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Tags: Romance, Slice of Life, Soulmate, Literate, Roleplay 

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Yummy Galaxxy

Divine Seeker

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:31 am

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Deep within a downtown alleyway covered in neon spray
painted murals that glitter beneath the moonlight lies a hidden doorway. A
particular wall that offers a hollow sound behind a solid few knocks. Two quick
knocks in succession. Pause. Knock a third time. A portion of the wall will
slide open just enough for the average person to duck under. There, a man
will close the door behind you, nodding his head towards the staircase
beneath him. After descending three flights, you can feel the pounding bass
of electric music, overlapped with people shouting in anger, excitement, or
laughter. It's colorful on the other side of the doorway, but another bouncer
stops you in your tracks, standing tall in front of a black leather rope denying
access. He expects a password and, if correct, will let you enter what appears
to be an underground arena.

People are leaning over the railings or perched tall in their seats among small
tables, exclaiming excitably at the ensuing fight within the center. Two random
supernaturals attempting to destroy one another, the announcer on stage
repeating every step of the encounter. And as one of them either pleas for
mercy or is dragged out and to the back with the healers, the other emerges
undefeated and prepared for the next challenger or steps down for the next
contender, walking away with $200 per win.

An illegal fight club.

** Code word: "Elysium" **
This must be mentioned in your post upon entry or you will not be allowed in.

Available Items:
Entrance to Fight Fee: $50 + Signed Waiver
Minimum Bet: $15
Maximum Bet: $5,000

** If entering a fight, every contender has the option to be healed afterwards. **
** Fighters do not leave unblemished. Extreme injuries (lost limbs, deep internal injuries) will require hospitalization. **
** The waiver will not allow anyone to break their silence about the club. **

Non-Alcoholic Drinks: $2 (Free Refills)
All Alcoholic Drinks: $9 (Any and all requests accepted.)
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:46 am
                User ImageUser Image
                                                              "Rah!" Helena grunted as she was thrown back against the cage. A smile spread across her lips as blood dripped from her nose and down to her lips. Her adrenaline was pumping and she loved the feeling! The bass vibrated through her body, dipping only slightly before picking back up with vengeance. Pushing off the cage, Helena briskly made her way back to her opponent and jabbed them square in the jaw. The music seemed to sync with her punch, rallying the crowd into a momentary uproar. The opposing female staggered back, clutching her jaw. While Helena didn't have super strength behind her punches, that didn't mean she couldn't hit hard. Kickboxing lessons train a body good. Getting up on her tip toes to keep her ready to move at a moment's notice, she brought her arms up in a blocking manner, awaiting the next blow.


                                                              Hands in her pockets, Helena's crystal blue eyes scanned the dark alley. Even in the midst of the morning, the area was dark and intimidating. No one would want to be caught here in the dark. Just because there were guards at the door, didn't mean they maintained what went on outside the establishment. Despite it being mid August, she wore a dark hoodie, drawn up to obscure her features, because where she was going was illegal. As she turned towards the one ray of light shinning down through the darkness, her makeup was done; dark. Millie never did her makeup. She looked okay without it, but she would always look better if she took the time to properly groom herself. She always looked do basic and Helena hated it!

                                                              Turning back back towards the spray painted walls, she made her way closer to the seemingly normal looking wall. This was where it was supposed to be right? Pressing a covered ear against the cool bricks, she could hear the faint beating of the bass. Yes, this was the place. Stepping back, she looked the wall up and down before knocking. The wall opened and she ducked under, greeted by an intimidating man who nodded towards the next entrance she needed to go through. Wow, security was really strict here. "Elysium," she spoke up, using the code word that was supposed to gain her access. A moment of looking her over, the bouncer let her through. With her hands still in her pockets, she began to jog down the stairs, one hand coming out to stabilize herself with the railing.

                                                              When she finally reached the bottom, Helena pulled down her hood and looked around. For a fight club, this place was unusually clean. She took her time, wandering around and getting a feel for the place. The loud music wasn't enough to drown out the screams and cheers of the crowd watching the fights. There was a dance floor to enjoy and a bar to get themselves brave enough to fight. Making her way to the bar first, she ordered herself a drink and when it was given to her, she sauntered over to the fighting cage. She stood in the rowdy crowd, sipping on her colorful cocktail and watching two men pummel each other. Scanning the crowd of faces, she found what looked to be the one in charge; taking bets from people. Slipping through the crowd, she made her way to him and stood on her tip toes in order to whisper in his ear that she wanted to fight.
                                                                    「 ☞ OOC: 「 ☞ MONEY: $936.25 xxxx



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