The Philosophy Of The Royal Red Wolf Pack

The wolf pack was influenced by The Royalty Wolf Pack.~ this is not the case, we have our own blue print, our own habit's, rules, belief's.

Founder: Master Banyez.

Established:November 4th, 2012.

War's or battle's attended: East empire war/Ended alliance.

Foundations/motives:wolves, respect,imperialism,power,structure,nationalism,dictatorship,worship.

Question's I asked Master Banyez about the philosophy - I quote him. 22//11/2013

(Q1) Why did you choose to make the pack? Master Banyez reply's "I was never accepted by the royalty wolf pack, I choose my own path. - Knowing my gaia Father is he always pushed himself, he wanted to prove himself to everyone and especially Aye Banyez.

(Q2) What was our Philosophy? Master_Banyez reply's "Respect those who are above you, not those who are below you. You all have place's, if there where more royalty than non royalty, royalty would not have the same meaning or the same advantages. Live life and prosper, whilst I was King I made changes made a name for myself, so I succeeded. When you succeed, you succeeded because you became family in The Royal Red Wolf Pack.

(Q3) What was you're history with the Empress? Master Banyez reply's "Nelson, I have told you this.

(Q4) Father have I succeeded yet? Master Banyez reply's "You'll find that out on judgement day"

(Q5) Are you gonna rise from the dead? If you do, when?What are you gonna do? Master Banyez reply's "Maybe, not any time soon. I'm not giving to much away."

The official paragraph from former King Master Banyez

Master Banyez - former King, I quote him. "The "Red" in the name of The Royal Red Wolf Pack is because the colour red describes emotions and blood, and heart's and love and pain,it's almost sexual. "Royal" we are royal so why not put it in the name. "wolf" we are wolves, we kill we hunt we are animistic and have human forms but we have a animistic behaviour, we bite, we scratch, most of all we our loyal to our friends and family, but we are not afraid to kill those who we don't like. We do things the old fashion way, this means men fight for there women, women are what make this make so special it would be nothing without a woman or a girl, we love to please our women with romance and power and dominance. We do not forbid female leaders nor alpha females, yet Banyez's male tend to be the alpha males, we don't do sexism."

"We are imperialists and proud, we have power and we are still looking for more. The reasons you are probably in this guild is because you might be killed other wise, your safer her with a loving family, you want the power as well. When we die it's never in vain, this means we may fight for our pack but we don't try and die. We submit to our leader if your a prince and the king or queen asks you to do something within reason, submit. We build strong willed people here, but don't get ahead of yourself and if it's life or death we don't give you more credit for taking you're own life! Defend you're king never ever disrespect him in public or trash talk him especially not in public!"

Sincerely, King Nelson Banyez.