their last success (in the case of pairs breeding for the second or third time). If you've got links to all your pairs' raffles, then you can post them for speedier updating!


As the Soquili shop has expanded and grown, it has become more and more necessary to keep track of things like breeding permissions and mates. With all the talented breeders on staff, people have numerous chances to get their soquili bred and, thanks to this thread, that process can hopefully be streamlined.


Existing approved lifemates and permissions will carry over to this thread; however, all new permissions/lifematings will need to be set up in the format below:

Please check your spelling.

Write out full/entire names.
Remember to link to cert images.

[b]Selective Permission[/b]
Names & Cert Links of Couple: [url=]_____[/url] & [url=]_____[/url]
Names of Owners: _____ & _____
Entering for particular raffle/entire month/until a slot is obtained:

Names and Cert Links of Couple: [url=]_____[/url] & [url=]_____[/url]
Names of Owners: _____ & _____
Blanket permission to breed?:

Only the first poster must post this form; for convenience, all additional parties just need to quote the original form and agree. For example:

Names of Couple: Zaphiro & Hienna
Names of Owners: Cajmera & Kyribird
Blanket Permission to breed?: Yes

I agree!

REMEMBER: Soquili MUST be at least one month old (if adults when obtained) or have been an adult for at least one month (if obtained via a breeding or as a basket) in order to breed or even post permission to breed.


1: Info, updates, navigation
2: Lifemates
3: Selective permissions
4: Open permissions
5: Maxed-out soquili
6: Recently bred soquili unable to breed/owners who've won raffles and are unable to enter two pairs or any pairs
7: Broken lifematings
8: Special or unique permissions
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:19 pm

Lifemates are pairs of Soquili that are loyal and breed only with each other. By declaring a pair lifemated, owners are binding that pair together, a fact which has both perks and drawbacks.


• Receive a bonus to their roll for a possible 3rd basket
• Are eligible for entry in any 'lifemates' category of breeding events
• Are considered to always be open permission to be entered by either owner in breeding raffles/bribes/events
• Require the posted permission of both/all involved owners if either of the lifemated pair is to be bred to another Soq, for any reason. This applies to pairs with breeding bans as well.
• A LM'd horse breeding with anyone but their partner breaks the Lifemating (and requires OOC permission, see point above)
• Have a six month breeding ban imposed on both parties, in the event of a broken lifemating (see post 7 for list of currently banned former pairs)
• Require the posted agreement of both owners in order to be dissolved (although either owner may revoke the open breeding permission at any time) Exception: See MIA Owner, below.

• In the case of MIA owners, after three months their unclaimed basket will be homed by the shop unless the inactive owner has given permission for the active owner to make all basket decisions.
• In the case of MIA owners, after three months of inability to contact or not logging in, the active owner can choose to break the Lifemating themselves.

Names/owners/Date of lifemating confirmation/Page confirmed/breedings/attempts (in months) since last breeding
Cyrus and Alona
Lakota and Tabitha
Zhuri and Belle
Settia and Dyami
Hania and Mahiri
Sora and Delphia
Kamaria and Zephyr
Wambli Zikala and Jewel
Nightfall and Tsiala
Celendria and Euphoria
Sheridan and Ardia
Orchu and Kasumi
King and Tetyawna
Hisuiyu and Eris
Isilme and Loki
Ti'Liera and Cheveyo
Pallaton and Rowanoak
Eachann and Ilianna
Kayjin and Makya
Nora and Nipper
Hok'ee and Chu'mana
Paramekia and Ailurinae
Moki and Nicole
Glory & Kahaina
Grand Dynasty and Yue'er
Roka and Chitsa
Couscous and Lilith
Maize and Dyre
Starshine and Kanati
Shihab and Adelle
Milana and Porfirio
Rei and Elk
Vevina and Acajou
Ever Sacrafice and Tawali
Suiren and Nalani
Kail and K'jatu
Cloud and Tifa
Erik and Sehkmet
Shadow and Lunathiel
Zaphiro and Hienna
Yei Umeko and Grencia
Sibalto and Firefly
Desire and Anuyi
Isabella and Dharmesh
Xantir and Aeris
Lieu and Tannenbaum
Besyrwan and Christabel
Starcatcher and Nanaki
Taroji and Applejack
Diabetia and Plague
Will Turner and Waneta/Moire Frost and Iris_Virus/07-12-2007/1 of 2nd Thread
Daveigh and Yukio/Izzy Makani and Lunar Mirage/07-12-2007/2 of 2nd thread
Jazz and Glowheart/Skylar14 and Lita Rutherford/07-12-2007/2 of 2nd Thread
Artemis and Thestral/Remove and Mila Farrell/07-15-2007/5 of 2nd Thread
Raum and Sierra/samus x and Shariea/08-30-2007/13 of 2nd Thread
Elu and Kashet?JadeEye and Mila Farrell/09-06-2007/14 of second thread
Chepi Angeni and Blake/Doodle p***s and Lunar Mirage/09-11-2007/18 of 2nd Thread
Khan and Auma/Xaki and Mila Farrell/09-29-2007/20 of 2nd Thread
Cosette and Twilight/`raze and Tirokio/10-07-2007/20 of 2nd Thread
Andre and Tsaluyi/Kesmi, Suigyoku, and Aysina/10-09-2007/20 of 2nd Thread
Miri and Critter/Kami Swiftsong and Izzy Makini/10-10-2007/20 of 2nd Thread
Galitaya and Micah/Libra07 and Buffy_the_Bloody/10-10-2007/22 of 2nd Thread
CandiFloss and Lloyd/Swirly and Lady Twitch/10-16-2007/23 of 2nd Thread
Verloren and Shiori/Firkasa and Sawaki/10-17-2007/23 of 2nd Thread
Ashiikyu and Sayerel/Atarashii and Chibizoo/10-20-2007/23 of 2nd Thread
Nacio and Peony/Lady Evelyn Nyht and sage_the_vampirc_angel/10-21-2007/23 of 2nd Thread
Tohru and Kyo Sohma/[ Lady Kiya ] and Lorako/10-25-2007/24 of 2nd Thread
Mythril and Gabriella/Rein_Carnation, Presca, Graceangel,RayniaSkye/11-03-2007/22 of 2nd Thread
Ignacia and Atum/Swirly and Twitchapher/11-17-2007/29 of 2nd Thread
Leareth and Fennic/Chibizoo and lilwerewolfgirl/11-26-2007/32 of 2nd Thread
Shizuka Tsuyoi and Zaicate/PhoenizGuardianMikazuki and Caitlyn Hellstorm/12-05-2007/33 of 2nd Thread
Javed Ekaitz and Deja Vu/Lunar Mirage and Izzy Makini/12-08-2007/35 of 2nd Thread
Cole and Liluye/one over three and Syrcaid/12-08-2007/35 of 2nd Thread
Nahuel and Roxanne/Kyaishi and Yayoi/12-11-2007/36 of 2rd Thread
Ansel and Huyana/Kisoni and Happy Tofu/12-22-2007/37 of 2nd Thread
Qin Wang and Hsien-Ko/Chaifuzz and Rein_Carnation/01-02-2008/40 of 2nd Thread
Tiffany and Korusi/BubblegumFlavoredPandy and Johanna K Gambino/01-05-2008/40 of 2nd Thread
Baby Lickety Split and Prince Noir de Glace/Kesmi and sage_the_vampirc_angel/01-19-2008/46 of 2nd Thread
Helaku and Amara/o0 Nel Zelpher 0o and Firkasa/01-21-2008/46 of 2nd Thread
Scythe and Avalokiteshvara/Dixie and Roniel Revolution/02-12-2008/49 of 2nd Thread
Imrikalto and Athena/o0 Nel Zelpher 0o and ~Latonia de la Courtel~/02-12-2008/49 of 2nd Thread
Happily Ever Cadaver and Alora/[ Mialee ], Maura Rune, and Yayoi/02-13-2008/50 of 2nd Thread
Icarus and Tai'jin/EchoLimaFoxtrot, kaliskanny, Amirynth, Lt. Gnatty-Bug/02-14-2008/51 of 2nd Thread
Gemma and Juan de Leon/Kyribird and Talencia/02-18-2008/51 of 2nd Thread
Naguel-An and Ashling/EchoLimaFoxtrot, Kamiki and Iris_Virus/02-14-2008/52 of 2nd Thread
Crousader and Amarinne/Celeanor and Celeanor/Forahier/03-18-2008/3 of 3rd Thread
Delano and Glacier/[ Mialee ]/03-17-2008/2 of 3rd Thread
Trinity and Cavan/LizzyMoo and Angmar/03-18-2008/2 of 3rd Thread
Angel and Raguel/Meeki and Tweekend/03-22-2008/4 of 3rd Thread
Kinomoto Sakura x Shaolan Li/Lorako and miss meami/03-23-2008/4 of 3rd Thread
Ghost and Hesperos/Tweekend, Meeki and AnimeChickie, reap-chan /03-25-2008/6 of 3rd Thread
Spike & Birdy/Buffy_The Bloody and Niloufer/03-24-2008/6 of 3rd Thread
Cirocco and Naina Julianna Belle Morte /Buffy_the_Bloody, Chaostheories and Niloufer /03-25-2008/6 of 3rd Thread
Shimshek and Taiyaung/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki and Konalou/03-31-2008/7 of 3rd Thread
Trash and Lovebug/Izzy Makani, Lunar Mirage/04-01-2008/7 of 3rd Thread
Zira and Veserus/Naysha Aysha and Avid_RPer18/04-14-2008/10 of 3rd Thread
Ramus & Dafina/samus x & Yayoi/04-17-2008/10 of 3rd Thread
Legolas & Lady Requiem/Niloufer and Sleet Tempest Snape & Sleet Tempest Snape/04-23-2008/12 of 3rd
Baldev & Jaslyn/`Swirly & `Swirly/04-24-2008/13 of 3rd
Stormwild & Balrog/Kamiki & Sabin Duvert/04-27-2008/13 of 3rd
Akteon & Kali/EchoLimaFoxtrot & Cihiru/04-28-2008/13 of 3rd
Pendence & Hugs/Keantha & Lawl ii pop/04-29-2008/14 of 3rd
Alenazsa & Shishio/Marinity & Huroggmeten/04-30-2008/14 of 3rd
T'Cora & Darius/Talencia & Talencia/05-02-2008/14 of 3rd
Alice & Wintir/Hungry Ghost & Shariea/05-11-2008/16 of 3rd
Dementia & Flurian/Zee Oddwyn & `Swirly/05-13-2008/17 of 3rd
Montego & Solace/Caitlyn Hellstorm & samus x/05-16-2008/18 of 3rd
Bonfire & Killian/Celeanor & Celeanor/05-28-2008/19 of 3rd
Zakaili & Teyla Emmagen/malhith & Jinx Creed/06-05-2008/21 of 3rd
Air Gypsy & Ireland/Remove & Angmar/06-05-2008/21 of 3rd
Earth & Fennel/Mila Farrell & EchoLimaFoxtrot and Moving Pictures/06-06-2008/22 of 3rd
Coventina & Cocomo/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Rein_Carnation/06-16-2008/24 of 3rd
*Rahu & Aruna/samus x & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/06-18-2008/25 of 3rd
*Tota'keke & Uthando-hanya/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki & Laefe/06-18-2008/25 of 3rd
Heather & Hazelnut/Remove & Meryt-Ryre/06-25-2008/25 of 3rd
Edward Elric & Charlamagne/Shikon Miko & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/07-16-2008/28 of 3rd
Hanna & Entei/nekolulu and sage_the_vampirc_angel & Tasle /07-16-2008/29 of 3rd
Spice & Shigure Soma/Libra07 & Naysha Aysha/07-20-2008/32 of 3rd
Saamal & Kublai/Meepfur & Meepfur and Safaia/07-26-2008/32 of 3rd
Loveless & Antony/Tweekend & Cajmera/08-04-2008/34 of 3rd
Akuba & Dmitrria/Yumitoko & Kyjoto/08-04-2008/34 of 3rd
Vexation & Paroxysm/Miss Cherie & Nessariah/08-04-2008/34 of 3rd
Maeryn & Rötschreck/Miss Cherie & Meeki/08-08-2008/34 of 3rd
Seishuku Saihitei "Hotohori" & Nuriko/Paramekia Darkheart + EchoLimaFoxtrot/08-11-2008/37 of 3rd
Halia & Aureate/o0 Nel Zelpher 0o & ~Latonia de la Courtel~/08-10-2008/38 of 3rd
Hugs & Pendence/Keantha & Keantha/08-24-2008/39 of 3rd
Mapiya & Caelin/Keantha & Roniel Revolution/08-24-2008/40 of 3rd
Alfie & Dafius/Chieri & samus x/08-25-2008/40 of 3rd
Nivriti & Althalus/Sayuri_Nitta & Uta/08-30-2008/40 of 3rd
Ellina & Betula Papyrifera/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Lita Rutherford/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd
Bacon & Prince Frilly Skull/Lita Rutherford & sage_the_vampirc_angel/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd
Marahute & Yiska/Buffy_the_Bloody & Yayoi/09-26-2008/46 of 3rd
Sweetpea & Giada/Hot Lolli & Sweenys_Revenge/09-28-2008/?? of 3rd*don't see sweenys post
Shreya & Sestos/Natsube & Saiyukii/Ameh/10-01-2008/48 of 3rd
Rayhan & Selenite/wooga Paes & Safaia/10-04-2008/48 of 3rd
Khresmoi & Lachesis/Outbreak Signal & Nessariah/10-04-2008/48 of 3rd
Wicapi Wakan & Ochoco/Kesmi & Reeshie Hack/10-26-2008/51 of 3rd
*Hema & Papillon/[ Lady Kiya ] & cyhorse/10-26-2008/51 of 3rd
Azumoth & Bella/Epine de Rose & Uta/Talencia/10-27-2008/51 of 3rd
Little Bit & Papilleon/Buffy_the_Bloody & Niloufer/10-31-2008/53 of 3rd
Qismah & Spirit Sprite/Anthro!Sparky & [ Mialee ]/11-09-2008/54 of 3rd
Momiji Soma & Ozzie/Lorako/Keantha & Rhea Hyuga/11-11-2008/54 of 3rd
Tamias & Delmar/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Rhyleigh/11-17-2008/55 of 3rd
Feryal & Beaumains/Tsunake/Infinities & Dr Umeda/11-22-2008/58 of 3rd
Buffy & Angelus/Buffy_the_Bloody & ~X~Brown_Wolf~X~/11-28-2008/56 of 3rd
Ayden & Estelle/Nisshou Hakuyaiba & `raze/Syaoran-Puu/11-29-2008/56 of 3rd
Snow Jewel & Xiaodan/Caitlyn Hellstorm/11-30-2008/57 of 3rd
Minty & Audra Zyanya/White Neko Chan & Doodle p***s/11-30-2008/58 of 3rd
Rohannon & Sevati/Sabin Duvert & Sayuri_Nitta/11-30-2008/57 of 3rd
Taharial & Joseph/Hypercandy Loli & Perky Persocom/_-Cheeky_Chobit-_/12-2-2008/59 of 3rd
Serenade to a Starlit Night & Antiman/Safaia/12-3-2008/59 of 3rd
Kazan & Sadiki/Apotropaics & Huroggmeten/12-20-2008/62 of 3rd
Elysia & Dmitri/Ameh & astral vanity/12-28-2008/62 of 3rd
Ruby Moon & Hazard/Caitlyn Hellstorm/Lorako & Wyntre IceBlade/erisam/12-29-2008/64 of 3rd
Sandelwood & Kaelyn/Doodle p***s & darkelementaldemon/12-30-2008/64 of 3rd
River Gypsy & Meschach/Mila Farrell & Remove/1-1-2009/64 of 3rd
Tugs & Blaithin/samus x/Rein_Carnation & melodymh4/1-6-2009/68 of 3rd
Lorraine & Brian/Insane Butterfly & Cowwy265/1-6-2009/64 of 3rd
Hinote & Del'nal/Ameh/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki & pippi18848 & Fantasy_Rocks13/1-16-2009/65 of 3rd
Kachina & Kage/Ameh & Chibizoo/Lilwolfpard/1-21-2009/65 of 3rd
Moonbeam & Sun Dancer/CuterThanYou & Ameh/1-25-2009/65 of 3rd
Zayn & Izesha/RavenFyre & Kishara/1-31-2009/66 of 3rd
Kalimirchi & Fiore Neve/Ameh & Naita/Safaia/2-4-2009/76 of 3rd
Faer & Sadiki Iah/Lonewolf_Eyes/Chi Sohma & Rhea Hyuga/2-6-2009/69 of 3rd
Gatito & Jupiter of the Monkey/Lilwolfpard & Chibizoo/2-8-2009/71 of 3rd
Darma & Jamison/Yayoi & JadeEye/2-8-2009/70 of 3rd
Bright Dusk & Ronnie/Brize & Kijani/2-11-2009/71 of 3rd
Raniero & Marut/Epine de Rose & Sayuri_Nitta/2-13-2009/72 of 3rd
Balendu & Ariel/surreality & Meeki/2-14-2009/73 of 3rd
Pein & Konan/Jareth Dallis & Reincarnation/2-14-2009/78 of 3rd
Ciarán & Kyoniki/Feanaro & Manchu the Panda/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd
Dante & Talullah Kaimi/Tweekend & Nerpin/2-15-2009/81 of 3rd
Jeevita &d Lonatos/[ Lady Kiya ]/Reeshie Hack & dolphingurl/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd
Vieno & Alitair/Dovaxy & Silent Spy/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd
Baran & Isolde/purrasha & Kyribird/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd
Pegaso & Lapin Angelique/Vashtya & endejester/2-21-2009/86 of 3rd
Rowtag & Cissia/Lorako & Kira of Flames/2-21-2009/86 of 3rd
Kidono & Yasei/Kijani & Laefe/2-25-2009/86 of 3rd
Avery & Mali/Soarin` & Laroawan/3-11-2009/88 of 3rd
Hakumei & Duzi/Kaisanti & Kijani/3-11-2009/88 of 3rd
Ananke & Agares/Outbreak Signal & Fatal Irony/3-24-2009/90 of 3rd
Crisanto & Kanani/Kirowyn Love/Amethyst M Bell & Aniira/3-24-2009/90 of 3rd
Tika & Apple-oosa/[ Mialee ] & cyhorse/3-24-2009/98 of 3rd
Diallo & Epesi/JadeEye & Remove/Summer Raven/3-28-2009/92 of 3rd
Keegan & Houndoom/demon_pachabel/Nerpin & Melodine Cantus/starrystarberry/3-29-2009/93 of 3rd
Lifestream & Essence/LizzyMoo & LizzyMoo/Teh Angel Yuna/3-30-2009/93 of 3rd
Marieko & Memphis/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Wyntre Iceblade/4-4-2009/93 of 3rd
Unetsiwa & Jame/elvyralani & kaliskanny/Lt Gnatty-Bug/Sabin Duvert/3-27-2009/94 of 3rd
Princess Sonora & Prince/Natsube/Ameh & CuterThanYou/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd
Vytali & Genesis/Vashtya & Naita/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd
Seth & Suuvi/Ameh & Outbreak Signal/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd
Orlando & Kinokera/Mila Farrell & TheMadHatter/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd
Maui & Starseeker/Ivory_Feld/Cut_Me_Coffee/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd
Haggai & Saynel/Remove & JadeEye/5-11-2009/100 of 3rd
Anemone & Kiyoshi Yukio/Doodle p***s & Epine de Rose/5-19-2008/99 of 3rd
Khirsah & Kaim/samus x & Feathered Lunra/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd
Arceus & Exodus/endejester & Naita/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd
Sonnet & Konu/GriffinFire & Huroggmeten/Upside.-.Down/6-06-2009/105 of 3rd
Jujube & Shade/Yayoi & Dovaxy/6-07-2009/106 of 3rd
Dismay & Yahweh/Ameh & Naita/6-08-2009/106 of 3rd
Ai'Jin & Eros/ShtrDrNGry & dracoXK/6-08-2009/107 of 3rd
Inmate & Jojo/Sylent Nyte/Ithillien & Meeki/6-08-2009/107 of 3rd
Zoet Kopy Elorani & Desperado/Talencia & Celeanor/6-10-2009/107 of 3rd
Kizuka & Kai/Skye Starrfyre & Lilwolfpard/6-13-2009/108 of 3rd
Romance & Rockin Beat/Caitlyn Hellstorm/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki & Rein_Carnation/6-16-2009/112 of 3rd
Corann & Shirahime/Caitlyn Hellstorm/Lexi_Angel & Rein_Carnation/6-16-2009/111 of 3rd
Nekhet & Jumoke/Natsube & Kirowyn Love/Mobster Goose/6-18-2009
Olivia & Kato/Yayoi & Excited Apathy/6-23-2009
Wanageeska & Sunfire/Yayoi & Excited Apathy/6-23-2009
Cross & Yuu Hakuto/Xaki & Hot Lolli/Tefla/6-27-2009
Luciat & Sariel/Xaki & Revien/6-27-2009
Suichii & Selana/Sweenys_Revenge & Pale Mist/7-01-2009
Saburou & Frey/Lilwolfpard & Xaki/7-20-2009
Zoomba & ShadowMoonLea/Naysha Aysha & _-Cheeky_Chobit-_/7-23-2009
Sylar & Neria/AlexiaSilver & _-Cheeky_Chobit-_/7-25-2009
Seirios & Rain/Safaia & Meeki/7-29-2009
Reikon Taberu & Hidden Dragon/Melodine Cantus & Kaiyumi/7-29-2009
Sofiel & Sachiko/Syaoran-Puu & Kaisanti/Syaoran-Puu/7-30-2009
Corine & Bairn/Makette & Summer Raven/7-30-2009
Connor & Persephone/Huroggmeten & Upside.-.Down/7-30-2009
Zuilian & Lukou/Lorako/Yuuka Kurokawa & ShtrDrNGry/7-30-2009
Reifa & Syn/Katjive & Duelist of Pokemon/8-08-2009
Kyllikki & Landis/Dovaxy & Leikkun/8-14-2009
D+B & Atreus/Safaia & Felyn/8-14-2009
Callan Mactaíl & Bella Swan/XBlind-DarknessX & Kailey Koreco/8-15-2009
Rocksteady & Dhanuraja/Fatal Irony & Katjive/8-19-2009
Rayne & Wenopa/Bella Dea & Mindsend/Zephlis/9-22-2009
Black Rose & Grunge Wolf/Melodine Cantus & Feanaro/10-16-2009
Fenuk & Final Pyre All Expired/`Swirly/ ~Spazzy_the_Wolfie~ & Carhop Calvalier/10-17
Wadulesi Woya & Gvnega Tsuna/Kaisanti & Inkume/10-20-2009
Aquilo & Cleo/JadedTiger22 & Roserain/10-25-2009
Komesa & Noctis/Ruppychan & Umi Hitomi/11-08-2009
Aleksei & Oberon/Novablu & `Swirly/12-03-2009
Aylen & Kaim/[x]Natty-Chan[x] & Kita Etheria Bloodmyth/01-04-2010
Cyn Generis & Kalila/Epine de Rose & Uta/01-07-2010
Honeycomb & Azuell/Epine de Rose & Uta/01-07-2010
Vibrant Shades of Death & Lovebeam/DevilNightShade/ShtrDrnGry & Ice_Dragon_Demon/01-07-2010
Hilda & Sudha/Yayoi & samus x/01-07-2010
Lailah Nacht & Vatican/LunaRei_SilverBlood & Sage_the_vampirc_angel/01-07-2010
Karma & Alyna/Revolutionary Roniel & Katjive/01-07-2010
Giovanni & Healing Whale/Meeki & MarshMallowPanda/01-07-2010
Sonata & Dirge/Upside.-.Down & Meeki/01-07-2010
Princess Melos & Spot/Kesmi & Summer Raven/01-07-2010
Theia & Aeolus/ Lady in the Golden Wood & ~InfinityTrust~/01-07-2010
Scarlet & Daytona/Sweenys_Revenge & Kesmi/01-07-2010
Istas & Claude/ Luna_Rei Silverblood & Sweenys_Revenge/01-07-2010
Flower & Memory/ Lilly_Foxx & Sweenys_Revenge/01-07-2010
Spire & Queen Lumi/ Jinxeh & Sabin Duvert/01-07-2010
Kasim & Durriyah/ Sabin Duvert & Kamiki/01-08-2010
Rennigan & Tsubasa/ Revolutionary Roniel & Lorako/01-08-2010
Starla & Victor/yoko lorako & Naysha Aysha/01-08-2010
Jonquil & Maharet/Derivative/Amirynth & Sayuri_Nitta/01-08-2010
Unesdala & Abeni/ Nayasha Aysha & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/01-08-2010
Hijinx & Manadh/ MarshMallowPanda & Meepfur/01-08-2010
Zaria & Eidan/Caitlyn Hellstorm & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/01-09-2010
Thaddeus & Tevaari/ surreality & JadeEye/01-09-2010
Starweilder & Morgan/ Leila-dragon-rayne1 & Graceangel/01-09-2010
Skittles & Dakarai/ Naysha Aysha & Doodle p***s/01-09-2010
Auguste & Meena/ Derivative & Sayuri_Nitta/01-10-2010
Alameda & Brannon/Surreality & JadeEye/Surreality/01-10-2010
Aryon & Gypsy Ghost/ [The Spoof]- & Remove/01-11-2010
Oberon & Arelle/Syaoran-Puu & Tebiki and Syaoran-Puu/01-11-2010
Sengdroma & Maion/ Dixie & Syaoran-Puu/01-11-2010
Chogan & Piper/ JadeEye & Harperking/01-11-2010
Sariel & Raelle/Lilwolfpard & Kyribird/01-11-2010
Balgen & Juliet/ Graceangel & Djnn/ [X]Natty-Chan[X]/01-11-2010
Pegaso Angelique & Ameila/ endejester & Sharela / Felyn/01-11-2010
Jean Claude & Shaitani/ Buffy_the_Bloody & Felyn/01-11-2010
Laurelin & Chimalsi/ Tsunake/the Professional Prophet & Lady_Ourania/01-12-2010
Jasper Hale & Alice Cullen/ Kaisanti & Syaoran-Puu/01-13-2010
Kanti & Zerachiel/ hanging gallow & Samus x/Caitlyn Hellstorm/01-13-2010
Miwa & Keanu/ Nuclearity & cursedandwondering/01-14-2010
Ventus & Senay/ Random artist & Safaia/01-14-2010
Sabine & Pez/ Caitlyn Hellstorm & Dark Fire Angel/01-15-2010
Ryuki & Vatican/ Dark Fire Angel & Felyn/01-15-2010
Aislinn & Zul'Aolani/ Thamin & Hot Lolli/01-15-2010
Cuifen & Carcharias/ Dark Fire Angel & Cuterthanyou/01-16-2010
Ahali'bagawa & Afu/ wooga paes & Mila Farrell/01-17-2010
A'Idah & Dali/ wooga Paes & Poetical Rain/01-17-2010
Ellio'ren & Altaira/ IStoleYurVamps & Melodine Cantus & Feanaro/01-17-2010
Haishan Fai & Tuulikki/ Syaoran-Puu & Dixie/01-18-2010
Akila & Storm Chaser/ Excited Apathy & Marushii/01-19-2010
Seraph & Riu/ Xaki & Teh Angel Yuna/01-19-2010
Leif & Zoe/ Sylent Nyte & -Nessus-Euenos-/01-23-2010
Lyka Rockstar & Toxic Sludge/ Sylent Nyte & .Tortured. .Pumpkin./UniWingdFox/01-23-2010
Gaiacinta & Chowilawu/ Doodle p***s & .Tortured. .Pumpkin./01-26-2010
Mizu & Ayelet Hashachar/ Rein_Carnation & Lunadriel/01-31-2010
Firestorm & Shinoma/ Sabin Duvert & Sayuri_Nitta/02-01-2010
Kimono & Obi/ EchoLimaFoxtrot/02-01-2010
Esta & Tregaran/Mouselet/02-01-2010
Cassiel & Tobias/ Uta/ Honey Gee & Talencia/02-02-2010
Renesme & Rune/ Syaoran-Puu & sparrows_poppet /02-02-2010
Zarimunia & Zevach/ Doodle p***s & Tirokio/02-02-2010
Miriel & Baltidos/ Ac.Wings/02-02-2010
Ysiel and Sen'jin/ Amirynth/02-02-2010
Teo & Dialga/ Dovaxy & MarshMallowPanda/02-03-2010
Xaviera & Jericho/ Nymphalidae & Kamiki/02-03-2010
Morgana & Luka/ Devil NightShade & yoko lorako/02-03-2010
Mihai & Nakanadi/ Derivative & Logue/02-04-2010
Oathkeeper & Athosia/ x-Ivory_Feld-x & Jinx Creed/02-04-2010
Ame & Padmasambhava/FlamingStar-Sama & Revolutionary Roniel/02-05-2010
Blade & Wyrren/mouselet & EchoLimaFoxtrot/02-05-2010
Hard Tack & Copena Jolon/Junglerunner/JadeEye & LunaRei_silverBlood/mindsend/02-05-2010
Misaki & Arathorn /Dixie & Lonewolf_eyes/Angelgirl2345/02-05-2010
Ananchel & Benoni/oo DeD & Doodle p***s/02-05-2010
Urielle & Remiel/surreality & Ameh/02-05-2010
Glory & Kahaina/Rein_Carnation & Mintaka/02-06-2010
Sweet Stuff & Spearmint/Rein_Carnation & Mintaka/02-06-2010
Aisu & Glacie/Dihydrogen. & Frey Ghreyston/02-06-2010
Ama & Kyer/Cihiru & Mila Farrell/02-06-2010
Squishy & Porfirio/Sayuri_Nitta & Yuuka Kurokawa/Nemesis Kenobi/02-07-2010
Undine & Yvain/catmagick & Kamiki /02-08-2010
Meru & Albert/x-Ivory_Feld-x & Skydragono/02-08-2010
Persephonix & Aleera/`raze & ArashiX/02-10-2010
Katell & Orion's Verse/GrnGriff and tefla/02-10-2010
Domino & Funshine/miss meami & Ririka/02-10-2010
Sorai & Tsela Cuhotgawi/Manda/Sephiros Immortal & hanging gallow/02-10-2010
Nita & Galahad/Fatal Irony & Uta/02-11-2010
Padraig & Hyun-Ae/sparrows_poppet & Apotropaics/02-11-2010
Kaelyn & Zamir/Huroggmeten & Lonewolf_Eyes/_-Cheeky_Chobit-_/02-11-2010
Lemon Meringue and George Weasley/Rage Beat and LadyDelaidra/02-13-2010
Allouette & Damara/Cajmera & Talencia/02-14-2010
Melody Forte & Mecho Amachi/x Leo the Magician x & Mindsend/02-14-2010
Umojani'Jeuri and Blessita/Summer Raven/02-14-2010
Iniabi & Amaris/Lonewolf_Eyes/Bunnyilove & Kailey Koreco/Kodamizu/02-17-2010
Ennuiel & Sutekh/Kijani & Kaisanti/02-19-2010
Adalina & Hephaestos/vollyballrocks91 & Doodle p***s/02-20-2010
Noelle & Talion/`raze & Kurama no Koishi/02-20-2010
Deusdedit & Grace/Dragain & Sayuri_Nitta/Dragain/02-26-2010
Sadie & Myrrh/Skylar14 & Kesmi/02-26-2010
Cobalt & Airlia/Katjive & Tirokio /02-27-2010
Ambroise & Elizabeth Swann/Epine de Rose & Cajmera/02-27-2010
Soqua & Sirian/Ameh & Cihiru/03-01-2010
Celia & Elros/Lorako & renarde minako/03-02-2010
Istas Misae & Claude/LunaRei_Silverblood & Sweenys_Revenge/03-02-2010
Noble Heart & Mahi/Nymphalidae & Kamiki/Sabin Duvert/03-04-2010
Bheilorveilthion & Sheeredni/[ Lady Kiya ]/sailormoon72491 & Samus x/ Caitlyn Hellstorm/03-05-2010
Amoena & Emmett/Nisshou Hakuyaiba & Summer Raven/03-06-2010
Luna & Casonova/EikKyubi/Kirowyn Love & Lady in the Golden Wood/~InfinityTrust~/03-06-2010
Aton Dismas & Elendighet/Doodle p***s & Libby Libra/03-06-2010
Saeran & Riverfaith/Rita Zyon & Kaimi Kalani/03-06-2010
Seelie & Marcellin/parue & buffy_The_Bloody/03-07-2010
Manovia & Kael/TormentedAngie & Cihiru/03-07-2010
Kenya & Salubri/Niloufer/parue & Parue/03-07-2010
Eirin Blair & Vezian/Mindsend & Nuclearity/Bella Dea/03-08-2010
Keii Himba & Mitra/Yumitoko II & Avid_RPer18/03-09-2010
Valtiel & Emilie/Khryssie & Remove/03-09-2010
Konan & Pein/Jareth Dallis/ Rein_Carnation & _Jareth Dallis/03-10-2010
Ydda & Ryuhei Sawamura/Huni Pi/03-11-2010
Daytona & Gypsy Phantom/x_faux affliction_x & Novablu/03-11-2010
Zaid & Cae/Thalion & Mila Farrell/03-13-2010
Cepheus & Quiandiah/Kyribird & Mintaka/03-15-2010
Ciaran & Wing-Yan/MarshMallowPanda & Poetical Rain/03-15-2010
Crescendo & Rondel/Mameha Otome & Lady Argentum Draconis/03-17-2010
Janus & Ceryseete Inolaisi/Caitlyn hellstorm & hanging gallow/03-24-2010
Edana & Lt. Samual/Kailey Koreco/Skypriestess & x Leo The Magician x/03-31-2010
Jacob Black & Mercy/Syaoran-Puu/sparrows_poppet & bella dea/04-03-2010
Bad Horse & Alda/elvyralani & kaliskanny/04-04-2010
Alohilani & Kai/Painted Moose & Remove/04-08-2010
Mindy & Nikki/Kesmi/White Neko Chan & Kesmi/04-10-2010
Ukiyo-e & Endrra/Nymphalidae & naggeela/04-18-2010
Minuet Amachi & Rakko Aquila/x Leo The Magician x & Bouncy_Pineapple/04-20-2010
Chikotae & Deziferia/[ Mialee ]/04-23-2010
Raziel & Caeli/Ameh & Cihiru/05-06-2010
Soren & Gummy Ghost/Chieri & Dovaxy/Nerpin/05-07-2010
Serenity Frost & Colby/Tygress Dream & The Dawn of Twilight/05-11-2010
Fonn Ardea & Calcifer/Naysha Aysha/ Thamin & Tasle/05-13-2010
Syon & Shú Shèn/Bellforge & Carhop Calvalier/05-14-2010
Carolina & Háidēs/Shikon Miko & Thalea/05-17-2010
Lord Fairuz the Precious & Virvatuli/Hot Lolli & decision lobster/05-23-2010
Rainbow Swirl & Zyanya/Fatal Irony & ShirouEn/05-30-2010
Xeria & Jinn/Fatal Irony & Sylent Nyte/ Debrutsid/05-30-2010
Ganesha & Aerlinniel/elfstar89 & Yuuka Kurokawa/06-01-2010
Jouko & Price/x Leo The Magician x & Kaju_Inu/06-01-2010
Lior & Quirrel/x Leo The Magician x & Bellforge/06-05-2010
Crea'Tion & Candy Carasol/Lita Rutherford & LadyNekoya/06-06-2010
Axel & Seraphia/AnimeChickie & Nisshou Hakuyaiba/06-08-2010
Meret & Alis/Twitchapher(the 3rd) & Frey Ghreyston/06-08-2010
Ichisumi & Kisho/ Dixie & Syaoran-Puu/06-14-2010
Ravindra & Idrenniel/ Dixie & x-Ivory_Feld-x/06-14-2010
Easel & Acid Rock/ Nuclearity & Sylent Nyte/06-18-2010
Knave & Nabooru/ Carhop Calvalier & Ivory_Feld/06-22-2010
Ju & Raksh/Nori Ishida/06-22-2010
Feya & Nisroc/ Agneza & Syaoran-Puu/06-25-2010
Rosabis & Kai/ Elissa Cousland / HyperCandy Loli & _-Cheeky_Chobit-_/06-28-2010
Alaure & Lord Don Juan Valentino/ Lilly_Foxx & Kaisanti/06-28-2010
Hyacinth & Keiyani/ Pandora Talie & Sakura-Serenity2/06-28-2010
Guntur & Indah/ decision lobster/06-28-2010
Galinda & Nathaniel/ Kamiki & Kesmi/Caitlyn Hellstorm/06-29-2010
Agnes Azuri & Junior/ Kamiki & Kesmi/06-29-2010
Bambi & Ahanu/ Masshiro & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/06-29-2010
Stormcloud & Thunderbird/ Sabin Duvert & Sabin Duvert / Kamiki/06-30-2010
Ominos & Eir/ Aniira & Raze/07-02-2010
Pikachu & Vulpix/ miss meami/Naysha Aysha & miss meami/07-03-2010
Tamara & Xuan/ lorako & miss meami/07-03-2010
Sirana & Ansen/ elvyralani & Kamiki/07-03-2010
Hoshi & Amethyst/ Yuuka Kurokawa/07-04-2010
Zorana & Xan/ dawns_aura & renarde minako/07-05-2010
Feena & Yuuri Shibuya/Rein_Carnation/07-07-2010
Cotton Candy and Melody/Rein_Carnation & Naru_Uchiha007/Rein_Carnation/07-07-2010
Deziferia & Kristopher/ [ Mialee ] & Kesmi/07-07-2010
Alaska & Memphis/ Kesmi & [ Mialee ]/07-07-2010
Alice & Tulgey Cat/ Nuclearity & Mindsend/07-08-2010
Glain & Shuckles/ Sweenys_Revenge & pippi18848/Sirenz/07-08-2010
Nihil & Natyre/ o0 Sephiros Immortal 0o & -_Wish of the Goddess_-/07-08-2010
Terentia & Wisp/Elissa Cousland & Sayuri_Nitta/07-09-2010
Aishwarya & Vespasian/ Sayuri_Nitta & Kamiki/07-10-2010
Candy Heart & Rocket/ Yuuka Kurokawa & Sweeny's Revenge/Orisis/07-11-2010
Gahz'rilla & Cetioscolopendra Aeliani/ elfstar89 & AlexiaSilver/07-11-2010
Danari & Janus/ Ishtanballa & Ririka/07-11-2010
Kajika Zuya & Zudinmulzmshius/ hanging gallow/lilly_the_inchanted & Lady Kiya/07-13-2010
Flannghaile & Al Pine/ elfstar89 & Geyser Eelborn/07-14-2010
Kasdeya & Fjola Lightbane/ Kaisanti & LadyNekoya/07-14-2010
Ahotemachk Chittoachak & Searlait/ hanging gallow & XBlind-DarknessX/07-14-2010
Namhias & Iro/ [ Lady Kiya ] & Yoko Lorako/07-15-2010
Echo & Decan/ Yayoi & samus x/07-15-2010
Joachim & Nalani/ `raze & Lonewolf_Eyes/07-15-2010
Althea & Nuclear Waste/ Skylar14 & .Tortured..Pumpkin./07-16-2010
Swafi Jr & Cassandra/ Sayuri_Nitta & White Neko Chan/07-19-2010
Eydis Darkbane & Nykto/ Ishtanballa & Selalusia/07-19-2010
Foreshadow & Linnla/ Yayoi & Sylent Nyte/07-19-2010
Topher & Tarala/ elvyralani & ATh e a r t/07-19-2010
Alexiel & Fearthainn/ Tamiko_kitten & XBlind-DarknessX/07-20-2010
Doomfire & Shilo Wallace/Melodine Cantus & Syrie/07-30-2010
Akiilani & Basil/Novablu & Rabid-White-Mongoose/08-01-2010
Zuriel & Miyako/Dragain & Jynk/08-06-2010
Jazivera & Scout/Caitlyn Hellstorm/[ Mialee ] & Kesmi/08-06-2010
Yazmina & Nikolas/Samuel Carlin & Kesmi/08-06-2010
Sarendryana & Auberon/Katarina Everard & Tiger_Kisa699/BlackFeatherAngel/08-09-2010
Serren & Vitania/Novablu & Buffy_the_bloody/08-09-2010
Jack & Eve/Saiyukii & CuterThanYou/08-16-2010
Rohan & Dulcinea/Saiyukii & CuterThanYou/08-16-2010
Ra'asiel & Nikhita/samus x & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/08-16-2010
Cadmium & Raneru/samus x & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/08-16-2010
Elegy & Doyle/ Devil NightShade & Niloufer/08-21-2010
Alazphraxion & Isleen/ [ Lady Kiya ] & Cyhorse/08-29-2010
Hiresh & Aella/ [ Lady Kiya ] & Sailormoon72491/08-29-2010
Chandra & Sonnet/ Syaoran-Puu & Faid Shadowlight/08-30-2010
Davey Jones & Benn'joon/ Naysha Ayasha & Yuuka Kurokawa/vollyballrocks91/09-02-2010
Jeremiel and Shira/ oo DeD and Ameh/09-02-2010
Sinopah and Caius/ PhoenixGuardianMikazuki and Caitlyn Hellstorm/09-02-2010
Dorieann and Malvotio/ Samus x and Caitlyn Hellstorm/09-02-2010
Eilin & Ashlan/ Mila Farrell & Cihiru/09-06-2010
C: Star & Meiram/ Samus x & Hime/09-07-2010
Ravyn & Dante/ Kaitaia & one over three/09-07-2010
Thona & Nande/ [ Lady Kiya ] & Sailormoon72491/09-13-2010
Aaleahya & Hyacinthe/ [Lady Kiya ] & Doodle p***s/09-18-2010
Aketcheta and Zuleika/ Tamiko_kitten and Kuro-Mizuki/09-18-2010
Macchiato & Torren John/Sawaki & Jinx Creed/10-01-2010
Wind Gypsy & Nocturne/Cihiru & Uta/10-03-2010
Shimanyo & Lomadia/Lady Kiya & Nekolulu/10-09-2010
Zahraa' & Cabriole Amachi/Beejoux & Mindsend/Dragain/10-15-2010
Aidan & Telnara/Ishtanballa & -MoomoolatteCha-/10-15-2010
Hallows Bane & Nymphalidae/YamiBakuraChan & Nymphalidae/10-23-2010
Aethereal & Silvera/Kirowyn Love & Sleet Tempest Snape/10-24-2010
Anzu & Tziporah/one over three & LunaRei_SilverBlood/10-24-2010
Nienna & Terence/Agneza & Cricket2008/10-25-2010
Mini Muse & Storm Warning/LadyNekoya & Eikkie/10-25-2010
Thackery and Arianrhod/elvyralani and Kuro-Mizuki/10-25-2010
Ronin & Fleurite/Syaoran-Puu & Dragain/10-31-2010
Hazalinia Moongazer & ShadowBlade Dragonkin/Tygress Dream/10-31-2010
Beauty & Corrigan/mewmew kittykat94 & Tanukyle/10-31-2010
Zindayia & Butter Pecan/Split personality & And doodlepenis/11-02-2010
Misti & Alphaeus Horatius/Syaoran-Puu & Doodle p***s/11-04-2010
Shula & Tristian/ pippi18848 & bella dea/11-09-2010
Dia de la Esperanza & Jarda/ Samuel Carlin & Yayoi/11-09-2010
Blossom & Imoo/ Divena & Jezbel/11-09-2010
Hototo & Fabula/ GunSniper & Thalion/11-10-2010
Shizukii & Resynn/Epine de Rose/11-11-2010
Hal O'Ween & Core/ xFalenx & iVintages/11-11-2010
Harry A. Hippo& Snubbull/ Cowboy Peep & Rita Zyon/11-11-2010
Rosalia & Esper/ Epine de Rose & AC Wings/11-11-2010
Nymphalidae & Virulent Jailrock/Niloufer/Parue & UniWingedFox/11-11-2010
Echthros & Wild Boar/ The Professional Prophet & Ithiltari/11-12-2010
Jarita & Eversong/ JetAlmeara/11-14-2010
Reggie & Shyamal/ Toadies_soarys & LadyNekoya/11-15-2010
Stefanie & Rave/ ATh e a r t/bullterrierlove & x_Faux Affliction_x/11-16-2010
Kaida & Faunus/ Syaoran-Puu & Dixie/11-17-2010
Sato Shibuya & Zeeke/ Syaoran-Puu & _-Cheeky_Chobit-_/11-17-2010
Arella & Oberon/ Elissa Cousland/Syaoran-Puu & Syaoran-Puu
Tic Tac Toe & Zaribe/ Caitlyn Hellstorm & Rein_Carnation/11-20-2010
Eilistraee & Darsha Dragonshadow/Meeki/Muffinsbaby & Tygress Dream/11-21-2010
Kahili & Tobias/ vollyballrocks91 & brosuke/11-21-2010
Dice Eliza Quinn & Blood Dupre/ _-Cheeky_Chobit-_ & Elissa Cousland/11-22-2010
Betula & Kagali Lillian/ Darkmoon Dancer & sbuggy166/11-22-2010
Nek'Mani & Roque/ Yuuka Kurokawa & Samuel Carlin/11-22-2010
Little Bit & Papilleon/ Buffy The Bloody & Niloufer/11-22-2010
Maisie & Raiden/ Marzipanz & Duelist of Pokemon/11-23-2010
Forbidden & Nivuxys/ Kettyn & .Tortured. Pumpkin./11-23-2010
Antichrist & Anarchy/ Meeki & Miss Cherie/11-23-2010
Joy & Triumph/Sayuri_Nitta/11-24-2010
Rosalind & Diego/ Yuuka Kurokawa & Samuel Carlin/11-25-2010
Cambria & RockCandy/ Orangeish Sherbert & Toadies_soarys/11-26-2010
Ramiel & Niade Stargazer/ Skylar14 & Tygress Dream/11-26-2010
Piaoji Jiangjun & Enfys/ Asahi Kumori & Random Artist/11-27-2010
Tomas & Kahya/ Sawaki and nekolulu/11-28-2010
Terra & Daimhin/ ChaosTheories & Revolutionary Roniel/12-01-2010
Mohkave & Iariana/ Manda & Sephiros Immortalis/12-01-2010
Josephine & Abel/Nerpin/12-02-2010
Raven Black & Koire/Parue/12-02-2010
Brighella & Noemi/Melwyn & [ vance ]/12-10-2010
Takoda & Ecstasy/Revel1984 & [ Mialee ]/12-20-2010
Aspen & Pyry/ Caitlyn Hellstorm & Kesmi/12-23-2010
Dai & Estrella/ Samuality & Melodine Cantus/Feanaro/12-28-2010
Juutumahri & Deya Shidar/Mindsend/12-29-2010
Xiau-Li & Raedyn/ Kaisanti & ShtrDrNGry/01-01-2011
Ailbhe & Karloff/ elfstar89 & Nyx Queen of Darkness/01-01-2011
Jahzara & Mawuli/ Yayoi & x fallen leaves/01-03-2011
Fremere & Aonani/Ishtanballa & Ririka/01-04-2011
Eh? & Roxanna/Sylent Nyte/Silent Spy & Fatal Irony/ktqueen/01-06-2011
Aoi Yuki & Jīnsè De Tiānkōng Tā Hǔ Míngxīng/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki & hanginggallow/01-08-2011
Arya Erebos & Cormorant/Sawaki & Tsunake/01-09-2011
Glacier & Laikaylah/Kamiki/01-10-2011
Zacarias & Fionuir Rhoswe/Samus x & YamiBakuraChan/01-11-2011
Oracle & Shoshana/Kamiki & lysia_nyteblade/01-12-2011
Little Red & Bloodmoon/Kamiki & Sabin Duvert/01-12-2011
Boris Airay & Madoka/HyperCandy Loli & LunaRei_SilverBlood/01-13-2011
Disnia & Warlock/Sabin Duvert/01-15-2011
Naoki & Kamakana/Kirowyn Love & Aniira/01-15-2011
Regin & Knucklebone/heartspoint & -[The Spoof]-/01-16-2011
Sumire & Daedalus/heartspoint & Asahi Kumoru/01-20-2011
Liquid Bismuth & Itzpapalotl/Etherial Requiem & GunSniper/01-23-2011
Esmerelda & Flavius/elfstar89/ATh e a r t & pippi18848/01-23-2011
Spectre & Pavo Lycaon/'Swirly & ladyfirefox89/01-24-2011
Shoshan Blythe & Glitter/Rhyleigh & Pinka/01-26-2011
Ayidan & Kuwanyauma/Lady Aria Starstone & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/01-26-2011
Zara & Hadrian/Uta/01-27-2011
Engel & Jaloo/Andranis & Peppermint Coffee/01-28-2011
Teldrassil & Alto/Jinx Creed & JadedTiger22/01-31-2011
Tetra & Tempest Gale/Twitchapher the 3rd & Niloufer/02-01-2011
Frost & Jayhk/Divena/DivenasMom & Bardess Ookami/02-02-2011
Nesrin & Atlas/Celeanor & Cihiru/02-03-2011
Ianthe & Leonid/Aniira & The_Great_Book_Wyrm/02-04-2011
Omutia & Berk/Strait Jacket Girl & ShirouEn/02-05-2011
Bluette & Pollack/Presca/Venus starshine & Neon Fly/02-05-2011
Melanthios & Keely/vollyballrocks91 & Tiger_Kisa699/02-07-2011
Celeste & Mar/Celestial Requiem & Gl!tch~/02-12-2011
Kathreftis & Apocalypse/Etherial Requeim & Saedusk/Graphophobia/02-12-2011
Tourmaline & Sethos/Samus x & Ririka/02-13-2011
Blais & Cynara/Celeanor & Death Resurrected/02-14-2011
Nightfly & Snow Minx/Samus X & Caitlyn Hellstorm/02-14-2011
Satin & Zera Saffron/Samus X & Caitlyn Hellstorm/Kesmi/02-14-2011
Jaidyn Aoidoragon & N'rai T'sii/hanging gallow & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/02-15-2011
Ariella & Kauko/Meeki & Dovaxy/02-15-2011
Santeria & Nithhogr/Pollack & sage_the_vampirc_angel/02-16-2011
Charlotte & Devicius/Insane Butterfly & Aniira/02-18-2011
Houdini & Amethyst/Moonstar-xo & sesshy552/02-20-2011
Leonhart & Gabrielle/Nymphalidae/02-20-2011
Sterling & Lolita/Nerpin & Nothing Yet/02-20-2011
Xing-Xing & Bedford/Nyx Queen of Darkness & ATheart/02-20-2011
Amu & Kuro-Yume/HaurkaHaru & Kara Asumie/02-21-2011
Sharaki & Nevar/Kishara & RavenFyre/02-21-2011
SeaBreeze & Salty/Wyntre IceBlade/02-22-2011
Selenite & Heliolite/Wyntre IceBlade/02-22-2011
Lao Hu & Siro Banniarnith/Wyntre IceBlade/WhiteNekoChan & Wyntre IceBlade/Caitlyn Hellstorm/02-22-2011
Catfeesh & Desiderio/Kesmi & Caitlyn Hellstorm/02-28-2011
Naviah & Tesla/|| Nessy || & Marsh The Sex Panda/02-28-2011
Kalfyra & Graham/[ Lady Kiya ] & Marsh The Sex Panda/02-28-2011
Bindi & Jaakoppi/surreality & Marsh The Sex Panda/02-28-2011
Priscilla & Kaito/Sweenys_Revenge and Doodle p***s/02-28-2011
Araceli & Malachite/Heavenly Snow & Magical Werefox/03-03-2011
Anelisse & Fenghuang/Cajmera & Epine de Rose/03-05-2011
Astariel & Tiarnan/Cihiru & Celeanor/03-07-2011
Rafe & Sabelle/Buffy_the_Bloody & Pinchmonster/03-13-2011
Black Sand & Clare/Buffy_the_Bloody & [ Mialee ] /03-13-2011
Ashrialto & Delphina/~Latonia de la Courtel~ & Silver Metallic Dragon/03-13-2011
Nieve & Etcetera/Nerpin & Mindsend/03-14-2011
Amberlee & Heaven/ ChaosTheories & Buffy_the_Bloody /03-14-2011
Aponi and Olivia/Nyx Queen of Darkness and Cheshirekttty/03-14-2011
Ichigo mochi & Ace/Moon_Princess_Yuki & Novablu/03-15-2011
Felinus & Auspicious Adagio/Yuuka Kurokawa & Revolutionary Roniel/03-15-2011
Adhara & Agoyoanye/Yuuka Kurokawa & DemeterJade/03-16-2011
Haukea & Kernel/Yuuka Kurokawa & UltaMatt/03-16-2011
Whistle & Ballad/~Latonia de la Courtel~/03-17-2011
Ziyad & Anthem/Thalion & Vistada/03-19-2011
Vesper & Erynion/Faithofthefallen & LOLTERNATIVE/03-19-2011
Amaya & Kohi Noel/Divena & DivenasMom & Bardess Ookami/03-21-2011
Orin & Nerissa/Logue & brosuke/03-23-2011
Sherbert & Darius/Nukido / XxPrimevalPandaxX & Faid Shadowlight/03-27-2011
Koryo & Megumi/Kiara Lime & JulianMoMo/03-30-2011
Ukoo & Pingu/Split Personality & Syrius Lionwing/04-01-2011
Lorcan & Adsila Awentia/Rita Zyon & Rhyleigh/04-03-2011
Zahariah & Obsydian/Caitlyn Hellstorm & [ Mialee ]/04-05-2011
Rayearth & Hi No Tori/Leez0rz & MoochiLove/04-12-2011
Grey Wolf & Sanuye/Thalion & [Eskimo]/04-12-2011
Hathi & Rhea/Juliette06 & Marzipanz/04-12-2011
Pandora & Crux/Etherial Requiem & Fallen Archangel Az/04-14-2011
Jubilee & Zephyr/Sylent Nyte & ktqueen/04-18-2011
Tobias & Bear/ Dulcea & Pinchmonster/04-19-2011
Fjola Lightbane & Abel Nightroad/LadyNekoya/JulianMoMo & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/04-19-2011
Uhra & Adom/x blame it on the --- x & Tirokio/04-20-2011
Jamaica & Nightstorm/ Kesmi & ewagan/04-22-2011
Cinnamon Whirl & Ashura/Epine de Rose/04-24-2011
Enqueri & Shaman/Tara de Draiocht/04-25-2011
Romulus & Lupa/Nerpine/04-26-2011
Briallan Oralee & Rakshi/lysia_nyteblade & Rinial Sisterdragon/04-28-2011
Dragonior & Vanzan/Samus x & Sailormoon72491/05-03-2011
Kamau & Umbra/Nukido & Strait Jacket Girl/05-04-2011
Rajni & Alistair/Feathered Lunra /Ithiltari & AlexiaSilver/05-10-2011
Lady Luck & Seraphino/Marzipanz/x_faux affliction_x & Hallucinogenishawhatever/05-10-2011
Amelia Nox & Erchanhardt/XBlind-DarknessX & sage_the_vampirc_angel/05-10-2011
Bailey & Laures/Faid Shadowlight & dawns_aura/05-16-2011
Auster & Mahdi/Kaitaia & one over three/05-19-2011
Johnny & Apple Blossom/Jezbel & Angelique DelaMort/05-22-2011
Pushmataha & Melusine/DemeterJade & Teh Roarie/05-23-2011
Enakai Vailea & Croatoan/lysia_nyteblade & Jynk/05-24-2011
Sheppard & Kachina/Jinx Creed & Kirowyn Love & Dndrules3/05-26-2011
Amira & Amenophis/Looneytaz82 & harukaharu/05-31-2011
Ichthian & Menthe/Team Edward Cullenation & Katsura Zanshin/06-01-11
Ramiro & Patchems/ Seruta & Kara Asumie/06-05-2011
Foxx& Bijoux/Exaleen2 & Buffy_The_Bloody/06-11-2011
Apple Blossom & Nuka/cyhorse & sailormoon72491/06-11-2011
Archangelo & Ixkin/MoochiLove & stormflower/06-12-2011
Soraven & Ahmik/ SkyDragono & Remove/Amon Larethian/06-15-2011
Ramona & Akino/[ Lady Kiya ] & cyhorse/06-16-2011
Lorenzo & Lainathiel/ATh e a r t / ArrancarYoruichi & Seiana_ZI/06-17-2011
Charulekha & Nabu/Charulekha & Nabu/06-19-2011
Starlight & Junjie/alliisara & LadyKirin/06-19-2011
Eros & Aurianna/Marzipanz & Lady Aria Starstone/06-19-2011
Lady Hanako & Durin Kieve/Doodle p***s & sage_the_vampiric_angel/06-26-2011
Lyrical Sky & Amitola/tefla & .Tortured. .Pumkpin./06-28-2011
Sunset's Coda & Illarion/tefla & Nyx Queen of Darkness/06-29-2011
Criana & Ainsley Loren/Kirowyn Love & Rhyleigh/07-02-2011
Aurora's Ballad & Analissa/ATh e a r t & Orangish Sherbert + kuromeez/07-05-2011
Nola & Yori/Akira-Kisho & Strawberri Stardust/SillyAngelKitty & Amirynth/07-06-2011
Forte & Orrin/LunaRei_SilverBlood & Aniira/07-06-2011
Quia & Hibernus/Mouselet/07-06-2011
Sirach & Arcas/Vashtya & EchoLimaFoxtrot/07-07-2011
High Fidelity & Aequis/EchoLimaFoxtrot & Vashtya/07-07-2011
Myrmidon & Mai/Yuuka Kurokawa & Sweenys_Revenge/07-08-2011
Sign of Water & Miao/Endejester & Etherial Requiem/07-09-2011
Keelin & Obsianus/Kesmi/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Mia Firestorm/07-10-2011
Apple-tini & Shanna/nekolulu & Mia Firestorm/07-11-11
Muse & Pegaso Angelique/Etherial Requiem & endejester/07-11-2011
Cherish & Demon/FitzRoyal & Syaoran-Puu/07-12-2011
Jezabelle & Laertes/Faithofthefallen & Derivative/07-13-2011
Eden Cullen & Orion/Faid Shadowlight & Syaoran-Puu/07-14-2011
Sophia Phillipa Hale & Kristan/Syaoran-Puu & Aniira/07-14-2011
Mire & Keiko/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Pollack/07-23-2011
Thallium & Ofkrysantemiselni/[ Lady Kiya ] & Mia Firestorm/07-31-2011
Galilee Atva & Alvilda/Kaliskanny & Teh_Sil/07-31-2011
Algalon & Kiley/Jynk & Kirowyn Love/08-01-2011
Erebus & Marsiela Elric/MoochiLove & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/08-02-2011
Sgina & Aether/Naysha Aysha & Tiger_kisa699/08-02-2011
Briza & Rave/elvyralani & Feathered Lunra/08-02-2011
Liam & Kourin/pinchmonster & hibi-tea/08-09-2011
Revyra & Hayagriva/Nisshou H & Roniel Targaryen/08-09-2011
Coridan & Nicor/Jynk & Kailey Koreco/08-09-2011
Cortana & Master Chief/Split personality & Renegade Athena/08-09-2011
Whisper & Oloneric/Aniira & She-Ra of Etheria/08-11-2011
Shiya & Skull Cat/catmagick & kaliskanny/08-12-2011
Vena & Azazel/Dihydrogen. & derivative/08-18-2011
Miki & Necropolis/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Pollack/08-20-2011
Saulot & Thessaly Hatetalon/Kamiki/08-23-2011
Hilaire & Araval/Getsurae, Kamiki, Sabin & LadyKirin/08-23-2011
Ananya & Zaiden/[ Lady Kiya ] & Caitlyn Hellstorm/08-23-2011
Wemitan & Fiona/.Tortured. .Pumpkin. & ladyfirefox89/08-26-2011
Nasnan & Nakoda/Jinx Creed & malhith/08-26-2011
Drith & Malice/ FitzRoyal/08-28-2011
Paris Cullen & Thalatte/Tara de Draiocht & Tiger_Kisa699/08-29-2011
Akiko & Onigiri/CheshireKttty/09-02-2011
Serafina & Syn Norikous/[A.V] and nekolulu/09-05-2011
King Arthur & Gwenevere/Pollack & Thalea/09-07-2011
Zei & Mireille/Rita Zyon/09-11-2011
Rhydian & Alokii/Rita Zyon & Neon Fly/09-11-2011
Rishima Black & Fáelán/Tara de Draiocht & Tanakako/09-13-2011
Arpeggio & Kai/Slimycrow & malhith/09-13-2011
Calixte & Kenton/Mahogany Sunset & sbuggy166/09-14-2011
Kailani'ki & Treiu/saedusk & Etherial Requiem/09-16-2011
Destati & Niall/ x-Ivory_Feld-x & Mahogany Sunset/09-17-2011
Kiera & Balraj/AlexiaSilver & Sayuri_Nitta/09-23-2011
Ojichaag Zoosoobanjige & Radiance/dracoXK & LunaRei_SilverBlood/09-24-2011
Heart & China/Kiara Lime/09-26-2011
Doan Vien & Illidan/saedusk & Jynk/10-01-2011
Lady Nadia Misae & Aneurin/ LunaRei_SilverBlood & Tamiko Kitten/10-06-2011
Zalashji & Lady Sarevess/Jynk & Redbud-Tree/10-12-2011
Riona & Amathio/Tara de Draiocht & Kirowyn Love/10-17-2011
Zavis & Bane/Revel1984 & Vistada/10-16-2011
Baroque Amachi & Bellezza/Leopleuradon & x blame it on the ---- x/10-19-2011
Dae'Ruil & Fianna/Sabin Duvert/10-24-2011
Christian & Claudine/Painted Moose & ~Kiana_Nala~/10-27-2011
Katilana & Chaz/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Mia Firestorm/10-27-2011
Zhen Hui & Aranel/LadyKirin/11-03-2011
Sonja & Akh/Angelique DelaMort & Twitchapher the 3rd/10-07-2011
Aryon & Ellette/ -[The Spoof]- & Faithofthefallen/11-10-2011
Solomon & Ruzena/Pollack & sage_the-vampric_angel/11-12-2011
Aetheria & Garrick/AlexiaSilver/11-13-2011
Morgy & Sha Gojyo/MoochiLove & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/11-14-2011
Lime Sorbet Punch & Miriel/Kirowyn Love & ArashiX/11-14-2011
Orphee & Lusine/Muffinsbaby & Faid Shadowlight/11-16-2011
Espen & Velvet/Rita Zyon & Faid Shadowlight/11-20-2011
Pandora & Crux/Etherial Requeim & Fallen Archangel Az/11-21-2011
Terepia & Kaili/FitzRoyal & malhith/11-26-2011
Alaera & Nitor Eventide/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/12-02-2011
Ferret & Mithra/Revel1984 & Vistada/12-18-2011
Edward Vassago & Strenna/Yumitoko & Faid Shadowlight/12-22-2011
Aika & Moon/ [+Katch+] & Naysha Aysha/12-23-2011
Mero & Anomaly/FitzRoyal/01-03-2012
Esperanza & Fledge/Buffy_the_Bloody & Thalion/01-08-2012
Kintori & Soren/Ruler of Everything & xxLuminol/01-12-2012
Dante & Aurora/AlexiaSilver & Mewsings of An Angel/01-12-2012
Te Pura & Dayo/TehSil & Ameh/01-12-2012
Rupali & Kerr'Tien/`Swirly/01-13-2012
Rainbow Sky & Huapala/Jynk & Teh_Sil/01-13-2012
Hepzibane & Zelfrax/Samuel Carlin & kaliskanny/01-16-2012
Abeni & Clouded Fable/[X]Natty-Chan[X] & Dovaxy/01-27-2012
Muse & Tooki/Rein Carnation & Kaliskanny/01-29-2012
Zelia Dorei & Ryuichi/ ladyfirefox89 & Fuzzy Gumdrop/01-31-2012
Kore & Vei'Ran Tershill/Marzipanz & Ruhane Chiisa/02-06-2012
Paprika & Cujo/Naysha Aysha & Mia Firestorm/02-07-2012
Shal'zaru & Thetis/Jynk & Yuuka Kurokawa/02-07-2012
Naz'jak & Gorgon Osiris/Jynk & Naysha Aysha/02-07-2012
Yggdrasil & Ayita/LOLTERNATIVE & Malhith/02-13-2012
Miyuki & Faris/Kiara Lime & Kamiki/02-22-2012
Ting Tang & Naj`entus/icy serenade & Mameha Otome/02-28-2012
Amitiel & Caoimhe/Syaoran-Puu & Yuuka Kurokawa/02-29-2012
Aras & Chepi/LOLTERNATIVE & RockerWolfie1616/02-29-2012
Vivietta & Castiel/Lady in the Golden Wood & Etherial Requiem/03-01-2012
Dukker & Dieve/Pollack & sage_the_vampirc_angel/03-01-2012
Biddulphia & Francesca/LydaLynn & Epine de Rose/03-02-2012
Bao & Yu Lian/Beejoux & Uta/03-02-2012
Melody & Cotton Candy/Rein_Carnation & Rein_Carnation / Naru_Uchiha007/03-05-2012
Juude & Dimitri/Tirokio and icy serenade & Split Personality/03-13-2012
Padmaraja & Eudoxia/Beejoux & Uta/03-15-2012
Sena & Merashik/ShirouEn & Straberri Stardust & Sky Dragono & lysia_nyteblade/03-15-2012
Kalene & Cygnus/xx Aps(Silence of Apathy) x Kesmi/03-17-2012
Amiera & Kelakohr/vollyballrocks91 & ~Latonia de la Courtel~/03-17-2012
Dhiren & Shania Leigh/Insane Butterfly & Moxxiie/03-19-2012
Recovery & Olearius/Darkmoon Dancer & junglerunner/03-23-2012
Mint Chocolate & Tolavan/-moomoolattecha- & exaleen2/03-25-2012
Seresai & Tylen/Celeanor/03-27-2012
Damian & Aerona/x blame it on the --- x & Nim Haven/04-01-2012
Faline & Malcolm/Hanging Gallow & Marzipanz/04-01-2012
Iris & Ananchel/AlexiaSilver/04-01-2012
Diya & Lussurio/Avid_RPer18 & Sawaki/04-01-2012
Raphael & Ethanol/Nyx Queen of Darkness and -[The Spoof]- and rockerwolfie1616/04-03-2012
Blackout & King/Icipher Infinite & JulianMoMo/04-07-2012
Gypsy Soul & Dante/`Swirly & Novablu /04-07-2012
Ugilanistorda & Zherneboh/[ Lady Kiya ] & [ Lady Kiya ]/Caitlyn Hellstorm/04-11-2012
Ariston & Asami/Leez0rz & cyhorse/04-18-2012
Leilan & Lovely/Fatal Irony & Yayoi/04-25-2012
Unesdala Aisgi & Azure/Das Tor & Kitsune Mistress Nyoko/04-27-12
Muse & Pegaso Angelique/Ktns/saedusk & endejester/04-27-12
Connor MacLeod & Heather MacLeod/The Fawnz & DemeterJade/04-28-12
Ironforge & Keely/JetAlmeara & ladyfirefox89/lonewolf_eyes/04-28-12
Feri & Hameln/nekolulu & Malikztiah Ankhere/04-29-12
Trovin & Amitola/nekolulu & chi honda/04-29-12
Scar & Anita/Meeki/Sylent Nyte & Fatal Irony/05-01-12
Inara Serra & Johnathan Sparrow/Fatal Irony & Devil NightShade/05-07-12
Acacia & Banzai/Nyx Queen of Darkness & CheshireKttty/05-08-12
Azshara and Sylph Forcas/Uta & Epine de Rose/05-11-12
Roza & Firewind/nekolulu & Celeanor/05-12-12
Shikon and Kanic Ash/Kara Asumie & Mangshra and Looneytaz82/05-17-12
Xion & Keri/CrimsonCutie666 and nekolulu & Little Black cat/05-17-12
Jasmine Lilly & Samandiriel/Insane Butterfly & Darkmoon Dancer/05-23-12
Tsare & Myastanaklon/Sailormoon72491 & [ Lady Kiya ]/05-27-12
Sayan Elric & Fei Yen Li/[X]Natty-Chan[X] & dawns_aura/06-03-12
Pyper & Raja/Moxxiie & Looneytaz82/06-06-12
Amuru & Elara/Vistada & Revel1984/06-09-12
Connor & Destry/White Neko Chan & Mia Firestorm/06-13-12
Pilgrim & Quismah/White Neko Chan & Mia Firestorm/06-13-12
Zainan & Zakariah/White Neko Chan & Mia Firestorm/06-13-12
Ivory & Symphony/Faid Shadowlight & Yumitoko/06-15-12
Wallace & Isa/ .Tortured. .Pumpkin. & RockerWolfie1616/06-19-12
Berceuse & Brennivin/Cowboy Peep & Agneza/06-20-12
Tynan & Lenore/Ririka & Ishtanballa/06-24-12
Daniel & Lennox/Ishtanballa & Yousei Akki/06-30-12
Morkin & Aquilina/x blame it on the --- x & Roniel Targaryen/07-01-12
Sir Lucian Misae & Tefnut/weenys_Revenge & Twitchapher the 3rd/07-12-12
Ambien Rose & Gypsy Nightshade/Marzipanz & Novablu/07-11-12
Alti & Jormungander/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/07-16-12
Adela & Rockstar/mew-neko / Faid Shadowlight & Yumitoko (II)/07-20-12
Azkadellia & Shalar/Tefla and Syaoran-Puu/07-26-12
Anaflexi & Mirat/Gl!tch~ & TanuKyle/07-28-12
Vasilissa & Alexi/LOLTERNATIVE & LOLTERNATIVE/08-09-12
Astatine & Grindery/Marinity & saedusk/08-11-12
Lady Siobhan Francesca Michaela Leigh & Julian Renaud/Aysina & Buffy_the_Bloody/08-11-12
Mizuki & Rayne/catmagick & catmagick/08-12-12
Ravati & Opus Amachi/Pollack & ACWings/08-12-12
Axel & Kveta/Sunchaser9000 & Sunchaser9000 and Magnadearel/08-13-12
Indilwen & Eyota/CheshireKttty & Thalea/08-15-12
Cealdia & Suraj/[ Lady Kiya ] & saedusk/08-17-12
Iyrridelmirev & Dakari/[ Lady Kiya ] & Samus x/08-17-12
Cassiterite & Toke/[ Lady Kiya ] & Saint Sergio/08-17-12
Alinaris & Valefar/Samus x & [ Lady Kiya ]/08-17-12
Aquitaine & Agave Noctis/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/08-22-12
Sayoko & Meso`s`Nogama/ImAHarumiBunny + irishgirl1017 & Green Ever After/08-27-12
Yalei & Lumen Anor/ATh e a r t & Nyx Queen of Darkness/08-27-12
Samil & Teenti illum/[X]Natty-Chan[X] & sage_the_vampirc_angel/09-13-2012
Damien & Árvakr/ Meeki and [Alchemist.exe] & Junglerunner/09-13-2012
Voodoo & Corvus Mortuus/LOLTERNATIVE | x blame it on the --- x & TanuKyle/09-14-2012
Keilani & Amritamalini Jyesthila/dawns_aura/09-17-2012
Miya & Ecstasy/-Moomoolattecha- & Mia Lovasz/09-30-2012
Vanwyn & Honovi/x blame it on the --- x & RockerWolfie1616 & Akira-Kisho/10-02-12
Merete Lieve & Celebeat/ATh e a r t & Revien/10-05-12
Krad & Thorn/Reeve_Tuesti & Nisshou H/10-07-12
Ignis & Sephia/ Faithofthefallen, akuma_kessaku & -[The Spoof]-/10-08-12
Vitaliya & Perth/musicaloner7 & -Yasha Alchemist/10-08-12
Puff Jenkins & Lil'Stitch/Thamin/10-09-12
Duarusha & Kazekage/serpentsong & Rein_Carnation/10-09-12
Aelvainyx & Minuet/ArashiX & Crimson Ribbon & Tiroko/10-10-12
Itali & Snow White/derivative & Fatal Irony/10-12-12
Selianne & Chikotae/White Neko Chan and Caitlyn Hellstorm & Mia Lovasz/10-12-12
Leila & Ren/Strawberri Stardust & [Mistress Morbid]/10-13-12
Broc & Oliver/Redbud-Tree & Kitsune Mistress Nyoko/10-19-12
Hydro & Hiruki/XxPrimevalPandaxX & Lunadriel/11-02-12
Nakita & Cyrus Monrey/Thalea & Laroawan/11-04-12
Haven & Castiel/Rinial Sisterdragon & Buffy_the_Bloody/11-05-12
Teykali & Topper/Rinial Sisterdragon & chi honda/11-05-12
Trillian & Crosswind/Rinial Sisterdragon & Strawberri Stardust/11-05-12
Poloma & Kahlil/musicaloner7 & Ririka/11-08-12
Amaya & Shyam/Kyaishi & Uta/11-15/12
Belinda x Quetzalcoatl/Faithofthefallen and x blame it on the --- x/11-16-12
Hiamovi & Hiroshi/Otome & x_Faux Affliction_x/11-17-12
Kasi & Copper/Wooga Paes & Baby Pandah/11-22-12
Aisha& Caspian/Ririka/11-22-12
Dominica & Prince Sterling/Ishtanballa & Ririka/11-28-12
Nikita & Talos/Ishtanballa & Ririka/11-28-12
Valkyrie & Wendigo/Ishtanballa & Ririka/11-28-12
Vesper & Prince Dix/XxPrimevalPandaxX & Ishtanballa/11-29-12
Francesca & Bourkan/XxPrimevalPandaxX & Ishtanballa/11-29-12
Aellai & Emeric/XxPrimevalPandaxX & Ishtanballa/11-29-12
Cumulonimbus & Genevia Kageka/elvyralani & hanging gallow/11-29-12
Zachariah & Iona Darkbane/XxPrimevalPandaxX & Ririka/11-29-12
Tinúviel & Pachelbel/Mahogany Sunset & Lady Argentum Draconis/12-11-12
Jumanjii & Ekakini/Nyhility & Ktns/01-02-13
Sky & Sapphrion Kanny/SylverStar & ladyfirefox89/01-03-13
Louvia & Alaric/ATh e a r t/01-03-13
Avalon & Saint Everard/Thalion/01-03-13
Uroko Banggai & Ichiou/CheshireKttty & Darkmoon Dancer/01-04-13
Attacus Loch & Macalania/SylverStar & LOLTERNATIVE/01-04-13
Delilah & Aditsan Ajei/`raze & -PR0X1MA-C3NTAUR1-/01-04-13
Alinaris & Black Minx/Mia Lovasz & [ Lady Kiya ]/01-05-13
Murine & Tebald/~Lady Kanna~ & Teh Roarie/01-11-13
Dragoona & Hephaestion/x blame it on the --- x & Jynk/01-12-13
Swimdeep & Aglaope/Jynk & ~Kiana_Nala~/01-13-13
Darkspine & Moam/Jynk & xX_TRIBUTE_GAMER_Xx/01-13-13
Haemon & Acriimony/stormflower/winterelf86 & Jynk/01-14-13
Jem & Ingram/kaliskanny & stormflower/01-15-13
Smoot Samophlange & Krylla Muzzlewicket/Jynk & kaliskanny/01-15-13
Icefyre & Archangelica/Lunadriel & Ririka/01-18-13
Chatura & Sastimos/CitrusCupcake & Baby Pandah, Presca, Star Sorceress/01-18-13
Bulena "Bob" Stronghammer x Tecciztecatl/Kaitaia and x blame it on the --- x/01-27-13
Rain Curl & Ardin/Rita Zyon & Lunarflowermaiden/01-29-13
Zhulik & Sargent Pepper/xxx Yuki Bear xxx & Saint Sergio/01-30-13
Conleth & Pyralis/techabyte and AlexiaSilver & Nim Haven and AlexiaSilver/02-03-13
Penthesilea & Achilles/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/02-04-13
Cergen Telbran & Atlantis/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/02-04-13
Derecho & Kaliri/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/02-04-13
Maggot & Mr. Cadaver/Kaliskanny and Elvyralani & Kaliskanny/02-04-13
Aruhe & Eridanus/Stormflower & Lady Argentum Draconis/02-04-13
Naomi & Auri/ ATh e a r t & LydaLynn/02-04-13
Hypnos & Okelani/She-Ra of Etheria & JetAlmeara/02-04-13
Cocomin & Whisper/LydaLynn & Looneytaz82/02-04-13
Reba & DeathWitch/White Neko Chan & Kaliskanny/02-04-13
Bella & Bhim/ImAHarumiBunny & Wyntre IceBlade/02-04-13
Celessia & Winterbaine/CheshireKttty & Darkmoon Dancer/02-04-13
Pontas & Trida Nidae/Mameha Otome x Lady Argentum Draconis/02-04-13
Luminary & Kohaku/[+Katch+] & stormflower/02-04-13
Chimere & Camarin/Sleet Tempest Snape & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/02-04-13
Dasyn & Vereal/dolphingurl & Kirowyn Love/02-04-13
Naerdiel & Marshmarrow/ImAHarumiBunny & Nyhility/02-04-13
Cassiopeia & Angel White/Rein_Carnation & Parue/02-04-13
Alberich & Brighde/LadyKirin/02-04-13
Evanescence & Ostara/Rein_Carnation & Sleet Tempest Snape/02-04-13
Heze & Hakidonmuya/Faid Shadowlight & Syaoran-Puu/02-04-13
Onibi Storm & Calligraphy/Kamiki & Kamiki/Sabin Duvert/02-05-13
Stardust & Nightmare Moon/Kamiki/Sabin Duvert & Kamiki/02-05-13
October & Oberon/Kaliskanny & LunaRei_SilverBlood/02-05-13
Genesis & Gin Kageka/Leez0rz & Hanging Gallow/02-05-13
Dameon Skia & Ethereal Dawn/Leez0rz & Hanging Gallow/02-05-13
Amirynth & Zevron/Amirynth/02-05-13
Idelisa & Miquiztli/Junglerunner & Mindsend/02-05-13
Alyssia Flew & Beat/Leopleuradon & Mameha Otome/02-05-13
Star Spectral Courier & Angharad/Mobster Goose & Kamiki/02-05-13
Nekomata X Sarvara/Kamiki X Xx--Fuzzy-Gumdrop--xX/02-05-13
Danae & Eillafae Vel Sol/Leopleuradon (+ ArashiX) & ArashiX/02-05-13
Atraiu & Crisiant/Uta & ArashiX (+ Frey Greyston)/02-05-13
Lament & Westrion/Nyx Queen of Darkness & Thalea/02-05-13
Reese & Keelin Odalis/Saint Sergio & Rhyleigh/02-05-13
Brandilynn & Admiral/GrnGriff & Dovax/02-05-13
Miyako & Aiko/White Neko Chan & AlexiaSilver/02-06-13
Lyric & Heath/Belalusiia & NovaCracker/02-06-13
Anhero & Calliopi/Ktns & Moxxiie/02-06-13
Vellika & Aydan/Divena & DivenasMom & Angelique Delamort/02-06-13
Aresenciel & Zacharael/-[The Spoof]- & Kettyn/02-06-13
Viorel & Uriel/Zolis & Kaliskanny/02-09-13
Naxxramas Dart & Burgle Eye/ladyfirefox89 & kaliskanny/02-14-13
Erzulie & Petiterilediris/Rhyleigh/02-14-13
Hunter Brown & Ethan/Parue & Sabin Duvert/02-15-13
Gloom & Corvain/Tsunake & ArashiX + Crimson Ribbon/02-15-13
Vesper & Prince Dix/ Ishtanballa/02-19-13
Sirene & Matthius/~Lady Kanna~ & Juliette06/02-20-13
Gothsmog & Xelthelios/Yayoi &Yuuka Kurokawa/03-09-13

**Pairs preceded by two red asterisks do NOT have open permission to breed and require posted permission before entering raffles
*Pairs with a normal asterisk have permission to enter regardless of whether the other owner is still on gaia or not, all baskets destinations are decided by active (mate) owner



Ruthless Phantom


Ruthless Phantom

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:58 pm
Selective Permission

Selective permissions are pairs that, while not lifemated, nevertheless have permission from their owners to breed. These permissions might be the result of plot; a pair of soquilis in rp might have a fling. They might be the result of OOC; the two soquili look good together! Either way, the selective permissions are just that; selective. These permissions can be for one raffle attempt, one MONTH of raffle attempts, or as many attempts as it take to get a breeding; they can even be permission to breed to the maximum. The terms are up to the individual owners involved, and as long as they are confirmed by both/all owners they are legit.

Selective Permissions...
~Grant permission for that pair to be entered in any and all breeding events that fall within the conditions
~Will be removed after the expiration of their terms (for example, if a pair has permission to try in January, at the end of January they will be removed regardless of whether or not they obtained a breeding. If the permission is valid until they win a breeding, they will be removed after that breeding is obtained)
~Are not exclusive. A soquili can have multiple selective permissions posted with different partners; however, that soquili may only be entered with ONE partner per event and may only win once per month.
~Are valid, open permissions during their term. If a soquili has permission to breed with another until they get baskets, either owner may enter them in every raffle until they get baskets without necessarily asking the other owner before each event.
~May be ended at any time by either owner with no penalties
~In the case of MIA owners, after three months their unclaimed basket will be homed by the shop unless the inactive owner has given permission for the active owner to make all basket decisions.

Names/owners/Date of permission confirmation/Page confirmed/type of permission/breedings together/attempts since last breeding

All/Skye Starrfyre & TheMadHatter/?/16 of 1st Thread/General
All/+Sephiros Immortal+ & Manda/06-11-2008/24 of 3rd/General
Shishio and Alenazsa/Hurrogmeten and Marinity/07-12-2007/2 of 2nd Thread/General/Two
Taiyaung and Shimshek/Konalou and PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/07-12-2007/2 of 2nd Thread/General/two
Moir and Isiyah/Teh Cheryl, Hime and -Polar-/07-12-2007/4 of 2nd Thread/General
Kazeko and Windwalker/JadeEye and Mila Farrell/07-12-2007/3 of 2nd Thread/General
Harij and Ayanna/`Swirly and [X]Natty-Chan[X]/07-12-2007/4 of 2nd Thread/One success
Andromeda and Virgo/Rein_Carnation and Virgo/07-12-2007/4 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Sayvil and Rolan/Harperking and Foalen/07-13-2007/4 of 2nd Thread/General/One
All/Harperking and Foalen/07-13-2007/4 of 2nd Thread/General
Kasi and Copper/wooga paes and Baby Pandah/07-13-2007/5 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Lolita and Sterling/Nothing Yet and Nerpin/08-24-2007/8 of 2nd Thread/General/Two
Anarchy and Antichrist/Meeki and Miss Cherie/08-24-2007/8 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Ksapa and Daze/Harperking and Beat Fu/08-24-2007/9 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Silverwings and Tayook (or any other female)/Katersaur, Lorako, and MoonRazor/08-25-2007/10 of 2nd Thread/General
Varmint and Eidaeri/Lady Kitania and Hime/08-25-2007/10 of 2nd Thread/General
Kwahu Lesotho and Azulia/Miss Cherie and Justin/08-25-2007/10 of 2nd Thread/General/Two
Imperio and Keahi/Teh Cheryl, -Polar-, and Huroggmeten/08-25-2007/11 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Sha Goyjo and Morgy/[X]Natty-Chan[X] and MoochiLove/08-30-2007/11 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Sanuye and Uwihi/Lauryn de Vampyre and Johanna K. Gambino/08-30-2007/12 of 2nd Thread/General
Lady Amarantha Cromwell and Hegata/Doodle p***s and Johanna K Gambino/08-30-2007/12 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Raum and Sierra/samus x and Shariea/08-30-2007/13 of 2nd Thread/General
Kildegard and Blossomforth/Cajmera and Meeki/09-06-2007/14 of the 2nd Thread/One success
Chogan and Tshibala/JadeEye and [Alchemist.exe]/09-06-2007/14 of 2nd Thread/General
Devalen and Asherah/JadeEye and Kyribird/09-06-2007/14 of 2nd Thread/General
Justice and Zatarra/Meepfur and Naita/09-09-2007/16 of 2nd Thread/General
Rosiel and Riven/Chibizoo and Gelfin/09-08-2007/16 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Briar and Wild Rose/Naeve and Foalen/09-11-2007/16 of 2nd Thread/General
Izusa and any stallion of Sabin's/Sabin Duvert, Kamiki, Sayuri_Nitta/09-11-2007/17 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Tír na nóg and Optima/Chieri and Beat Fu/09-11-2007/18 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Rhapsody and Leilani/Skylar14 and mistalina13/09-12-2007/18 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Halloween and Gingey/Izzy Makani and Lady Kitania/09-18-2007/19 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Opera & Yaholo/Swampiestarr & demon_pachabel/09-21-2007/19 of 2nd Thread/One Success
Shaylee and Torn/Rein_Carnation, Parue and Shareia/10-11-2007/22 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Lysander & Atikala Aditya/Naita & Meepfur/10-13-2007/22 of 2nd Thread/General
Kiefer & Journey/BubblegumFlavoredPandy & Moire Frost/10-13-2007/22 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Jean-Claude & Shaitani/Buffy_the_Bloody & Felyn/11-01-2007/24 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Kajika and Rowenya/Shareia and Caitlyn Hellstorm/11-03-2007/25 of 2nd Thread/General
Feena and Yuuri Shibuya/Rein_Carnation and Guardian Yami/11-03-2007/26 of 2nd Thread/General
Uwodu and Dirt/Johanna K. Gambino, Amirynth and Psycho Shocker/11-10-2007/26 of 2nd Thread/General
Kai and Nixsi/Teh Cheryl, -Polar- and Saiyukii/11-12-2007/27 of 2nd Thread/General
Eponine and Ezriel/Uta and x-Ronso-x/11-12-2007/27 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Troilus and Sukari/+Sephiros Immortal+ and Kyaishi/11-18-2007/30 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Any and Any/Sabin Duvert and Kamiki/11-21-2007/31 of 2nd Thread/General
Misu and Kimama/dolphingurl and dragonsix/11-22-2007/31 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Catori and Tempest/Parue and Niloufer/11-24-2007/31 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Sirius and Raina/Kamiki and Death Resurrected/11-24-2007/32 of 2nd Thread/General
K'jatu and Vudeux/Syrynx and Shariea/11-26-2007/33 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Zephyr and Squalla/Parue and Lethrossen/12-05-2007/33 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Kishi and Resonance/Infinities and Kyribird/12-05-2007/34 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Arome and Momiji Soma/Libra07, Keantha and Lorako/12-05-2007/34 of 2nd Thread/General
Houndoom and Lecia/starrystarberry and Lady Kitania/12-08-2007/34 of 2nd Thread/General
Blackfire and Suizei/PhoenixGuardianMikazuki and Laefe/12-08-2007/34 of 2nd Thread/General
Absinthe and Llyr/Infinities and Taejira/12-08-2007/34 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Tanllwyth and Taiki/lilwerewolfgirl, Skye Starrfyre, and endejester/12-08-2007/35 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Elan and Karishma/raep-chwan and Cutting Containment/12-08-2007/35 of 2nd Thread/General
Anubis and Septimus/lilwerewolfgirl and Xaki/12-08-2007/36 of 2nd Thread/General/one
Crowley and Kiwi Tart/Mintaka and Safaia/12-08-2007/36 of 2nd Thread/General
Torey and Kanti/Kami Swiftsong and darkelementaldemon/12-19-2007/37 of 2nd Thread/General
Kileyo and Ishtar/Kyribird and Infinities/12-21-2007/37 of 2nd Thread/General
Wyrsa and Tlocotl/mouselet, Kilynn and EchoLimaFoxtrot/12-22-2007/38 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Indu and Mocha/Reeve, PhoenixGuardianMikazuki, and -Polar-/12-21-2007/39 of 2nd Thread/General
Eydis and Quetzal/CuterThanYou, Silent Spy, and Bird Draggon/12-22-2007/37 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Kimaria and Naomi/Ronso and Tahja Estes/01-05-2008/41 of 2nd Thread/General
Woorwill and Nova/Wotcher and Eff Em/01-06-2008/42 of 2nd Thread/One Success
Dementia and Flurian/Zee Oddwyn and Swirly/01-06-2008/42 of 2nd Thread/General
Ilaria and Paco/Chieri and wooga paes/01-06-2008/42 of 2nd Thread/General
Ebio and Samael/Moochilove and Laefe/01-06-2008/42 of 2nd Thread/General
Atikala Aditya and Shinzu/Meepfur and Dark Fire Angel/01-10-2008/43 of 2nd Thread/General
Vatican and Ryuki/DFA and Felyn/01-10-2008/43 of 2nd Thread/General
Miakoda and Cullen/Mila Farrell and TormentedAngie/01-10-2008/44 of 2nd Thread/General
Hellfire and Styx/Meeki and Mintaka/01-11-2008/44 of 2nd Thread/General
Tetra and Sadiki/Twitchapher and Rhea Hyuga/01-12-2008/44 of 2nd Thread/General
Sorai and Tsela Cuhotgaw/Manda and hanging gallow/01-14-2008/45 of 2nd Thread/One success
Mahi and Noble Heart/Sabin, Kamiki, Auror Nymphadora Tonks/01-15-2008/45 of 2nd Thread/General
Malice and Toku/Tweekend and Miliardo Kason/01-19-2008/46 of 2nd Thread/General
Nitika and Hatake Kakashi/Rein_Carnation and AnimeChickie/01-20-2008/46 of 2nd Thread/General
Marie Von Helson and Kiun/CNP]Ails von Helson and Chaifuzz/01-20-2008/46 of 2nd Thread/General
Dahlia and Aureate/Kamiki and ~Latonia de la Courtel~/01-24-2008/46 of 2nd Thread/General
Nanala and Jondalar/TheMadHatter and Ryugen/02-05-2008/47 of 2nd Thread/General
Luzianne and Keme/raep-chawn and Nothing Yet/02-10-2008/47 of 2nd Thread/General
Gwee and Paroxysm/Silent Spy and Nessariah/02-10-2008/47 of 2nd Thread/General/One
Swift Heart and Emeros/Meeki, Nothing Yet and `Justin/02-11-2008/48 of 2nd Thread/General
Brannon and Olathe/surreality and JadeEye/02-12-2008/49 of 2nd Thread/General
BA Princess Hallany and Flame/Nel Zelpher and Celeanor/02-12-2008/49 of 2nd Thread/General
Belial and Aquene/`Raze and Kyaishi/02-13-2008/50 of 2nd Thread/One success
Horus and Alexis/Chibizoo and lilwerewolfgirl/02-13-2008/50 of 2nd Thread/One Success
Danae and Aiolos/Rapidashtrainer and Tirokio/02-13-2008/50 of 2nd Thread/One success
Leviathan and Elatoma/TheMadHatter and xx_Bullseye_xx/02-13-2008/51 of 2nd Thread/General
Osi and Elis/Remove and Chieri/02-26-2008/51 of 2nd Thread/General
Dabih and Zikeria/Antigra + Nessariah, Mintaka/03-16-2008/2 of 3rd Thread/One Success
Strawberry Shortcake + Arsenic/Marinity + DarkHeartedSorrows/03-17-2008/2 of 3rd Thread/One Success
Eridanus and Analae/Sapphire Lazuli, DarkHeartedSorrows and Marinity/03-17-2008/3 of 3rd Thread/One success
Scæsaris and the Doctor/Lt. Gnatty-Bug & Amirynth and Huroggmeten/03-25-2008/6 of 3rd Thread/One Success
Liang and N'rai T'sii /samus x, Konalou, and PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/03-31-2008/7 of 3rd Thread/One Success
Paroxysm and Vexation/Nessariah and Miss Cherie/04-14-2008/9 of 3rd Thread/General
Rigor Mortis and Tshibala/Meeki, Graphophobia, and [Alchemist.exe]/04-15-2008/9 of 3rd Thread/General
Zevach and Zarimunia/Tirokio + Doodle p***s/04-22-2008/12 of 3rd Thread/General
Richard & Isis/Death Resurrected & Buffy_the_Bloody/04-23-2008/12 of 3rd/general
Keyaki & Seimei/Chibizoo & Saiyukii and Ameh/04-20-2008/15 of 3rd/one success
Eirian & Chaz/Caitlyn Hellstorm & [ Mialee ]/05-09-2008/16 of 3rd/no success
Inmate & Kanika/Sylent Nyte & Aria Kanika/05-14-2008/17 of 3rd/one success
Alston & Tansy/AnimeChickie and Jupebox & Kimie Kitty/05-14-2009/17 of 3rd/one success
Mugen & Zillah/Dante-Sayre & Ice_Dragon_Demon and cowboy449/05-16-2008/18 of 3rd/one success
Jaci & Taylor/Kailey Koreco & Skylar14/05-17-2008/18 of 3rd/one success
Damara & Earl Rorie von Lippen/Talencia & Eftemie/05-30-2008/19 of 3rd/general
Hedwig & Ohanzee/Lorako & Infinities/06-05-2008/21 of 3rd/general
Thujone & Fall/Infinities & Eff Em/06-05-2008/21 of 3rd/one success
Dali & Descence/Poetical Rain & Hanyousblood/06-05-2008/21 of 3rd/one success
Ziva & Kenji/Lovely-Guardian & Sawaki/06-07-2008/22 of 3rd/one success
Tiya & Haggai/Antigra & Remove/06-07-2008/22 of 3rd/one success
Appeso & Goldberry/Naita & Gelfin/06-07-2008/23 of 3rd/one success
Esha & Khilan/Ary Keeyara & Felyn/06-11-2008/23 of 3rd/one success
Nymph & Chuchip/Sabin Duvert and Kamiki & cupcakette/06-27-2008/26 of 3rd/one success
Raleigh & Nereid/Ary Keeyara & Dr Umeda/07-09-2008/27 of 3rd/one success
Minty & Jazi/Mintaka & Remove/07-12-2008/27 of 3rd/one success
Hilaire & Araval/Kamiki & LadyKirin/07-13-2008/28 of 3rd/one success
Fluorite & Alohir/Antigra & Nessariah/07-15-2008/30 of 3rd/one success
Adaya & Setin/Xxsky_goddessxX and Thamin & Dawniechan/07-16-2008/29 of 3rd/one success
Dancis & Noctis/[.Konalou.] & Umi Hitomi/07-17-2008/29 of 3rd/one success
Citali & Cohnachan/Amierith & Blade Kuroda/07-17-2008/29 of 3rd/one success
Khaleb & Aimi/surreality & lilwerewolfgirl/07-18-2008/31 of 3rd/one success
Icaro & Anthem/Dark Fire Angel & Eff Em/07-18-2008/31 of 3rd/one success
Atticus & Talutah/darkelementaldemon and SanaSana-chan & Kami Swiftsong/07-19-2008/31 of 3rd/one success
Rainbow Dash & Haoxian/Mintaka & Meepfur/07-27-2008/33 of 3rd/one success
Windstorm & Auster/Sabin Duvert and Lady Evelyn Nyht & Kaitaia/07-29-2008/33 of 3rd/one success
Sophia & Romulus/Hungry Ghost & Shariea/08-06-2009/34 of 3rd/one success
Ostara & Snitch/Roniel Revenge & Death Resurrected/08-07-2008/34 of 3rd/august
Dusty Trails & Eton/.Tortured. .Pumpkin. and Psycho Shocker & Kesmi/08-09-2008/37 of 3rd/august
Sunfire & Tilden/o0 Nel Zelpher 0o & Nessariah/08-10-2008/35 of 3rd/one success
Sacrifice & Ashemedai/Tsunake & Meepfur/08-10-2008/35 of 3rd/one success
Theron & Starfall/AnimeChickie & Nerpin and Shariea/08-10-2008/36 of 3rd/one success
Kasi & Copper/wooga Paes & Baby Pandah/08-10-2008/36 of 3rd/one success
Lairiel & Fern/Niloufer & Parue/08-11-2008/36 of 3rd/one success - fern not seen on owner's list?
Sweetpea & Princess Pocket Lint/Leez0rz & Sweenys_Revenge/08-11-2008/37 of 3rd/one success
Sweet Talk & Istu/Meepfur & Chieri and Pipermints/08-12-2008/37 of 3rd/one success
Pandy & Sergei/Meeki & NinetailedNightmare/08-12-2008/37 of 3rd/one success
Lyrn & Air/EchoLimaFoxtrot & Mila Farrell/08-13-2008/38 of 3rd/one success
Glow Heart & Sirius/Lita Rutherford & Kyjoto/08-14-2008/38 of 3rd/one success
Luca & Rush/Talencia & Wolfie Duke/08-17-2008/38 of 3rd/one success
Tetra & Vasska/Twitchapher & Niloufer and Parue/08-18-2008/38 of 3rd/one success
Dust & Audrey II/astral vanity & Antigra and Taejira/08-22-2008/38 of 3rd/one success
Rowtag & Cissia/Lorako & Kira of Flames/08-24-2008/39 of 3rd/one success
Eshara & Duzi/Uta & X-Ronso-X and Uta/08-24-2008/39 of 3rd/one success
Cassiel & Tobias/Uta and Honey Gee & Talencia/08-24-2008/40 of 3rd/one success
Chenguang & Eternity/0--Twizted_Soul--0 & honey.roasted.ferrets/08-24-2008/39 of 3rd/one success
Zuriel & Tiny Bubbles/ramenli and Firkasa & vollyballrocks91/08-24-2008/40 of 3rd/one success
Dyson Graves & Masquerade/Sabin Duvert and Kamiki & Devil NightShade/09-02-2008/41 of 3rd/one success
Misaki & Arathorn/Dixie & Lonewolf_Eyes/angelgirl2345/09-03-2008/42 of 3rd/one success
Morgan & Starwielder/Graceangel & liela-dragon-rayne1/09-03-2008/41 of 3rd/one success
Airlia & Cobalt/Tirokio & Katjive/09-04-2008/41 of 3rd/one success
Atom Dismas & Elendighet/Doodle p***s & Xylaina/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd/one success
Aether & Kin-Sora Lockheart/Tiger_Kisa666 & khryssie___x and Paramekia Darkheart/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd/one success
Erebus & Marsiela Elric/MoochiLove & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd/one success
Sienna & Ramses/Firkasa & ramenli/09-04-2008/42 of 3rd/one success
Azzan & Ravah/Thamin & Buffy_the_Bloody and Parue/09-04-2008/43 of 3rd/one success
Aiolos & Caelyndei/Tirokio & Inkume/09-12-2008/43 of 3rd/one success
Dalle De Verre & Kitsuryou/Meepfur & Xaki/09-18-2008/44 of 3rd/one success
Cavil & Sigourney/Nerpin & Outbreak Signal/09-27-2008/44 of 3rd/one success
Bronwyn & Ithildin/Parue & Niloufer/09-27-2008/44 of 3rd/one success
Sadiki Iah & Faer/Rhea Hyuga & Lonewolf_Eyes/09-27-2008/45 of 3rd/one success
Maximillion Galactica & Cider/Skye Starrfyre & King Inversitle/09-27-2008/45 of 3rd/one success
Gucci & Highflyer/Felyn & Shariea/09-28-2008/45 of 3rd/one success
Relic & Anabelle/Lanthiriel & Hungry Ghost/09-28-2008/46 of 3rd/one success
Minuet & Aesch/Tirokio & Kijani/09-28-2008/46 of 3rd/one success
Seran & Zaniel/Chibizoo & Skye Starrfyre/10-1-2008/46 of 3rd/general
Phosphale & Taninim/`Justin & Demy-Stardust/10-01-2008/46 of 3rd/one success
Iyami & Hinode/[ Lady Kiya ] & Hime/10-01-2008/47 of 3rd/one success
Borias & Taipa/Harperking & Yayoi/10-02-2008/47 of 3rd/one success
Midnight Dancer & Bubbles/DemeterJade & Jayce Reinhardt/10-02-2008/47 of 3rd/one success
Dellia & Gojyo/Keantha & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/10-02-2008/47 of 3rd/one success
Lyra & Ilima/Foalen & Umi Hitomi/10-02-2008/47 of 3rd/one success
Riannel & Murphy/Nessariah & Nothing Yet/10-04-2008/48 of 3rd/one success
Tambuzi & Ahana/Nevayeh & KasaiLoki/10-04-2008/49 of 3rd/one success
Ole & Arun/Ameh & Tweekend/10-04-2008/49 of 3rd/one success
Duzi & Hakumei/Kijani & Kaisanti/10-05-2008/49 of 3rd/one success
Meru & Albert/Ivory_Feld & SkyDragono/10-08-2008/53 of 3rd/one success
Valarauco & Sulfur/Yayoi & samus x/10-10-2008/49 of 3rd/one success
Brianne & Locke/King Inversitle & Chibizoo/Lilwolfpard/10-14-2008/56 of 3rd/one success
Daiya & Twilight/Beat Fu & Antigra/10-15-2008/49 of 3rd/one success
Dust & Phthonus/astral vanity & Meepfur/Aris Ravenstar/10-23-2008/50 of 3rd/one success
Sengdroma & Maion/Dixie & Syaoran-Puu/10-25-2008/50 of 3rd/one success
Zillzee & Casanova/Bouncy_Pineapple & Lady in the Golden Wood/~InfinityTrust~/10-26-2008/51 of 3rd/one success
Helena & Ringleader/Niloufer & Parue/10-26-2008/52 of 3rd/one success
Orange Blossom & Misfortune/Niloufer & Parue/10-26-2008/52 of 3rd/one success
Tesla & Balthazair/Nothing Yet & `Justin/10-26-2008/51 of 3rd/one success
Kerrigan & Darkfire/Huroggmeten & Moire Frost/Meeki/10-27-2008/52 of 3rd/one success*meeki hasn't agreed
Zeda & Heha/Tebiki/Chamain & FallenRockGirl07/10-27-2008/52 of 3rd/one success
Ayidan & Kuwanyauma/Lady Aria Starstone & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/10-27-2008/52 of 3rd/one success
Al'ar & Aleera/Mameha Otome & ArashiX/10-27-2008/52 of 3rd/one success
Oz & Dmittria/Buffy_the_Bloody & Kyjoto/10-28-2008/53 of 3rd/one success
Brugge & Tetsuya/Lt. Gnatty-Bug & DemeterJade/11-16-2008/55 of 3rd/one success
Oinone & Chenoa/Cyzzane & Sylent Nyte/Shariea/11-26-2008/55 of 3rd/one success
AF Dramatische Fee "Phobos" & Nakanadi/Bubblegum Flavored Pandy & Logue/11-29-2008/56 of 3rd/one success
Raffaella & Awinito/Graphophobia & Kimie Kitty/11-29-2008/56 of 3rd/one success
Akuba & Katrima Von Helson/Yumitoko & Chaifuzz/11-30-2008/57 of 3rd/one success
Zillah & Antirrhinum majus/Ice_Dragon_Demon/Cowboy449 & Lita Rutherford/11-30-2008/57 of 3rd/one success*lita has not agreed
Kitten & Styx/Rhea Hyuga and Dixie/11-30-2008/57 of 3rd/one success
Linnla & Taegan/Ithillien and Nessariah/12-1-2008/58 of 3rd/one success
Mihr & Anurla/`Justin & King Inversitle/12-1-2008/58 of 3rd/one success
Wyrren & Blade/EchoLimaFoxtrot & mouselet/12-2-2008/58 of 3rd/one success
Hagi & Utsumo/Kijani & Spunky Dasher/12-4-2008/59 of 3rd/one success
Rokitansky-Aschoff & Migina/Jinxeh & Tasah/12-4-2008/59 of 3rd/one success
Medea & :V/Natsube & Infinite Improbability/12-4-2008/60 of 3rd/one success
Jupiter of the Monkey & Gatito/Chibizoo & Lilwolfpard/12-6-2008/60 of 3rd/one success
Diego & Contessa/Samuel Carlin & mew-neko/12-7-2008/61 of 3rd/one success
Amphitrite & Hynne/Meepfur & Chibizoo/12-8-2008/61 of 3rd/one success
Rosaline & Apsinthion/endejester & Meepfur/12-8-2008/61 of 3rd/one success
Dabih & Naviah/Nessariah/Infinite Improbability & Nessariah/12-28-2008/62 of 3rd/one success
Heathcliff & Paloma/Nothing Yet & astralvanity/12-28-2008/62 of 3rd/one success
Obsydian and Zahariah/[ Mialee ] and Caitlyn Hellstorm/12-28-2008/62 of 3rd/one success
Wish & Alaric/Silent Spy & Meeki/12-29-2008/62 of 3rd/one success
Khet & Phaedra/Twitchapher & .Tortured. .Pumpkin./Hime/12-29-2008/63 of 3rd/one success
Tehya & Caius/Infinites & Caitlyn Hellstorm/12-29-2008/63 of 3rd/one success
Aciano & Rune/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Kiara Lime/1-1-2009/64 of 3rd/one success
Ryaksha & Hyperion/Chibizoo & Poetical Rain/1-7-2009/64 of 3rd/one success
Xiau-Li & Ouijaki/Kaisanti & DawnieChan/1-31-2009/65 of 3rd/one success
Kusabi & Bedlam/Tsunake/NinetailedNightmare & Meeki/1-31-2009/66 of 3rd/one success
Shecil Daemon & Pyralis/Nerpin & Miss Cherie/2-1-2009/66 of 3rd/one success
Claude & Istas/Sweeny's_Revenge & LunaRei_Silverblood/2-1-2009/66 of 3rd/one success
Sabriel Valentine & Caine/Nerpin/Kijani & Meeki/2-1-2009/67 of 3rd/one success
Everhart & Delilah/AnimeChickie & `raze/2-1-2009/67 of 3rd/one success
Demosthenes & Lillu/Ithiltari & Silent Spy/2-1-2009/67 of 3rd/one success
Rupali & Van/`Swirly & Novablu/2-1-2009/68 of 3rd/one success
Don Juan & Alaure/Kaisanti & Lilly_Foxx/2-1-2009/67 of 3rd/one success
Revelations & Sundance/Taejira & Desustruction/2-1-2009/68 of 3rd/one success
Kaiya & Raiju/Uta & Kijani/2-1-2009/68 of 3rd/one success
Seymour II & Einar/Infinite Improbability/King Inversitle & Natsube/2-1-2009/68 of 3rd/one success
Zyria & Pin/Vashtya & EvilMadness666/NaiyaRose/2-2-2009/69 of 3rd/one success
Israfel & Soliloquy/Skylar14 & LizzyMoo/2-2-2009/69 of 3rd/one success
Aluana & Flik/GrnGriff & EvilMadness666/2-2-2009/69 of 3rd/one success
Jingfei & Taiho/Tweekend & endejester/2-7-2009/70 of 3rd/one success
Sanipriya & Swynion/Ithiltari & Skye Starrfyre/2-7-2009/70 of 3rd/one success
Hip Snake & Shia/Demy-Stardust & Lilwolfpard/2-8-2009/70 of 3rd/one success
Kimi & Eccelcese/Silent Spy & JadeEye/2-8-2009/70 of 3rd/one success
Katine & Tshibala/Lilwolfpard & Outbreak Signal/2-8-2009/70 of 3rd/one success
Victor & Starla/Naysha Aysha & Lorako/2-10-2009/71 of 3rd/one success
Persephonix & Lovey Dovey/`raze & `Swirly/Zee Oddwyn/2-12-2009/71 of 3rd/one success
Vervain & Utsumo/Sirenz & Spunky Dasher/2-13-2009/71 of 3rd/one success
Nariko & Ilario/Dixie & 'Swirly/2-13-2009/72 of 3rd/one success
Aglaia & Akuba/Dixie & Yumitoko/2-13-2009/73 of 3rd/one success
Dominick & Akiilani/Devil NightShade & Novablu/2-13-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Kamiki & Hiir/Kamiki & LittleDream/2-13-2009/72 of 3rd/one success
Huojin & Farsiris/Tweekend & Epine De Rose/2-13-2009/73 of 3rd/one success
Lailah Nacht & Vatican/LunaRei_SilverBlood & sage_the_vampirc_angel/2-13-2009/73 of 3rd/one success
Lunar & Snitch/LunaRei_SilverBlood & Death Resurrected/2-13-2009/76 of 3rd/one success
Sutekh & Ennuiel/Kaisanti/Kijani & Tirokio/Kijani/2-14-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Taraxippus & Izusa/Sabin Duvert & Sayuri_Nitta/Kamiki /2-14-2009/75 of 3rd/one success
Castellane & Inmate/Nessariah & Sylent Nyte/2-14-2009/74 of 3rd/one success
Dax & Bindi/Kijani & Tirokio/2-14-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Aslan & Stella/Kijani & Mila Farrell/2-14-2009/74 of 3rd/one success
Aethereal & Ayden/Kirowyn Love & Huroggmeten/2-14-2009/75 of 3rd/one success
Cormorant & Aorta/Tsunake & Infinite Improbability/King Inversitle/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Babylon & Vienne/Chibizoo & Feanaro/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Sharma & Tokoyami/Mila Farrell & Safaia/2-14-2009/75 of 3rd/one success*safaia
Lothario & Pandora/Sabin Duvert & Death Resurrected/Doodle p***s/2-14-2009/76 of 3rd/one success
Mairead & Casanova/Amirynth & Sabin Duvert/2-14-2009/76 of 3rd/one success
Ian & Cicely/Summer Raven & `raze/2-14-2009/76 of 3rd/one success
Adalina & Hephaestos/vollyballrocks91 & Doodle p***s/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Espiridion & Moon Dance/Vashtya & Lilwolfpard/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Yvette & Jaydin/Nerpin & Kijani/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Eft & Lindt/Taejira & Naita/2-14-2009/77 of 3rd/one success
Hecate & Ruadh Wolfbane/EcholimaFoxtrot/mouselet & EchoLimaFoxtrot/2-14-2009/78 of 3rd/one success
Rahuna & Sunday Silence/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Rein_Carnation/2-14-2009/78 of 3rd/one success
Romance & Rockin Beat/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Rein_Carnation/2-14-2009/78 of 3rd/one success
Corann & Shirahime/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Rein_Carnation/2-14-2009/78 of 3rd/one success
Karma & Alyna/Revolutionary Roniel & Katjive/2-14-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Miki & Hadrian/Tirokio & Uta/2-15-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Juude & Amarii/Tirokio & Uta/2-15-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Nigel Darkwing & Ithuriel's Hour/Sylent Nyte & Prolixity/2-15-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Akuba & Sonata/Yumitoko & LittleDream/2-15-2009/79 of 3rd/one success
Iairos & Metairie/Nessariah & Nothing Yet/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Tiburis & Levana/Jaeger Erdarastrix & JadeEye/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Kaestyli & Sascha/SkieBorne & NinetailedNightmare/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Kanti Nuttah & Aveshar/darkelementaldemon & ~Latonia de la Courtel~/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Kaishara Immareska & Adonis/~Latonia de la Courtel~ & Death Resurrected/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Naavi & Toyla/Manchu the Panda & Amethyst M Bell/2-15-2009/80 of 3rd/one success
Vetis & Drosera Capensis/Infinite Improbability & astral vanity/2-15-2009/81 of 3rd/one success
Disappearing Act & Teo/Infinite Improbability/Taejira & Dovaxy/2-15-2009/81 of 3rd/one success
Gleipnir & Diesgyrni/Infinite Improbability/Taejira & endejester/2-15-2009/81 of 3rd/one success
Astaesia & Damien/`Justin & endejester/Meeki/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Treasure & Tyzaeph/Lunar Mirage & Silver Metallic Dragon/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Cancion de Celio & Kama/Silver Metallic Dragon & Lunar Mirage/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Torment & Harbinger/CuterThanYou & Nessariah/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd/one success
Roxy & Klei/Tweekend & Mobster Goose/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Ixion & Diawen/Poetical Rain & endejester/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Brownie & Tokala/CuterThanYou & astral vanity/2-15-2009/82 of 3rd/one success
Edward Cullen & Rainbow Wishes/Silent Spy & CuterThanYou/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd/one success
Yolk & Wind Candy/Dovaxy/CuterThanYou & Silent Spy/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd/one success
Heiress & Michelangelo/Outbreak Signal & Dovaxy/2-15-2009/83 of 3rd/one success
Shirahime & Corann/Rein_Carnation/Caitlyn Hellstorm & Lexi_angel/2-15-2009/84 of 3rd/one success
Pyrus & Kallias/sage_the_vampirc_angel & Rhyleigh/2-15-2009/84 of 3rd/one success
Nova & Hyacinthe/Nevayeh & Felyn/2-15-2009/84 of 3rd/one success
Anthem & Rigor Mortis/Nevayeh & Graphophobia/Meeki/2-16-2009/85 of 3rd/one success
Volium & Bella Lillian/Annchen & nekolulu/2-24-2009/86 of 3rd/one success
Vergil Sparda & Hilaire/Sephiros Immortal & Getsurei/3-2-2009/86 of 3rd/one success
Louie & Clara Voyant/`Justin/Meeki & CuterThanYou/Lilwolfpard/Dovaxy/3-4-2009/87 of 3rd/one success
Esperanza & Abiron/Buffy & Kyjoto/3-7-2009/86 of 3rd/one success
Beloved & Alderaen/Saiyukii/Xaki & Meepfur/3-11-2009/87 of 3rd/one success
Secret Bear & Gallant Heart/samus x/DragonEnchantress & Meepfur/3-11-2009/89 of 3rd/one success
Ashmedi & Ilya/Meepfur & Xaki/3-11-2009/87 of 3rd/one success
Lux Errata & Gespenst/Syrie & Ithiltari/3-11-2009/87 of 3rd/one success
Talion & Nereid/Kurama no Koishi & Dr Umeda/3-11-2009/88 of 3rd/one success
Zakkusu & Kailash/Sephiros Immortal/Manda & Andranis/3-11-2009/88 of 3rd/one success
Zofia & Tiggs/Lunarflowermaiden & Hot Lolli/3-12-2009/88 of 3rd/one success
Ra'asiel & Nihkita/samus x & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/3-12-2009/92 of 3rd/one success
Blacklight & Swift Wind/Brize & ~Masamune~/Feathered Lunra/3-12-2009/89 of 3rd/one success
Jonquil & Zaiella/Derivative & Tirokio/3-19-2009/89 of 3rd/one success
Kit & Yugure/CuterThanYou & Rapidashtrainer/3-22-2009/89 of 3rd/one success
Incubus & NightShade/Baneful & Devil NightShade/3-24-2009/89 of 3rd/one success
Astraaelyn & Nikolai/MarshMallowPanda & Yayoi/3-24-2009/90 of 3rd/one success
Torrent & Deimos/Slander & Infinite Improbability/3-24-2009/90 of 3rd/one success
Irato & Sky/Excited Apathy & Remove/3-25-2009/90 of 3rd/one success
Aleksei & Hiir/Novablu & LittleDream/3-25-2009/90 of 3rd/one success
Cassandra Erinyes & Damian/Roxy_roxanna/Reeshie Hack & Buffy_the_Bloody/3-25-2009/91 of 3rd/one success
Eos & Erotes/~Masamune~ & Kireiryuu /3-25-2009/91 of 3rd/one success
Snowstorm & Kurenai/Hatsumigirl & LittleDream/3-25-2009/91 of 3rd/one success
Vartan & Sailor Galaxia/Brize & Yayoi/3-25-2009/91 of 3rd/one success
Cyrille & Duncan/Rhyleigh & nekolulu/Thamin/3-26-2009/99 of 3rd/one success
Kredoe & Crevan/Huni Pi & Nevayeh/3-27-2009/92 of 3rd/one success
Oba Fenyang & Izanami/Naysha Aysha & Lilwolfpard/3-27-2009/92 of 3rd/one success
Tawa & Ming Xifeng/dolphingurl & PhoenixGuardianMikazuki/3-27-2009/92 of 3rd/one success
Paloma & Llyr/astral vanity & Natsube/3-27-2009/92 of 3rd/one success
Krui & Jasper/Huni Pi & Dolly_Lama/4-18-2009/93 of 3rd/one success
Amerlei & Zephyrus/Novablu & ~Masamune~/4-27-2009/94 of 3rd/one success
:V & Disreputable Dog/Infinite Improbability & Taejira/5-2-2009/94 of 3rd/one success*taejira
Kendali & Aylen/Kirowyn Love & [X]Natty-Chan[X]/5-2-2009/94 of 3rd/one success
Tavarii & Melanie/Novablu & bella dea/5-2-2009/94 of 3rd/one success
Kintori & Helberd/Ruler of Everything & Pixel-x-Bunny/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd/one success
Elysium & Ivanov/Animechickie/Dovaxy & astral vanity/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd/one success
Quinntessential & Glitter Rock/Sylent Nyte & Meeki/Fatal Irony/5-3-2009/95 of 3rd/one success
Uzuri & Set/Brize & Shariea/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd/one success
Beletseri & Corporal/Meepfur & Naita/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd/one success
Rumor & Odysseus/Lanthiriel & Ryugen/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd/one success
Kenton & Bella Lillian/Sbuggy166 & nekolulu/5-4-2009/96 of 3rd
Tic-Tac-Toe & Zaribe/Kiara Lime & Caitlyn Hellstorm/Rein_Carnation/5-5-2009/99 of 3rd
Ronen & Theia/Remove & Kyribird/5-12-2009/97 of 3rd/one success
Ruman & Kipu-Tytto/endejester & Inle-roo/5-13-2009/97 of 3rd/one success
Lady Kaloni & Amitola/Sleet Tempest Snape & .Tortured. .Pumpkin./5-13-2009/97 of 3rd/one success
Ludovic & Swift Storm, Swift End/Nevayeh/TrinityCowboy & Krysin/5-13-2009/97 of 3rd/one success
Lailah Nacht & Hiir/LunaRei_SilverBlood & LittleDream/5-14-2009/98 of 3rd/one success
Kerrigan & Valkyrie/Huroggmeten & Upside.-.Down/5-15-2009/98 of 3rd/one success
Aglaia & Setin/Nuclearity & DawnieChan/5-15-2009/98 of 3rd/one success
Shinyun & Naoki/-Nessus-Euenos- & Kirowyn Love/5-18-2009/99 of 3rd/one success
Volium & Aurora/Annchen & Tudora/5-20-2009/99 of 3rd/one success
Gaspard & Azn/Derivative & Rita Zyon/5-26-2009/100 of 3rd/one success
Keii Himba & Swellow/Yumitoko & Wyntre IceBlade/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/one success
Nuhusi & Disappearing Act/Excited Apathy & Infinite Improbability/Taejira/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/one success*taejira has not posted
Toxicity & Cyanide/[ Mialee ] & Caitlyn Hellstorm/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/no success
Obsydian & Zahariah/[ Mialee ] & Caitlyn Hellstorm/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/one success
Chaz & Eirian/[ Mialee ] & Caitlyn Hellstorm/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/one success
Edward Cullen & Rainbow Wishes/Silent Spy & CuterThanYou/5-27-2009/100 of 3rd/one success
Scarlet & Connell/Sweenys_Revenge & Lilly_Foxx/5-27-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Ame & Padmasambhava/FlamingStar-Sama & Revolutionary Roniel/5-27-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Osi & Pajare/Remove & King Inversitle/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Umbriel Belitas & Sunnira/Natsube & endejester/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Requiem's Sin & Yukishii/Kita Etheria Bloodmyth & Kaisanti/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Red Bull & Homocide/Ameh & Silent Spy/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
Sunbird & Peyotl/Sir Ichigo & [ vance ]/5-28-2009/101 of 3rd/one success
驃騎將軍(Piaoji Jiangjun/General of the Agile Cavalry) & Dialga/Asahi Kumoru & MarshMallowPanda/5-30-2009/102 of 3rd/one success
Mecho Amachi & Melody Forte/Mindsend & x Leo The Magician x/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd/one success
Ambala & Biscuit/Naysha Aysha/Ac.Wings & Epine De Rose/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd/one success*naysha has not agreed
Thanatos & Asamii/CuterThanYou & Dark Fire Angel/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd/one success
Dodger & Overcast/Slander & Jaeger Erdarastrix/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd/one success
Zherion & Koan/Slander & Jaeger Erdarastrix/5-31-2009/102 of 3rd/one success
Scar & Leilha/Sylent Nyte & Ithillien/5-31-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Apocalypse & Nona/Graphophobia/Saedusk & Outbreak Signal/5-31-2009/103 of 3rd/one success*saedusk has not agreed
Nym & Ceri/Dark Fire Angel & Safaia/6-01-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Reika & Dyrim/Dark Fire Angel & Kyribird/6-01-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Dante & Nabooru/Manda & Lady_Ivory_Feld/6-02-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Raedyn & Keii/ShtrDrNGry & Yumitoko/6-02-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Adelle & Lolita Bat/Nerpin & Lilwolfpard/6-02-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Suichii & Selena/Pale Mist & Sweenys_Revenge/6-02-2009/103 of 3rd/one success
Laylana & Cepheus/Flarie & Kyribird/6-04-2009/104 of 3rd/one success
Keii Himba & Payton/Yumitoko & x_Faux Affliction_x/6-05-2009/104 of 3rd/one success
Castellane & Zaphod/Nessariah & Ithiltari/Infinite Improbability/6-06-2009/104 of 3rd/one success
Plumeria & Requiem's Sin/Lorako & Kita Etheria Bloodmyth/6-06-2009/104 of 3rd/one success
Thémis & Maharet/Lorako & Sayuri_Nitta/6-06-2009/104 of 3rd/one success
Incurvatus In Se & Feera/Asahi Kumoru & Krista_Darkangel_Silme/6-06-2009/105 of 3rd/one success
Aleksei & Shikouten/Novablu & Apotropaics/6-06-2009/105 of 3rd/one success
Magaskawee & Thémis/.Tortured. .Pumpkin. & Lorako/6-07-2009/105 of 3rd/one success
Oathkeeper & Athosia/Ivory_Feld & Jinx Creed/6-07-2009/105 of 3rd/one success
Espowye & Elarinya/Presca & Iris_Virus/Jayce Reinhardt/6-07-2009/107 of 3rd/didn't say?*iris_virus has not agreed
Daichi & Jerusha/MoochiLove & o0 Sephiros Immortal 0o/purrasha/6-07-2009/106 of 3rd/didn't say again?*sephiros and purrasha have not agreed
Hecate & Ruadh Wolfbane/EchoLimaFoxtrot/mouselet & EchoLimaFoxtrot/6-07-2009/106 of 3rd/one success
George Weasley & Lemon Meringue/LadyDelaidra & Rage Beat/6-08-2009/106 of 3rd/one success
Sven & Eirene/ElvishSorceress & `raze/6-08-2009/106 of 3rd/one success
Torren John & Kamila/Jinx Creed & Jiraiyah/6-10-2009/107 of 3rd/one success
Richmon & Eviotil/Thamin & SkyDragono/Rinial Sisterdragon/6-11-2009/107 of 3rd/one success
Neve & Marius/Sayuri_Nitta & `raze/Kailey Koreco/6-13-2009/107 of 3rd/one success
Pillan & Yuria/CuterThanYou & Lilwolfpard/6-13-2009/108 of 3rd/one success
Hyperion & Lux Errata/endejester & Syrie/6-14-2009/108 of 3rd/one success
Strix & Haze/Mila Farrell & Slander/6-14-2009/108 of 3rd/one success
Seralin & Phantes/Teh Angel Yuna & Harperking/6-14-2009/109 of 3rd/one success
Hosanna & Vezian/Libby Libra & Nuclearity/6-14-2009/108 of 3rd/one success
Descence & Storm Charger/Hanyousblood & Marushii/6-14-2009/109 of 3rd/one success
Duranjaya & Mishra/Adona Benedicta & sailormoon71491/6-14-2009/109 of 3rd/one success
Kiwi Tart & Riku/Safaia & Meepfur/6-14-2009/109 of 3rd/one success
Adamu & Mariposa/Excited Apathy & Ecavi/6-14-2009/109 of 3rd/one success
Kacdaninymila & Matiusu/[ Lady Kiya ] & ~Masamune~/6-14-2009/110 of 3rd/one success
Aurorealis & Meera/AnimeChickie & Meeki/6-15-2009/110 of 3rd/one success
Altan & Ciera/Kimie Kitty & EviLXmasBaby/6-15-2009/110 of 3rd/one success
Bob & Una/Silent Spy & astral vanity/6-15-2009/110 of 3rd/one success
Riannel & Murphy/Nessariah & Nothing Yet/6-16-2009/111 of 3rd/one success
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:10 pm
GONE, as of 7/16/08

Open Permission

Open permission Soquili are those that have been put out by their owners to literally be available to anyone that wants to use them in breedings. Once a Soquili has been placed in open permissions, it is literally fair game to anyone that wishes to use it in a breeding.

Owners of open permission Soquilis have equal rights toother owners, in the event of breeding. Both owners would have equal say in the baskets, and both would be responsible for paying their half.

It is not necessary to contact owners of open permission Soquili prior to using them in the breeding events, but it IS considered polite and good form, especially as the owners of open permission pets might have other plans for this raffle. And you should always contact the other owner in case you win with their Soq, they get a basket too, after all.

Open Permissions...
~Make the individual Soquili available to anyone at all with an available pet for the purpose of breeding
~Are first come, first served each raffle for people that wish to use an open permission pet
~May NOT be used for bribes
~Are limited to three breedings like all other Soquili, whether open or planned
~Do not require any additional permissions to be posted prior to entry in any breeding events

Name/owner/terms or conditions

Nodin/Sabin Duvert/none
Sha Gojyo/[x]Natty-Chan[x]/none
Duranjaya/Adona Benedicta/none
Squall/oO Nel Zelphyr Oo/none
Rain Curl/Rita Zyon/none
Dirt/Psycho Shocker/none
Anirniq/Tisiphone/contact prior to entering in raffle
Midnight Shadow/ice_demon_20 aka dbz2004/none
Pendence/Keantha/none <-Usdia
Zamir/Lonewolf_Eyes/would like an advance pm, but not required
Dante Sparda/Manda/must pm prior to breeding
Chura/Summer Raven/none
Taja/nekolulu/pm before



Ruthless Phantom


Ruthless Phantom

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:16 pm
Maxed-out Soquili

All good things must come to an end, and the breeding career of a soquili is no exception. Considering how very many soquili there are in existence these days, it is probably a good thing that such a limit exists, no matter how bittersweet reaching it might be.

Maxed out soquili...
~Are soquili that have bred three times (the breeding limit)
~Count both IC and OOC breedings, open permission breedings, selective, and lifemated breeding towards their tally
~Are not, under ANY circumstances, allowed to be bred anymore. If a maxed out soquili hits elder, too bad; three breedings is the limit. This includes bribes.
~Will be penalized in the event of trying for (and, particularly, WINNING) breedings beyond the limit

Name/owner/Date of third and final breeding

Maeryn/Miss Cherie/
Kasumi/Dark Lunar Fox/
Ren/Eff Em/04-28-2008
Erik/Death Resurrected/06-12-2008
Avalokiteshvara/Roniel Revenge/07-19-2008
Vanilla Swirl/Synta/Summer Raven/10-07-2008
Gypsy King/Mila Farrell/6-6-2009
Snowlily / White Neko Chan - 01/25/2010
Alona/ hanging gallow - 01/27/2010
Cyrus/ Death Resurrected - 01/27/2010
Teyla Emmagan (Jinx Creed) - 02/03/2010
Zakaili (malhith) - 02/03/2010
Lonatos (Dolphingurl) 04/25/10
Sakura Kinomoto (Lorako and miss meami) 10/30/10
Shaolan Li (Lorako and miss meami) 10/30/10
Duncan (nekolulu & Thamin) 11/02/10
Nirvana (Revolutionary Roniel) 11/03/10
Symphony (Chaifuzz) 11/03/10
Echo's Song (Tefla) 01/15/11
Thorn (Nisshou H) 11/01/12
Krad (Reeve_Tuesti) 11/01/12
Rahu (Samus X) 09/09/12
Aruha (Samus X) 09/09/12

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:27 pm
The Currently Limited

The currently limited is a list of the Soquili and/or owners that have met the following criteria:

SOQUILI: Have either bred within the last two months, are currently pregnant, or currently have foals, including bribes and rl breedings.
OWNERS: Have won either one or two breeding events already in the current month and are therfore only able to try for one more pair or none at all until next month; this does NOT include bribes

Currently limited...
~Are just that; currently limited. This is more a list to help streamline checking than anything, as it can be hard for colorists to keep track of every single Soquili that has won a breeding from every colorist the past month and every owner that's won.
~Does not include broken lifematings, the grey-listed, or the maxed-out

The Current Limited List is maintained in the MCCL



Ruthless Phantom


Ruthless Phantom

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:35 pm
Broken Lifematings

As stated in the lifemates post, lifemating has both perks and detriments, both intended to balance each other out and hopefully mean that lifematings are not entered into lightly. However, sometimes things just don't work out, and in those cases, the best option for all parties is to just end it. Breaking a lifemating requires the posted agreement of both/all involved parties, and results in the start of the penalty period.

Broken lifematings...
~Are Soquili that were formally posted as lifemates but are have since drifted apart (for whatever reason)
~UPDATED Are banned from breeding (bribes, rl, or Gaia) for six months of breeding events. This means six months where there is at LEAST one Gaia breeding event each month. If the lifemating is broken during a month and there is at least one breeding event held after the approval of the broken lifemating, that month will count as one of the six penalty months. The change from three to six months is NOT retroactive and applies only to Lifematings broken after January 2010.

Names/owners/Month broken/First penalty month/months remaining

Tohopka & Maddie / -Moomoolattecha- & [X]Natty-Chan[X] / Broken October 04 / Free to go April

Lorraine & Brian / Insane Butterfly & -Moomoolattecha- / Broken October 16 / Free to go April

Ember Cree & T'suyo C'ruei / Mia Firestorm & pippi18848 / Broken November 9 / Free to go May

Ariadne & Rainart / stormflower & Darkmoon Dancer / Broken November 11 / Free to go May

Mariselle & Dez / Celestial Requiem & icy serenade / Broken December 4 / Free to go April

Yukishii & Carlisle / Kaisanti & Lonewolf_Eyes / Broken December 6 / Free to go April

Amane & October /_-Cheeky_Chobit-_ & Libby Libra / Broken December 15 / Free to go June

Nerissa x Apple Fritter / Yumitoki II & [ Lady Kiya ] / Broken December 24 / Free to go June

Astranaar & Invincible / Lady Evelyn Nyht & Psycho Shocker / Broken January 02 / Free to go July

Kailey & Titan / Apotropaics & Nukido / Broken January 04 / Free to go July

Fernando & Jacqueline / Exaleen2 & ~KianaNala~ / Broken January 12 / Free to go April Due to Owner Inactivity

Tundra Snow & Oliver Constantine Brochan / Caitlyn Hellstorm & Exaleen2 / Broken January 22 / Free to go April Due to Owner Inactivity

Sohalia & Vohamanah / Sayuri_Nitta & Graceangel / Broken February 6 / Free to go August

Set'sul & Kaidus / Capricorn Sunchai & the_scowling_cat / Broken February 21 / Free to go August

Riley & Paavai / Spookyx7 / [X]Natty-Chan[X] & Hypercandy Loli / Broken February 28 / Free to go August

Kaishara Immareska & Adonis / ~Latonia de la Courtel~ & Death Resurrected / Broken March 11 / Free to go September

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:36 pm
Special Permissions

This is the place where all those breeding permissions that don't quite fall into any other category will go; this is also where any blanket permissions posted by co-owners allowing their fellow co-owner to breed a pet to whomever the other co-owner wants will be stored from now on. Anything that's not quite fitting for the previous categories will go here.

Special permissions are:
~Just that, special
~Must still follow the rules of the shop
~Can be bribe specific, raffle specific, whatever
~Only apply in cases not covered by the previous categories
~Not really defined


Co-owner permissions:
Grantor of permission/grantee/pet/breeding/page

Thamin/Xxsky_goddessxX/Adaya/first/8 of 3rd thread
Synta/Summer Raven/Vanilla Swirl/all/14 of 2rd thread


Owner permissions:

Celeanor/any soquili belonging to other owners breeding to Celeanor's must post for permission and have verification in order to be eligible for any breeding raffle until the end of the specified period/37 of 3rd
- Cynara and Blais (Death Resurrected) for August


Special permissions

Nerpin's Resplendence, Remove's Ronen, Meeki's Rigor Mortis, Kyribird's Mint Candy, JadeEye's Ciqala, Safaia's Antiman, surreality's Requiem, Infinities' Poseidon, Gelfin's Rush, and Eff Em's Tambuzi all have permission to each try for one breeding with Cajmera's Amary; confirmed on page 47 of the 2nd thread on 1/27/08



Ruthless Phantom


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