Name: Dusty Miller
Gender: Male with feathered fetlocks
Type: Earth
Body Mid-tone smokey grey.
Eyes: Crimson + Calm or Mild Smile/Smirk
Hair: Silver/Sage green, slightly messy bangs, chin-length mane. Straight slightly longer tail.
Cutie Mark 8D: Green leaf, surrounded by silver smoke lines.
Brief Character Description: Dusty thought he would become a radish farmer like his parents and all his ancestors before him. He worked diligently though he wasn’t very happy until the day when he found a young pony in a ditch near his family's farm. Caring and nursing the pony back to health, Dusty learned of the effect that plants could enduce in the healing process beyond just nourishment. When he told his parents that he wanted to be an herbalist instead of a farmer, they gave him an ultimatium and so Dusty chose to leave the farm and learn what he could about herbs and their uses. He has since learned that he enjoyed making incense and other aromatics for the fun of it.
+ Ref pics where possible:
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Fun Note: His name is that of an actual plant.

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