Name: T'mul
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: partially up to player, at least sometimes into women.
Weyr: Western Weyr
Rider Rank: Wingrider
Previous Rank/Craft: Farmer
Physical Description: leaving up to adopter.

Personality: leaving up to adopter.

Positive Trait List leaving up to adopter.
Negative Trait List leaving up to adopter.

Born on the Nerat peninsula, T'mul is the oldest of his parents' batch of a dozen siblings, so in addition to helping out around the house and farm, he was also very often helping out with his many brothers and sisters. Forunately, he was a natural fit for the role of big brother, and took his responsibilities seriously. His siblings always had a ready protector in Tshymul, and whatever help they needed, although he would never do too much of their work for them, knowing that would do them no favors.

When he was 23, the young man was Searched to Ista Weyr, in a scramble to find candidates for the clutch of an unaffiliated Queen. One of many plucked from their previously quiet lives, he quickly fell in with and became the unofficial older brother of a group of Holdborn candidates, several of whom went on to Impress, including to the gold of the clutch. They stayed close throughout weyrlinghood, and he even fell in love with one of his classmates, Jalle of blue Tioloth. After they graduated, the group of friends returned to Nerat, where they settled on the farm tended the goldrider's aging parents, and helped to work the land and run the farm. It was a peaceful life, and T'mul was often back and forth to visit his own family, but that life was spoiled when Thread returned. He lost three siblings and his father to the ancient enemy, and once he had done what he could at home, joined Western Weyr to fight. Jalle went with him, and not long after, the two greenriders of their group, Serese and Im'sh, did the same. Meanwhile, Sylfie lingered, and eventually went to High Reaches. Sometime in the intervening few turns, T'mul and Jalle have split.

(Leaving anything more to adopter. Only other background info is that Serese and her dragon, Talsith, died in 'Fall soon after becoming full wingriders. Jalle and Tioloth don't officially exist outside of the clutchlist at this point.)

Other: Sylfie had a huge crush on him, once upon a time. Up to adopter if he ever knew. She's left it behind, but it's a bit of trivia.

Name: Braraith
Age: 4 (3570.04.21 Ceirath x Galenth)
Color: Brown
Size: 33'
Physical Description: A bit small for his color, squat, and rather pudgy no matter what he does or doesn't do.

Braraith is a dragon who knows exactly who and what he is, and he is not always at peace with that. He has been all too aware, from the moment that he hatched, that he is ugly; no matter how diligently they tried to school their thoughts, he knew what the candidates all really thought of him. At best, they felt sorry for him. Even his own mother, when he sought to hide himself beneath her wing, pushed him away. Perhaps it was only her way of encouraging him to find His, but he took it to heart as being shame over having clutched him. He was fortunate that his golden sister and one of his bronze brothers hatched shortly after he did, and drew the eyes of the gathered crowd away from him. Who wouldn't want to gaze upon such shining splendor?

Even Braraith watched them - or, more accurately, him. His egg had leaned against Zsaldath's, and he had come to love the bronze who was everything he was not: valiant, and charming, and handsome. But Zsaldath had eyes only for golden Hesperith, of course. It was only proper. Only fitting. Watching the bronze escort their sister over the Sands was painful, so painful that in a moment of weakness, he called out to one of the candidates is desperation. Would he please...would he please come and take his Braraith away from here? So he wouldn't have to watch any longer, or his presence spoil their moment. But if Tshymul didn't want him, he would understand. He would go away, where he would never bother anyone at all, and maybe a better dragon would want the boy.

But, by some miracle, the young man did want him, although to this day Braraith often needs reassurance that His truly is happy with him. However, due to his fear that he is not and will never be enough, the brown is actually one of the most genuine, hardest-working dragons you could ever hope to find. No task is beneath him, and he will accept any challenge set before him - oftentimes, he will even volunteer, and even for jobs most would turn up their noses at. He's also far braver than he gives himself credit for, and would put himself in danger to spare another without hesitation. He places everyone, no matter their color or status, well above himself, and expects nothing in return.

All of this makes him easy to take advantage of or bully, and so he needs a rider who can stand up for him when necessary, and see that he is taken care of, for Braraith would certainly neglect himself in favor of seeing others' needs tended to. He falls easily into infatuation with metallic hides - bronzes in particular - but knows better than to think anyone so perfect would want him. Not that he believes he's any more likely to catch any chromatics' eyes, although if he did? They would not want for a more constant, faithful companion. He is blindly loyal, and his friends, infatuations, and loves can do no wrong in his eyes.

Dragon Art or Proof of Obtainment: colored by Andranis

Adoptable Ad T'mul and brown Braraith: 27. Braraith is 4 turns old, almost 5. Impressed at Ista, upon graduation left the Weyr and lived unaffiliated with a small group of his classmates. Left for Western Weyr when Thread returned.