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Reply [IC RP] The Hatching Grounds
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Shy Mage

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:34 pm
After the Touching Turoth found himself spending most of his time with the eggs and Khamaith, making sure she had time to stretch her legs and wings while someone watched the eggs and to run little errands for her should she want something while with their children. Baihath was a huge help as well and Turoth wondered why more golds didn't take a non-bronze or brown mate to maximize the potential help for times like this. Having three dragons watching over one clutch was fantastic, especially when night fell and all three could pile up together with their children resting beside them, the warm sands a comfort to all.

It was during one of these snuggle sessions that things began to happen, though thankfully for everyone involved, it was just after midday and the three parents were having a well-earned nap. Turoth felt something shift in the air around them and he yawned wide, stretching every so slightly so as not to disturb Khamaith too much or dislodge Baihath.

There it was. That change. He knew what that was.

Khamaith. Baihath. Turoth mentally nudged the queen and her mate first, his large head turning to glance at the eggs. To the untrained eye they looked as they always had, but to Turoth who had been observing them for quite some time now, he could tell. A subtle change, a little shift...

Mine, he called to Ar'ad. The bronzerider didn't need another cue - he got up from eating lunch and began to trot towards the sands, knowing full well that everyone else in the weyr would be joining him in a moment.

After the Touching, Khamaith had been almost torn between counting the days and willing them to slow down. She was excited to meet all her children, to see them impress their lifemates and start on their journey to adulthood. But these days where she had Turoth and Baihath within claw’s reach, taking naps in a perfect cuddle puddle, meant so much to the queen. Yet her eggs were hard to the barest touch as she tended them, and though each time she left the more-than-capable bronze to tend while she left the cavern, it had her constantly peeking back to the wide mouth in case the eggs had started the festivities while she was gone. But every time she returned to in-tact shells and a waiting cuddle to melt back into. Between two sets of wings, Khamaith was utterly delighted in their small family.

It’s only when she had fallen asleep on one such occasion--her head resting against Turoth’s back, tail coiled loosely with Baihath’s, the clutch her last vision before she had fallen asleep--that Turoth’s call roused her. She blinked slowly, unable to help the great yawn as she began to sit up, before she took notice of Turoth’s intense gaze upon their children. Is…? It’s all that escapes her as she sensed something was different. No doubt, it was time.

Her eyes flooded a cascade of purples and blues, reaching out to her rider -- Ezyzu, Khamaith was purely awestruck, her excitement thick as a soft hum crept out of her, growing louder as Ezyzu shifted where she’d been eating a gentle meal with her own mate. Her rider, taking no preamble, had shifted to make her way as quickly as she could with a bum leg, thankful for a sturdy brace. No doubt the Weyr would be scrambling to get to the hatching ground, and she was determined to get there first.

Baihath woke with a start at Turoth’s mental touch, giving himself a small shake before focusing on the eggs. A thrum of delight escaped from him before he added his voice to Khamaith’s, immediately rising to his feet. It was time! Oh, at last! He quivered with excitement, folding his wings tightly against his sides to keep himself from hopping about in place. I can’t wait! He practically squeaked at both larger dragons, his eyes a vibrant whirl of indigos and blues.

He could tell that His Alya was on her way… EVERYONE would be on their way! They would all be here to see the babies, and Baihath couldn’t have been more gleeful. A soothing mental touch from his rider was enough to make him settle back down again, though he hummed even louder than before.

The white would be the best at being behaved! He made himself sit down again, even if he squirmed now and again with eager anticipation.

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Khamaith x Turoth
26 eggs // 17 PC // 9 NPC

  1. Gold striped A medium egg. Gold Ilaorunth of Nashwa (Meepfur)
  2. Teal glow A small egg Blue Isteth of Orryxa (Mr Cheri)
  3. Golden flourish A medium egg Green Rhodonth of Vimeran (SilverLutz)
  4. Orange leopard spot A small egg Green Riojath of Bionden (Magnadearel)
  5. Purple glitter A large egg Blue Haitanth of Sivu (Spockat)
  6. Black and rainbow swirl A large egg White Quinineth of Etansi (Hattaki)
  7. Green Pink Striped A small egg Green Guarath of Lyfrocier (Zaikt)
  8. Orange galaxy A large egg Brown Rossoth of Keleres (Sweet Symmetry)
  9. Pinked striped A small egg Green Alenciath of Fahn (demon_pachabel)
  10. Yellow swirl A small egg Brown Kahveth of Allamor (faesinger)
  11. Sunset A small egg Blue Chinanazith of Tyanan (Tatterpixie)
  12. Purple and teal swirl A small egg Green Sauzath of Niviora (Prism Shine)
  13. Butterfly egg A small egg Bronze Demodeth of Rykin (Smerdle)
  14. Spotted green A medium egg Green Curacaoth of Vodex (stella cinere)
  15. Purple galaxy A small egg Blue Tianxiath of Aerden (Tsunake)
  16. Rose A small egg Green Triesteth of Rasthell (Uta)
  17. Green tribal A medium egg Bronze Manahahtath of Zhaydegan (Samuel Carlin)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:34 pm
General Hatching Information

Welcome to Western Weyr's third (and the shop's sixth) PC Hatching! We want to thank everyone for participating in this shop and giving it so much life! Mr Cheri and I wouldn't be here without you, so thank you for sticking around. That said, we do want to go over some general rules (IC and OOC) and reminders so this Hatching can be a success!

General Information & Rules
  • Not every Candidate or Player is going to Impress. Please, please, please don't get too discouraged or upset if that is the case. We only have a limited number of pets to give away, and honestly tried to find the best fit for each dragon. There will be other Hatchings, I promise. gaia_star Many, many, many other Hatchings.

  • Please don't get upset if Staff impresses a dragon. We try not to take away from the players fun, but staff are also players, too. Any dragons that might go to staff were either customed-in behind the scenes or chosen simply because their Candidate was the best fit. As stated above, there will be other Hatchings.

  • Please don't get upset if your Candidate does not Impress to your preferred color. Just like in Pern, nobody could ever guess whether or not a Candidate Impressed, much less a certain color. This is supposed to be fun, not some sort of tragedy. If you don't like the dragon that we fit to your Candidate you absolutely cannot rehome it or give it away. Additionally, if you throw a fit about it and we find out, or you discourage other players, this could bar you from future Hatchings. We honestly tried very hard to match Candidates with characters so the fit mad sense.

  • Don't discourage others or vent at them if they Impress (or don't Impress) a dragon or certain color. If we hear about players giving other players crap for their Impression, we can bar you from future Hatchings. There will be other characters, other Hatchings, and other opportunities for all! Please keep this fun and support one another, not tear folks apart.

  • We really, really, really, really loved all of your Candidates! No really, Cheri and I hemmed and hawed for days. In some cases, Candidates may not have Impressed because we have ideas for particular colors or personalities for them. If you do not Impress, we are aware, and we have big ideas for the future. Please give us a chance and be patient.

  • IC Action = IC Consequence. If you role-play in the Hatching and your Candidate does something stupid, remember that ICly there could be hell to pay. If a dragon doesn't maul you, then A'ral could very well pull you from the Sands. Please don't make A'ral do that. F'dral, and of course all the Seconds are also here to watch. Additionally, regardless of whether or not you signed your character up for death or maiming or not, if you do something stupid ICly, the shop has a right to respond accordingly, and that includes death. Please, don't put us in that position.

  • We will hatch all the PC eggs and play the hatchlings until they Impress. Once they Impress, they will be the players to control. We will quote folks in the Hatching Sands, but also PM them the dragonets profile.

  • The Hatching Thread will likely peter off after the last egg Impresses. We may not close it officially so folks can RP in the thread as needed. Also, please, once you Impress, continue to RP in the Hatching Thread! It gets kind of sad and unfortunate when, at the end of Hatchings, only a few stragglers are RPing in it. :c We would love to have everyone feel included, including those who don't Impress or who are posting on the Sands actively.

  • New Rule: We would absolutely love it if folks REFRAINED from immediately plotting their baby dragonets until ALL THE EGGS ARE HATCHED. We don't want people who Impress near the end to miss out on plots or bonding with others. There will be plenty of time for plots after the Hatching has ended! It's okay to RP with folks, or talk about your bbs, but just... try not to immediately line them up with plot ideas or story ideas well before the last egg has hatched.

  • Everybody is encouraged to participate! Bring your weyrfolk and holdfolk to watch by having them sit in the Sands and cheer. Candidates, whether they were at the Touching or not, should be on the Sands an will be assumed to have arrived regardless if you have time to post them. Dragons can perch on ledges to watch the newest babies, and comment to one another. Guests and visitors will be flown in -- from mighty Holders to the families of those hold- and craftbred Candidates. Come one, come all -- even the lower cavern workers, while some might have volunteered to help behind the scenes for extra pay, are also encouraged to watch if they wish. It's up to you! This is a time for celebration.

  • High Reaches Weyr folks are invited! Zheria will be making an appearance this time, while Olliah remains behind. Horse Clutch Weyrlings CANNOT attend. They are too young yet and must stay behind. Wingleaders were invited to represent High Reaches, but they must have at least one Wingsecond at the Weyr in case of emergencies. Or vice-versa. Not all Wings were allowed to go... Well just pretend it was some of the NPC Flights that were asked to stay jusssst in case. High Reaches can't quit functioning just because Western is bustling with activity!

    Tensions aren't perfect but the two Weyrs had almost a Turn and a half since their last incident. Both Weyrs should be on good behavior.

  • There will be a Hatching Feast thread for Candidates to console themselves, the newest weyrlings to mingle and introduce themselves to one another, and all the Weyr and its visitors to rejoice. This will open after the Hatching thread closes/ends.

  • This Hatching takes place about midday. This means the Fest will happen immediately after the Hatching. For High Reaches guests, this will be about 3 hours earlier, so they would have likely been late-afternoon/early evening.

  • Western is throwing a big feast which will happen immediately afterwards.

  • For High Reaches non-riders, any Lower Cavern workers and such can likely attend the Hatching either as a guest -- if it was their restday -- or as hired-help. Since Western will be feeding two Weyr, plus guests, and housed their Candidates for a week or so, High Reaches only thinks its fair to offer to help bring food, chefs, and worker to aid in setup and post-Hatching clean up! They need to be on their best behavior, though.

IC Rules & General Information
  • Candidates can get mauled, so they have been told time and time again to stay out of the dragonets way! If they are attacked, they are to try to cover their head and protect their vulnerable bits, but should not really fight back. That might upset it further.

  • Guests and visitors CANNOT enter the Sands. Those who arrive late will be ushered to seats closest to the entrance, or asked to stand at the entrance itself, or just wait outside. Any person who is not a Candidate that tries to get on the Sands will be removed, unless (of course) a dragon is attempting to get to you.

  • Unaffiliated riders, non-HR folks, and crafters not living at Western Weyr ARE NOT allowed unless they actually have a reason to be there. This includes being an invited guest (usually Journeyman or Masters of renown that have something to offer the Weyr), of prominent family lines (they do love their Holders), happen to be dating someone who lives at the Weyr and are their guest, or you happen to be going because an immediate family member is on the Sands as a Candidate. That's it. Most of Pern never, ever, gets to see a Hatching so they are meant to be special when folks do go. They're not open for just anyone to come into willy-nilly.

  • Do not break into eggs! Period. If an egg needs to be broken into, the shop will make it VERY clear.

  • Candidates are asked to arrive on the Sands with a thin pair of sandals-- no boots or heavy soled shoes! The Sands are hot, so standing from foot-to-foot is common.

  • Candidates will be brought to the Hatching Sands by A'ral. Should they Impress, they will take their dragons outside of the Hatching Sands entrance, where Weyrlingmaster Liat and her assistants will have prepared meat to feed them, and have buckets of oil and brushes to scrub them once fed. Baby dragons tend to eat a lot, and tend to itch a lot as their skin dries. The new weyrlings belongings will be moved from the Candidate Barracks to the Weyrling Barracks by drudges and lower cavern's workers as needed.

  • Visitors and guests are invited to stay for the Hatching feast and riders will bring them home when finished.

Any other questions? PM Uta or Mr Cheri! With that, welcome to the Hatching!!


Shy Mage


Shy Mage

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:34 pm

It was midday as the eggs began to rock, as the humming of dragon kin filled halls. A'ral had prepared for this day in particular, as it was quite evident that some further training was necessary - something he'd have to discuss with L'iat at a later date. As Zinath had made him aware of the apparent gap in lessons, he would certainly find himself on high alert. The Candidates began filing into place as he had instructed them, and as they gathered he surveyed them as would a Lord his holdsfolk.

"Remember: the dragonets cannot control their emotions. You must control yours as much as you can. If you cannot control them, get off of the Sands as quickly as possible. However, I would ask that you not leave the Hatchings Grounds as any one of these eggs could contain your match." It wouldn't do for the Weyr to lose a dragonet for lack of proper Candidate. "If you are injured, make your way as carefully as possible to the edge of the Sands if you can. If not, lie still and do not move."

He didn't quite say that they had all done terribly throughout several Hatchings, but it was a near enough things. They had, after all. "Also, if I see anyone burying themselves in sand or trying to take a nap on the Sands, consider yourself banned from future Hatchings. I don't think I need to say that it is not a good idea to punch or otherwise attack eggs. If there is an egg that cannot hatch by itself, I assure you that the dragons can take care of it. Now. Approach respectfully, bow to Khamaith, and keep your distance." These matters applied equally to High Reaches as they did to Western, for the High Reaches candidates had been no better behaved in the past.

((OOCly: Feelings emotions is fine. Throwing a tantrum about it will have IC consequences. Thinking negative thoughts directly at dragonets will have IC consequences. These are still allowed however, but IC actions = IC consequences.))
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:50 pm
{18/he-him/WW/searching for Bion}

Raiden ran a hair through flyaway blond curls, distracted and frustrated. He had to keep his nerves under control, not falter, behave, and... Ahhhh, he knew all this stuff already! He promised all of the eggs and dragons within that he would behave, as if a child pleading with jolly old Saint Nick that he, too, was deserving and worthy.

Yes. This time, /surely/... Please... One of them... Maybe?

He glanced around for his siblings, spotting Bionden and her long hair, and sidled closer. "Hey... Feeling all right?" His tummy was in knots, but he would master the fear soon enough. Things would settle into a rhythm once the first dragon broke the shell.

He bowed to Khamaith and her partners, eyes stuck to the sand until drawn by the beauty of the eggs. /We are ready to welcome you! I can't wait to see you all.../ He wasn't one for sentiment, but he did enjoy watching newborn dragons hatch. They were, after all, truly magnificent creatures.  

Sweet Symmetry

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:50 pm
Rundanrul - Western

Lunch was being had when the humming of dragons filled the minds of everyone present. Rundanrul knew the drill by now, though he had to admit this was the first time he was actually a bit excited for the hatching. He'd touched a few eggs that had been promising and though the experience had been cut short, he felt like most of the dragons that would emerge today would be right up his ally. Perhaps this would be his time to find a partner. If it wasn't he would be a bit disappointed, but not so much so that he'd sulk. He was young and his perfect partner was out there, waiting to find him.

He was quick to change into his robes and sandals and listened dutifully to A'ral before moving to the sands. The eggs were just as they'd been left, perhaps shifted a bit or buried a little more. He gave a deep bow to Khamaith and the two male dragons before picking a spot to stand and wait.

Surel - Western

Oh! Oh! It was happening! Surel chugged the last of her juice before fleeing from the dining hall to change, her heart pounding with excitement and anxiety. Hatchings were dangerous but they were so wonderful at the same time. Though she hadn't had a chance to meet many of these babies she was thrilled to be a part of their first day on Pern. Hopefully they'd all be as sweet as Khamaith, as calm as Turoth, and as happy as Baihath. They certainly had a wonderful group of dragons overseeing their growth!

Listening intently to A'ral, Surel let the hoard of Candidates move onto the sands before her. She took a deep breath, shaking the jitters out of her hands a bit, and finally moved forward. She bowed to Khamaith, then Turoth, and last but not least Baihath before finding a slightly empty space among the others gathered around the eggs.

Vimeran - HR

Vimeran stood with the cluster of Candidates, waiting for those stragglers to show up in their sandals and robes. Midday was a nice time to begin a hatching, provided it didn't drag on and on. The feast would be around dinner and no one would have to wait too long considering most present would probably not be eating lunch properly.

Moving onto the sands, Vimeran gave a very formal and slightly stiff bow first to the mother of the clutch, then the sire, then the mate. He scanned the sands for Niv but didn't see her quite yet, so he picked a spot that was wide enough for another Candidate to stand beside him on either side. If they weren't right next to each other it was fine, it wasn't like he'd save some sand for her, but if she showed up before someone else took either spot then that was fine too. They'd be focused on the dragons, after all.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:51 pm
Aelyx - Western - She/Her

Midday had found Aelyx taking a moment to make sure food was prepared for Huarwar and his Green when they got back. She often took time between her own classes and chores to do small things like that. What she didn't expect was the call that it was Time. Shaking out her freshly tipped green hair, she did it up in a braid that would keep it out of her face, and off her neck. Midday on the sands was nothing to scoff at, especially for a long event like a hatching! Then robes, and she hurried with the rest of the candidates to be present for that special day for these little ones. Her memories were still fresh in her mind of the Touching, and the magic that several of those babies had given her.


Isilje of White Brancath

Of course she and Brancath were there, how could they not be! With beautiful Baihath as part of the 'parental' group, and Alya involved? The first thing Isilje was going to do was be there to support one of her partners. The albino rider had put on her best white gear and hood to mitigate the sun's heat and light, and put on her rose goggles, "Make sure you let me see what's going on?" Of course. From her perch humming, the white offered a warm wave of congratulations to Baihath. While she was still off about the whole 'boys' thing, Baihath was a pure and good soul. He and Alya deserved her affection.



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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:53 pm
[Loctius] [He/Him] [Western Weyr]

Loctius was tossing a makeshift ball up to Capek and Keeper. It was makeshift hides bundled together, good for the firelilzards to catch - claw open - and get to a snack with in the toy. First they had to catch it! Blue Capek did lazy little dives, missing. When he had the ball sometimes he dropped it for Keeper to open and steal the meat from her. It was a fine afternoon for the game, bright - lovely - sunny! The soft breeze making his spirit soar.

Suddenly Capek, landed with a chunk of meat still hanging from his mouth. Digging his little claws into Loctius’s shoulder. Insistently humming, nudging Loctius’s neck. He and his brother exchanged glances. It was time! Loctius nudged Shoxiel with a shoulder, “See you in a bit yeah?”

Capek was not thrilled with needing shut in the barracks. Oh the little lizard would listen, but he expressed his displeasure with a gust of his wings every time Loctius looked over while he changed. He was rewarded with a tunic thrown over top of him to flap himself out. He felt naked without the warm weight of Capek of his shoulder. He owed them a treat for their game being cut short to boot. Okay, okay. White tunic. Sandals. Cold water dripped down his neck from a quick attempt to tame his cowlick. That’d have to do!

His heart felt like it was in his throat. It wasn’t the first clutch he’s stood at. Touched. Not by far being a brat at Western. He couldn’t help the twitter of nervous excitement in his chest, echoing with a pound in his head. Anything could happen today. Blood, bonds, anything - he thought as he bowed to the trio of proud parents. He kept his eyes straight ahead finding a spot to stand, knowing if he spied Nona in the stands he might wave and make a fool of himself. The thought warmed him, knowing that his mother and her gold would have eyes on their sons today.

[Sivu] [He/Him] [Western Weyr]

What a treat of a free day. Sivu sat his pencils beside him - meticulously making little drawings of Etansi and Shoxiel's firelizards. They were terrible renditions and he adored them. Scrawls of paintbrush swirled on hide. Maybe if they didn't turn out (too) terrible he'd make sure to give them to his..hm friends? Acquaintances? Well they certainly were friendly enough.

He picked up his mug of klah, thoughtfully taking a sip. Immediately spitting it back into the mug realizing it was the cup he had been using to clean his brushes between strokes. He leaned back in his chair groaning with dramatic flourish. At least it was a free day. No one had to see him like this. Sivu could paint, eat snacks all day like the little monster he is, and not worry about lessons and people for a little while.

That is until reverberations kicked their way through his skull. Humming? Humming! He took a quick swig from the klah mug, thank you very much, to rid himself of the flavor of pigments and to steel himself. “Alright, alright-” he gestures to Khamiath’s humming as if it could see him frantically scrubbing his face and changing his clothes. That he was hurrying as best he could. His little queen Butter stared at him judgmentally from beside his hairbrush - perhaps irritated she must stay PUT. Sivu pressed the command to her firmly and sensed she would listen despite her irritation.

Clean faced, hair back, and white robed. He wasn’t much for people earlier - but it evaporated into excitement. Into him rapidly trying to recall every Candidate lesson he crammed into his skull at his stay at Western. He paid attention, he’d do just fine right? Even if he walked back to his barrack alone. Sivu now you can do this, he gave himself a little internal pep talk to quell his nervousness. No matter what happens today I have comfy pajamas and a good book in bed later! This will go splendidly. He hovered around for some familiar faces to stand bye, his arms respectfully folded behind his back.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:55 pm

When it came to being injured and behaving properly after doing so during a Hatching, Haveli was basically an old pro. She listened to A'ral with due respect before moving and getting ready, careful not to rush or place anything on in error. Her time here at Western was her first - hopefully (but unlikely) her last - and she needed to make a good Impression on those sands. Literally and figuratively, of course.

Dressed in her candidate robes and sandals, Haveli made her way onto the sands with a mind as clear as a cloudless sky. No thoughts other than welcoming ones, no ambitions besides those that lurked in the back of her mind like glowflies. Give none of these dragonets, nor riders here at Western, a chance or reason to rebuke her. Haveli's head was kept high until she bowed to the Golden Queen and Hers, the Fathers and Theirs, and then a bit towards the eggs too before getting properly into position.

Not to far away, but not too close. She'd be mindful of injuries - no point in getting hurt again if she once more had nothing to show for it. Aside from a scar and a limp that was all but gone, of course. Come. She called in her mind and heart. I'm ready.


Oreune was not ready but honestly when had that ever stopped her? She was going into this hatching with the same emotions she went into everything - that nothing was going to happen to her unless it was probably bad - but that was okay. The Touching had been nice and most of the Eggs had been pretty cool so if she focused on that there was nothing to worry about. When the hatching was over she'd just go back to the candidate bunk and sleep until the feast, or whatever it was they'd have those who didn't Impress do.

Because she wasn't going to Impress, at all. She wanted to and thought it'd probably be really cool, but it wasn't going to happen. Probably for the best, she thought, as she walked by the adult dragons and bowed and did everything else she was supposed to do.

Whatever. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


She'd never thought she'd get to see a hatching, being a Holder and all. Hatchings were Weyrfolk affair, and the romance of them were not entirely lost on Maishel. Finding a lifemate, someone who know your heart and soul and held your morals close, seemed a bit too good to be true. As a businesswoman she had no time for such things, but an invitation to be a plus-one was something she couldn't pass up, for reasons beyond the obvious thrill of attending such an event.

The journeyman miner sat watching, peering out as children and adults (she supposed) poured out onto the sands for the scant number of eggs. Really, it seemed rather unfair to have so many people for so few eggs. Wouldn't it have been better to narrow them down to one child per egg? Maishel had only textbook knowledge of hatchings at best, as with much of her life - theory over practice. Eggs hatch, dragonets pick people, they come together and protect Pern.

Basic, simple. Something quite amazing.


He was ready this time, as he was every other time really - except this time he'd properly slept and didn't look like death warmed over, or feel like death warmed over. Veikel was in perfect shape as he stood among the healers down at the sand level, ready to help however he could. It'd been a bit since he was last down here helping, entirely his own fault of course, but now that was all slated to change.

This was going to be so darn exciting he could hardly contain himself. Eggs!!! Baby dragons!!! Hopefully no one dies nor life threatening injuries!!! A good day.

Really...though, deep down, he didn't want to see....him be sad again. Sometimes that was just enough.

A good day.  


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:04 pm

It was irksome that A'ral had to tell them things that Bukichi felt should have been blatantly obvious to anyone present... but there was clearly a reason he had to say such things. Still, he held his tongue and listened, steeling his heart and mind for the event that was about to commence. For once, he did not allow himself to entertain ideas about the future--if only because the thought of things turning out poorly was too bitter to entertain.

He bowed low to Khamaith and settled into a position onto the sands, not paying attention to whomever he might have been closest to. He kept his thoughts still, vaguely aware of the increasing tempo of his own heart. He knew Aryale would be watching--hoping--and just as quickly, he pushed those thoughts away. Later, he could address whatever would occur at the Hatching, but now it was time. Come what may, he was ready.



Finally! The young man was grinning from ear to ear as he hastily washed up and donned his robe, keeping an impatient eye out for his twin. Would today be the day that one of them finally beat the other and Impress? He hoped it would be him--and for a dragon to find Ollandin soon afterwards! He tried to pay attention to A'ral without shifting in place too much, and then, they were moving onto the sands.

Bowing to Khamaith, Turoth, and Baihath, Ollanmar would quickly sidle up to his twin's side. "Which one do you think will be first?" He whispered, still grinning from ear to ear.

Samuel Carlin
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:05 pm

It was midday and everybody had been practically baited for the last few days. Amahno had been alternating somewhere between shoving food into his own mouth and offering it to Joudai, who chirped sweetly for each offering then peered around as if looking for her new food-sharing-friend. He smiled and touched his finger to her nose lightly.

"Nothing is going to happen if you're looking for it," he teased.

And as he wasn't looking for it, the humming came. Low at first, then louder, followed by the rising of candidates from seats in various states of excitement. Some moved quicker than others and Amahno quickly fell into step behind those who had been more ready, more familiar, more on the ball. They'd all been told what to do. That didn't mean they knew what to do, however.

But Amahno was at least smart enough to tell the topside of a robe from the bottom side, stripping off his normal day-to-day fare without worry of others looking at him (unless they wanted to admire the view, he doubted they had anything else but the humming in their minds) to put it on, followed by whatever excuse these were for sandals, before like the rest he headed out.

Of course, there was some last minute reminders from the Candidatemaster which he listened to with...some interference of excitement from the eggs out on the sands. How could anybody think to do anything but watch the eggs, wondering which would hatch first. What would happen first.

Soon...now.. NOW. Did he bow? He almost forgot in the buzzing, half mimicking the motions of those ahead of him. Bow, move on.

Then it was time to find a place on the sands and wait.



This wasn't his first song and dance of it all, but it still felt strangely unfamiliar despite the frequency. He'd done this before, and it was easy enough, so why did he feel nervous? It wasn't any different than the last time - okay, it was different because whoever would come from these eggs was different. He wanted to see what came of that one.

But it would have to wait as he found a decent enough spot to listen, his brows furrowing as A'ral gave them reminders of things that....he had never seen happen since he'd come to the Weyr and stood before dragons. Passing a look over his fellow candidates, he couldn't help but wonder if any of them had done it. Hmmm.

The next steps were the least nerve wrecking, but he could still feel that titter of intimidation as he bowed to the parents, then made to pick out a place on the sands for himself. If he looked particularly interested in one egg in particular, so be it....but he did pass a look back into the stands, perhaps seeking out one particular face. Was she....watching him, maybe?



She. Was. Excited!

This was her first hatching on sands not High Reaches, and while it could have been assumed it as more of the same, something about the little differences made it feel like an adventure! Different but the same but not! She half bounced as she changed, the energy in the air familiar even if the people were different. Fahn liked this part of it all. It was thrilling. What was as exciting after you impressed? She sure didn't think the energy before Threadfall was the same, at least.

Talk faster, pleaaaasssseeeeeeee, she thought to herself, half bouncing a foot and rubbing her hands together as the candidates were given their final reminders to be on their best behavior. If she missed some of it, maybe it wouldn't matter - Fahn was too excited to do anything silly like sit down or take a nap, right? Maybe she'd pay for that hubris later.

But everything seemed to move too slow, leaving her bowing at least twice in the time it took for the person next to her to get on with it (or so it felt) and then she was trumbling off into the sands to find a spot.



HERE! yeah! YEAH! This spot had the vibe!!!



His head should have been swimming with the excitement that came with humming - and he was excited. But he was also perhaps too calm as well, soberly changing even as he grinned as big as any of the rest of them could about it. It. Was. Time. What would come of it all? Maybe Big-Lumbering-Herdbeast would walk off with a dragon. Wouldn't that be something!

Josen played through his options soberly, even as he listened to A'ral give his warnings, barely stifling a laugh at them. He knew they were given for a reason, but man..to have to give some of those! Who had been that stupid? Spotting a familiar, lumbering man, Josen elbowed Serrekhar in the side before taking the lead for the next steps - bowing as respectfully as he could before moving on.

"Front? Back? What do you think, pal?" he asked confidently, certain any spot was a good spot if it was for them.



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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:15 pm

As always, Tristram was in attendance. He'd cleaned his tools very carefully and thoroughly prior to this day in preparation. Every supply deemed even semi-low had been completely refilled. ... And if that particular apprentice was lurking nearby in hopes of redeeming himself, Tris didn't notice or care. He was focused on the Hatchings Sands, awaiting what was sure to be trouble. By this point he knew the Candidates well enough to know that there would be not avoiding it.

His veritable fair of firelizards was waiting up in the Stands in case they might make themselves useful, though he had sternly forbidden them from coming too close. The dragonets did not need the distraction of firelizards during their first moments of life. He'd chosen to wear a smock this time, knowing all too well that his healers' garb was soon to be ruined.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:16 pm
Elibrie - she/her

Well then. For all her many doubts, which had which had been quietly wearing at her since the Touching, there wasn't any going back. She had to finish what she'd started when she'd agreed to the swap with Oranie (not to mention they'd roped Juhvek into it as well). Elibrie had never been entirely sure about Candidacy from the start, though there'd been a moment at her first clutch where it had clicked, when she'd seen the hatchlings and fallen in love, but time and worry had turned it into little more than a ghost of a feeling. She'd long since managed to re-convince herself that she didn't belong, but there wasn't any unmaking her decision, so all there was to do was to go forward.

Spending a little time at Western had been distracting, at least, as she'd never seen the sea before. It was...it was very nice. She'd miss it when she went back to High Reaches. They were midway through a lovely day when the humming began, and she was quick to obey instruction and prepare herself accordingly. Robes and sandals on and in good order, she assembled with the rest, gravitating towards Oranie and Juhvek, and listened to every word. It all seemed obvious, nothing that hadn't been covered in their lessons, over and over again, but she listened intently regardless.

And then it was time. Following just behind the others, she bowed to the clutchparents, and moved onto the Sands.




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Zhaydegan - He/Him - Western

At least they'd been awake -- well, most of them -- when the humming started and the word came down that it was time for robes and sandals. He stripped and redressed with a speed that impressed himself, then milled restlessly until the rest were ready for The Speech -- maybe not quite the same speech, but close enough -- that was delivered every time. Yes, he'd be on his best behavior. Yes, he knew what to do and not to do.

He singled out Dystzha as they tarted toward the Sands, shoulder checking her gently before he darted off annother direction and did so to Savindri too. "Ready for this? Are you really, really ready?" He was. More than.





Nervous. He was always nervous on Hatching day. Today, he had a little more reason, maybe. Maybe not. There was no knowing until the eggs had all hatched, was there? So he took a deep breath after bowing, then tried not to look too relieved when Ollanmar sidled up. He was fine! He flashed a grin at his brother, though, and asked, "Egg? Because you know I'm going first." He looked out over the eggs and said, "I think the one with the butterfly is going to surprise us all and go first."




Aother adjustment, another period of almost being settled before the world shifted again. Eliaza had been practicing looking outwardly calm, but she could hardly hear A'ral over the sound of her heart pounding and was sure pther people could see it in her throat. That might have explained the color in her cheeks. Maybe it was just the heat of the Sands. She bowed, very deliberately, and went to find a place. Breathe, she thought to herself. Breathe, breathe breathe.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:19 pm
Trude -- she/her, Western

Barely containing the flutters in her stomach, Trude filed in with the other Candidates, wide-eyed and awestruck. This was only her second Hatching, and her first at Western, so it was all as new to her as the High Reaches experience had been. So much excitement!

She forced her expression into studied seriousness instead of the grin that wanted to erupt there and bowed to the gold clutch mother and her two consorts, then picked a position on the sands that was close to the eggs but not too close -- she didn't want to seem over-eager or put herself at risk of being trampled by a baby dragon. Taking a deep breath, she focused her thoughts on welcoming the new babies, as she had been instructed. Now the waiting began.

Tyanan -- he/him, Western

Tyanan was an old hand at this by now, but it still sent a thrill of excitement through him as he walked out onto the sands and bowed to Khamaith. Maybe this was his time. Maybe one of the dragonets trying to emerge from their shells wanted him as their lifemate. He was nowhere near ageing out of Standing for clutches, but a faint anxious feeling still tickled at the back of his mind. He wanted this more than anything -- he wanted to avenge his mother.

Crossing the sands, Tyanan found a spot close to the clutch, which was now wobbling with purpose. He pushed down the anxious feeling and focused on the humming of the dragons, allowing it to wash over him and put him in a trancelike state as he sent warm, welcoming thoughts to the hatchlings.

Ansirien -- he//him, Western

Brushing his light red-blond hair from his forehead in a self-conscious gesture, Ansirien made his way with the other Candidates onto the sands. He had done this many times and knew the drill by heart; he had been born to this, being a weyrbrat; he had been around dragons since before he could walk. Still, it was thrilling and scary and fraught with apprehension and expectations, mostly his own expectations for himself. F'gon never put any pressure on him to Impress -- this was all in his own head.

Ansirien glanced around him as he chose his customary location a few places back from front and center.. He recognized some of the faces, noted the new ones, and seared them all in his mind. One never knew how many of them would make it through the Hatching unscathed....  


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:21 pm

She was doing this entire thing wrong and oh, if Pern could just open up and swallow her now it would be better for it. Kadosse was one of the slower ones to change, not quite bold enough to assume nobody would look while she was changing and daring to try and cover herself as modestly as she could as she did so.

The humming was intoxicating, though. She'd never get used to it - did people get used to it?

Still, she clung onto each of A'ral's words like they were gospel, though Pern had no such thing. She'd do good, even if she'd been a little naughty at the Touching. Was it naughty to indulge a child? Of course it was, but surely it hadn't been a bad indulgence. Maybe she and her little friend would dance again! She would like that.

One of the girls ahead of her bowed twice and oh it had seemed like a good idea, so Kadosse did it as well, nearly causing a more eager person behind her to bump right into her and sending her straight into apologetic tears before she was off to try and find somewhere to stand, looking like the very picture of nerves. Oh...Oh dear...where...? Who?



He was in no rush. To some Juhvek likely seemed disinterested, though if they dared say so he would have dismissed the idea entirely. One could be calm, and excited, and get the job done thank you very much. He'd changed with little fanfare, and one out of the barracks and onto the sands (warnings, bow, it was familiar stuff and while attentive, he'd not really given it too much weight beyond tradition) he had carefully found a nice, uncrowded spot to sit...and wait.

All he'd need to do is keep an eye out and see if he spotted either of the girls first, or if they found him on their own. This would be fine - he'd see them both through safely and do his best to soothe any nerves they may have had.








Papys was the sort of person last minute reminders were made for, and he listened dutifully, trying to keep as many of the words from falling right out of his head as he could. That wasn't many, but he certainly tried his best and at least looked like the image of understanding as he bowed to Khamaith, Baihath, and Turoth then made his way out onto the sands with purpose.

It was the coolest he'd ever look, and it was very hard to look cool in a white robe that someone else maybe died in.


Oh he shouldn't have - Papys' mind backpedaled, dumping the notion right out before it could settle too much, leaving him to find a nice place closer to the eggs to stand. All the better to be seen! Yes! This was a good spot!

And it was a good day to be an egg, wasn't it? They'd all hatch and be quite happy for it! Yes.


Aryale of Yaguareth

Aryale had promised she'd find a place as close to the sands as she could, and while Yaguareth had found a ledge to settle on (what was this? Plenty of room for a gorgeous little green to join her!) she couldn't help but be a touch nervous.

I hope one of you like him - he's really good... Aryale thought, biting her lip a bit before the touch of her lifemate's mind against hers soothed the edge of her nerves. There was no need to rush, but she'd felt something like desperation from him.

He needed something good.

He has it. It's you, Yaguareth reminded, settling comfortably before she reached out to gently touch her mind to Bukichi's.

Good luck. Mine is very hopeful for you.

[IC RP] The Hatching Grounds

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