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[PRP-Fall] Caribou (Hornfels Hollow x Dawnstar)

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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 9:10 pm

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It was a glorious fall, the leaves were in the midst of changing, smattering the forest with reds, yellows and browns. The temperature was starting to cool, but it still lacked the crisp zing of winter's touch. The sun was out today, merely providing light, not the heat that had been present in the last few months. Soon things would change, but summer was still clinging to the Bluestone mountains for as long as possible.

The pack loved it.

A perfect day to be out hunting, filling already fattened bellies in order to persevere through the coming months. Everyone was enjoying the day, and Polar Sun had gathered the pack to take down one of the bigger creatures in the woods: caribou.

Caribou were a rare item for the pack to hunt, mainly because the herd's migration only barely touched the pack lands. The creatures tended to stick close to the border and only in a few places crossed. So it was always a delicate operation making sure that all the pack members stayed where they should and that the object of the hunt didn't get away.

Polar Sun surveyed the land from the outcropping she was perched upon. They were further uphill and from her vantage she could clearly see the thousands of caribou on the move. They weren't moving fast, obviously already drained from miles of walking. More than a few were stopping to graze on leaves and grasses along their way. At this time of year, all the babies had grown large enough to fend for themselves, though not as large as their mature selves would be. The pack would leave those alone, a caribou at full height and weight would be more ideal for the group. A few moments more, and Polar cast a glance over her shoulder.


A chorus of agreement returned. Not one wolf doubted Polar Sun's leadership, not even the alpha Frost Shatter. He recognized that her skill set was better equipped for this and he'd follow her lead.

"Let's go."

The large female took off in a blur of brown, followed by five more shapes. The hunt was on.



PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:26 pm
After Kindle had spoken of another pack in the Bluestone Mountains, Two Tone found himself on extra guard. What was this pack? Where they friendly? Hostile? Would they try to seize the Dawnstar territory when the pack migrated? Would Two Tone need to make it so only part of the pack migrated from their base territory, to make sure their land would always be theirs? Question after question plagued his mind so much that he would join in on a short scouting mission with her.

Cobalt Wings flew above the two brown wolves, her beady eyes watching as the canines moved forward.

There was a scent of others nearby, unfamiliar smells that caused Two Tone to snort. No longer in Dawnstar territory, the alpha found himself glancing towards Kindle. "We must be close."





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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 8:32 pm
The hyper female had been weaving a slight zigzag path while they traveled, her blue eyes bright and focused on the task at hand. But it was evident she was having an enjoyable time, tail wagging here and there when her paws slowed, big open mouthed canine grin present. But the best part? She wasn't alone in her scouting mission today! Oh no, her alpha had decided to join this time.

Thankfully for him, she hadn't chatted anyone's ear off too much. Yet. There were too many other things to distract Kindle. Like the scents she recognized. And even better, the ones she didn't.

Hearing Two Tone speak up, Kindle perked up and turned to look at her alpha, ears alert and sniffing the air. "Yes. We are quite close. But..." She hesitated, trotting a little around the alpha as she sorted through all the scents. "It smells stronger. Maybe there are more now? Oh I hope they aren't hostile! It would be fun to have others to run in to now and then. Share gossip with. Weather predictions..."

Head tilting and brow wrinkling a little in curiosity, she sniffed again. "There's another scent I don't recognize. I wonder what that could be? Do you think we'll see what it is? Maybe it's something amazing! Or maybe these wolves have strange scents?" So many possibilities! Yet the shewolf had no real idea what a caribou was.

"Two Tooooone. I want to see what the strange scent is!" She whined a bit eagerly. Foreign wolves taking second place.

Lazily following along behind Cobalt Wings, Wind Dancer kept his own eyes on the canines, every now and then glancing ahead of the path they followed.


PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 8:52 pm
The one thing about Polar Sun was that she was reliable, tough as nails, and uncanny smart. Hence why she was Frosty's beta. The second thing about Polar Sun is that when she was leading, you followed, no questions asked. If you deviated from the plan, well, woe on you, but she would effortlessly make up for your absence in some way. So there was absolutely no doubt in pack member's mind that this hunt would be a success, even down one member from their usual count.

The pack set a steady pace down the incline, a ground eating trot, that didn't compromise footing for speed. Assurance was necessary with the loose rocks, but as soon as they were into the trees the pace picked up to a canter. Thankfully the trees were evenly spaced and the underbrush was scarce at this elevation. The trees provided more cover than any type of hindrance, and the pack already knew what direction their prey was. Also, the pungent smell of sweat and fur from the caribou couldn't be mistaken, it flowed off the beasts like a beacon. So the pack emerged from the timberline near the herd with ease.

"Split!" Polar Sun barked the moment Permafrost, pulling up the rear, stepped foot into the mountain grassland.

The herd, unaware of the predators until the yip, burst into action in a ripple motion. The closest to the pack took off as quickly as they were able, whilst those further away were not so quick to motion. Which was perfect as far as Polar Sun was concerned. There were so many caribou here that they could easily fend off the six wolves if they cared to. But the flight instinct was strong in these grasseaters when they were surpised. Collisions between the fleeing animals were already happening, making the task of picking off one all the easier.

Once the call had gone up the pack did exactly as instructed, spliting into three pairs, Polar Sun with Crystal Flurry, Frost Shatter with Marble, Permafrost with Fell Field. Pace changed to a full on run, and the panicked caribou did their best to take flight. Immediately the weaker and the younger caribou were singled out. Polar Sun discarded the young ones - the pack needed a full sized adult or two, not a youngster. With that in mind, Polar Sun charged her target, Crystal Flurry on her heels. The pack had learned two things about taking down caribou. The first was that it was possible to take down a single caribou by a single wolf; however it was much easier to do so in pairs. The second was that the team effort required a nimbler wolf and a brawnier wolf. So as Polar Sun caught a leg and restrained the beast, Crystal Flurry was able to get in under the head and tear out the throat. Swiftly ending the caribou's life. The pattern was emulated by the other two groups, providing a plentiful bounty of three full caribou for the pack. More than they'd ever nabbed at once time. A wonderfully successful hunt.

"We did it! Hell yeah Polar! Woohoo, this winter will be a breeeze." Flurry yipped and pranced around the other wolf in excitement before noticing that they weren't the only successful hunters this day. The caribou, now down three members, had fled, their hooves churning up the snow as they started to leave the pack lands. The other pairs were clearly visible amongst the brown grasses where they stood around their kills. "Hey ho, cousin - looks like you didn't do so bad!" Fell Field's timbre echo'd across the clearing. "Hmmph, of course not you fool, you've seen me hunt!" The beige female replied blithely, her words laced with happiness.

Totally forgot to add certs the first post - so now spoilered at the top biggrin





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The Bluestone mountains

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