【b a s i c . i n f o】

*Picture!: User Image

*Username: Pooping Popcorn

*Name: Kala

Nickname(s): Lala

*Age (Please don't say Unknown): 23

Date of Birth: The fifteenth of Hearthfire

Height: 5'9

Weight: 143 lbs.

*Gender: Female

*Race: Nymph

*Kingdom: 'Iihi

Sexuality: Pansexual

Military Position (If requested):

【a b o u t】

➶ Lounging in sunlight
➶ Naps
➶ Floating in bodies of water
➶ Exploring
➶ Music

➴ Crowds
➴ Loud noises
➴ Tree carvers
➴ Being inside for too long

Quirks: Kala is very quiet upon meeting others for the first time, she'll smile and nod, but having not communicated with people often, verbal communication is difficult.

➵ Collecting interesting rocks
➵ People watching

Goal(s): Protect her home and find nice people

*Personality: Kala is quite shy upon meeting others, and while she enjoys company she tends to keep to herself. Living away from others hasn't been great for her social skills so when she does talk it is usually in awkward, short sentences. When she likes someone she will talk more although she'd most likely enjoy the fact that she could sit silently and comfortable in someone else's company.

Kala is also fiercely protective. If any being should cross her, the woods she resides in, or someone she has bonded with then she will drive them off by any means possible. However, to kill goes against her very nature.

*Bio (At least 8 sentences):After a particularly dry season, a large Oak began to form a rather unusual fruit. Which was uncharacteristic, to say the least. When the fruit had grown so large that the limb carrying it nearly kissed the ground, it split. Out spilled the young, yet to be named Kala. Her Oak had grown weak after giving some of it's life to birth her during a drought and so from the first time she tasted the dirt she was crawling to the lake. Once the cool waters enveloped her dehydrated body she felt the Oak strengthen and her along with it.

She grew up surrounded by the forest, learning about its habits, the animals that also called it home, and other curious things that grew there. Those who travel through were a great curiosity to her and she's always kept a watchful eye on their ways. Eventually her desire to know where the travelers go led her to Pius. Not one to leave her home unattended for long, her visits are short. The bustle of the city can overwhelm her, but she enjoys selling, or giving away, the herbal remedies she prepares, and looking at the shiny trinkets other shop keepers have for sale. Her life is simple, however the trees have been moving restlessly and she fears what it means.

【b a t t l e . i n f o】

➹ Has a deep connection with nature
➹ Quick
➹ Knows the territory

➷ Naive
➷ Dies should her Oak die
➷ Has never been formally trained in combat

Root Transference
-Has the ability to travel through the surrounding trees through the root system.

Trunk Strength
-In times of need she can call upon her Oak's strength and use it as her own.

【e x t r a】


Quote: "....."