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A Dragonriders of Pern B/C RP 

Tags: Pern, Dragons, Dragonriders, Role-Play, Fantasy 

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Anxious Spirit

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 8:04 pm
Okay folks listen. I had ambitious desires for making a cool plot thread, but I’m phonestuck. So you’re gonna get this barebones desperation and you’re gonna like it! >[ Like it I say!

Dming me on Discord (medigel#1301) is the best and fastest way to get me. If you choose to post here instead, please quote me. Pings are amazing.

I’m gonna do my (laziest) best to get everyone I actually play in here, because god damn it some have been neglected. This thread only gives you a snapshot of each, so click their profile links if you want serious business descriptions, because this thread is Drunk History without the blessing of actual alcohol. Lord help me.  
PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 6:11 pm
high reaches profiles

  • (xy): L’shir is one of HR’s weyrlingmaster assistants. He also tics off the following checklist: tortured artist, tragic backstory, and handsome but emotionally distant. This isn’t anything special, except for the fact that sometimes weyrlings call that hard mode romance, student-teacher relationship be damned. Bronze Macleith is a warrior poet who speaks in imagery rather than words. More stern than his rider, less damaged by the deaths of weyrmates and more stoic against further pain.

  • (x) + (y): Raelin is a twice-over spare heir/b*****d child to a minor hold who was dropped in High Reaches as soon as her parents found an excuse in a searchrider. Dry, hard working, and has a secret love for lurid novels. Doesn’t try to stand out among other greenriders and is currently struggling to find a place for herself in the grander scheme of things. Green Saith (Tea Clutch) is a delicate lady with absolute calm, some OCD tendencies, and a Drax level inability to understand jokes. Also she loves stupid, stupid, STUPID dragons. This is hilarious because she herself is too stupid to notice Sahrawith’s crush, which has its own drama connected to her rider and Raelin’s friend R’ose, who is also being an idiot. It’s full circle stupid, and Raelin wants off this wild ride.

  • (xy): Fela and Blue Sophrosunth (Tarot Clutch) are an odd couple. One is blunt and in your face, the other too calm and meek to hurt a fly. One flirts, the other flusters. Fela is a self-proclaimed matchmaker who loves to gossip and push people together, a real nosy mother figure despite not being able to have children of her own. Soph is a windbag, peaceful scholarly type who loves to check in with weyrlings and make sure their lessons are going well. The two have taken to giving out flower crowns, a ritual they enacted after the Tarot Hatching inspired by the marks on Soph’s head.

  • (xy): Ulix and Brown Argoth are currently wingseconds of Harbingers Wing. Although if you removed the wings and hide, it’d probably look more like a man with his huge loyal dog. Ulix is a one-eyed, sexist, resourceful man who used to be a bounty hunter, and he’s used to playing politics. He’s keen on getting Wingleader one day, despite HR’s policies against nonmetalics, and is always watching for opportunities to make connections. Also doesn’t mind having “arrangements” with people to help them stay at the weyr. One is with Keris, who bore him a son named Keriax. Argoth is the biggest sweetest baby with all the sensitivities attached. He wants kids, he wants love, and most of all he wants to make Ulix happy. Is a Harper at hearts and has the ability to physically sing in two voices at once. Almost expert AMV maker of the mind. Has a complex against bronzes.

  • (xy): Efrideet and White Asuracath need to do something other than rot in the back of my mind infirmary; dragon barely made it through Threadfall and phosphorous poisoning and is on the mend for another few months at least. Searchriders, though Faranth help the candidates who had to deal with Asuracath’s INABILITY TO TALK IN ANYTHING BUT ALL CAPS.

  • (x) + (y): Arlie is getting a little better since first appearing at HR with older sister/commanding officer Haveli. She screams little sister without knowing it, from her childish actions to her simple hopes and dreams, but she also screams easy prey, especially as a white rider. White Alegriath (HP Clutch) is <333333!!!!!!!! <3? <33333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : D

  • (x) + (y): Ar’din is a d**k that knows he’s a d**k and won’t bother changing it. Previously pit fighter in Bitra before being forced to consider mining and then owing a life debt to an acupuncturist when that didn’t pan out. Is never opposed to sex, violence, or both. Bronze Alquemieth (Disney Song Clutch) is a d**k that doesn’t believe he’s a d**k because ~his cause his just~ so that’s probably even worse. Don’t touch his twin, only he can touch his twin. Violently. Also screw girls. (Double also: screw girls.)

  • (x): Orri is a nerd with the body and height of someone more confident than he and the cognitive dissonance of a protagonist displaced from his novel. Wants so badly to be a bronze rider like his dad Herg’r and—wait what do you mean the first person he slept with doesn’t notice his affection? What do you mean the first Hatching he ever participated in resulted in exactly 0 bronzes looking his way, even after he super heroically tried to save his friends? What do you mean his mom isn’t secretly the best woman his dad ever had that he’ll go back to in a moment of sudden realization and love? Hello??

  • (x): Velen just wants to be someone’s husband. Or butler. Or both. Which is weird because he hates being responsible, but at least being a homebody caretaker isn’t stressful, and it’d only be taking care of one person, which he’s used to. Likes cooking and baking, but doesn’t like sweets. Fela’s younger brother.

  • (x): Mel just wants to have a good time and not get told what to do every step of the day. Minus the usual candidate s**t, anyway. Wants to remind you it’s not that deep fam. Lionhearted and chaotic good, but due to muddied feelings towards herself tends to fall more chaotic than the good when it comes to others’ impressions. One of Zyamel’s FWB and admirer of human bodies and lives across the spectrum.

non-dragon anythings
    Someone is slated but not yet

western profiles

  • (xy): Pency looks tired, feels tired, and sounds tired. Literally he communicates through nonverbal cues and grunts of varying degrees that should probably have their own dictionary to decode. Is better about the impulse to palm trinkets but sometimes slips up. Prefers to stay in the bg and keep his head down, but might take to kindness in the way a stray animal does. Still mails marks to his family in Nabol. Blue Rekamuth is a prankster and a flirt, and not even Thread will change that. A hedonist that likes nudging His to do things. Or people. Do more people pls. ;3 Loves to be around water.

  • (xy): Zallea is the brawn, Green Illyriath the brains, beauty, and best everything else. Would-be pirates that eye taking a better place in the Western hierarchy. You’ve probably seen Zallea challenge people to wrestling when drunk. And sober.


  • (x): ”Stormy” is a ball of lowkey depression and midkey anxiety, but she’s gotten better. Likes thinking abstractly and is a little weird when she daydreams too much. Actually was apprenticed as an assassin by her mom before her untimely death, which mostly manifests in Stormy being able to move around without being heard or seen. Might one day consider trying to find the mom killers. Speaks like she’s in a library and doesn’t want to disturb someone reading.

  • (x): Dhawsn is a Big Boi: in fat content, in good cheer, and in appetite. Skirting the upper end of West’s candidate ages, he’s slowly begun to form a backup plan to follow up on runnerbeasts to keep him at the weyr. Loves puns, is pretty good at handling even the most feral personalities, and radiates Dadness (even as he motherhens). Falls easily for a pretty face but is too self-conscious to ever approach, leading to a string of heartbreaks over the turns that he’s never spoken of.

  • (x): Pyper is loud, proud, and singing aloud. Better enjoy the free stuff now, because whether or not she becomes a dragonrider, she’s aiming for stardom. No small time family circus can hold her back now that she’s far away. Haters to the left and honeys to the right, baby!

  • (x): Nikal is honestly just. The worst. Black sheep of Master Healer Veena’s 3 kids and seemingly incapable of making good decisions that don’t involve messing up. Why are you reading his profile he ain’t worth it fam. Likes to bite.

  • (x): Karunia’s gonna save the day, just watch! A mechanic, a knight, and a hero bundled into one. Doesn’t stay still long enough to let moss gather on anything. Tiny bit reckless. Mesmerized by fire. Daughter of K’on.

non-dragon anythings

non-weyr profiles

    Nothing to see here

  • (x): Glinda knows best, darling. Argue and be ready for sharp smiles and a kindness too sweeping to be stopped. The wrong sort of feminist who wants to help girls see their worth but also denigrates men in the same breath. A merchant heiress alongside her twin Oz who handles the business side of things and is always looking to climb higher.

  • (x): Oz is the charming car salesman you can’t avoid. He’s also a showman, skilled at dazzling customers to signing away more than they need to. A compulsive liar and scatter brained, the best sort of combination. A merchant heir alongside his twin Glinda who handles the face-to-face and marketing side of things.

non-dragon anythings
    Nothing to see here


Anxious Spirit


Anxious Spirit

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:23 pm
wip profiles & quests

These characters are mostly up in the air but can be talked about if they interest you. They may or may not have threads partially/completely set up. Hardcore plotting can’t happen unless they’re real characters, but it’s always good to know if something interests you so some backplotting/extra history can happen! This is also helpful for me to just stick them all in a spot so I don’t forget.

wip canon characters

  • (xy): Rheasilvia has seen things and protects herself and hers against them in the manner that she knows: subtly, often through manipulations, and behind a stony front. Has a slight control freak need to know things and is not above gathering willing people to keep fingers on the pulse. Was once a dancer. Gold Eirinth is a helicopter mother with an ego as soft and easily bruised as a peach. Also likes physical touch. And possibly swiping things. Am looking for children for Rhea as well as minions and past/present LIs.

  • (xy) (wip): E’roe (Eganroe) is a dreary poet and short story author whose pen name and persona are feminine. One honestly wonders how bad Thread is that he’s still able to fly, given that he likes to avoid work whenever possible. Brown Dhumavath lost his love on Thread’s first day back and has dug a deep abyss for himself ever since. Not much brings him joy anymore, except the occasional chase and the macabre.

  • (xy) (hard wip): Popry is a trained midwife, tutor, and nanny. Green Gwyneth is probably gonna get revamped because I just realized how many sad characters I have. Would like for them to be employed under someone.

  • quests
    • (xy): Bansabira of Bronze Wreximilith (QUEST). Unabashed and ripped semi fisherman dude with dragon that also loves ripping. And snarling. And eating. Especially eating. Would love to create a sort of mini group within West of more bestial dragons teaming up to do...uh......something. Beastketeers?

    • (xy): ??? of Brown Rudoth (hard wip). Pokemon inspired mercenary gang leader (with Incineroar styled dragon). Unaffiliated, no set hold(s) to inflict them on yet. Most likely a female identifying rider. Low priority to finish.

    • (xy): ??? of Green Chelonith (hard wip). Old sea turtle girl nurtures older man while traveling to sell wares. Might change profession? No history decided on yet. Lowest priority to finish.
    PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 6:50 pm
    individual plots & romance

    Sometimes you just wanna smooch ‘em. Or have a regretful one night stand. Or have some fun and random flightlust partners. Or find that OTP. Or get into a fight due to ideological differences. Or have a civil conversation about them. Or go on a short adventure that leads them to discover more about themselves.

    I’ll admit I’m very bad at straight up agreeing to romance without at least letting the characters banter first. And even then I’m antsy about commitment unless they really jive. I’m aiming to get over that anxiety so please forgive me! <3 Rp isn’t always required (I can be slow as heck myself). The minimum is just being able to discuss them doing stuff even if it’s offscreen/general communication about what’s up with them individually if stuff happens! I am almost always down for drama, death, date-to-breakup, all that good stuff as well!


    • Ar’din (Arcadin)open flight partner for ladies, trouble, enemies, friends
      Alquemieth has made him two steps closer to model than he ever thought he’d be. Time to screw that up via his old temper/pit fighter instincts! Available for a bad time romantically speaking (aka shutting that s**t down with the finesse of an absolute jackass) while his player gets his s**t together for the actual attempt at LI with someone.

    • Arliefriends, unrequited crushes
      She is babby. Please play with her. Barely an adult and trying to grow up, which is hard when you have forever sun and flowers and toys white dragon. Doubt she’s in a good place for true romance, but can lay groundwork. Note that older sister will probably meddle.

    • Dhawsnfriends/people to Dad, past women to have crushed on fruitlessly, LI
      He’s a good boy, he probably needs to do stuff.

    • Efrideetfriends (with benefits), anything
      Haven’t played her much at all, oops. Flirts like she breathes.

    • Felagossip fodder, people/dragons to matchmake
      Let her be the shipper on deck she was born to be! Or she’ll make them happen herself! Don’t test her!! Will probably go back to mindhealer after her 5 years.

    • Glindacontacts, enemies, anything
      (True) Merchant heir seeks release from stupid brother.

    • Karuniafriends/rivals, LI
      Is the type that’s drawn to people who are damsels in distress. Likes tinkering a lot. Probably knows a handful of healers by name from experiments gone wrong or just being plain reckless. Definitely checks in with goldriders.

    • L’shir (Leonshir)crushing on, friends (especially backlogged ones), extremely tentative LI
      L’shir hasn’t left HR since he was born, save for the times he was asked to for a job. He takes his assistant position pretty seriously. I’d be down to let someone try and wriggle their way into his heart again, but expect a lot of hangups about his previous weyrmates and an upset bronze. I’m even more down for failed connections/rebuffing younger riders, especially if he taught them as weyrlings.

    • Meleverything
      Not one to keep her mouth shut when she should, she’s probably someone T’nus and F’dral are like “if we’re gonna kick candidates out, she won’t be missed :]”.

    • Nikaluhhhhhhh plot machine broke
      He’s a personality that struggles with doing anything positive, let alone altruistic. Lots of patience required.

    • Orrienemies, rivals, friends
      He’s got best friend Dehka and crush F’enn. Let’s open the circle up some.

    • Ozcontacts, anything
      Please save him from his sister.........

    • Pencyfriends, someone to moon at or at least admire
      Assuming you can get past the grunting, stray dog behavior, and insufferably playful blue dragon. LI would probably need to have a stronger personality to offset his quiet one.

    • Pyperfriends (singing pals), enemies/rivals
      She’s too social and loud not to have some of everything.

    • Stormymore people to know (other assassin trainees?), conversation partners
      The one that absolutely needs time to develop anything beyond friendship. Is an odd girl that is pretty private unless you can induce some philosophical and metaphorical talk. Will be someone who upcoming goldrider Rheasilvia employs to keep tabs around the weyr.

    • Raelingod just anything really
      The first person made here for me and yet has very little going on. Pls help me fix.

    • Ulixfriends, “friends”, “sexy friends”
      Ulix is all about getting himself to the top. He’d be open to talking to younger riders who are also interested in slowly changing HR’s ways through example, so long as they know he’s the one in charge. Highly doubt he’d ever settle down.

    • Velennobility/higher ups to serve, friends, LI
      Forget the work and let’s get this bread!

    • Zalleaex pirate friends, actually pirate contacts, string of lovers, someone to command her
      Let her flex for you. 💪

    • White Alegriathcrushed on, crushes
      With hormones starting to kick in, how much drama can one lil’ white accidentally cause with her free use of the phrase “I love you! <3!”?

    • Bronze Alquemiethhearts to break, enemies, at least one solid ally
      Time to really hit some notes in this young bronze’s career.

    • Brown Argothladies to continue breaking his hearts, friends, enemies (rival bronzes?), OTP
      Wants to find that special someone but also kinda flails when it comes to romance. Has awkward relationships due to Ulix’s powerhungry attitude making them infamous/seem suspect in everything. Struggles with what makes him happy versus what makes His happy. The biggest awooooooooooo

    • White Asuracathuhhhhhhh (anything but good luck)

    • Green Illyriathminions, favored partners, enemies/rivals
      Ambitions of being treated as a queen won’t get stopped by hide color damn it!

    • Bronze Macleithcrushed on, anything
      Teaching moments would be great as I haven’t gotten to flex his muse and particular way of communication much.

    • Blue Rekamuthanything, enemies, rivals, flirt partners, prank partners
      Probably not one to stay loyal to just one dragon, but at least genuinely appreciates many? Mischief makers to play with, riders to coax into “bumping into” Pency.

    • Green Saithdragons to flirt with/gently manipulate, friends
      The more brainless the better @ the first. Anything goes for the second. Not sure if she wants to settle yet, given her rather picky nature. Flights will be a challenge.

    • Blue Sophrosunthmentoring/advising, conversational partners, someone to challenge him
      A nurse dragon in the making, and probably where he’ll go rather than stay up in the sky after his 5 years. Loves to talk about eeeeeeeverything, almost as much as he loves learning. We’ll see about LIs in the future as that requires a lot of build up.


    Anxious Spirit


    Anxious Spirit

    PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 9:28 am
    family & adoption slots

    You wanna make some tree branches? Let’s make some tree branches.

    • Dhawsn: Tentatively 1 daughter between 6-8 that can be dramatically revealed to him by the mom. Would absolutely trip over himself treating her like a princess.

    • L’shir: At least 2 kids. Eldest up to mid 40s. All of them would have known their other father Q’nav at some point regardless of where they were born, but the ones at HR would be closest to L’shir as he barely left; beyond that, he was restricted to letters and the very occasional visit when the weyr allowed. May or may not have known their mother Ofelya, who was a master ranked glassworker that decided to move away from the weyr due to growing jealousies with the dragonriders. She eventually ensconced herself away after growing ill and died before reconciliation could happen. Q’nav suicided in the line of duty shortly after Thread returned. Children may fall along the spectrum in terms of how loyal they are to the three parents/individuals and how they treated the long distance relationship. Adopted children also available.

    • Nikal: Would be open to him having a 1-2 year old baby mama drama.

    • Rheasilvia: 3 kids, each at least 3-5 turns apart coinciding with some of Eirinth’s rises, with a 4th now at 8 turns old. All born at West, all interacted with their mother while at the crèche. Would be cute if at least one rode a hatchling of her gold’s but not necessary. Expect two moms of very different love affirmations. Possible dad option with Tex’ora (Prism Shine WIP)! Adopted children also available.

    • Ulix: Any number of kids from him, he doesn’t really look too hard. Not a particularly caring father figure unless someone stands out. Can be born at HR or abroad during his bounty hunting years. Newest is Keriax from Keris, a premature babe who’s sickly but pulling through.

    • Zallea: Probably has one or two crotchfruit running around but isn’t the best mother figure to seek out. Usually miscarries through hitting Between or doing really, really dumb s**t.

    • Fela/Velen: Have two older sisters who are nonriders. Oldest lives/travels as a dancer, the other is up in the air but has a girlfriend or wife. Their mother is Not Happy about the gays, Fela refusing to have kids (unaware that she’s barren), and Velen being unambitious. Very possible the only one who gets any real praise is the eldest sister, with Velen being second for always taking care of his mama. Papa exists and is as conservative as his wife.

    • L’shir: Extended family history is open. His mother was a brownrider and his father a trader.

    • Orri: God only knows how many kids Herg’r (Meepfur) has. If known to him and around his age/is a candidate, he’d try to get along but has a burgeoning belief that he’s The Special Kid of the bunch so there’s incoming conflict if stuff goes wrong.

    • Pency: Has several siblings that were with him and mom/dad at Nabol before he caught his lucky break. One is still there, the other is open. Age not specified, but one is older than him and the other younger. Mom is a little frail, dad likes to gamble too much. Pency tries to send some of his money over when he can.

    • Raelin: At least one older half-sibling, true heir to their minor-hold. May either be sympathetic or antagonistic given the whole mistress part.
    PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 9:32 am


    Anxious Spirit


    Anxious Spirit

    PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 9:35 am
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