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Judgement of Vale

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Demons and humans must come together to face the new evil that threatens them, or break their new found peace and become enemies once again. 

Tags: Fantasy, Wars, Romance, Demons, Humans 

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Lady of the Shadows

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Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:34 pm
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E u l a l i a XX I l a r a XX H e l e v e t i u s

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:36 pm

                                      XXBasic Information;;

                                      │● → Age ▪

                                      XXXXXX Twenty Seven

                                      │● → Date of Birth ▪

                                      XXXXXX December 20th

                                      │● → Race ▪

                                      XXXXXX Demon

                                      │● → Status ▪

                                      XXXXXX Princess of Vale - Married to Prince of Soren

                                      │● → Sexuality ▪

                                      XXXXXX Demisexual

                                      │● → Height & Weight ▪

                                      XXXXXX 5'2 & 110lbs

                                      │● → Abilities ▪

                                      XXXXXXEulalia is fairly talented at hand to hand combat, as well as short sword combat. She treats battles as a game, dancing around her opponent, teasing them and taking her time, letting her opponent tire out before she makes her move.
                                      XXXXXX Ridiculously flexible, this makes it easier for Eulalia to dodge.
                                      XXXXXX Musically talented. Eulalia absolutely adores all types of instruments, especially a violin or piano. She often performs at parties, if not playing an instrument then singing. She is said to have a voice of an angel, so to speak. Ironic.
                                      XXXXXX Having had to sneak out of her home to be able to see the other kingdoms, Eulalia is acceptably good at climbing and jumping. She's not the best, but practice has helped her evade the guards with ease.

                                      XXXXXXMental Stimulation Through direct eye-contact, Eulalia can capture the mind of her target(s) and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on. This is a skilled art rather than a thing of brute power – elegance instead of strength. It is through mind-rolling that Eulalia can seem to disappear or move across large distances in an instant. It can also be used to cause short-term memory loss. She can control her target(s) and use them as toys, but obviously she has her limit. If her target's will is strong enough to resist, this could backfire and cause Eulalia to lose her sight for moments at a time.
                                      If not through direct contact, then with physical contact Eulalia can enter ones mind in their sleep and/or waking hours (aka Daydreams). Eulalia can manipulate the dreams, and she can communicate with the dreams occupant. She can also alter the dream in any way she wishes, making their deepest fears come true, or simply send a message to whoever she is controlling.

                                      Another attribute to this ability is that Eulalia can heal mental illnesses, disorders and other forms of mental trauma, to their healthy state and reverse the effects of mental tampering, such as mind control or memory loss.

                                      XXXXXXShadow Manipulation Eulalia is able to meld into the shadows and become undetectable as long as she is in darkness or shadows. This is more of a stealth ability, but can also be used for combat. She can pull shadows from the earth and manipulate objects, (i.e. a skeleton to fight for her and so on), or use her demonic essence to morph the shadows into weapons. For example, if she were to morph a shadow into, say, a whip, the whip would emit a green, lightning-like energy which would add to the power of the weapon. The more of the demonic essence she uses, the more energy it takes.

                                      XXXXXXMitosis Manipulation Due to the healing of the Verenian spring as a child, Eulalia can manipulate mitosis, the division and replication of cells in herself or others, allowing them to speed up, slow down, concentrate, make efficient, halt, and reverse mitosis. This allows her to rapidly regenerate as well as harm others by undoing their mitosis or stop people who shapeshift by mitosis. While she can use this to heal herself, she has found it more effect to use on others. Albeit she cannot completely heal a wound that that has reopened. Eulalia can make mitosis more efficient to heal wounds in seconds or slow the aging process down. By reversing mitosis on diseased or cursed cells, she can effectively prevent its spread, and even remove it after a number of applications. Continuous use of mitosis manipulation will leave Eulalia in an extreme state of exhaustion.

                                      │● → Personality ▪

                                      XXXXXX War changes people. Eulalia was once a delicate flower that cheered up the kingdom when times were tough, but after the war she seemed quieter.. colder. Though she still goes out of her way to help those in need, she no longer allows anyone to push her around, not even the king or queen. But that doesn't mean she's disrespectful. To put it bluntly, Eulalia is proud, cocky, intelligent, and a bit judgmental of those she does not know. She is also kind, curious, gentle, elegant, and a bit mysterious. Outsiders have never seen her softer side, or at least to her knowledge. She adores her family and her siblings and would do almost anything for them, but she would also put them in their places if they were to step out of line. Eulalia was very motherly to her siblings, during her teenage years often found singing lullabies to them if they could not sleep.

                                      Once someone has broken down the walls she has surrounded herself with, they see the more vulnerable Eulalia. Once comfortable with someone to share her feelings/express them, they will see the loving, gentle side of her. She can be playful and entertaining, but also quiet and shut off to the world. Whatever side of Eulalia you get, she could instantly seem like a different person.

                                      During the war she seemed to twist into a merciless monster, but when she returned to the kingdom she seemed to completely flip personas. That earned her the name of the machiavellian princess.


Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:37 pm

                                      XXRead Up!;;

                                      │● → A Bit of History ▪

                                      XXXXXX Eulalia was born the first of twins. Her body was frail and weak as her twin sister had taken more nutrients than she had in the womb, the priests believing she wouldn't live past a couple of days. Being the first child of the King and Queen, the news devastated them and quickly they searched for some sort of way to keep their daughter in this world, though they did not announce that twins were born and her sister Saith was assumed to be the first born for quite a while. They eventually heard of an enchanted spring and a sorceress whom lived near the spring, the spring and the sorceress being the only hope for Eulalia's survival. Without delay the parents set up a small entourage and made their trip to this spring, which resulted being by the icy waters below Verein. Once they found the sorceress, the King asked her to heal their daughter. The sorceress denied until the King revealed whom they were, and knelt down to the woman as he asked once more. Accepting to heal the child, the sorceress took Eulalia and lowered her into the warm waters of the spring, and almost immediately the child's hair lightened from it's ebony black to a snowy white, and for the first time she cried. All the sorceress asked of the King was to be allowed into Vale. The day was an emotional one, but Eulalia survived. Her parents took the sorceress back to their home, where she kept an eye on the girl and made sure she grew properly. She turned into a nanny of sorts.

                                      XXXXXX The child had a rough time growing up. Even though the enchantments of the Vereinian spring had saved her life, she was still weak and frail. She bruised easily and was as skinny as a twig, and because of such she was never allowed to leave the palace. She didn't spend much time with her siblings as each one came into the world, not at first. Her first attempt was with her first brother, but being younger than her he obviously didn't know about her condition. He had pushed her once, and that one action had left Eulalia on the ground with a nasty bruise and a nearly broken arm. After that she kept to herself mostly until she was older. Around the age of eight she had overheard her parents talking of whom would be next in line for the crown, both parents agreeing that if it was not Saith then their brother would be better because of his gender and the fact that Eulalia was very weak. They didn't expect her to live long enough to be crowned in the first place. This hurt Eulalia immensely, running to her nanny and crying out what she had heard. The sorceress didn't agree with her superior's decision, telling the girl of the spring and how her parents begged her to heal her. She reassured the girl that her parents did care about her, but she needed to do something about her fragility. In the dark of night, the two left for Verein without a word to anyone, Eulalia's sudden disappearance causing an uproar in the castle. They didn't suspect the sorceress, as she left quite often.

                                      XXXXXX It was the first time Eulalia had ever left Vale, she had never even stepped out of the castle before. The trip was frightening, but it was also awing as she saw what she had never before. As they reached the spring, the sorceress told Eulalia to drink the water. She hesitated, but did. Immediately the girl's skin grew with color, no longer looking deathly sick. The process began quickly, but continued slowly. It was as if watching someone color in her own body. Eulalia watched her reflection in the water, watching her pasty green hues fill with color, her sight enhancing. Her eyes were now a breath taking emerald hue, and her body much stronger. She didn't feel as winded, as weak or frail anymore, and it was the best feeling she had ever had. The pair returned to Vale, the king ready to yell at them until his eyes fell upon his daughter. Something was different, but he couldn't tell what. Eulalia embraced her father, telling him: "I'm strong now papa, I can be queen one day now."

                                      XXXXXX And so she showed, excelling with her flexibility and training. She would no longer fall over as easily, and actually put up a fight even with the captain of their army. She discovered her abilities shortly after the age of sixteen, and demanded to be allowed to join the war just as her brothers had. Her parents fought her on the subject, but she didn't back down. She pestered her mother when her father was not around, and one day, the queen lashed out. She was known for her spurts of anger, but Eulalia had never experienced such a thing herself. Eulalia was sent flying across the room, a decorative sword impaling her stomach as it fell from the wall. The mother had lashed out with her own essence, leaving Eulalia with many open wounds. She couldn't remember if any of her other siblings had been in the room with her, only remembering hearing cries of pain and panic. She felt someone's hands on her body, hearing a familiar lord's voice calling her name as she fell out of consciousness. When she awoke, she was bandaged up in her bed and unable to move, even turning her head hurt. She was told she had almost bled out. Another decorative sword had fallen with the first, cutting her neck and nearly slicing her jugular. It was hard to breathe.

                                      XXXXXX During the period she spent in bed, she and her twin sister Saith had forged a bond she did not have with any of her other siblings. Saith had spent more time with her than anyone else, helping her with bathing and changing bandages, moving around when she was able to stand, etc. During that time, she could tell something about Saith was.. off. It was then that she discovered the blood lust of her sister. It was a bit off putting at first, but she offered herself to her sister as a way to keep her from causing trouble anywhere else. Their bond grew relatively stronger since. When Eulalia was able to move on her own, she sought out the Vereinian spring with her sister, hoping its water would heal her. When she reached Verein and drank the spring water once more, unfortunately nothing happened. She searched Verein for ailments, hearing of special treatments they had done for their warriors. Upon searching for such was how she came to meet the Princess of Verein. Determined to help Eulalia, unaware of whom she truly was, the two formed somewhat of a friendship. It took nearly a year, but the Vereinian Princess was able to create ailments strong enough to quicken the pace of Eulalia's cells enough so she would heal quicker. Upon healing completely, or at least enough to not double over in pain, she returned to her father once more and demanded to go to war.

                                      XXXXXX So she went, her father wishing to avoid the same thing from happening. He was aware she might die on the battle field, but at least she would die with honor was how he saw it. Eulalia earned many scars and toughened up an immense amount. She learned what her abilities could do exactly, and eventually within a year or two became one of the most feared on the battlefield. She learned many different fighting styles, and learned she couldn't always depend on a weapon. Her fighting styles became more defensive than offensive, but with Saith fighting as offensive she didn't have an issue. During her time in the war, Eulalia helped make ailments for their warriors, having learned how to do so and how to clean/seal woulds properly because of the Vereinian Princess. But as she physically healed others and herself, she could not heal her mind from the sight of so much blood, from her first kill, from soldiers dying in her arms. It took a toll on her, causing her to crawl into herself more and more as time passed.

                                      XXXXXX Because of such, Eulalia would often disappear during the war, at first claiming to be scouting unknown territories, and later leaving simple notes saying she will return soon. It became a familiar thing she would do that others stopped questioning, their questioning never getting them anywhere in the first place. She would travel to the kingdoms closest to wherever the Valian base was at the time, which moved constantly. She became somewhat familiar with parts of every kingdom, disguising herself or simply hiding her pale white hair as to not stand out. White hair was not common among anyone her age, and demons were not welcome within the human kingdoms during the war.

                                      XXXXXX One day, upon looking for her father she heard him speaking to the council, words of marriage and contracts being spoken. She heard her name, and instantly her heart dropped and her stomach sank. The rest was muffled as she panicked, and soon enough the contracts that had been sent out years ago were called upon, and the war was over. When Eulalia returned from their camp, she learned she was not the only one to be wedded off. She questioned how arranged marriages would even secure peace, but her father wouldn't hear it. She was reminded of her position in the family, and what was expected of her as first born. This caused Eulalia to look for an escape, but because she could not physically escape, she eventually learned how to play instruments. Whenever Eulalia would panic, she would escape to her violin or her piano, or even sing, but was too secluded to do so in front of anyone else. She wasn't as open or as sweet as she was before the war, mostly keeping to herself if no one needed her. She was often found on the balcony of her room, staring out at the night sky and praying, yes, praying, to the gods to save her from this marriage.

                                      XXXXXX But of course, her praying came to no avail. A demon could not ask a god for help, it was wrong. She could almost hear them laughing at her. As the day drew closer and closer for the arrival of the humans, Eulalia opened up little by little. She attended more meetings and more events hosted by her parents, avoiding her mother as much as she could. Her relationship with her mother had ceased the day she had struck her daughter, leaving a gap in the family. She didn't want to seem weak or frail by avoiding her responsibilities, so she forced herself out of her room, interacting with her mother when she had to but overall keeping away. She helped her father with her siblings, having more or less taken over her mother's role after she had nearly killed her and wounded her siblings. The princess had no one to cry to about her personal issues, not even Saith, as the rest of her siblings had her to go to if they so wished. She drew more into herself as the day drew closer and closer.

                                      XXXXXX Eulalia was married off to the Prince of Soren, the two seeming to be almost complete opposites. She was later sent to Soren with her new husband, and upon arrival quickly learned that her father in law abhorred demons. It made living there even more miserable for her. Eulalia fell into a deep depression, hiding within her room and secluding herself. She missed her siblings, especially her twin sister Saith. Her father in law was extremely verbally abusive towards her due to her being of demon origin, and at first it caught the princess of guard as it was not something she had expected. It was something that occurred daily, and normally it would not have bothered her but due to her depression it simply made it worse. It got to the point where Eulalia refused to leave her room despite how many times she was called upon. Her husband had begun to bring her dinner, and it became the only thing she had looked forward to until Prince Abriel began to take her around his home, familiarizing his wife with her new home.

                                      Upon the fifth month they had come across two creatures that changed their relationship, it was a day she remembered clearly. He had taken her to the Shimmer Forest that stretched along the mountains towards Verein and Ashfall, and upon their return had come across strange black substances staining the snow leading into a dark cave that smelled of death. Within the cave lay many carcasses of what seemed to be a small wolf pack native to Soren, and deeper roamed a creature from a horror story. It was of demonic origin, but nothing like Eulalia's race, at least not anything she had ever encountered before. The creature's torso, arms and legs were distorted and unproportional to that of a regular being, having been very, very long. Its fingers were very long as well, nails similar to daggers. Its skin was grey and filled with what looked like white acne and lesions, its eyes beside its mouth blending in with the grey. The creature loomed over the last of the surviving wolf pups, ready to tear it to pieces but was interrupted by Eulalia and Abriel. Abriel tried protecting Eulalia, but with the speed of the creature Eulalia pulled her husband back, sending the creature back with an ethereal whip of shadows before catching it with her mind rolling. She believed to be able to control it and trick it into killing itself, but instead as the creature fought to break free it overwhelmed Eulalia with images of possible future events. It showed her Vale under siege and in flames, her people laying dead in the streets, as well as her siblings fighting for their lives. She also saw a dark being with a black mask standing over the corpse of her father. Abriel had taken advantage of the moment to strike the creature down, the princess falling to her knees.

                                      The pair had taken in the wolf pup, Eulalia taking comfort in caring for the animal as if it were her own child. What that creature had shown her had scarred her, causing her night terrors to begin once again. She had gone to her husband's bedroom and awoken him to calm herself down, which turned into an intimate moment between the two. They shared the same bed for the very first time. After that night, Eulalia questioned her feelings towards him. She felt different around him, but did not know what it was.
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:47 pm

                                      XX Little Things Matter;;

                                      │● → Pleasures▪

                                      XXXXXX Dancing
                                      XXXXXX Books
                                      XXXXXX Animals, namely her wolf child Shiver
                                      XXXXXX Playing a violin
                                      XXXXXX Sparring
                                      XXXXXX Furs and leathers

                                      │● → Displeasures ▪

                                      XXXXXX Ignorant beings
                                      XXXXXX Extreme temperatures
                                      XXXXXX Her father in law - King Lorrick
                                      XXXXXX Crowds

                                      │● → Fears ▪

                                      XXXXXX Being alone in a kingdom she does not know well.
                                      XXXXXX Fire and chains
                                      XXXXXX Her mother
                                      XXXXXX Attachment to her husband.
                                      XXXXXX The Warlock and its twisted army.

                                      │● → Secrets ▪

                                      XXXXXX There is an emerald necklace she wraps around her wrist, having been given to her by a knight she was smitten with during her teenage years. She keeps it as a reminder that tomorrow is not promised, as the knight died during the war.
                                      XXXXXX Demonic features. Not many know of the wings that pop out of her back or the horns that escape through her temples. No one has seen it, not even her family.
                                      XXXXXX Night terrors plague her dreams.

Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:47 pm

                                      XXPersonal Diary!;;

                                      │● → Thoughts To Share ▪

                                      XXXXXXAlone - Despite having Saith by my side, I still feel lonely here. Saith is lovely, and I wouldn't know where I would be if not for her, but it just isn't enough. As much as I desired to join the war and help our army, I never thought it would be this difficult.

                                      XXXXXX ● I had never even considered the thought of marriage until I overheard my father speaking to his council. He spoke of giving my hand to some unknown prince, and at first I thought I was the only one. I had to keep myself from barging in the council room and fighting him on it. The war had just ended, why was he so ready to get rid of me? I thought I had done everything he had tasked me to do correctly. Perhaps it was my demanding to join the war.. Later I learned it wasn't just me, my sisters and brothers were also being married off to princes and princesses. None of us were happy about it. Why, especially to humans?

                                      XXXXXX ● It's finally the day scheduled for the princes and princesses to arrive. I can't help but feel nervous and anxious, and I can't stop the knot from forming in my stomach or my heart from sinking.. what if whomever I wed attempts to take my life? Or worse.. what if I fall in love?

                                      XXXXXXSoren I was married off to the prince of Soren, Abriel Talassarin. He has been kind to me as we both share the same feelings towards this marriage; neither of us wanted anything to do with it. I have stayed in my chambers for as long as I am able... the current King of Soren is a monster.

                                      XXXXXXPrince Abriel - He has treated me very well, he even began to bring me dinner to my chamber once he noticed I had stopped joining he and the King. Prince Abriel has even began to show me the wonders of Soren. It is as cold as death here, but it is beautiful.

                                      XXXXXXDeath and Despair We encountered a creature that was not of this realm, or at least that is what we believe. It was terrifying! Its speed in battle, its claws... the visions it showed me. Vale was in flames, my siblings fought for their lives... a dark figure stood over the body of my father.. there were even more monstrosities in our realm. The humans had even turned on us.

                                      XXXXXX ● Prince Abriel and I saved a wolf pup the day we came across the creature. He follows us both around as if we were his parents... I suppose we are now. He is sweet and silly, and has made this place bearable. Saith would definitely love him.

                                      XXXXXX ● We named him Shiver as he shivers with the gusts of icy wind. It was not long until I discovered that his fur camouflages into his surroundings. I thought he had been taken from the palace as I could not find him anywhere. The second I called upon my husband, Shiver appeared, but then disappeared as he left. This wolf child makes me worry so.

                                      XXXXXXUser Image
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:48 pm


                                      │● → Admiration ▪

                                      XXXXXXUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                      XXXXXXUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

Saxa Arceli

Desirable Demigod

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:48 pm


                                      │● → Rulers ▪

                                      saxUser Image
                                                ▬▬▬▬ Saith Helevetius
                                                saxasaxasaxas ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
                                                saxas |●●●●●●● [ family ] _|●●●●●●● [ breathtaking ]
                                                      » I adore you more than the others, you're my best friend and I love you, dear sister. You've aided me when I've needed it, helped me heal, even fought by my side during the war. You've earned my admiration, I just hope your hate for this peace doesn't cause.. issues.

                                      saxUser Image
                                      ▬▬▬▬ Luciel Helevetius
                                      saxasaxasaxas ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
                                      saxas |●●●●●●● [ family ]_|●●●●●●● [ beautiful ]
                                            » You are the sweetest of our family, the most innocent and I love you.
                                            Do not let the humans taint your innocence with their lies. Finding you hiding in my room was always amusing.

                                        saxUser Image
                                        ▬▬▬▬ Sid Helevetius
                                        saxasaxasaxas ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
                                        saxas |●●●●●●● [ family ]_|●●●●●●● [ beautiful ]
                                              » blurb

                                          saxUser Image
                                          ▬▬▬▬ Abriel Talassarin
                                          saxasaxasaxas ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
                                          saxas |●●●●●●● [ budding romance ]_|●●●●●●● [ gorgeous ]_|●●●●●●● [ married ]
                                                » Something about you simply makes me nervous. I did not care for you when I was first brought to Soren, but as these months have passed by I can say you mean something to me now.. just bare in mind my twin sister may try to kill you. I may consider sharing a bed with you once again.

                                            saxUser Image
                                            ▬▬▬▬ FIRST LAST
                                            saxasaxasaxas ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
                                            saxas ●●|●●●●●●●● [ enemies ]_●●|●●|●●●●●●●● [ indifferent ]_●●|●●●●●●●● [ never in a million years ]
                                                  » blurb

                                                                                  the R E L A T I O N S H I P S
                                                                                  ●|●●●●●● [ enemies ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ strangers ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ acquaintances ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ friends ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ close friends ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ great friends ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ budding romance ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ romantically involved ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ family / lovers ]

                                                                                  the A T T R A C T I O N

                                                                                  ●|●●●●●●● [ indifferent ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ not bad ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●● [ mildly attractive ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ cute ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ attractive ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ charming ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ beautiful ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ gorgeous ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ breathtaking ]

                                                                                  the R O M A N C E

                                                                                  ●|●●●●●●● [ can't see it happening ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ not interested ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●● [ maybe ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ potential ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ interested ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ budding feelings ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ major feelings ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ dating / courting ]
                                                                                  |●●●●●●● [ married ]

          PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:48 pm

                                              XX Played By 'Saxa Arceli'

          Saxa Arceli

          Desirable Demigod


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