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Basic rule apply. This guild is base off the Anime series of Naruto 

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:40 pm
(This is a basic profile, have fun with building your profile)
Date of Birth:

Occupation: belong to Orochimaru

Appeared Age:
Body Type:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:

Elemental Alignment:
Personality Description:
Likes: -
• outfits
• animal
• moon
Dislikes: -

Abilities: -
(name) •
(name) •
(name) •

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:49 pm
This is the more detail profile, for people that want to go compeletely crazy

═══════════ | Basic Information | ═══════════


Meaning of Name


Famous Shinobi Name:





Physical Description




Common Clothing


════════════ | Shinobi Data | ════════════

Clan Name

Kekkei Genkai, Stage Obtain

Known Chakra Elements


Rank, Title

Special Skills

Known Affiliations

Dominant Jutsu Types

Favored Jutsu


Fighting Tendencies


══════════ | Personal Information | ══════════





Miscellaneous Skill


Physical Conditions

Mental Conditions

══════════ | Techniques & Jutsu | ══════════

Total Jutsu Points:


show spoiler

Elemental Ninjutsu

show spoiler

Medical Ninjutsu

show spoiler


show spoiler


show spoiler


show spoiler


show spoiler

Sensory Techniques/b]

show spoiler

Weapon Techniques

show spoiler


show spoiler


show spoiler


show spoiler

Kekkei Genkai

show spoiler

Corruption Effects

show spoiler

═══════════ | Background Data | ═══════════


Other Relationships


History (Continued)

═══════════ | Demonic Entity | ═══════════

Bijuu Name


Passive Abilities

Bijuu Techniques

show spoiler

═════════ | Weapons & Equipment | ═════════


Special Objects





PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:52 pm
If something needs to added to profile, leave a post about it. Remember to have fun with your profile, like reply to the question like your character would.  
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:55 pm
Name: kai iris cross ( Mecko came up with the Kai, though it's sounded cool, for either gender) ( bluebonnet name her daughter
after a flower, of course the iris one)

Nickname: a bunch of nicknames

Age: 25 but look younger then she actually is, and she hates it with a passion

Date of Birth: September 11, the same as Mecko birth date

Race: normal ninja, it nothing else

Birthplace: Sand village hospital, disprove of those places think doctor are nothing but a bunch of morons
Gender: A girl, but whose cares dose my gender even matter at this point

Titles: bodyguard, some call Kai the guard dog in a mean manner.

Occupation: the study black arts, been taught in way of geisha. Bodyguard

xAPPEARANCE...( why is everybody taller than me, seriously it's like Ithe shorter person on the planet)

Appeared Age: (look like she is four years younger, maybe not even that might be mistaken for sixteen years old)
Height: 4:10 if I had a wish, it would wish to increase my high, just a little bit.

Weight: 110, never seem to gain weight.

Body Type: very thin like a 12-year-old girl.( I know this because people keep this mentioning it to me like I have no idea)

Health: Really am fine I don't medical check-up, but Doctor doesn't believe her.

Skin Color: has a nice light tan, no matter how long the naps are Kai doesn't sunburn

Eye color: both eyes are bright red, but the other one is pitch black.

Hair Length: Long near the butt area, it rather curly giving it nappy look, even after brushing it ( Older version of kai her hair is shorter)

Hair Color: Bright white hair, in ponytails giving the girl that cute look.

Hair Style: Hate piggy tail to be honest because it makes her look cuter than usual. Yet it feels more comfortable this way because Kai used to the hairstyle because her mom keeps braiding hair into ponytails.

Tattoos/Markings: there marking across the right shoulderblade, it stealing jutsu to keep Yin from being release. Then their eye of darkness, hidden behind the side bang.

Fashion/ min short outfits are in style skippy, Mecko extremely disproves of Kai wardrobe. So much at the time, the father would lead shirt off his back to have Kai to cover herself up.

xPERSONALITY... very hard to argue with, even if right Kai will prove you wrong no matter what.

Elemental Alignment: all the elemental powers, summoner calls upon stuff, yin and yang the other personality

Personality Description: protective person, rather claim person at times, has a sense of humor about things, lazy person, mom always telling to pick stuff off the floor. Seem always know the right thing to say, part of geisha training.

Likes: - Hang with friends or family especially if they paid the bill
• drawing lions for some reason( that's my art style so deal with it)
• Stacking on food, playing with it too( which annoy the heck out of Blue Bonnet)
• taking naps everywhere, never know where she gonna pop up.

Dislikes: -
• fridge being empty of food because Leo ate every single bite in the fridge
• Losing to anything no matter how small, why don't know, and whose cares
• Bossy people, she doesn't handle orders very well. ( Gaara does a pretty job at it though)

Equipment/Weapons: gives with a metal band with the sand syblom, call upon summoner armor, summoner book read from. Chinese fan

Abilities: - teleportation, which is her favorite abilities

(Loin roar) • A sound attack the reflection the person attack by the sound wave

(Loin mane) •


Weaknesses: unable to handle things we friends are in danger. When yen starts trying to take over. Since Kai sand ninja property been water as well. Family: Kind caring mother, but attend to overstay her welcome. Father lives in old way world, but tiring restores honor in the family name. No brother, or sister like that way. So all the attention goes to one person that is Kai.

Friends: Load of people in the sand village, wouldn't exactly call them friends other in the leaf, will never say so. Often complain about leaf ninja, kinda like those ninjas

Enemies Pein for now, often tired of the leader toying with people. Rather not listen to the guy, orders very different from Gaara.


Kai born with certain darkness from within, at first her parents thought. That there might be something wrong with the eye, like maybe blind in one. Unsure what think of this, Kai never heard or seen of differentness the eyes type before. So her parents took their baby girl to several specialists about most different within the eye. From the test result shows nothing wrong with the girl eye slight. Yet the doctor couldn't explain the black surrounding it. The parents though the best would be strange eye hidden behind the eyepatch throughout the years.

Yet it still annoys the heck outta Kai, wearing the stupid thing seem pointless to Kai. So the girl chuck eyepatch into the trash and doesn't regret it. And instead chose his hind behind a side bang to blocked people view. It seems work nobody really seems to notice or people rather not ask about it. Either way it cools with Kai as long doesn't have to wear that daring thing again. There also is another thing, instead of flicking through medical books. Kai found one about a historical book about power and their discoveries. The book actually followed the yin and yang source, well short of enough to understand the abilities at least. Kai figures out the Yin yang powers adding up perfecting to her own unique ability.

Soon Kai started reading a book about the dark arts. To learn and control of dark matter instead of having to take completely over Kai body. which has happened at certain times it wasn't anything mayor just a little slip here and there. Blue Bonnet thought Kai was able to handle thing until it seems Kai seem to be getting stronger. Not in a good way like Kai is losing to the darkness because the other eye started changing as well. And parents try talking to Kai about it, but always capable to win agreement with the girl. Also, it didn't help that the two disproved of those teammates of her, the teammates have proven to bad influence on a daughter. Kai would end up being the fall guy for their countless of misdeed.

Still, their daughter explains she couldn't ignore the fact that Kai is the leader of the group. Therefore needs to take reasonability for their actions as well. That main problem Kai had with grounding they're or creating husband punishment for Kai, always reasonable point that incapable of pushing the girl. However, Kai parents heard from Kenzi own words that Gaara was taking over a new lead. After discussing the issue for a few days, seem if wise to trust in the person. So they eventually explain themselves to Gaara. Gaara wasn't exactly sure what to make of this, begun following Kai around. To learn about the girl, but however, wasn't a simple task. Thanks to Suzuya and Suduko being pains towards the guy. But Kai catches them being punk, throw a book in their face.

Tell them to behave themselves, quit being rude to Gaara. Had an understanding with the Gaara, never became an affair of him. Thought of him as panda that needed a hug. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Extra: keeping a secret for Kankuro, but Kai keeping a secret from the guy. ( geez what could it be), Kenzi always bothering Kai for rematches. It's never stopped, including with Kiba bugging the girl as well. Dream of becoming a lion a often prevent, she the king of the jungle. One more thing when younger the parents cover the dark eye, with an eye patch.  


H PrincessOfTheMoon H

Timid Defender

9,200 Points
  • Angelic Alliance 100
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:44 pm
═══════════ | Basic Information | ═══════════

Name Yurei Akuma

Meaning of Name Yurei (Ghost) Akuma (demon)

Nicknames NA

Famous Shinobi Name: NA

Theme: Creepy Ghosty

Gender, Male

Age, 26?

Birthday, Jan 3

Physical Description, A taller and rather skinny build with long black hair. He has on black cloths from top to bottom .
He actually has deep blue eyes though rare. The most notable thing he has is his mask. Its is plain white with a big grin and sinking black eyes. It attends to shift and change expressions to what ever mood Yurei is feeling

Height 5,6

Weight NA

Markings There are no notable markings at this time

Common Clothing Black sweater Top and dark black pants


════════════ | Shinobi Data | ════════════

Clan Name

Kekkei Genkai, Stage Obtain, NA at the moment

Known Chakra Elements, Lightning and Fire

District/Village: Mostly Rouge but comes from the Akuma Clan

Rank, Title, Shinobi/ puppeteer

Special Skills, Other then what he can do with his lightning, He has some skills that involve the mask, The mask can grant some immunity twards some attacks but it can also aid with puppeteering. Long sting or appendage like tentacles will appear and attach themselves to objects or even people to be used like puppets.

Known Affiliations NA

Dominant Jutsu Types GenJutsu

Favored Jutsu GenJutsu

Intelligence 7/10

Fighting Tendencies NA

Dreams, Simply to find a place to call home.

══════════ | Personal Information | ══════════

Personality, Lively and a bit spontaneous but when in battle can be vary viscous.

Likes companionship, anything meat related. Animals and fishing.

Dislikes His Clan

Miscellaneous Skill, He builds Puppets on his spare time

Sexuality, straight

Physical Conditions NA

Mental Conditions, Not completely there...

═══════════ | Background Data | ═══════════

History He was born into the Akuma, A clan that is made up of various other types of clan that had converged overtime. This had caused some mutations to happen with in the family making some if not most of the members into oddities. The Akumas are sometimes called the clan Of freaks. Yurei attends to stay away from the family due it its name sake and because of the Sage that runs it. He turned himself into a traveler and often repairs or sells puppets to make a living however it always seems that someone from the Clan is not to far behind...

History (Continued)

═════════ | Weapons & Equipment | ═════════

Special Objects, Other then the odd mask, he dose carry his main Puppet called Niku ( Flesh)

Miscellaneous Other then the typical weapons he likes to bring some fishing gear and his repair kits. All this is kept with in a summoned trunk or random goods  
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