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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:22 pm
In the dark of the night, the full moon illuminated the path of the chosen women. They were to meet at a very specific and very secret location in Northern Dragnid Forest.

A gentle breeze disturbed the leaves to create a beautiful symphony for accompanying the night.

For those chosen, upon arrival, they would enter a small clearing. It was only a 'clearing' because the trees allowed it to be. The branches moved ever so gracefully to allow the moonlight to hit the polished crystal that lay embedded in the center of a statue. The stone glowed bright, illuminating the forest floor. The trees formed a wall to keep the secrets of this meeting from reaching the ears of the unintended.

"Welcome." The soft melodic voice came from a transparent, shadowed figure moving from behind the monolith. "You all have been chosen by the island to carry out the most important work there ever will exist."

The stranger moved into the moonlight, revealing herself to be the mysterious Pae that has appeared around the island, including their dreams. Her green hair flowed in the breeze, shedding leaves from her delicate locks. There remained something familiar, yet alien to her appearance.

All of the glittering, shining, sparkly, luminescent and electric butterflies entered the clearing and the stranger lifted her arm gracefully guiding them to to the statue. Her delicate fingers danced in the shining trails from the butterflies before she spoke again. "I have gifted each of you a vision. A vision of either what has happened, what is, or what will come to be."

"Zofie, you received a glimpse of the present. Kurt is in peril and his rescuers struggle. I have shown to you where he is within the dragon's horde. He has suffered at the hands of his abductors. "

Twitchapher the 3rd
" Care, you received a glimpse of the past. It was merely but a blink of an eye during a time of great pain. You saw through the eyes of a soldier on the front lines, and were given a choice to save a life or kill the enemy."

"Beldaran, you received a glimpse of the future. Should nothing be done to stop the hostilities, that is what will come to pass. A great explosion, forever changing the island. The Void will be released."

"Asrun, you have received a glimpse of the past. You bore witness to the night the lights went out. That was the fateful day that would change the course of history. Queen Alu had been assassinated, and all lake defenses fell as the light went out on the palace. And an attack on the waters caused all to fall shortly after their queen. All of the souls of the lake entered the spirit world one after another."

"Anginetti, you have received a glimpse of the past. You were shown the attack on the lake, from the viewpoint of Water's enemy. Your subconscious pulled you away and touched upon your past. This I did not plan. Your strong will pulled you into a memory from the past. You were there the day the Water Queen was killed. You saw the fateful day you were to be wed to your beloved."

Tartara Seabreeze
"Zana, you have received a glimpse of the future. A dark force lurks on the island, quietly waiting to emerge and feed. A dangerous Ascended seeks control and power. He will stop at nothing and will work endlessly to control the minds of his enemies. "

Wolfs Heart
"Trager, you received a glimpse of the past. You saw through the eyes of one of the greatest generals of the Army of Light and Shadow. You bore witness to a treacherous deal. You are one of the great few to have laid eyes upon our greatest adversary and lived to tell the tale. That relic your dreaming mind revealed, holds great power and significance. I task you to enlist others to search for it, and to return it to me."

Fea Line
"Fluttershy, you have received a glimpse of the past. I have shown to you what happened to your home after the escape. I have also given you a vision, from your unique point of view, of your birth. The Great Tree, Laisidhiel would remain hidden in the sky until the day Telryuna would come together again. While floating above the land, unaccounted seeds would fall around the world. Two seeds fell to the land that would become your home. Two trees grew, fed by the special magic on the land. One of the tree's avatars, was there when your little acorn hatched."

Elros Namasi
"Nebulosa, you have received a glimpse of the past. I have shown you what happened after the traitorous Oracle received the cursed item from the adversary. The Oracle did not work alone. She enlisted the help of the sad and broken wife of the Chieftain."

Dementia Requiem Asumi
"Starry, you have received a glimpse of the past. You witnessed the greatest and most terrible destruction Telrunya, from the point of view of the stars above. You witnessed The Sundering. No living Pae has ever witnessed this. You know now that this is true, and not a fairytale. It is when the land was broken to pieces, destroyed by the Ascended because they couldn't control Pae'il anymore. They wanted to start over, with Pae that would be loyal and good, kind and without hate in their heart. Pae'l that did not know of the Great War."

"Opal, you received a glimpse of the future. What you saw is war, from the other side of the veil. The frightening destruction of souls, souls of the pae stolen by the adversary, and then the grim, lifeless side of the spirit world. This was a glimpse of what we are up against."

"Mona, you have received a glimpse of what is to be. Your mortal body was damaged beyond repair and your soul entered the spirit world. You experienced what it is like to die. And to be saved."

"Quinn, you experienced your hero of the past's disappearance. you were taken by the Miakis Priestess and bore witness to the majestic Spire of the Abyss. There are very few outsiders allowed within the hallowed hive.

"Drizelda of the Fae, you experienced history. I struggled to give the vision meant only for you, Your strong dream butterflies put up a fight against my own, and I failed. The vision you received was your own soul throughout time."

Iris Night Fox
"Fortissimo, you witnessed the creation of the angels and demons."

"Takeko, you dreamed of but a sliver of the past, the moment when a kindred soul made the choice to become a hero. Innocents, merely aiding in the war effort by easing the pain of the suffering, were to be executed. That choice created a ripple effect in time. "
PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:46 pm
Congratulations on completing the fist round.

Round 2


  • If you are tagged, and completed your first notice in the time frame allotted, please post a response in this thread of your pae'il arriving to the scene, and their reaction to the news about their dream. They can ask questions of the host as well, as long as a reaction is addressed first.
  • Only one post please, until prompted to continue. It can be any length.
  • Tag Guardian_Iris with your pae's name please.
  • If you wish to discontinue with this event, you can either post your pae's reaction to the situation with their decision to leave, or not post.
  • All responses have 2 weeks. All posts must be made before February 4th, 2019 in order to continue with the next part.
  • IMPORTANT!! These are the ONLY pae to know this information.

Goodluck and have fun!  


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:19 pm
Fluttershy being here felt as surreal as the unique and strange dream she had bore witness too. Something about that dream had felt...almost real..but not at the same time and the yellow Pegasus just couldn’t place her finger on it. Worries plagued her mind and she had become obsessive in checking on her creatures, even more so than usual for the animal loving fauny.

But as her hooves carried her across this illuminated path as if they had done so many times, the reality of things slowly began to sink in.

As she drew nearer the clearing, watching the branches shape and mold an opening meant only for her.... no others, her mind and heart raced as one. Shyly she peeked around from beneath her long pink hair at all the others gathering here with her. All female, at least that she could tell. Had they had the same dream? But how could they? She knew some of these being had little to no idea about her past home, past world. Frantically she began looking around for a familiar face, even familiar figure such as angel bunny. Her eyes glanced briefly over another fauny but not one she had recalled meeting. Still, the familiarity in species led Fluttershy to attempt to draw closer. At least until....someone else appeared.

Blinking as the mysterious being came sharper into focus, Fluttershy stared in awe. A wave of familiarity yet strangeness washed over her. Was that figure in her dream somewhere? At some point? Or was she.....seeing things....


Or at least, that’s what this stranger had called them. It seemed each one gathered here did have dreams much like her own, yet far far different. Fluttershy listened intently as each one’s dream was briefly explained, at least, until it came to her own. When the stranger’s explanations for her own dream was spoken, a wave of cold washed over the Pegasus. For a brief moment, all Fluttershy could think about was the word past. What she saw, was in some way, representation of what had happened to her former home....to Equestria... “Oh...oh...no..no no no...but all those..poor critters...” she mumbled to herself, chewing on her fingers as she slowly sank to her knees, pressing her face into her hands. Tears began to flow as she wept softly for each little animal she was unable to save. What cruel fate was awarded to them? The thought made her sick.

As she fought through broken sobs, she did her best to focus on the rest of her dream and its meaning. Was that how her, her family and friends all ended up separated from Laisidhiel and in another land? They fell from the tree while it was still in the air..... they all fell from...their home...their true home.. So Equestria was....temporary? And what did this stranger mean by two trees and avatars? “Princess... Celestial and...Luna?” Fluttershy murmured before glancing back at the figure. “Are the princesses the avatars? Or....someone else.....?” She called out to the other, also mostly to herself. “But what two trees?” She asked again, clearly overwhelmed by such information.

Try and try as she might, she couldn’t re call any special trees back in Equestria. Most of her memories by now were foggy at best and she rubbed the tears from her eyes roughly as she tried to make sense of it all.

Then a chill went down her spine.

Her eyes snapped open and her breath caught in her throat.


No that part had to be just a regular nightmare. Playing off her fears of that date won and that party she had been drug too. Her 'betrayal' with that shining handsome god of a pae.... That had to be it, had to be the explanation there... right? There was no way it could be real.... could it....?

Now in a higher sense of panic, Fluttershy tore her gaze from her hands back towards the mysterious fem that spoke to them. "THAT PART WITH RAIS?!!" she suddenly screeched, her voice seeming to echo into the night before she realized the tone that had just burst forth from her own mouth and clasped her hands tightly over her lips. Her pale yellow fur was now bright pink.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:38 pm
“Well that dream sucked” Anginetti spoke softly as she sat up putting her hand on her face. “It was just a dream so why do I still feel so sad?” She sighed shaking her head. It was still late so she should probably just go back to bed but she felt like there was something she needed to do. Had she forgotten something? With a sigh she looked around her room, everything was nice and normal no proverbial stove left on. The only thing of note really was a silver butterfly fluttering a few feet from her. It took her a few seconds to register the fact that there was a BUTTERFLY in her room. Butterflies shouldn’t be able to breathe under water or swim! “HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?? “ She half shouted at it honestly it should be dead. Yet here it was fluttering around moving closer to her then zooming a few feet away and waiting. She watched it repeat this a few times. “Ah you want me to follow?” Following a butterfly was crazy and stupid. Yet she had this feeling that she needed to be somewhere.

She quickly brushed out her bed head and stuck her hair into a pony tail before following the butterfly. For a land critter the butterfly was sure doing a good job at moving in the water. Was swimming similar to flying then?

Angi was starting to think this butterfly was not taking her anywhere. They had swum through like half the lake at least! Then she saw it. The sloping of the ground as it reached for the surface. “No” she said staring at the butterfly “I don’t do land.”

The butterfly responded by fluttering in circles impatiently.

“Fine” She sighed, by this point she was very curious as to where the butterfly was going. She might as well finish the trip. Swimming up to the shore line she dragged her self onto the beach and waited for her fin to turn to legs.

She wobbled as she stood up. After a few minutes she got her balance well enough to not fall over every other step. All right time to finish following this butterfly!

The beach wasn’t that bad, sure your feet sunk into it but she had surfaced on a rock free part and there wasn’t much to trip over, the ground after that had rocks and tree limbs and grass. Ah grass felt weird on her feet.

And then the hell began. The stupid butterfly flew right into a forest! No paths, no river near her to swim in. No the stupid thing wanted her to walk through some wild woods. “I hate you” She grumbled to the butterfly as she tripped over a root for the 10th time. Walking was hard on flat ground never mind this mess, roots twigs plants all over the place.

She was too busy keeping an eye on the ground trying not to trip that she didn’t see the branch until it hit her in the face. Land sucked. She wanted to just give up and go back to the water where it was so much easier to move! Half of the stuff she was having a problem with wouldn’t be an issue if she could move up but nooooo laws of land kept you stuck to the ground. "ugh it’s so inconvenient to not be able to move up. ....is this what it feels like to be a crab?" Poor skittering crabs don’t know the wonders of swimming.

She had tripped so many times; her hair probably had twigs in it. Luckily it seemed like the ground was starting to level out as there where less roots in her way and the branches seemed higher up.

Not long after the ground cleared up Anginetti stumbled into a clearing. Ah there where people here! As well as a lot of butterflies along with a glowing stone.

A Lady stepped out from behind the stone and greeted them. So this was the one who called them? She was going to ask why when the lady started to speak. A vision? What vision? She hadn’t seen anything. Just a bad dream, she didn’t remember seeing any vision.

When the lady got to Angie’s vision the Naiad’s face paled. No it was just a dream. A dream she wanted to forget. That was part of the reason she followed the butterfly to distract herself from dwelling on it.

Her legs collapsed out from under her. Stupid land legs can’t ever keep her up when she is standing still. She sat on the ground staring at her hands for a moment. It was real the dream had happened a long time ago. Is that why the sadness had lingered after she woke up? Because some part of her knew?

It was a few minutes before Angi noticed that the lady was still speaking. The dreams of the others seemed like many of them had been horrible as well. The sundering? Creation of angels and devils. and death, so many of them involved death.

What was the point of showing them this? What did the island want them to do? Try and change the future? Was the possible? From the dreams it seemed the future was horrible. Destruction of souls? How could that be done and how could it be stopped?

It was a terrifying idea, fighting against a thing she didn’t even understand, to possible fight in a war or try and stop one? But still, she thought of what she had seen in her dream, no her memory. She had been helpless to stop it but if she had known could she have stopped it? She had already sacrificed herself to try and get a warning to the guards. This was bigger than that much bigger. And there was the part before the memory, what where those balls she had dropped into the lake? It was clear it had killed the demon version of her. Would they use the same weapons?

She stood up on her shaky legs. “What shall we do?” She was going to fight for this world.




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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:39 pm
Dawn had spread over the horizon in her swampy abyss when the naiad startled awake, her head throbbing, a combination of cold sweat and nausea threatening to coerce her body into emptying itself into the murky waters around her. Her body was still trembling as she wrapped her arms around her chest and rubbed her palms up and down on her upper arm.

Now that had been a nasty nightmare.

Even now, momentarily flashbacks at that eerie smile caused a new flurry of shivers to run up her spine. She wasn't sure what in the Dragnid she'd eaten to cause such a fit, but Alu help her she was gonna stay away from it from now on.

Her body drifted upwards, head emerging into the fresh air above just enough that her eyes could look at the colors growing brighter on the horizon and her nose could blow discontented bubbles into the water's surface. She felt horrible. Didn't want to do anything. But she sure as hell didn't want to go back to sleep after that. What a predicament she'd found herself in! Her eyes lazily drifted over to the shoreline and looked off in the distance, her head lifting so that her chin was above the water as she strained to see a faint light in the distance. It seemed one of them was already readying for the day, given the light and the small amount of smoke in the air. Made her wonder if they were doing alright these days - Zofie, Kara, Alioki - a flashback about the last of the list made her face flush in an embarrassed head and she once more returned her head mostly under the water as she blew more bubbles. No, no, no, no. She was not about to admit she still felt kind of afraid right now and wanted to be comforted, by a child no less. Her eyebrows furrowed as she shook her head side-to-side, willing the very notion away.

Blinking, her eyes caught sight of something resting on one of reeds protruding from the lakeside - a lone butterfly, almost twinkling even in the emergent sun's rays.

Strange... it almost had a comforting feeling, nostalgic even.

And just like that, it lifted from the vegetation and hovered in place before heading off away from the shore, towards the inner swamp. Towards the Dragnid. Why would an insect be heading towards there? Even they should have been able to feel the evil that seemed to inch closer and closer to her corner of the swamp with each passing day. For some reason, she felt a strange connection to this ephemeral creature fluttering in the breeze towards the dark unknown. She felt invested in seeing where its journey would end. And so, her daily duties and commitments to the settlement in the distance forgotten, she turned away and slipped under the swamp's murky water to follow the star overhead.


She arrived in a clearing deceivingly close to her home some time later.

Seemingly-bored eyes betrayed the suspicions she felt as she looked to each of the girls that also seemed to have been willed here by butterflies... Wait, she knew that angel. What was the village leader doing in a place like this?! Why? Was anyone else here; had the children come as well? It only took a few movements of her eyes to confirm that they were the only two that had come from the village, but that seemed to only raise more questions.


Brushing her still-damp bangs from her face, Asrun had begun to motion towards the angel when she was cut off by a strange voice.

Her eyes turned away from her acquaintance and blinked slowly as a new stranger made quite the dramatic appearance. Flashy, huh? So the butterflies were hers. Her face remained neutral as her eyes glanced around at the other strange faces here, some worse for wear than others - what had happened to that poor girl that seemed as thought she'd been playing in a stack of timbre before coming here?

Zofie had been the first to be spoken to... and apparently she'd dreamed of a Kurt? Kurt... Kurt....? Something about the name seemed familiar, it was like she'd heard the name mentioned in passing...? ... ... ...! Oh, the name of the village, it was Kurt's Ranch, but there was no Kurt present at all. Was it the true founder? Hmm... If what was said was true, he'd gone to the Dragnid and gotten himself in trouble, or something like that. Now why would a good pae go off and...

Oh, she was being addressed now. Funny how the mind wanders at times. Blinking, she brought her attention back to the green-haired one and listened to her words.

And no sooner had she finished,a single hand raised up to massage the bridge between her eyes, an almost exasperated sigh escaping her lips as she furrowed her brows. That nonsense... the past? You had to be kidding her. There was no way. Even if that one segment had been 'a vision,' what in Alu's name was up with either end of it? It was unnecessary. She opened her eyes as she heard one pae fall to the ground, then another. They all had to have seen something different - well, obviously - but they had to have seen something more realistic than she had. Her nightmare had been terrifying, yes, it'd shown her the Spring, yes, but she'd be lying if she claimed she felt emotionally attached to what had been shown. It was just... it had just been far to surreal for her to be able to connect with it on a personal level.

Waiting for a moment to cut into the rising number of questions, she twisted her hand pinching her brow such that she touched the top of her forehead with her pointer finger and tapped it a few times, before raising her voice. "So... So if what you said was true..." she seemed to struggle, her tone a strange combination of shaky disbelief, "What was with the rest of it? If you gave us these visions, why did you give me such a..." strange? confusing? frightening? "...Y'know... You know what I mean. Why wasn't mine as simple as that?" She seemed to struggle for a moment to add onto that, but she simply closed her mouth and looked on. She didn't believe herself to be a smart pae, she didn't understand how anything in a dream could have been real. It was too subtle, too nuanced, too surreal. it didn't make a lick of sense.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:28 pm
Mona stayed there on her bed, clutching her Rais plush tight. It wasn't until a soft glow of blue started to creep over her did she gasp and flail, kicking off her covers and landing unceremoniously off the edge of her bed onto the floor. "No! NononoNoNONO!! It was a dream!!" she whimpered and clambered, pausing only briefly to rub the now sore spot on her hip. It was in her pause that the electric blue butterfly landed on her hand and fluttered softly.

Wide gold eyes landed on that butterfly and for a moment, Mona would have believed you had you told her that her heart stopped completely for about 4 seconds.

'Wait...' Her eyes narrowed just a little. "The light I was running from was purple, not blue! Oh, Telrunya!" She exhaled a bit and clutched at her heart in a somewhat dramatic fashion then blinked at the little flutter friend. "What are you doing here, little guy...?" she asked it now starting to calm. As if to answer, it fluttered it's wings then lifted off in a flurry, heading to the door and hovering.

Compelled almost instantly, she followed the little butterfly, quietly stepping after it as she followed it curiously. It wasn't until Mona was nearly completely across the bridge did she realize just what she was doing. It was almost like she was in a trance! "No... I..." She bit her lip and started to turn her head to look at the tree.

'Don't look back...' rang through her head from her dream and she froze before her gaze could even match her shoulder. The little butterfly was patient and settled carefully a few feet ahead to wait while she mentally fought herself. However, it seemed pleased when she took a slow steady breath and murmured "Alright, Mona... Don't look back..." under her breath and took another step towards the butterfly. It led her further away from the tree. As she started the small mantra, she hugged herself and only then did she realize that she was still holding her Rais plush. She grumbled a bit but figured she may as well own it now. Especially when others following the trail of differently colored butterflies started to come into her view.

Now this was even more curious...

She glanced around the clearing in awe at it's beauty before chancing a glance at the other around her. Most were faces she'd never seen before. Others were... Fauny? So she wasn't the only one sleeping in Laisidhiel that had a butterfly friend... there were others that she spotted mingled in... blood pae? Mona frowned softly... The angered looks of her brother and Rais flashing back in her mind. Was this what they were so upset with her about? For leaving the tree? Would they look down on the others with the same shame and disappointment, anger, hate and fear that she'd seen in her dream? She whimpered faintly and hugged her plush even tighter. It was a good thing plushies didn't need to breathe...

When the woman emerged and began to speak, Mona fell silent in shock and awe. She drifted only for a moment before forcing herself to listen. She glanced around as dreams explanations were given and tilted her head slightly at a couple of them. However, seeing the people react so far was interesting... and some of their dreams were just as much intriguing. When the woman called her name, Mona's head snapped to the woman and seemed to hold her breath.

"Mona, you have received a glimpse of what is to be. Your mortal body was damaged beyond repair and your soul entered the spirit world. You experienced what it is like to die. And to be saved."

Brows stitched together briefly as she took it in, missing the other dreams that followed in her thought. "I... I died?" she whispered mostly to herself. But what could have possibly killed her? Looking back? The Purple Light? The possibility of being exiled from Laisidhiel entirely?! Still trying to piece it all together, she glanced back up at the woman. The familiarity yet alien way she seemed to be resonating in her thoughts seemed to unsettle Mona a little.

There were many questions that seemed to emanate and swirl about in Mona's thoughts, but the one that stood out more profoundly and seemed to find resonance in her voice was:

"Who are you?"



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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:38 pm

Nebulosa had thought that, what she dubbed The Nightmare, had been the end of it. It disrupted her sleep and made her wary of dreaming, but she never had the same nightmare again. She thought about it a lot in her waking hours; it had been heart-stoppingly real and she had been sure she was going to die in the moments just before she woke up. Despite that, it faded over time and Neb resettled into a routine uninterrupted by nightmares. That’s when the dreams about The Nightmare started.

A flash of the naiad’s face. The hunched, beaten-down form of the faun.

Every time it happened, Nebulosa awoke in the anago version of a cold sweat with static crackling around her body, preparing to deliver the shocks her species produced for self-defense. At first, she tried to brush it off as a normal reaction to traumatic events. And it worked for a while before she started seeing a forest clearing, almost like a bubble of unoccupied space in the heart of a densely packed woodland, a full moon peeking through the tightly interwoven branches overhead and a cloud of shimmering winged insects congregating in the center around a statue. Water only knew what that meant.

Soon enough, it seemed like every time she closed her eyes she saw the clearing in greater and greater detail while she grew more restless and withdrawn in the conscious world, isolating herself even from her cousin Haunani, the only pae she was remotely close with. The final straw came when, dreaming of the clearing once again, a single silver-white insect, that felt somehow familiar, separated itself from the rest, floated over and touched Nebulosa’s forehead with a brush of delicate wings, then turned and flew back as if it were saying, “Come.” At that moment, Neb felt what could only be described as a sharp tug on her soul. It was rather akin to the feeling she’d gotten when Queen Tariel performed the Calling. However, while that had been an invitation to come home, this was a command.

She followed.

More than once she questioned her sanity while she traversed many and varied waterways, from fast-flowing rivers to tiny creeks that moved at a starfish’s pace. She wondered at what exactly she thought she was doing here and often told herself this was a fool’s errand, alternating between convincing herself that the clearing didn’t even exist and worrying what she would find if it did. Nebulosa lost all track of time, but she didn’t seem to tire, driven by the urgent pulling on her being.

Very little of her surroundings registered as she sped by until she found herself in a slow-moving creek hemmed in on either side by trees growing upward and outward so closely together that she couldn’t see the sky overhead. She proceeded carefully now; the darkness was complete and the creek took a twisting route through the trees. Where time seemed meaningless before, here it slowed and, what may have been an eternity later, Nebulosa butted up against an obstruction; the trees had grown across the creek, their branches dipping so low they practically touched the surface of the water and their root systems crisscrossing underwater. Upon closer inspection, she noticed a gap wide enough for her and squeezed through, resurfacing in the same clearing from her dreams glowing with reflected moonlight.

More startling than the sudden light, was the realization that she wasn’t alone; several pae women, all unknown to her, also ringed the edge of the clearing and more continued to appear. She couldn’t help but notice that none of the others were bound to the water as she was and she wondered again if she was doing the right thing being here, but her reverie was interrupted by the appearance of the green-haired pae who seemed both a perfect stranger and an old friend.

The island chose? Most important work? Nebulosa struggled to catch everything she said, but the names and titles still meant little to her. She hadn’t even been aware of the island until recently, let alone the history. Still, she got the unnerving feeling that everything that had happened was connected somehow and she was smack dab in the middle of it. Stunned by the scope of the implications, she fell silent while her thoughts raced and some of the others spoke their piece. When they were finished, she finally worked up the nerve to add, “I don’t know how the island decided or how good of a choice I am, but Telrunya is my home now and I would like to help if I can. Wha-” Her voice cracked and she paused to swallow before continuing, “What do I need to do?”
PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:01 pm

Dizzy laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. She slowly crunched on a piece of toast while thinking of life and things. "I wonder what that was all about? *crunch**chew*" She spoke with a mouth full of toast. It was her room, in the middle of the night and no one with an influential young mind would see her talking with her mouth full. Was someone on this isle having terrible dreams about the fae? She sat up and wiped the crumbs off her chest. This dream felt so real but made no sense. It was one of those dreams that will just ruin a day.

Her own little butterflies fluttered around her head trying to get her attention. "Stop, I'm awake now." They wouldn't relent. She was so caught up with shooing them away that she didn't notice the new sheen they had. A dim glint caught her eye. Since when did they do that? The pink fae's eyes followed them until she got dizzy. "Wait, stop! What is wrong with you all?"

They fluttered together and slowly moved towards the front door, inch by inch. Dizzy followed until just outside of the door and stopped. The quiet, somber hymn stopped her from chasing after the butterflies. The music resonated in a different way this time. The memories of her dream, her own memories, connected with that hymn in a powerful way. The midnight fairy song no longer was just a song she heard every full moon. The hushed lyrics had new meaning. But how did just one dream open up the deeper meaning of the song?

It was soulful and sad. Dizzy closed her eyes to listen to it. The tragic story was so powerful and she had never really heard the lyrics so there wasn't any real connection outside of listening to the unusual hum and chant from the fairies in the clearing. An antsy little butterfly booped Dizzy's nose to get her attention again. "Oh! Hey! What was that for!?" It fluttered a little in front of her before leading her out to the treetops


The sky was clear and the moon was big and bright, It made for a smooth flight over the tree-tops. Dizzy took a deep breath and closed her eyes for just a moment to relax and enjoy the warm night air. Not a good idea. She couldn't fly straight with her eyes closed. She fell through the trees and bounced off a few of the branches on the way down. She landed on her butt, on the bottom branch of a tall tree. "OW!" was all she said. Dizzy took this time to rest. She was in a trance and didn't realize how far she'd gone away from home. "Little butterflies, what did you do to me?" She asked quietly just letting her voice dim down out in the forest. Her stomach growled, and then her head fell. "I don't even know where I am, and now I'm hungry. Could this be any worse?"

That's a silly a question to ask while sitting in Dragnid Forest. A fern rustled, and Dizzy shrieked like a child. Her butterflies burst out and surrounded her. "Where am I?" she whispered and sniffled. The butterflies, one by one, fluttered on ahead, and as each one followed suit, they illuminated the forest creating a path for her. "I didn't know you guys could do this."

Hovering a bit over the ground, Dizzy couldn't walk because her butt hurt and her wings were aching from the fall. Without even considering any consequences, she followed her dream butterflies (they are shiny now!) deeper into the forest.

The quiet night made the dark forest intimidating. The illumination from the butterflies created frightening shadow dancing between trees. A light appeared just in front of her, out of the blue. Or maybe she wasn't paying attention to the fact that the butterflies weren't leading her, but this light was. "Where did that come from?" The tree branches twisted and moved to create an opening just big enough for Dizzy to climb inside. She heard chatter and the light emitting from the opening was bright. At least bright to eyes that were in the dark so long. She peeked in and saw many pae gathering around a statue. They looked as confused as she felt.

Dizzy climbed through the opening and then saw it close up just as it opened. She fell back and made a quiet squeak.

There didn't seem to be much time for introductions, sadly. The host of this gathering made herself known. She didn't introduce herself. It made the butterfly fae sad.

The message that this mysterious stranger had was very interesting. She had a lot to tell and a lot of women to tell it to. One by one, she addressed each pae. It was interesting and Dizzy definitely wanted to learn more and look into this stuff. She wondered if it was in any of the books in the library in the city.

She was lost in thought when the strange, but intriguingly beautiful pae addressed her by name. History? Wait, what? This lady with magnificent hair had dream butterflies, and tried to get into my head with them? At first, Dizzy was indignant and felt violated. But was thinking about what happened during this vision from the stranger's butterflies versus her own. Her own can only witness dreams, not create or influence them. The sight of the two warring butterflies came to mind. "What did you do!?" She whispered under her breath. She wasn't speaking directly to the host, but towards the butterflies resting on the statue. She held up two fingers, first pointing to her own eyes and then to the butterflies on the statue. "I'm watching you." she mouthed. It was hard to tell, but she thought one might have made a rude gesture at her.

"Good job, guys!" She praised her own butterflies that battled these rude ones and won.

She inhaled a bit dramatically and blurted out a train of questions. She just couldn't stop herself.

"Ooh-ooh! What is a Loreweaver? Who's party did I go to with my husband because I can't remember? Is he still alive? Who are Kethara, Nomia, and Daeron? How old are you? Who's giant hand squeezed so hard I turned into a baby? Are you single?" Is that jelly building real? Can I touch your hair?

She only stopped because she had breathe.


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Trager stirred from her dream, sitting up in her bed. The world around her seemed to have a dreamlike haze to it still. Following a dream so vivid, it was hard to differentiate the real world from the dream one. Was she still asleep? Or had all those things actually happened. She was convinced that she was still dreaming as she felt an urge to get out of bed and go for a walk. Just like the dream, it felt like she had no control over her actions.

The full moon loaned a magical glow to the otherwise dark world, adding to the dream-like atmosphere. After a while of walking through the crisp night air the sleepiness started to wear off. Where was she? And where was she going? Tragee felt awake enough now that she could stop herself from following this invisible path, but she feared if she stopped she wouldn't know where she was. The island looked so different at night. Perhaps it was better to keep going, perhaps her body knew where she was better than her mind.

Now that she was fully awake, the visions of her most recent dream were at the front of her mind. Trager wasn't certain she had ever experienced a dream as vivid as this one. Fear began to creep over her as she recalled the dead faces of her family. If she had been more awake, she would have looked in on Dysmas' hut before she had left to make sure he was well. None of it could be real though, that wouldn't make sense... It was just a dream. Things had been growing ever so tense between the angels and demons and naiad and faun though... Raken had blown up some of the tree after all... Perhaps the visions of her dream weren't that far off of a possibility... Trager shuddered to think that they could come true. She recalled the first scene of her dream, focusing on every detail, trying to find some clue, but she forced herself to stop dwelling on it. It was just a dream, to dwell on it was to give it life.

Trager looked around, her feet still carrying her towards some unknown destination, but now she noticed there were others merging paths with hers. How peculiar. Trager finally stopped, feeling the exhaustion from her journey and how little sleep she had gotten before she had set out. Somehow they had all arrived at once, Trager looked from face to face, trying to find someone familiar in the bunch either from the dream or from life, but she recognized noone. It seemed fate had brought them to this spot, but why?

It seemed eerily quiet, except for the rustle of the leaves, perhaps they were all in the same sleepy state. Should she say something? But as she had that thought the silence was broken by a figure at the center of the clearing that Trager had not seen before. Trager squinted her eyes to make out who it was.

'Chosen by the island?'

Now Trager was certain that she was still dreaming, however this dream was even more vivid than the last. How often do you have a dream where you can feel the air or the dirt beneath your toes. As the figure in the center revealed herself, Trager felt even more confused. She felt like she should know this pae, but she didn't.

An illuminent, golden butterfly caught Trager's eye. It had seeming come from no where as it appeared in front of her, had it come from inside her. She watched it's simple beauty flutter away from her and her mind suddenly felt more clear. Although clear didn't necessarily mean any less confused. She was only certain of the realness of her present situation now, but Trager still didn't understand any of what was happening. She didn't have to wait long for an explanation though.

'A vision of what has happened, what is, or what will be.'? Well... which was hers? Her stomach was knotted in anticipation as the mysterious pae went from pae to pae explaining what they had seen. It sounded like they all had experienced something different. She released the breath she had been holding as her vision was revealed to be from the past, her family was safe... for now. Based on the explanation of the other visions, she was wondering if the lives of everyone on the isle were in peril. How could she keep those things from happening though? It seemed her vision had revealed a way. The relic revealed in her dream? Trager played the dream back quickly in her mind, trying to focus less on the familiar faces that were safe for now. Was it the book that she meant?

Trager listened intensely to the rest of the explanations, all this talk about destruction and what happens after death felt incredibly heavy. What were they supposed to do with all this information? She hadn't been kidding when she said that this would be important work, but Trager made a resolve right their in her heart to do whatever she could.

"Excuse me..." Trager said, her voice firm. She was no stranger to leadership and this was no time to be shy. "From my vision... The relic... Do you mean the book?" It had been incredibly important in the dream that they find it, and now it seemed the torch of finding it had been passed on to her... but the book's appearance had never been revealed to her. Trager wondered how many books were left on the isle that she might have to sift through. Not to mention that all the death and destruction had seemed to be caused over the search for the book in the first place, so what would it mean for her to pick up the search again?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:51 am
As soon as the demon had arrived with her prize, the dream vaded into blackness. But the rest of her slumber did not come easy, as she twisted and turned. Had her covers not been already knocked off she would've become entangled in them.

When the light of morning finally woke her, Zana found her feet on one of her pillows - the other on the floor. And her head on the bottom corner of her bed. Her cover sheet was half undone to reveal the mattress beneath. How had she managed to completely flip herself?

Groggily, the female sat up, rubbing at her gritty eyes. Though she had slept all night she felt exhausted. Slowly as she thought about her night, images flashed in her mind. A handsome prince on a fast steed. That was a pleasant dream. Then...blood. All over her. Did she really stab that pae? Why? What would possess dream her to do that? She frowned deeply as her hands fell away from her face. Then there was her eldest brother Raken. Why...why would she want to kill him?

Oh goddess...what is wrong with me? Why would I dream of such a horrible thing? She felt sick, her stomach turning as she shifted through the broken images of her dream. Slowly remembering different pieces and putting them together like a jumbled jigsaw. While she had nightmares in the past, she had always acted like herself in them more or less. What did she do yesterday that would influence such actions? Maybe she felt guilty for not visiting Raken or Kaiden and it manifested in her betraying them? But what of the Prince? What of the messenger? Of the fortress and wanting to serve a 'Master'?

A deep sigh as her shoulders slumped in exhaustion. She had no answers. It was obviously a nightmare though, and it was over. For now she had a very messed up bed that required fixing and a long day of chores to do when she was extremely tired. Best stop over analyzing something she couldn't resolve and get to what she could change.


The memory of the nightmare was pushed to the back of her mind, replaced by her daily routine. It was nearing the end of the day, the beginnings of the full moon peeping out in the sunset. She was just about to start head home after checking her rabbit trap - she wasn't much of a hunter but traps were easy enough to set up - when a movement caught her pale pink eye. She turned her head to identify what caused it, the wind? Her eyes focused on another flicker of movement. A butterfly. Ha! Oh jumpy Zana, getting distracted by a butterfly. Zana smiled softly to herself and was about to step away, when her head suddenly tickled. By the butterfly LANDING on her forehead! Her immediate reaction was a soft shake of the head, startled. But the insect didn't fly away at the movement. "Oh...alright. Hello. Uh, oh my lily!" The realization dawned on her as she reached up for her flower, woven in her long dusty pink hair. Obviously the butterfly was drawn to her lily for food. "I'm sorry, but this isn't for eating. You should be on your way..." Her hand moved from her flower towards the butterfly, who quickly flitted away. Only to circle her once, then land on her finger. Butterflies did not...act this way. Maybe it was some pae's power? Like Raken controlling shadow creatures. "So...what do you want then?" Zana murmured, almost asking herself as she wasn't sure what do to. But the butterfly fluttered up, and started moving away. When Zana didn't move, it circled back, then back out. She was going to follow a bug. Reasonable. With a resigned sigh, she began to follow along.


She felt a certain anxiousness when she realized she was heading first to Dragnid, and then inside Dragnid. This is the place that warped her sister Amara. The place that the worst creatures of the isle lived. Why did a delicate butterfly - or its master - wish to bring her here? Was this a trap? The demon swallowed hard even as she continued forwards, her guard slowly raising to high alert the deeper in she went. Then the trees fell away to reveal the small clearing. A statue? Her skin felt prickly in anticipation. Something was happening. If she wasn't already expecting company, the voice would've been surprising. But she had already deduced the butterfly came from some pae. Slowly though she noticed the other pae dotting the outskirts. Fauny, an angel, a fae... Her focus snapped back to the shadowed figure as she was talking to the group. Soft green hair. Beautiful face. Her butterfly guide left to greet its master. A vision? Was that...the nightmare? From pushed back, she pulled it to the front of her memory. Flashes of Raken's surprised face as he died. The warm blood after she killed that faun. The chase, and her mission. "The future?" The words fell from her lips which had unknowingly parted as the figure explained to she presumed each of the visitors there. Had they all been plagued by a horrible nightmare? Or apparently vision. Starry. The name stopped her thoughts momentarily. That was Dameon's wife. She looked to try and spot her sibling, but it was dark. Later. Back to their green haired host. Suddenly everyone was bursting with questions, most of what they needed to do or about their vision.

The pink fae she spotted earlier asked if their host was single - NOW WASN'T THE TIME

She forced her eyebrows to smooth from their raised position at the preposterous slew of questions from the fae. For some reason she didn't doubt her vision. Didn't doubt that it was real or just some conjured image to manipulate her. But she still had sense to be cautious none-the-less. They were standing in Dragnid after all. "Are all these things connected?" The void being released, whatever that was. Queen Alu's assassination. An evil Ascended. Upcoming war. The isle was in great danger from multiple aspects. They were called here for important work, no doubt to try and stop this. But only - Trager was it?- had been given any notion of what to do. Obviously these futures were what may happen should nothing be done to stop it, but were not set in stone should action be taken. Others were asking of what the group should do, there wasn't a reason for her to ask as well. "...Is this Ascended going to kill my brother." It was a question, but her sadness in it was so great she couldn't impart the inflection. Was Raken singled out for what he had done or symbolized for pae, or did the vision just use pae she knew for it?

She'd put her life on the line to protect her family. Nothing was going to happen to them if she had any say in it.


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Her dream sat with her, drawing her eyes to the forest many times throughout the days that followed. Blessed are the busy hands a Ranch leader, little time between managing children and overly excited builder. Just when the dream became faded memory that butterfly appeared. No mistaking the otherworldly nature of the creature. There was also no mistaking its intention.

What had first been charming turned wildly annoying in rapid succession. Fluttering around her head, the creature didn't take the gentle persuasion to move on after its novelty got in the way of her task at hand. As that failed, impressive acrobatics from the persistent little bug finally won out.

releasing a deep breath she stood up, calling to Stia that she was stepping out and to take the pie off the fire before it burned. Corazon was somewhere, childminding hopefully, so it was up to her partner to finish the task if it took too long.

Her seeing-eye butterfly continued to move after she started to follow it. Bemused and annoyed in equal measure, her focus wasn't where it needed to be until it was too late. All her life the Dagnid was a place to avoid, something her nightmare reinforced, yet here she was walking right into it. Wings pulled forward, comforting herself in a blanket of her own feathers as fear gripped her. At one point Zofie tried to turn around to go back to safety. Her guide did not take kindly to it and circled around to 'encourage' her to move in the direction it was guiding her.

Resigned again she followed the madness in butterfly form to a clearing. Here there were women from all walks of life gathered for some purpose. None of them looked fami--wait the naiad. As her eyes fell on Asrun, seldom seen peripheral member of her Ranch. The children particularly spoke fondly of Asrun and poor Aloiki was working through his feelings for her. Surrounded by so much unfamiliar, the angle naturally gravitated to the only one her she knew.

The figure who probably called them together started to speak. The words chilled her to her core. The fear and panic of her dream slammed her chest like an alpaca kick to the ribs. Entranced, it took the powdered pink faun--with wings??-- screeching that broke her from the stupor.

As her eyes flew between all the women, the half attention paid to their individual responses, she tried to file away the responses. It was no use, Kurt and the young male from her dream--no vision-- that called the immediacy of the issue.

Without releasing, the angle ended up next to her original destination, Asrun. Giving a nod to the other woman with the attempt at a strained smile. "Kurt, a friend of mine and a young teen are in danger. I know where they are, they need to be rescued and we need to get out of here!" The dragnid was bad, the forest tainted and twisted everything it touched. This was a truth she had always known.

Why was it getting more active when it had always been just a boogy story to scare children.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:09 pm
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It had been a sleepless night following the nightmare, if that's what it had been. Haunted by the vivid experience, Takeko had shivered within her blanket for some time before Cicely had come to join her. The little sweet-thief displayed uncharacteristic behavior in curling up next to the shaking angel, purring in a calming, steady tone. Takeko would question it later; for now, she appreciated the gesture. In time, her trembling subsided, but sleep would continue to evade her. "Oh, forget it," she grumbled, tossing the blanket aside to climb out of bed. She gave the cake thief an appreciative ear-scratch, then headed for the kitchen. Cicely shortly abandoned the warm blankets to follow.

Wearily, the angel moved about the kitchen going through the motions automatically to make herself a hot cup of tea. With it, she set one of the scones she'd baked the day before on a plate before sitting at the table. Half of the scone was shared with the hovering fuzzy thief at her feet, who purred loudly in response.

Takeko had preoccupied herself with going over her previous plans for the day. She supposed she could get started on that list early then. Yet, some apprehension still clung to her. She felt...antsy, for lack of a better word. Anxious. Not about anything in particular, but like...the feeling when one has too much energy and no way to burn it, the feeling as well when one should be doing something...but has forgotten what that something is. What was it?

A glittering light caught her eye; a small glowing butterfly perched near the archway leading to the living room. It was still except for the slow, rhythmic opening and closing of its wings that had caught her eye. As if it had noticed her staring at it, now it moved, rising to flutter over to her face. It hovered for a moment, then flew back towards the living room and the door leading outside beyond. Back to Takeko. Back to the door.

It didn't take a genius to figure that the insect wanted her to follow. But what sort of insect...in all her life, Takeko couldn't recall any glowing species of butterfly. Could this be related to Queen Belwen and the others in the Clearing? Her forehead creased with a thoughtful frown. If they needed something...

The incessant nagging feeling in her chest sealed the deal and Takeko stood. The remainder of the scone was tossed to a pleased Cicely and the angel began to follow the glowing butterfly. She paused, however, and doubled back, picking up her travel pouch. She kept it by the door now, always packed just in case.

'Just in case' seemed to happen a lot more for her these days than most would imagine.


Takeko had stopped suspecting that the butterfly could have come from Belwen when the little guide had turned south, then south-east. It was insistent if she tried to halt or turn from the invisible path it followed, and the angel's anxiety had begun to grow. This was not a way she traveled often and for good reason. She seldom traveled further south than the trade road; she had no need to traverse the swamp and the dark forest that lay beyond...

Yet, the feeling in her chest drew her on after the tiny insect. As her personal anxiety grew as the distance to Dragnid decreased, the incessant draw seemed more sated. As if she was doing what was wished...but who was doing the wishing?

The full moon lit her path, allowing her to keep from tripping or stumbling as she made her way towards the dark forest. She hesitated at the fringes, but swallowed hard, hand moving subconsciously to touch a certain item in her bag before she took a deep breath and pressed on. The forest seemed alive, moving of its own will...she had no idea how true that was until the path opened before her to a clearing. Within, a light glowed, illuminating the area where several other Pae women were gathered. What...?

The path closed itself behind Takeko, causing her to jump slightly. The calming voice's melodic welcome stirred the air and the angel looked up at the familiar sound. "You again...?!?" she gasped in a breathless voice, likely only heard by those closest to her. Her eyes wide at the sight, she watched the stranger step into view of them all. 'Mother'? She'd never gotten the chance to ask or receive an answer to her assumption back in the Fae Clearing that fateful day. The day she'd discovered her new powers. The day she'd been reunited with her precious Xiulan.

That's when she focused on everything else that was said. Chosen by the island for important work? Hadn't she...heard something like this before? No...she'd read it.

Each of the women were addressed in turn before the stranger turned to Takeko last. A vision of the past. Was that all it was? It had felt so real though. Like...she had lived it, not just witnessed it. Yet...that wasn't possible, was it? She had called the figure in the dream a kindred soul. What did that mean?

After a moment of careful consideration and waiting for a quiet moment after the others had reacted to their own revelations, Takeko attempted to lock eyes with their mysterious host to ask her own questions. "What do you mean by 'a kindred soul' exactly? And more importantly, I need to know...what happened to the others in my vision? Did they make it out safely? Is that the ripple effect you mentioned?" She thought to stop there, but after a moment, she spoke again. "This isn't the first time we've met, is it? Should I call you...Mother? Or do you have another name?"

" ...it is you, isn't it?"



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User Image

Care's eyes shot open as she sat up and screamed. The angel hands flew to her face as they felt around to make sure she was still real as the angel panted in complete fear. "What...I...That...." Nothing made sense.

A loud sudden snore from the other room snapped Care into focus. Her daughter. Fiammetta was asleep peacefully. Her beautiful yet a bit troublesome at time daughter.

Care rubbed her face for a moment before dragging her hands down her face. Was that a nightmare? It felt like a nightmare. She couldn't remember the last time she had a nightmare. Yet...She couldn't shake this feeling like there was...Some truth to it? Somewhere in that.mess was something tangible. A untold story. Care slowly wrapped her arms around herself to give herself some sort of comfort. The angel fell back into bed and sighed as she stared up at the ceiling. She listened to the crickets sing away the night as her vision went slightly out of focus.

The blurry shadows danced along the ceiling as she only half paid attention, trying to sleep again. She was about to close her eyes when she noticed a different colour amount the dankness. It was bright...Very bright. Like a light. Care blinked her eyes back into focus as she sat up once again. There was a butterfly? This was clearly no ordinary butterfly clearly. Care tilled her head slightly as she watched it slowly flutter out of her room. Her curiosity was peaked. She slowly got out of bed and like a child she followed the butterfly on it's journey.


It was a long way to the clearing. That little sucker sure got fast when she started to follow it. Like it was in a hurry. Her wings hurt as she sighed and found herself with others who had made their way there. Care silently looked around, they were all so differently looking but there was one thing they all had in common. They were all female. Strange. Then someone equally strange started to speak. They were chosen? By the island? Can islands choose pae? Did she hurt it's feelings one time? Should she apologize? Well the stranger spoke again. Visions? Her vision was clearly broken. She should ask for another one.

Care rubbed her head as she tried to make sense of everything. More explanations. This time about what they were shown. Past, present, future...This was some deep stuff....She was getting a headache.

"Care, you received a glimpse of the past. It was merely but a blink of an eye during a time of great pain. You saw through the eyes of a soldier on the front lines, and were given a choice to save a life or kill the enemy". Ya...That was what...She saw alright. Kinda? The other women started to explain their dreams. When it was her turn Care sighed.

"Mine was..." She paused. She couldn't really put into words how crazy it had been. "I think I have a more vivid imagination then I ever thought I had." The poor angel looked totally defeated as she tried to pick out what were important bit of her dream and what were just nightmarish sights of her imagination. Some parts made sense. The snap chose to save a child, being branded as a traitor, being shot at, the bodies covering the land, even the child hating them at the end....Sudden growth spurts and moving corpses were not. She left those parts out.

Care once again wrapped her arms around herself as she finished her story and listened to the others speak. Most of the stories had their own pain and suffering like her own. As the final story was told the questions started. Each woman had their own. One fae exploded into a bunch of questions. Care's mind wandered once again. Was the solider in her vision connected to her? Was it her? A past life? Or was it someone else? A stranger. One who made the ultimate choice and was killed for it. This was just one soul that couldn't bear to see an innocent hurt but how many were the opposite? How many didn't care? Care shuttered as her wings drooped. These were some horrible questions she had with no answer.

She waited for most of the others questions to be asked before finally speaking again. "The visions you showed just about all dealt with war, pain, suffering and death. How are we suppose to stop what is to come when it seems like we have an impossible mountain to climb. I don't mean to be a downer but besides her," She pointed to Takeko. "All of us seem well...Ordinary. How does the ordinary do the extraordinary?"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:39 am
Beldaran lay in her bed restless from the bad dreams she'd experienced, she raised her arm lazily draping it across her eyes to block out the light which was filtering in through her window and across her bed. She did not want to get up, who could blame her after the dream she'd had, she could still picture the emptiness that had surrounded her and she could almost smell the explosion.

As she lay in her bed unwilling to move she felt a soft fluttery tap against her arm which blocked the light. "Five more minutes" she muttered softly thinking it to be one of those who shared her home with her. Then it fluttered against her arm again "Fine!" she grumbles and sits up stretching and then opening her eyes, in front of her mere inches, close enough that she had to cross her eyes to see it was a butterfly "Wha..?" her voice quietly echoed her confusion. The fluttering creature moved away from her and towards her door pausing there as if to say 'Well are you coming?'. Bel crawled out of her bed and followed after the creature feeling almost drawn to do so.

After some time of travel the angel set down on a path going into the Dragnid and folded her wings, she felt a little un-easy about this location but couldn't place a reason to her uneasiness. The butterfly urged her to continue and Bel followed it and the path into a clearing, she looked around seeing the way the clearing didn't seem normal. She saw other lady pae'il of all kinds gathered and was about to address one when a voice, powerful and strong interrupted her thoughts.

"Beldaran, you received a glimpse of the future. Should nothing be done to stop the hostilities, that is what will come to pass. A great explosion, forever changing the island. The Void will be released."

The Void why did that seem like a familiar thing?? was it her dream?? It must have been!! What else could it have been?? "But what can I do to stop them, please tell me" she took a step closer to the pae'il who addressed them all hoping for some realization of information to just dawn upon her but realizing it was likely not that easy.



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(I'll add coding and images later. Phone post.)

Starry grimaced, disliking being so far away from her family. This was highly unusual for her, and even more so to be away from Dameon. The demon ran darkened fingers through brilliantly red hair, following the fireflies that had awakened her deeper and deeper into Dragnid. The only consolation here was that she might run into Amara, whom no one had heard from in enough time to be worried about her. At least, thats what she kept telling herself as she made her way deeper into the dreaded forest.

It wasn't long before she came upon the lights that guided the others to this clearing. Star silently hushed her fireflies, understanding the message. She followed the path before her with little hesitation. She had come this far, she had to see it through.


She had been given a glimpse of the past? That horrible vision of her family dead and bloodied. Thank Goddess amd Guardians that was not a future she had seen. How could anyone be expected to live with the knowledge that their dearest loved ones would die?

The starred demon wiped at her eyes, not hiding that this entire thing was making her cry. Watery emerald eyes scanned the crowd. She was surprised to notice Zana, but bit her tongue. They would be able to talk later. Possibly on the way home. In either case, now was not the time. Her eyes continued across the crowd. Star noted that it was only women that were gathered around. Even their host was a woman. Was that a little odd? She couldn't tell. Maybe it was a good thing she had convinced Dameon to stay home...

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